Mud Wrestle


I felt the cool thud as the ball of mud splattered between my shoulder blades. I slowly turned around, attempting to keep a fake look of outrage on my face. Erin was only three yards away from me and was trying not to giggle as she smiled mischievously.

She was rocking side to side with her elbows tucked against her in a defensive manner. Her tank top clung to her athletic body in the humid heat and her denim shorts accentuated the curves of her hips. A wisp of her sandy blonde hair slipped across her forehead, briefly covering one of her piercing green eyes. Her hair was just past her shoulders and framed her almond face. Her upturned eyes and pouty plump lips always made it look like she was teasing you, and made it impossible to be upset with her… which meant the fake outrage on my face soon turned to an uncontrollable smile.

“You’re in trouble now,” I said. She giggled and bit her lip, but stood her ground. Stooping down I grabbed two fistfuls of the dark clay on the riverbank and raised them, ready to throw. The first one flew over her head, but that was just a decoy. The second one hit her square in the chest and slid down her tank top. She gasped and we shared looks of surprise – mine was tinged with unabashed joy while hers was pure shock.

“Gaaa!” she shrieked. “It’s seeping into my bra!”

“What color is your bra?” I asked, suddenly concerned. “The mud will stain anything that’s white.”

“Great! Turn around,” she demanded. “This is one of my favorite bras.”

I obediently turned my back to her and took account of the situation while she presumably stripped her undergarment off. Erin and I had always been friends but never romantically involved. It seemed like there was always a boyfriend or girlfriend that prevented us from hooking up. That didn’t stop the teasing and flirting though. She was definitely wilder than I. Ever since I’d met her she found my composed polite mannerisms to be her favorite thing to ruffle, with seductive looks and veiled double entendres. After a year or two I became more used to it, and never grew sick of it. I found I could dish back just as much innuendo and teasing suggestions in my own mild way – often surprising her. And she seemed to enjoy it as much as I did.

For the first time both of us were single and not away for school or work. We’d run into each other and found we had a lot of catching up to do. During the conversation we remembered that we used to come down to the river to swim when we were younger. The stifling hot and humid day made the river sound like the perfect sentimental way to cool down.

My thoughts were interrupted as I felt her arms wrap around me. With two handfuls of mud she had silently crept up on me after shedding her bra and was now smearing mud on my chest and stomach as my arms were pinned at my sides. Of course, the real reason my arms were locked at my side was because I could feel her frame pressed up against my bare back while her hands caressed my torso. I spun around. The wet clay slid her arms around my body, and suddenly we were face to face. I brought my arms up on to her shoulders, creating some space between us. Our arms locked and suddenly we were both pushing and pulling, trying to get the other one off balance. Erin slipped and went down, but caught herself with her arm. I paused, which gave her time to jump back up, but with another fistful of mud. She flung it up towards me, spattering my neck and half of my face. We both paused then she burst out laughing. In one big step I wrapped my arms around her waist and lifted her from the ground.

A primal feeling in me loved crushing her soft body to my hard muscled torso. She pushed her hands against my shoulders to try to wiggle away, but my arms were locked tight. Her squirming struggle just hitched her tank top further up her stomach. With a twist I lowered my shoulder and dropped her into the muck. She landed on all fours, facedown, her tank top barely scraping the mud. She started to get up when I sat down on the middle of her back. “Yeehaw” I yelled and gave her wet-jean-clad butt a playful slap. She started to laugh, but had to grit her teeth to keep from collapsing in the mud. My added weight changed her situation though, as her arms and hands began to sink deeper and deeper into the dark brown clay. Her legs held our combined weight better, so her sinking arms made her head the greatest risk to slide into the mire.

“You’re too fat!” she exclaimed in a last ditch effort to get me to climb off her. “Fat” had never been used to describe my lean frame, which had become more muscled as the effects of manual labor took their toll.

