Something about Brittney Pt. 02


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

All work is fiction intended for fantasy only, regardless of content, and consent must always be acquired when engaging in any sex act with another adult.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.

At least when they met up for another tutoring session, before that weekend date, he was able to keep her focused on her studies. Not that Corry didn’t want to fuck Brittney again, but he was more of a gentleman than that, wanting to show her that he was not all about sex. Perhaps that had been where the other guys had gone wrong with her, though he wanted to show her that he was different, even if the panda sat exceptionally close to him, her paw very often resting on his thigh. Even though tutoring her with a hard-on pushing out through his jeans, Brittney seemed to enjoy teasing him and, so, their flirtation left a simmering tease of heat between them.

But at the movies…there was no tutoring for either of them to worry about. He’d learned a little more about her in the tutoring sessions, where she was focused on working hard, even though she was not a top student, that she’d had some difficulties in her younger years, moving around a lot with her mother, little slivers of Brittney revealed to him, bit by bit. He told her a little about himself too, when the moment was right and she asked, though was far more interested in her than merely talking about himself, the thought of the curse still lingering and poking around the back of his mind.

“Da, I think you chose this movie specifically, Corry,” she chuckled, leaning against him in the back of the empty movie theatre, slipping into Russian only briefly. “Mmm… It’s cosy here…”

That was exactly why Corry had chosen it, but there was no rush as the movie started up, the theatre devoid of any ushers, not that they would have most likely bothered them. No one cared about people messing around in there anymore, not in a part of the city filled to the brim with students, probably being that they weren’t paid enough to care.

Still, they had all the time in the world together that they could have cared for, the panda snuggling into his side as he smiled and put his arm around her. The softer lighting of the screen really did make it as cosy in there as Brittney said and he couldn’t help but relax into the comfortable warmth of her.

It was good… Like they were boyfriend and girlfriend. He wanted that, really badly, though he didn’t know what they were yet. Most likely they were just dating — which was okay too, though Corry didn’t know how to tell someone that he liked them when it was so early. It was likely fine though, even though he hadn’t liked anyone before as much as he liked Brittney: Corry just couldn’t wait to see where everything went between them. To see where such a relationship with Brittney could go, after all… That would be something different for him indeed.

He should have squirmed and blushed a little more at the close contact, how comfortably she leaned into his embrace, welcoming his touch, but it was hard when he felt so warm all over. Corry wasn’t even turned on, simply happy to be spending time with her, his breath catching in his chest, juddering as if some things weren’t quite flowing all that smoothly inside him anymore.

His hand, slowly, slipped down her side, caressing her through her blouse, need rising, though he wondered if he should hold back and just focus on the movie. But it was too good to have her there so close to him, her body so warm, so soft — yet with just the right amount of muscle beneath it. However, Corry was so infatuated with Brittney already that he was quite sure that he would have adored her however her body felt, however she looked.

“Mm…” She nuzzled into his neck, a smile tugging at her lips. “You’re getting very close there.”

Ah, but there was no rush, not as he grinned and drew her a little closer into his arms, hands running down into the small of her back, toying with the hem of her blouse and the waistband of her skirt. It was hardly accidental, though if they were not so into each other it could have been played off as such, even as Brittney groaned and leaned into him, lips on his jaw line, kissing softly, caressing.

Everything he did to her, however soft and light, she returned to him tenfold, skin prickling with desire, wanting it, wanting her. Still, he drew out the moment as she half climbed into his lap, his lips pressing a tender kiss to her forehead, letting her know, without even saying anything at all, that he was there for her, that there was more than just sex between them. Well, that was at least what Corry hoped, because he’d much rather have elvankent escort her with him for a good, long time than a fleeting fling, as fun as everything had been so far.

He blushed hard and swallowed. Why was his head so fuzzy when he was around Brittney? It was like he couldn’t keep his thoughts straight and that most certainly was not because blood was rushing to other parts of his body. She just made him feel so warm and safe as he caressed her softly, drawing her in, the kiss deepening, lips finally finding one another.

