My New Life Ch. 03


I gave up control slowly. Nothing in my history suggests that I would act this way. Other than it feeling really, really exciting I can’t justify nor can I explain my submissive actions…

It was a quiet Tuesday morning. I sipped coffee out on the back patio enjoying the warm morning sun and the cool, light breeze blowing across my bare chest. Daydreaming about nothing specific I watched the furry little squirrels jump from the telephone wires to the trees and scramble over the grass searching for nuts.

Startled by a buzz from my Droid, I turned to find an email telling me to get ready. My new, first and only, boyfriend would be over in about an hour. He wanted me fully dressed and on my knees inside of the front door when he arrived.

I scurried to the shower to begin my preparations. My heart began to race as I scrubbed myself clean and shaved everywhere that I could reach. Such anticipation! After toweling myself dry I rubbed lavender scented lotion over my entire body as I giggled eagerly. Slowly I pulled the thigh high stockings up over my knees, tingling all the way.

Which panties? Hmmmmmm…decisions, decisions. Black satin with a matching push-up bra, perfect! Adding a shoulder length blond wig, a little blush and bright red lipstick – quite fetching if I do say so myself. I then slipped on a simple, sleeveless black dress with a plunging neckline and sat down to slide on a pair of very exciting black, patent leather high heels. Admiring myself in my full length mirror I noticed how slimming a black outfit looks. Not quite passable but certainly very sexy.

Excited, tingly, almost hyperventilating I began to pace around my living room in awkward anticipation. When I heard footsteps on the front porch my heart nearly jumped out of my chest. Damn! False alarm. I could tell from the shadow cast through the sheers on my front door that it was only the mailman. “I wonder if he likes blondes,” I giggled to myself. Boldly, I moved closer to the door hoping to catch his eye. He did notice me as he turned to walk away. I blushed beat red as I returned his friendly waive.

WOW! What a feeling. Discovered, or was I? Who knows what he really saw through the sheers or what thoughts crossed his mind? All I ankara olgun escort know is that I gained a little confidence because he did not laugh at me. Also, I seemed to add a little wiggle as I paced in my heels.

I unlocked the door and peaked out through a small crack in the sheers looking for my new boyfriend. Finally I saw him exit his car and begin his approach. Tall and confident, smiling with a bounce to his step he came up the stairs and on to the porch. Quickly I did as told and knelt down a few feet from the door. I so wanted to please! He walked right in, looked around and slid the lock after he closed the door. Slowly and silently he circled me. Too nervous for eye contact I stared straight ahead listening to my heart thump intensely. “Nice. Very nice,” he said softly. “I see that you like to follow my instructions. That makes me very happy.”

Beaming with my largest smile I looked up at him and exclaimed, “Thank you! I wanted to look my best for you.”

“Stand,” he ordered as he offered his hand to assist me. “Continue to look downward.”

Pulling on his outstretched hand I struggled a bit to stand. I guess eventually I’ll get used to heels. Feeling my dress rise up on my thighs, I gave a little tug for modesty. Whack! He smacked my butt a bit harder than playfully saying, “Did I tell you to adjust your dress?”

“No Sir,” I stammered, a bit stunned. “Sorry,” I blurted out nervously.

“Twirl slowly,” he said. “Stand up straight, suck in your gut…yes, yes that’s more like it.”

“You’ll have to lose a little weight and start working out. You OK with that?”

“Yes, Sir,” I offered meekly, not really knowing what I was committing to.

“Would you like me to setup a program for you?” He offered kindly.

How sweet of him, so thoughtful of him to care about me. “Sure,” I said softly. “I would like that.”

From behind he approached, slowly rubbing his hands up and down my bare arms. Softly, he whispered into my ear, “You like doing what I say, don’t you?” A nod is all I could return as I gasped for air.

