Traffic Stop


21-year-old Aiden McCollough felt like a total fuckup as he slid into his father’s Mercedes Roadster.

He’d had a car just like it until two weeks ago when he’d done a few too many lines of coke at a party, tried to drive himself home, and backed into an oncoming cop car.

When he had called his father, Cole McCollough, to pick him up from the police station he’d been yelled at like he was a little kid. His Dad had connections in the city so he’d gotten away with a suspended license, community service, and these mandatory weekly drug tests.

“Did you drink water?” Cole snapped in greeting to his son. “I’m not waiting around all fucking day for you to give a sample like last time.”



“Yes, sir.”

Aiden sipped the last few drops of water from his 32 oz Yeti to show his father it was empty. Aiden had carried the cup around campus and drank from it all day so they could get in and out of the drug test this time. His father was less than thrilled at having to chauffeur him to his appointment and Aiden was doing what he could to make it easier.

“Can’t believe I’m doing this. You know I have much better shit to do.” Cole gave his son a hard look. “Do you know what I was doing when I was your age?”

Cole’s success story was notorious in his professional circles. He’d become a 17-year-old single father to a newborn when Aiden’s mother took her dream scholarship opportunity in France and never came back.

Cole had taken a job at a 24-hour coffee stand in an office building and, in 21 years, worked his way up to a chief financial officer of a worldwide medical technology firm. He kept a steady hand as a father but, as their income grew, Cole was happy to indulge Aiden with whatever he wanted.

Aiden admired his father’s hard work. Cole was everything Aiden wanted to be but failed at miserably.

They had the same deep chocolate brown hair and cool grey eyes but Aiden still got called cute while his father-who didn’t eat sugar and spent 3 hours a day at the gym-was one of their city’s hottest bachelors.

Cole looks over his shoulder to merge onto the highway on-ramp. Aiden taps his foot in a frantic rhythm to offset the agitation stirring below his belt.

Cole keçiören escort notices his son fidgeting. “What’s wrong?”

“I have to pee.” He hadn’t gone all day to be ready for the drug test.

“Good. It’s only one exit up.” Cole barely gets a mile down the highway before he realizes he’s made a big mistake. He mutters quietly to himself. “What is this?”

The traffic ahead of them was at a complete standstill. They sit, unmoving and crowded in on both sides by traffic. Aiden’s foot tapping ratchets.

“I think it’s moving. It might just take a minute to get going,” Cole reasoned. He knew he shouldn’t have taken the highway. It only saved 5 minutes at the most. “Can you hold it, buddy?”

Aiden nodded because what else was he going to say? The agitation in his bladder had turned on to full on throbbing and he was pretty sure he could hear the liquid sloshing around his bladder.

He had to go to the bathroom. Bad.

Aiden self-consciously bites his thumb and takes out his phone. He opens the Waze app and finds the hold up-a truck had overturned and the road was covered in recycled grease. According to the comments, the people in front of him had been stuck in traffic for an hour.

A new wave of pressure comes over him and he grabs himself, crossing his legs. “Dad, I really gotta go.”

“You just need to hold it,” Cole responded sympathetically. His son had always been good at holding on long trips and was usually too embarrassed to talk to him about his bodily functions. He believed his urgency if he was telling him he needed to go.

Cole looks around the car to see if any towels or containers had magically appeared. There were some file folders of earning reports he’d planned to review while Aiden took his drug test. He doubted his Board of Directors would approve of him letting his 21-year-old son pee on them.

“Go outside,” Cole tells him.

Aiden’s eyes bulge. “Where?”

They were in the middle lane of a 5 line stretch of highway with dividers on both sides. Other drivers were getting out of their stopped cars to chat and walk around.

Aiden whimpered and crossed his legs tighter. His face was turning pink. It felt like the kızılay escort urine was putting pressure on his entire body and if he wasn’t actively clinching and holding everything back he would lose it. The fabric of his light gray joggers would hide nothing.

