My Kinkiest Sexual Experience


This is a story mixing some real life experience and some fantasy as well….and I won’t tell what is true and what is fantasy.

I was about 22 and a relationship with a girl had just broke before summer. So I spent a week alone in Ibiza. My hotel was near the capital of the island and Ibiza is quite well known in Europe for wild parties and hot clubs and discos. At the beginning I was not in the mood for going to that kind of crowded clubs and rather read a book in my hotel after having some dinner. It was only two nights before my holiday was over again, that I was fed up with being alone and decided to at least try one of the recommended “In-clubs”.

So I dressed in a quite sexy short skirt and a white blouse. I wore a panty but no bra. The white colour of my cloth matched perfectly with the brownish suntan I already had and my brown coloured hair. My 85B cupped breasts felt good without a bra. I looked into the mirror before leaving and was quite satisfied, with what I saw.

So after taking dinner alone in a restaurant quite late, I reached a club called “Angel’s”. It really was crowded. It seemed to be a place of the “young and beautiful”. And there was enough to watch and enjoy. Beautiful bodies of young women and men were drinking, dancing and flirting. They also had some table-dancers. There were male and female dancers. I had a place at the bar, near a black female dancer. She only wore a pantyhose and a very small cotton cloth fixed with a knot at her crotch as kind of very short skirt, showing all her legs. Beyond she was completely naked. In the nipples of her medium sized breasts were two piercings. She had a beautiful face and her had was shaved really short. It was a wide and erotic dance that she performed. I have always been fascinated by exotic men and women and so I couldn’t get my eyes of her again and even felt that I was getting aroused a bit.

I was so concentrated on watching that sexy, exotic girl, performing her hot table dance that I hadn’t seen a black guy nearing me. He was a very athletic black man in his twenties. He wore a shirt that showed his trained chest very well and a light cotton trousers. His head was shaved very short.

“May I invite you for a dance?”, he asked.

Why not? I thought and agreed. I had been so fascinated by this black dancer that I was already turned on a bit as this black guy asked me for a dance. I hadn’t been with a man in a long time now, as I lately absolutely had preferred girls. So maybe it was time again for a man? I followed him onto the dance floor. It was a fast dance-beat and so it was an open dance. He was a good and funny dancer and he understood very well not only to entertain me but also to really “dance me”, to bring our bodies very close and to touch me from time to time. I was getting excited. We exchanged names, he was called Jeff and from UK and some small talk while we were dancing. After a while he shouted into my ear, to make me hear him, in spite of the loud music.

“My girlfriend and I have seen you watching the black table dancer? Do you like girls, too?”

I blushed. Had it been so obvious? So he had a girl friend. I was confused for a moment, but I nodded yes. I was even more kızılay escort excited now.

“Would you mind getting my girlfriend to know too?”

Well to make it short. I didn’t mind and so Jeff introduced me to his girlfriend. She was also of African origin with a very dark brown, almost black colour of skin. Her normally totally black hair, was coloured brownish and she wore it down to her shoulders. She had a beautiful face and a very sexy body. She was not completely slim but had some curves at exactly the right places, mainly her boobs and her ass. She was not plump at all; just luscious, sexy curvy. I was attracted to this girl from the moment I saw her. Her name was Victoria and she was 29 as was her boyfriend Jeff. They invited me for some drinks and we quickly started some erotic chat.

We ended up with some “brotherhood kisses”, that in reality were some hot French kisses. They always had me in the middle of them both started touching me with their hands, letting them wander up and down my body. I was already drunk a bit and aroused enough so I didn’t resist at all. The idea of that couple wanting me both made me quite hot.

So after all it was no wonder that they took me to their room. All the way they had been fumbling me and thus making me lust for more. I was undressed by them with a lot of arousing kisses, licks and touches and lay on their hotel bed watching them undress before they came to me. Jeff’s cock was rock hard and pointing in my direction and the big, black nipples on Victoria’s great voluptuous breasts were hard as well and I even could see some wetness between her black pubes. I was really longing for sex, aroused to the edge by the thought of having my first threesome with this black couple. The two made it a great event for me and I had one of the most erotic nights in my whole life. I was taken in the middle and kissed and licked by two tongues, I had two lips suck my rock hard nipples, while two hands were playing at my pussy at the same time. Later as Jeff was still sucking my breasts Victoria went down on me and kissed and licked my pussy. But she saved my cumming for her boyfriend. She stopped just a second before I would cum. I had my eyes closed as I felt Jeffs hard, black cock filling my cunt, meanwhile Victoria let me kiss and suck her breasts and finally knelt over my face to let me lick her dripping wet pussy. I was completely overwhelmed by this pure lust and came hard, crying my lust into Victoria’s crotch. I made Victoria cum too and I made Jeff’s cock hard again together with Victoria and it was a very hot thing performing a blow job with another girl on one cock. Jeff also fucked his girlfriend, while I sucked and fondled her breasts and had one finger playing with her clit….

So it was a real hot night and I was sleeping almost all day after that night.

We had promised to meet again next evening, which was my last in Ibiza. We had agreed in the morning to have dinner together. I was a bit nervous that evening. I wasn’t sure if it would be the same or if it had only been a one-night-arousal. My feelings were changing very quickly when I had met them. Both still looked as sexy as they had yesterday.