That wasn’t a question, however, that he honestly had to answer. Not when their tongues were tangling, desire coursing between them, all to the luxurious beat of their hearts. He groaned lightly, no longer caring about the movie, but it was hard to cuddle as they wanted with the arm of the seats between them. Fortunately, there was a little something that they could do about that, Corry hating even that little distance that it made him keep from Brittney.

It helped a little that she kissed him passionately, that the seats were of the kind covered in fake leather (presumably for durability, though Corry didn’t honestly know the specifics of that) and could recline, with the push of a couple of buttons. With a flick of the armrest, that could be removed between them too, practically creating their very own sofa in the movie theatre where they could relax, fully drawing her into his lap without anything holding her hips away from him. That had been the only part of her that had not been able to cuddle in close and he moaned lightly, the feel of the panda on his legs bringing a rise of heat between them.

And there, there were no limits between them. They hardly watched the movie as paws and hands roamed each other’s bodies, exploring, teasing, wanting to know more, pushing under clothes to get at breasts and throbbing hard-ons. Corry grunted into her muzzle, fingers running through her hair and down the back of her neck, head swimming with lust, the only light in the theatre that of the screen, sometimes illuminating them and sometimes not, depending on what was happening in the movie. His hand slid under her top, over bare fur, caressing her fur with a throb of delight, brushing up high enough to tease her breasts, though Corry wondered at how he was able to get at her bare fur so swiftly. Surely she was wearing a bra?

Ah, but, just like in the library, they had to be quiet about it as he nuzzled her neck and she bit back a moan, Corry sliding down on their makeshift sofa so that he was half-lying and half-sitting, though it was a bit of an uncomfortable position to be in. He wanted to be able to kind of check if anyone was coming up from the back of the theatre but also enjoy their time there too, but it was not as easy as one might have expected. And he didn’t just want to have Brittney kneeling in front of him too, that didn’t quite seem right.

Instead, she knelt over him, hidden by the seats, her backside facing his head while her muzzle dove onto his cock, freed from his jeans by her quick-working paws. He groaned, clamping his mouth shut, though no amount of clenching his teeth was going to keep him quiet, hoping that the movie would at least cover the sounds of her lust.

Because her muzzle was simply too good on his cock, her paws roaming his lower half, stroking his stomach, down to his crotch, running fingers over his balls and even the perineum just behind them, finding sensitive spots of flesh that Corry had never even known about. He moaned, rocking his hips up, her tongue dancing around the head of his cock. It was good, too good, and she murmured happily around his cock, evidently pleased with his reactions.

Like him, she wanted to know more, to see more of him, to tease out such pleasures from his body, bit by bit, moan by delicious moan.

But that would all come in time as he rocked and grunted, trying to be quiet, only lamenting that he didn’t get quite the look at her breasts that he wanted to. He knew, at least, what he liked, groaning, tugging at her head, whispering to her, though Corry was not loud enough to be heard over the movie.

“Mm… Come up here,” he murmured, glancing back, trying to draw her into his lap as she pulled back from his cock, a string of saliva connecting her lips to his shaft for a moment before it broke. “I want…you…”

Giggling, she obligingly slid up into his lap and he ran his hands, almost delirious with pleasure, his cock still out, over her breasts. She’d deliberately, of course, worn a tight button-up blouse that turned him on, he was sure of it, showing off her assets to the best of her ability. The top button would not even close, exposing her cleavage, and he groaned, eyeing up just where her fat nipples had perked up, showing through it.

So, she actually wasn’t wearing a bra… He’d thought he’d imagined it or pushed his hand under it while they’d been kissing. How naughty. That wasn’t a word that Corry would normally emek escort have used, but something about Brittney using it the other day had been kinky enough to get him to try it out too, even mentally.

Snuggling close, he slipped his hand into her blouse properly that time, groping her, though he was more interested in letting his fingers dance and play across her nipples, teasing her as she had teased him. Brittney’s breath hitched and, as he pressed in nearer, he ground his shaft against her bare thigh. That time, perhaps knowing the difficulty they had had when she had been wearing jeans in the library, Brittney had worn a skirt. There was a lot to be said, to be fair, about clothing that allowed easy access to parts of the body like that.