Cole frowned at his son’s distress. “Don’t hold so hard, Aiden.”

Aiden’s face crumpled against his will and tear escaped one of his gray eyes, sliding down his flushed cheek.

“You’re just a little uncomfortable. It’s no reason to cry-“


Cole wanted to be a good father and tell his suffering son to do what he needed to do. But he really didn’t want his car seats ruined.

Cole opens his car door and adjusts the buttons on his tailored navy suit.

It was quite a sight outside. An entire stretch of city highway turned into a block party of sorts by the traffic. A couple was sitting in a pickup truck eating their pizza and making conversation with a truck driver.

Cole surveys his options and decides a minivan might be his best bet to find a parent who could help him. He approaches a new looking silver Honda Odyssey.

“Some traffic?” the middle-aged woman in yoga pants greets him.

He nods. “I’m sorry to ask this but do you have a bottle or something? My son is having a bathroom emergency.”

The woman smiled knowingly. “I know how that is. First one?”

“Yes, actually,” he said, realizing too late that she assumed he was a father to a young child because of his age and not the father of a grown man.

She searches through her car and finds a towel that was in her donation box and an empty soda bottle. She also gives him a few baby wipes and antibacterial hand wipes. Cole thanks her and triumphantly takes the item back to his car. He finds Aiden curled up into himself in the passenger seat, whimpering and rocking himself.

“Come on, bud,” Cole says softly as he attempts to re-arrange Aiden’s body to a sitting position. It had been a while since he’s gotten to use such a lovingly paternal voice with his son.

Aiden recoils. “Don’t touch me! I’m scared I’m going to have an accident.”

Cole places the towel under his son’s thighs and, in one kolej escort quick motion, pulls his son’s joggers and boxers to mid thigh. A short stream of urine jets out of the tip of his exposed penis and into the towel. Before Aiden can curl back into a ball, Cole takes his son’s leaking penis and settles it into the bottle.

To Aiden’s utter humiliation his thick piss stream hits the bottle with a loud thud and the rest of he pees loudly into the bottle. The car door is still open and he was sure people could hear him going but Cole stands in front of him, blocking his exposed genitals from view.

Cole rests a hand on Aiden’s slightly too long hair, trying to get him to relax. His other hand held the bottle that was getting steadily warmer as it filled to the brim with his son’s pee. When he hears his stream cut off abruptly, Cole takes away the bottle full of pale yellow watered down pee. “That’s good. You didn’t even get the seat wet.”

Aiden only whimpered and pressed the towel into his crotch. “I’m not finished.”

Cole sighed. He couldn’t just empty the bottle without it being overtly obvious. “Fucking hell. Just stand up.”

Aiden obeys and stands. At 6’4, Cole was 5 inches taller than Aiden and is able to cover Aiden from view as he points his dick at the ground and begins to make a puddle in the patch of road between their bodies. It’s a small puddle but he is sure a few drops are splashing back on his father’s designer shoes.

As soon as the stream weakens, a red-faced Aiden is able to comfortably stop the stream and put himself back in his pants. To his utter mortification, his father asks:

“Sure, you’re done?”

“Yes, sir.”

Cole hands him the antibacterial wipe. “Wipe your hands.”

“Thanks,” Aiden said and wiped a tear. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay when you gotta go, you gotta go-“

“I know-I’m also sorry about the car and that I’m such a fuck up-“

“Hey,” Cole cuts him off. “You made fucked up decisions and I’m not going to put up with that shit anymore. But you are not a fuck up. I’m your father. And you can come to me for anything. Whether that’s a ride home from a party or because you’re about to pee your pants.”

Aiden flushed again, knowing he would never live this down.

They sat in traffic for another hour, listening to one of Cole’s favorite educational podcasts, and, when they finally get to the clinic he noticed Aiden squirming in his seat.

“Nervous, bud?”

“I need to pee again.”


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