Her arms had sunk to her shoulders, and I had to tuck my knees in to keep from holding my own weight. Her chest was clearly resting on the mud but Erin had managed to keep her chin and neck craned zonguldak escort back far enough to avoid a mud facial. I started to laugh as she futilely struggled with her arms, pushing them deeper into the mud. With a gasp of exertion she splayed her legs out behind her, completely laying in the mud, yet somehow keeping her face clean.

“Victory!” I shouted, and stood up to gloat over her. Even standing in the thick mud was precarious, because our wrestling had softened up portions of clay that gave way and swallowed your legs up to their knees. She rolled over although in actuality she revolved in place, the mud lubricating the trough her body had just made. She looked up at me through her hair and shook her head. I was all smiles, because it was rare that I ever got the best of her. She was competitive, clever, and even when you beat her fair and square, she somehow found a way to get ahead elsewhere.

I should have recognized my moment of pride as a dangerous one. Suddenly she lunged into sitting position and pushed my straddling legs. The mud had an unrelenting grip on my ankles and I sat straight down with a squelch into the clay. I was essentially sitting on her legs while she struggled to get up. With a lurch I leaned forward to stand up over her again, but with her in a sitting position under me she wrapped her slippery arms around my waist, locking me in place. I tried to push and pull away, but with her shoulders and arms covered in mud I couldn’t get a grasp to wrench free of her grip. The pressure of her chest on my crotch was more than a little arousing, and I decided I needed to back out of the situation before my physiology made things very uncomfortable. “How about we call it a draw?” I asked.

“Not on your life!” she replied, in mock fury. “You stained my bra – the unforgivable sin.” I laughed, and didn’t notice her right hand reach down to the chocolatey goo. My laugh was cut short in shock as I felt her left hand hook the belt loop on the back of my pants as her right hand shoved a fistful of mud down my butt crack. I froze, not sure what this escalation meant, which gave her time to grab another handful of mud. I wriggled in desperation, but with her hand hooked in my belt loop my wet and muddy pants were at risk of sliding off my inconsequential hips.

I’d shed my boxers before heading to the river because past experience had taught me that wet boxers are not any fun to hike in. That now meant that the mud she was aggressively shoveling into my pants was sliding down my buttocks, clinging to the inside of my thigh, and slowly slipping to my knees. That sensation along with her healthy breasts crushed to my groin meant that in seconds I had a raging erection. I was so hard I could feel my upright cock pushing her back, and a glance down confirmed that my erection had actually created space between the top of my pants and my stomach.

Meanwhile she continued to giggle and fill my pants full of muddy clay. My pant legs were full up to my mid-thigh. The added weight dragged my pants lower and lower. My left hand now clung to my pocket trying to keep my pants up, and I realized that if I didn’t get out of that situation my pants would completely slide down, leaving my throbbing boner right in her face.

With another squelch I sat down on her lap. This did two things: It shoved her hips and bum deeper into the mud, squeezing clay between her inner thighs, and it squeezed the mud that was filling my pants up along my inner thighs. We both unconsciously gasped at the sensation of cool viscous mud caressing one of the most sensitive areas of our bodies. The mud also belched forth an air pocket, creating a sound like an amplified fart right behind her back.

“How embarrassing…” I said in a condescending tone. She broke into the kind of laugh that I could hear once and die a happy man. Still laughing she leaned forward into my torso in a kind of hug. Reflexively I reached down and squeezed her closer to my stomach and chest.

“Where were we…” she muttered, scooping another handful of mud. I tried to wriggle free again, but she’d already wrapped her arms around me.

“There’s no more room in there. You’ve filled them to the top” I replied. It didn’t stop her from trying, however, as she continued to scoop mud, slather it onto my back, then try to push it down my pants. She had a very different air about her now though, as though she were happily doing a job, instead of wrestling to win.

“I think I know where there’s more room for mud,” I said as I grabbed two handfuls behind her, squashed them onto her exposed shoulder blades, then slid them down the back of her tank top. For a few moments, we both sat there in silence, listening to each other scoop mud and massage it onto the other, while essentially holding one another.