“Mmm…” Brittney moaned, her lips close to his ear, teeth tickling and nipping at the sensitive skin. “Have you ever taken a girl in the ass before? Can feel really good, Corry…”

He blinked, surprised enough to pause for a moment.

“Hm… No,” he admitted. “But I’ve always wanted to.”

Brittney grinned, checking the coast was clear before standing and sliding her panties down in one fluid motion. The skirt flipped up over her hips and he grunted, tightening his grip on the armrest remaining on his side of the seat, as Brittney revealed that she was wearing a butt plug.

“I’ve had this in since that first tutoring session,” she purred with a wiggle of her hips. “It feels so good… So full.”

“Then I’ll make you feel that full again with my cock sometime.”

It was bolder than he had any right to be, but Corry’s blood was up, cock aching fiercely. Brittney unbuttoned her blouse for him, leaving it hanging off her shoulders as the soft, warm flesh of her tits spilt out, revealed in all their glory.

“Let me take care of you first, Corry…” She murmured, kneeling before he had the chance to say anything else, his cock in her paw. “Then you’ll last long enough to fuck me for the rest of the movie…”

He didn’t say anything, only moaned, his head falling back. Oh, how he needed it, panting, trying to be quiet and failing completely. She had a way about her that made him want to completely let go, as if there was no other option left to him, hips pumping, grinding, his cock aching for release within the sweet heat of her muzzle. She sucked him like a pro, claiming his seed in only a few minutes, her head bobbing on his shaft while Corry leaned back to let her work. He didn’t need to grip her hair and drag her back and forth, not when she was already so kinkily in control of herself, confident in her ability.

But that was the best moment of all, that tingling, pulsing moment of release as his balls gave up their load, filling her muzzle as Brittney gulped it all down. She fumbled for her bag even as she took his seed straight down her throat, one paw on his thigh to keep him in place, but Corry did not see what she was doing until he had spent himself, panting and sprawled back against the seats.

“I’ll get you ready again,” she whispered flirtatiously, casting him a wink. “I don’t think it will take you much to get hard again…”

Of course, she was right, though he was not used to going again so quickly. With a small bottle of lube in her paw, what Brittney must have been retrieving from her purse, she sat in his lap, reverse-cowgirl, though he groaned at not being able to see her breasts. Reaching back, she lubed up his cock with one paw, sliding her paw skilfully up and down, though, somehow, she managed to not apply so much pressure that he was rendered over sensitive, for which Corry was appreciative.

Still, her grinding back on his lubed-up cock, smearing slick pre-cum over her backside, had him throbbing, ready, wanting, even if he was slower to thicken up that time. It didn’t matter if it was slow, however, for that only meant that he could take his time to enjoy the moment, the rise of his shaft, how desire ached through him in the most potent of ways.

Something about Brittney…

And he wanted to know all of it, grunting, hands squeezing her buttocks, not caring for the lube that made his hands slide more easily over her fur, heart pounding, leaping, wanting more. His cock throbbed, drooling pre-cum, though that could have been because he had cum only a short while ago, having no idea at all what point they were in the movie. It didn’t matter anymore.

“Come on,” he whispered huskily, drawing her hips up and back as his shaft pressed up to the entrance to her pussy, anticipating the extra tightness already with the butt plug still in place, though he hoped to feel her arse for himself very soon. “Come…with me.”

He slid down across both seats the best he could, legs hanging off, and she pushed down onto his cock with a moan. There, they were in the perfect position, her pussy even tighter as she squeezed around him, for Brittney to ride him, her hips rising and falling skilfully, lusting for it all, moaning aloud, though he whispered eryaman escort to her, through his murmured laughter, to be quiet, to keep their little secret romp. Of course, neither of them would have cared if anyone else at the college found out about them, they weren’t trying to keep that quiet, but they only didn’t want to be disturbed in their fun, his cock filling her perfectly.