When he gently pulled the hair away from my ears and began to kiss my neck I thought I would pass out. My knees became weak as I ankara ucuz escort trembled in excitement. Somehow I managed to stay together enough to enjoy his hands wondering all over my body. I smiled and moaned quietly as I felt his hands reach under my dress and slowly, firmly caress my butt cheeks. “Will you do anything I say?” He asked as he reached around and began to stroke my now hard cock. Satin panties rubbing a hard cock, this was not going to last long, I thought to myself as I felt his hard cock through his panties sliding up and down the crack of my ass.

I’ve never been more excited. Truthfully, I could agree to anything in that state. A weak but convincing “Yes,” is all I could gather up.

“You want me to fuck that ass of yours, I can tell,” Pausing to catch his breath as he slowly ground his hard cock into my backside. “Yes, I can tell…well, let’s give you something to work towards. That can wait for another day,” as he increased the pace on my cock. I began to hop up and down as I exploded into my satin panties.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed out shocked and embarrassed. I could not believe how good that felt! Dumping a load into my own panties, I felt like a child, so humiliating.

Adding to my embarrassment he began to laugh loudly. Sweat poured out of me, little balls running down my back causing me to squirm. “You cum just like a little bitch, screaming and squirming,” he taunted as he laughed at me. Really, I wanted to die but seemed powerless to move. He pinched my ass hard. “In the future you will ask my permission before you cum. I should spank your ass for that but I don’t have time today.

“Ouch!” Is all that came out of my mouth as I rubbed my ass gingerly.

“Bring me your cell phone,” he commanded.

Mindlessly, I went to the kitchen and grabbed my Droid. Returning to the living room I found him sitting on a chair with his pants around his ankles. Quickly he reached and harshly took the phone from me. “You know what to do, don’t just stand there.” I knelt down in front of him and took his whole cock into my mouth.

I slurped and sucked that cock with all of the intensity that I could muster as he typed away on my phone. I tried not ankara yabancı escort to think about what he was doing as I licked and sucked him while tickling his big balls. Out of nowhere he said, “Wait. Hold up. I want to shoot all over the crack of your ass so that you can begin to enjoy that wonderful feeling of hot, sticky cum all over your crotch and ass, just like a good little bitch! You were made for this!”

Again, like a gentleman, he offered me a hand to stand as he positioned me kneeling on the chair. Harshly, he hiked my skirt and began sliding his rock hard cock up and down the crack of my ass. He spent extra time exploring my tight hole as he whispered, “Oh yeah, nice and tight. You’re going to love taking my cock. Oh yeah…” My hips began to grind into his which made him gleeful, “Oh Yeah, Oh yeah, your’going to love this!”

I felt the warmth from his ooze all over my ass as he moaned loudly. I was gasping for air, so excited as I humped his cock. He smeared the ooze all over my ass and then pulled up my panties saying, “Leave these on until morning. Text me pictures of your panties with all of this dried cum stuck all over you. It’s a good look for you!”

Stunned and breathless, all I could say was, “Okay.”

“Here, lick my hand clean.” Of course I did as instructed.

“Now listen to me, I only want to say this once. While you were sucking me I downloaded two apps on to your phone. One will plot and track your exercise routes and the other will track your diet. Begin to use both immediately to track your calories and your exercise. Both will automatically generate an email to me that will detail your efforts. You are going to lose 20 pounds, happily, and make your tight ass worth fucking, got it?”

I just stared at him, “Got it.” I offered without question.

“I said happily, let’s see a smile,” he commanded. I looked at him and smiled.

“Good. These apps are both setup to email me automatically so that I will know what you are up to. Always wear panties and a running bra when you exercise so that you can remember why you are exercising. It will keep you motivated knowing that a good fucking is coming your way. Every morning you are to text me a picture of you in your panties and bra, no exceptions. Every day, got it?”

“Got it.”

“I’m in your contacts as Big Balls.”

He got dressed and left. All I could do was giggle as I watched Big Balls walk to his car.

It felt very odd walking around with panties full of cum. I did feel sexy though, in a slutty kind of way!

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