I tunalı escort still had a raging erection, but without my pants straining against it I was much more comfortable. Erin had begun to paint my back, reaching up onto my shoulders and slathering the clay on the back of my torso. She pushed me back to create some space between the two of us, and with one hand mashed the mud against my chest. She was staring intently at my pecs as her hands traced the muscles and contours of my body. The next handful of mud was placed on my collarbone, and pushed up along my neck to my jaw line. I watched her face like my life depended on it. I watched her pouty lips, intense eyes, and fine features as she breathily covered me in clay. She glanced at my eyes. The look only lasted for a fraction of a second, but it was so tangible you could taste what we both conveyed in that glance. Hunger.

I slowly grabbed her hand, pulled it off of my chest, then traced my finger along her arm, across her shoulder, and to her chin. She watched my hand with exquisite anticipation. I could hear her breath, and realized I was nearly panting from the sexual tension. With my muddy hand I held the side of her neck and leaned down to kiss her. It was as if our lips were on fire. Heat, desire, and flavor passed between us as we passionately tasted each other’s mouth. She broke free for a second to inhale and I sucked hard on her lower lip as her head tilted back for air. She dove back in, voraciously tasting me. The world seemed to spin as we held each other, hungrily kissing the other.

Then she surprised me again. During out passionate kissing she had somehow unbuttoned my pants and lowered my fly. I likely didn’t notice from the sticky clay that she’d already stuffed into my pants. I did notice however when she slid her hand along the underside of my shaft, cupped my testicles and started to rub mud on my inner thighs. I gasped and convulsed in shock and pleasure. My mouth dropped open and my eyes shot skyward as the sensations jolted through me like 10,000 volts of pleasure. It was almost a sensory overload, and it took a second before I realized she was giggling. I looked at her with apprehension, but my embarrassment was assuaged as I saw the hunger and desire in her eyes as she bit her lower lip. She was watching my face intently, gauging her touch based on my reaction – and she was a very fast learner.

She adjusted her body up on her knees and had both of her hands thrust into the front of my pants. While one hand was cupping and teasing my balls, her other hand stroked up and down on my shaft, alternating her palm from the top to bottom and constantly rotating her hand. It was perpetual motion and the sticky mud made the tactile experience otherworldly. It was almost as if her hands were made of mud that constantly slid, stuck to, and sucked my entire groin.

A flash of concern shot into my mind as I realized I was on the edge of a massive orgasm. I wasn’t concerned about cumming while she was stroking me, but I didn’t want to be greedy. Slowly I gripped both of her wrists and pulled her hands away from me. She looked at me with questioning eyes, but the panting and quivers still rolling through my body let her know it was sheer pleasure that I had felt. I stood up and dropped my pants – or at least attempted to with all the mud clinging to my body. Eventually I got them off as she watched in amusement and maybe even amazement at my taut body and engorged member.

Without a word I knelt in front of and kissed her quickly. Then with on hand on either side I lifted her tank top free of her body. Both of her nipples were pert, pointing upward and outward. Her areolas were slightly dimpled and just a shade darker than her nipples, although her left side must have had some mud slide down it, and now looked like it had been painted with chocolate. Her breasts were not large, but had the perfect upturned curve to them, and were so artistically beautiful that for the first time I understood why ancient sculptors would spend years trying to perfect an artistic rendering of a beautiful woman’s body. My eyes continued to be drawn to her nipple that had remarkably remained free of mud. It seemed to pulse with energy. I leaned forward and slowly licked it. I heard Erin gasp, and I sucked it into my mouth. My left hand reached behind her to support her body as my mouth and face pushed, sucked and teased her right teat. The gum-drop-sized nipple responded to my playfulness, becoming even more firm. And as the firmness increased so did the responsive nature of her breast. As I inhaled as much of her breast into my mouth as possible, I’d flick and caress the tip of it with my tongue, and the moans coming from her tossed back head let me know what she was feeling. My right hand grabbed a fistful of mud and kneaded tunceli escort it into her left breast, sliding my thumb back and forth over her slippery tit as it flicked back into position like a spring.