It was easier with the lube, groping her arse as she leaned forward, giving him the perfect view of her thick, round rump whenever the light was light, though the moments of darkness in the movie left him hungering in anticipation too, wanting to see. Yet it was under Corry’s control what he saw of her, fingers digging passionately into the swell of her backside, the lube helping, sliding his fingers over her thick rump, enjoying the change in sensation. Only when the panda leaned back against him, her pussy tight around his dick, so that he could grope and squeeze and tease her tits too could he get his hands on other parts of her.

He panted, holding out, though his stamina was greater after the first orgasm, rocking up into her even as the panda rode him, his shaft pressing up to her innermost barrier, though he was careful not to buck too hard. No, Brittney was the one who was mostly in control of the depth even as his lube-slickened fingers tweaked her nipples, tugging and pulling at them, though he could not grip hard. It was a delightful sensation, one that had him grunting into her shoulder when she lay back on top of him, bearing his feet, still with his shoes on, down into the ground so he could thrust, hoping that no one would enter the theatre.

Yet it was tight, so warm, his hands sliding over her breasts as the panda’s breath hitched, moaning aloud. She was close and he was not all that far behind her, even if Corry wanted to bring her off first. He hadn’t gone down on her yet, but Brittney had been so quick to take charge that it was quite as if she was keener than ever to simply take what she wanted. The stimulation of her breasts, however, proved to be more than enough as she was forced to clamp her paw over her muzzle, stifling her cries of orgasm. The plug pressed up inside her, one of his hands dropping to her arse, groping, squeezing, pushing, relishing in the delicious, pulsing tightness that her body offered him, even slicker and wetter than before with lube.

And when he filled her with his load again, he couldn’t stop himself from moaning, hiding his face against her shoulder, praying that her fur muffled him enough that they could get away with it, for it was impossible for them to not go noticed, eventually, in the theatre. There was too much going on there, all with Brittney’s breasts out, her skirt laying over his stomach where his hands dipped under it, shoving it back up and tucking it into her waistband, exposing her rump once again. Pulse after pulse of orgasm washed through him, as if he was not in the present, waking moment at all but one built entirely of sensation alone, grunting, moaning, riding out his high with the stunning panda on top of him.

She surprised him with her stamina, quick to go for a second round, though Corry was even more surprised that his cock remained hard that time. He groaned and shook his head, putting his hands on her hips with an abashed grin as she rubbed her bare pussy back against him. He still couldn’t drag his eyes off the plug in her backside, yearning.

Had she meant that…that little hint? Corry groaned, wanting to tell her that he cared about her more than for just sex, but it was hard, especially so as she rocked back on his cock, teasing him at pushing into her pussy again.

“Mmmph… Brittney…”

He had to whisper, had to be quiet, the movie playing without their attention. Sitting backwards in his lap, reverse cowgirl so he still had the best view of her arse, Brittney grinned back at him.

“Mmm, yeah, Corry?”

He blushed, hoping she didn’t see it. God, she made his heart turn over in weird and wonderful ways.

“Did you…” Why was it so hard to ask? “Did you…want to, uh…try something other than the plug, you know? Up there?”

It was awkward, but Brittney understood what he meant, all the same, eyebrows raising and tail twitching up a little higher, even though it barely hid her anal ring and the tight grip of the plug anyway.

“Ohhhh, I thought you would never ask!”

Giggling, she arched her back, carefully balancing over him while checking that there were no ushers in attendance. It would have very much been the wrong time to be caught in the act and she had no intention of stopping their fun short.

“Take it out, Corry,” she murmured, rocking her hips back to him at a better angle. “I can’t wait to feel you inside him.”

The slight break, at least, allowed him to recover mentally even though it didn’t feel as if his dick needed any time to recover at all — it was funny how things like that happened. Still, he couldn’t stop himself from licking his lips as he helped slide the plug out of Brittney, her ring slowly giving up its grip on the neck of the plug, after the flared base. Carefully and gently, he drew it out of her and set it aside, replacing it with a finger that he slid inside softly, as if he was afraid of hurting her.

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