We kolej escort went to a restaurant. I was seated side by side with Victoria and Jeff opposite us. We had some wine and a drink and our chatting was fixed to sexy talks very soon again (maybe that was the only thing we had in common). I was aroused from the beginning and for me it was clear that I wanted to enjoy this last night in the fullest sense. Victoria started to fondle her way up my skirt at the insides of my thighs and her fingers found an already wet pussy not hidden by any panty. Made very hot by Victoria’s experienced playful finger we soon decided to go directly to their hotel room.

Again I was undressed by the couple in a very sexy way. But I felt an urge to use the toilet and I thought it might be better to relief my bladder before the main act started. I said that to my two black lovers, as they wanted to guide me to the bed.

Suddenly Victoria smiled a strange smile.

“Maybe I can offer you something much better,” she whispered into my ear. “Do you want to make a great new experience?” Her hand was feeling out my soaking wet pussy, her thumb caressing my clit. It was an even more intensive feeling now, with my urge to use the toilet. Jeff was behind me. I felt his hard cock rubbing against my arse cheeks and his black hands cupped my breasts firmly massaging them. His tongue licked along my neck. All I could do was to nod.

I had an idea of what her suggestion meant but was not completely sure, what she wanted. Not stopping for a second to pleasure all my sexual parts they led me out on a balcony. It was dark outside. I stood there, my legs were spread. Jeffs cock was going up and down between my arse cheeks and that was feeling very good and still he played hard with my boobs and nipples and his tongue licked me with wet licks. I loved every single touch and every single lick. In front of me knelt the naked Victoria with her gorgeous big, soft dark breasts. I let out a moan as I looked down, watching the dark hands massage my tits and see the black woman kneel in front of me and kiss her way down my belly. My urge to pee became harder. I felt her kisses on my pubes. I loved it, if my pubes are kissed. She took her time, circling my crotch with her kisses and touching my slit and my clit playfully from time to time. My urge to pee was hard to control now. Victoria had her mouth now at my cunt. She started licking me.

For a moment she finally looked up to me and smiled sexy.

“Let it flow, Carmen, just let it flow now!”, she whispered. Some kind of relief was going through my mind. Her mouth was at my pussy again, when I relaxed and some first drops of piss came through my pussy. I felt her tongue and mouth take my liquids and a cry of unknown lust escaped me. I now relaxed completely and opened my gates to let it flow. I started pissing and Victorias mouth was fixed to my crotch. I directly pissed into her face and into her open mouth that was swallowing, kissing and licking all at once. I wasn’t moaning any more, I was crying out loud that new kind of sexual lust and then I came, as I never had cum before. Jeff held me from behind. I must almost have passed out. The next maltepe escort thing I can remember was that I had stopped pissing. Victoria was still kneeling between my spread legs and she was cleaning my cunt with her tongue – which –as a matter of fact – was an impossible thing, as I was getting wet from arousal immediately again. I looked down at her and met her eyes. She obviously had enjoyed what had been happening. Her whole face was wet, her shoulders, her wonderful breast – everything wet of my piss. It was a very new and very strange, kinky picture for me, but in someway it really aroused me. Finally Victoria rose, pressing her dirty-wet body against mine, rubbing her breasts against mine and thus covering them with my own piss. Her piss soaked face was close to mine and then she kissed me. I smelled and tasted my own urine. I hesitated for a moment, but my lust was to big and we found ourselves in a wild and passionate, dirty French kiss.

Still kissing they made me lie down on the balcony. Jeff was bringing his cock to my mouth and I took it between my lips, caressing the stiff black cock with my whole mouth, lips and tongue. My legs were spread wide and Victoria was lying between my legs grinding her pussy against my; fucking my pussy with her pussy. It felt soooo good. I looked down and enjoyed the sexy sight of her big swaying tits as she was riding my cunt. Meanwhile Jeff was so aroused that he had started fucking my mouth. I played with his balls and thus rose his lust. Suddenly I felt a stream of wetness against my pussy. It was not Victorias usual wetness. It certainly was more. It was warm and it was a thick stream that came against my slit and my clit, that massaged my pussy in a new way. I closed my eyes. Victoria had started pissing and she pissed against my cunt. It was so dirty but I couldn’t resist to enjoy it and the thought of how dirty this sexual game was made me cum hard again. In that moment I felt the black girl pressing her pussy hard against mine and with her last drops of pee, she too came hard. She let herself fall down and her face lay on my breasts. I wrapped her with my legs, pressing her even harder into my body, trying to keep our mutual orgasm. Jeff’s cock had slipped out of my mouth and he wanked himself off and his cum shot into my face. I kissed the tip of his cock and cleaned it with my tongue.

I was still very hot, when I turned Victoria around, so that now she lay on her back and spread her legs. I brought my cum-covered face between her legs and dove into her piss soaked pussy. For the first time I licked another woman’s piss from her cunt and in my state of arousal I loved doing that dirty thing. I made her cum again with my cleaning service.

Afterwards the three of us rested a bit, lying on the balcony our dirty bodies pressed together and fondling each other, before we took a long and sexy shower. It was a long and hot night that followed after the shower, but it was nothing in compare with that new experience on the balcony. It was the first time for me doing lesbian watersports, doing any piss play. It had been a kinky, but in a strange way very satisfying experience. I think it was the pureness of dirty sex, that made me enjoy it.

I went home the next day. I have never seen Jeff and Victoria again, I have never had any bisexual threesome again and no watersports again, but the memory remains….a hot, dirty and kinky memory….

Feedback and Votings very welcome!!!!!!

Your pussylove69

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