During all this she lost her sense of gravity and I realized my left arm was completely holding her upright. I slowly lowered her into the mud as I continued to suck and nibble on her breast. She reached out between my legs to grab my shaft. I appreciated the idea, and soon my right hand was popping the snap on her denim shorts. She continued to scoop mud onto my cock, and I returned the favor, shoving mud as deep down the front of her pants as I could. Soon her perfectly trimmed pubic hairs were buried under a mound of mud. I used my hand to push the mud down between her thighs, feeling the pressure squeeze it out of the legs of her shorts. I’d then scoop and pull my fingers up her legs, trace over the lips of her pussy, and comb through her muddied pubes.

Her scooping of mud stopped as her breathing started to increase. She firmly grasped my cock, almost as if to stabilize her spinning world. I could tell just where to touch by how hard she squeezed me. Her breath quickened to a pace that her chest was rising and falling so fast it was hard to keep her nipple in my mouth.

Suddenly, her eyes popped open. “Lay down,” she commanded. I instantly rolled over in the mud, flat on my back. She popped up on her hands and knees and kicked her legs around over my head. I was staring up at her chocolate coated vagina. I wasn’t sure if I could make out the folds of her labia or if it was folds of clay, but either way it looked delicious. She reached down and grabbed my hand then yanked it up towards her pussy. She moved it firmly into place, shifting slightly, then in a breathy voice said “right there.” I obediently got to work, using my first two fingers to rub tight, firm circles around her clit.

Meanwhile, she started working on my still throbbing unit. One hand scooping mud deep between my thighs, grazing my butt crack, cupping my balls, and then dropping the mud on the head of my penis while the other hand rotated and pumped up and down. I reached my left hand up around her leg and gripped her left cheek. My fingers probed into the mud, massaging and teasing while my right hand continued to swirl around her clitoris, catching her mud covered labia with every other pass. We both moaned, and panted, and the efforts increased as our own individual pleasure rose. My head started to spin as it tried to stay upright in the waves of pleasure emanating from my groin. My right hand became more furious as she started to drive her hips into my massaging circles. I realized that her own juices were mixing with the mud as I rubbed, keeping it slick and lubricated.

Her hands were now having to change positions ever few seconds to not get to tired from pumping up and down on my member. My left fingers had crept their way into some crevices, two distinct crevices if I wasn’t mistaken, and were massaging and desperately groping to go deeper. I mumbled some sort of warning between breaths as I knew there was no holding back my orgasm at this point. Somehow she knew what was coming, and gripped my testicles and the base of my penis with one hand while the other gradually, but firmly, slowed as it pumped down my shaft. My hips convulsed subconsciously as I shot a string of semen just above her breasts. Diminishing shots continued to squeeze out of my cock as my orgasm began to ripple to a close.

I realized that I had paused during my climax and furiously got back to rubbing her clit. Without my own pleasure as a distraction I was able to focus clearly on Erin’s body. My fingers could feel through the thin layer of wet clay where her engorged clitoris was waiting to be stimulated. My arms, though tired, had found a renewed vigor, and my left hand started to dig and pump my fingers deeper into her vagina and anus. Her chest lowered onto my crotch, sliding on the semen and mud as she grasped my legs in desperate exultation. Her butt arched into the sky, offering her wet sex to my fingers as I frantically rubbed. I don’t know how many seconds, or minutes it lasted, but her screams and gasps coincided with her hips thrusting and humping my magical hands. With a final convulsion, she rolled onto her side, and fell into the mud. Continued spasms of pleasure wracked her body as she lay there panting.

The desperation in her cries and animalistic movements actually had me concerned. “Are you okay?” I asked. It took several seconds for my question to even register in her mind.

With a deep breath she answered “Yes.” -Another deep breath between quivers of climax, “much better than okay.” I saw the smile grow and embrace her face, as she laid there with her eyes closed. I propped myself up on my side and scooted closer to her face, sinking my arm deep in the mud as I moved. I leaned in and kissed her lips, probably the only part of her body not covered or splattered in mud.

“For the record, you started the mud fight,” I said as I laid back and looked at the summer sky.

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