My Wife’s Patriotic Panties


For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a thing for panties. Not wearing them. Seeing them, smelling them, touching them. And, of course, coming on them. I’m almost always turned on when I see a girl’s panties. With the current trend of low-slung jeans and pants, my eyes are always on the lookout for a girl who’s panties or thong are in view. I’ll go out of my way to enjoy that forbidden view for as long as I can. The sight of those colors or fabrics caressing a woman’s ass will almost always get me hard. I can never stop staring, even when I should. Unless the woman wearing them is obese, I can’t stop staring.

When I met my wife in college, I was truly blessed to learn that she liked wearing very sexy panties. Not just thongs and g-strings, but cute panties in satin, silk, nice bright colors and patterns. She quickly came to learn of my fetish. Ever since then, she’s been a true playmate. She knows I love panties and will tease me by lifting her skirt when nobody’s around and showing me what she’s wearing. She’ll let me fuck her or lick her pussy while she wears her panties. Sometimes, when fucking her, I’ll pull out and cum on her panties. Sometimes she’ll just lay there on her stomach and let me jerk off all over her panties. Then, I’ll rub my spent dick against her ass (she has a great ass) and in the cum. It’s such a treat — she knows I’m obsessed. When I travel on business, she’ll text me a description of what she’s wearing right then. No picture necessary — I know exactly which pair she’s talking about.

This past weekend, we were invited to her older sister’s house to watch the Daytona 500 and celebrate Independence Day. I had to get some work done that afternoon so my wife went ahead of me and I got there right when the race started.

When I arrived at my sister-in-law’s house, the men were in the large TV room watching the race on a big-screen TV. The women were scattered around but a few of them, including my wife, were seated at the dining room table drinking margaritas and playing cards. From where I had perched on the sofa, both the TV and the women playing cards at the table were in my sight. I quickly found my wife at the table, wearing a denim mini skirt with frayed edges and a strappy tank top colored in an American flag theme. Quite sexy, I thought.

A little while later, I glanced over at my wife who was concentrating hard at the girls’ card game. As I gazed at her, I suddenly noticed that, under the table where she was sitting, her legs were spread, the skirt was hiked up and in full view were her panties. She was wearing something I hadn’t seen before: a g-string with a “stars and stripes” motif on the front. I don’t think she realized that I could see. I quickly glanced around the room and concluded that, given everyone’s position, I was likely the only one who had this awesome view. Needless to say, ulus escort the secret view and the bright colors of this new undergarment hugging my wife’s pussy turned me on.

I continued to watch the race, peeking over at my wife every now and then. Her position had not changed and her patriotic panties were still there for me to see. During a commercial break, I trained my eyes on my wife’s crotch. My cock started to stiffen. Mesmerized by the sexy sight, my wife caught my glance and smiled back at me. “Good” I thought. I don’t think she knows that she’s giving me a free peep show. I turned my view to the TV and felt my cell phone buzz with the arrival of a text message. It was from my wife:

Saw you looking at me . . . like what you see???

I texted back, “Love it,” and hit the send button. I then glanced at her to see her reaction upon getting my message.

She smiled as she read. My cock got harder and I trained my view to her crotch again. Oh, how I love that new g-string!

Staring at her thong-covered crotch, I didn’t notice her text back:

Are you looking at ME or my new thong??????

I could feel the heat as my face turned read.

How did you know? I typed back, wondering how she knew I could see her thong. I then realized this was not an accident.

I looked at her as I pressed send. She continued to focus on her card game and her cell phone, not looking at me. As she slyly read my reply, she slowly spread her legs open further under the table. The view got better and I lost all interest in the car race on the TV. I shifted to hide my raging hard on from the other guys who were focused on the race. The red, white and blue panties were staring right at me!

My cell phone buzzed again with her reply: A woman never reveals her secrets!

I looked back at her and she turned and caught my gaze. She quickly glanced away and turned her attention to the card game. Her legs, however, were still spread wide with those panties in view. I continued to watch. My wife laid down a card in her game and, every so slowly, her hand reached under the table, grabbed her g-string and pulled it aside. Very quickly, her thick black patch came into view. She turned to catch me staring at her now-exposed bush and smiled at me. Just as quickly, she removed her hand and returned to holding her cards.

By now, my cock was straining mightily against my boxers and shorts. I squirmed to hide my erection from the others in the room. I trained my gaze on the race on the TV in an attempt to shift my focus and talk my hard-on down.

Several minutes went by and my cock was beginning to soften as I focused on the TV. Just then, my wife reached over the couch where I was perched and whispered in my ear, “I have something for you.”

As I turned to see her over my shoulder, she quickly grabbed my yenimahalle escort hand and shoved her panties in my palm. She closed my fist and ever so quickly and innocently, returned to her seat at the card game. In the meantime, I was now holding my wife’s g-string in my fist, making sure to keep it out of view of the other guests. I quickly got up and found the bathroom. I locked the door and pulled out my wife’s panties. The fabric — nylon and lycra — was so smooth. The colors — blue background with red and white starts — were bright and sexy. I found the crotch and lifted it up to my nose. The scent of my wife’s pussy was strong and I inhaled deeply. Exquisite! As I continued to press the fabric to my nostrils and soak up my wife’s scent, I noticed the panties were a little damp. I realized that this was because my wife must have been wet. By now, my cock needed relief. I dropped my shorts and boxers to the floor and began to stroke my rock-hard erection with my wife’s new thong. As I jerked myself, I visualized these panties hugging my wife’s perfect pussy — her plump labia, her thick black bush. I could even still smell the scent of her wet cunt. I came quickly, spewing an enormous stream of cum into her g-string bunched around my cock head. Cum continued to erupt from my cock and I stroked until I was about to pass out from the delirium.

As I caught my breath and my wits, I began to wonder w hat I was going to do with my wife’s cum-soaked panties. Although I love the smooth feeling of the nylon and lycra combination, this fabric does not absorb liquid or cum much and it can get kind of messy. I grabbed the panties by the string and looked for a hiding place. In the bathroom there was a bathtub-shower combination with a shower curtain. Not knowing what else to do, I pulled the curtain back and tossed the panties into the bathtub. I figured I’d retrieve them at the end of the evening, hoping my cum might dry up some by then.

I washed my hands and returned to my spot on the couch. I had come so quickly that my absence did not go noticed. I trained my eyes on the TV, trying to appear calm, cool and collected. After a few minutes, my cell phone buzzed with a text message, from my wife.

Where are my panties?

Without turning to see her, I replied:

In the bathroom, soaked with my cum.

I pressed send and waited for the reply. I continued to watch the race trying to get my wife to think she was no longer pulling my chain, figuratively speaking. I eagerly awaited her reply to see what she thought of my jerking off onto her panties in the hosts’ bathroom. Then, her reply:

You’re so naughty! I bought those just for you!

I was very happy that my wife had thought of me and had played her role as innocent little sex kitten so well. I loved her teasing and her play. Several minutes eryaman escort later, I got up to get a snack and a drink. My cell phone buzzed with the arrival of a new text message.

I grabbed the phone from my pocket to view the message. No text this time, only a picture my wife had taken with her phone and sent to me. The picture was a close up of her pussy, one hand holding the pussy lips apart. My cock immediately sprang back to life and I was began to blush. My sexy little wife had taken a picture of her wide-open pussy and sent it to me!

Again, a buzz. A new picture. This one of my wife with two fingers shoved into her cunt. Her skirt down around her ankles. I could only conclude that my wife was following my lead by masturbating in the bathroom.

Another buzz! I viewed the illicit image and this one sent me over the edge. My wife had found her panties and was sucking the cum off out of them.

I texted back:

Need to fuck now! Where?

No reply. Several minutes went by and then a buzz on the cell phone:

Sorry, I couldn’t wait. Oh, that was good!

Just then, my wife entered the kitchen. She came up and hugged me and whispered in my ear, “I’m wearing my cum-soaked panties. So wet. Do you want to take me home and fuck me in my sexy little panties???”

I didn’t even say good-bye to my hosts. As soon as we walked in our house, my wife peeled off her skirt and top leaving on just the g-string. I peeled off my clothes as well and met her in the bedroom. She got on the bed, laid back and spread her legs. I pulled her wet g-string aside and quickly entered her. She was so wet! I began to thrust and she began to cheer me on, “That’s it, fuck my tight little pussy. Do you like my new panties? There was so much cum on them. I want you to cum on them again!”

Like a good boy, I did as I was told. I yanked my cock out of her sopping-wet cunt. She reached down and spread her panties out and I stroked my cock. Gobs of cum landed right on her sexy little red, white and blue panties. I continued to stroke until every last drop of cum had left me.

“Now, lick my pussy!” my wife commanded. She grabbed my head and thrust it into her crotch. The smell and taste of my own cum filled my senses. I was too turned on to mind. I pulled the fabric aside to expose her swollen clit. Her labia glistened with wetness, framed by her dark bush. I began to lick and suck her clit with abandon. I must admit I am a fabulous pussy-licker. It was such a mess – my cum load and her dripping-wet pussy juices. With one hand I held the g-string aside. With the other, I shoved two fingers into her snatch all the while flicking her clit at warp speed with my tongue. She, too, didn’t take long and began her orgasm as I took her clit between my lips and sucked. She bucked and shook all the while keeping my face planted to her cunt. Screams of pleasure filled the room.

We retreated to the shower to clean up together. I watched as my wife removed her cum-soaked panties. She held them up and asked me, “You never told me if you liked my new panties!”

I smiled, knowing full well she knew the answer.

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