Mountain of a Mess Pt. 03

Big Dicks

This is a continuation of the Mountain of a Mess series! While not required, this story is a lot more fun if you read all three, as it’s all one day. Enjoy!


Blake reached out and grabbed me by the back of my head, yanking me against him. I moaned against his mouth as he kissed me hard and passionately, his grip on my hair tightening.

“You think that’s fun?” Blake kissed me again and bit my lip. “Trying to finger my ass?”

“You sure liked it,” I grinned back at him. He pulled my hair hard, exposing my neck to him, and he nipped at my skin.

“First you tell me you have a shit fetish, now you want ass play? What am I gonna do with you?”

“You’re the one that came when I did it,” I replied defiantly. I loved his mocking tone; neither of us were being demeaning, just teasing.

“Get on all fours,” he murmured against my neck. “Now.”

I obeyed, trying to get a feel for what he was about to do. We’d never done anal—he’d never asked, I’d never suggested it. I positioned myself as he requested (demanded?) and waited to see what would happen.

“Fuck, this is a mess,” he commented from behind me. I looked over my shoulder, finding him examining his shit that had been smeared on his inner thighs and legs. He caught me smiling. “You like that, don’t you?”

“It’s kind of hot,” I answered.

“Kind of hot?” he repeated. “You barely have any on you.”

“I know.”

Even though I only had a bit on my feet (from how I was currently positioned) and a good bit on my hand from where I had been touching him, it was exciting nonetheless. Blake looked me up and down, then rested one hand on my ass.

“I’m going to fix that,” he told me. Before I could press him for questions, Blake forced a finger into my still-soaked pussy.

“God, Blake…” I arched my back and moaned his name loudly. He worked his finger in and out a few times before adding a second one.

“So you want ass play, huh?”

“I didn’t say that.”

Blake brought one hand down on my ass with a loud, sharp, smack. I cried out again, entirely in pleasure. He spanked me again, just as hard as the first time.

“Answer me. Be honest.”

“It just seemed hot at the time,” I said in earnest. He smacked my ass again with a satisfied grunt. Like I said, Blake’s ass is one of his best features, and I always found myself grabbing at it. Of course it had crossed my mind that I wanted to play with him that way. I could hear him shift behind me, and to my surprise, felt his breath on my skin. Was he seriously about to go down on me again? Blake worked his fingers in and out slowly, and I expected him to remove them and go to town. Without warning, it wasn’t my pussy that Blake started licking. I gasped in both pleasure and surprise when he ran his tongue along my asshole in a broad, sweeping lick.

“Oh, god,” I breathed, muscles tense. He licked at my asshole again, running his tongue around it in a teasing circle. He continued pumping his fingers in and out of my soaking entrance while eating my ass, and he himself couldn’t fight a quiet moan against my skin. I shuddered when he pulled away.

“You like that?” he asked, and I nodded, unable to form a sentence. He prodded at my asshole again with his tongue, pressing harder than before. He ran his tongue back and forth, becoming more forceful. I arched my back and leaned my head back in ecstasy until he finally pulled away again, leaving both my holes soaking wet from his saliva and my wetness.

“Stay just like that,” he instructed. Blake dragged his fingers along my pussy, swiping some of the natural wetness up over my asshole. He pressed one finger against the entrance and I bit down on my lip, unsure of whether it would hurt or not. Thankfully there was no pain as he slid one finger in up to its joint, just an incredibly tight feeling.

“Fuck, that’s tight,” Blake moaned from behind me, obviously thinking the same thing I was. He attempted to work his finger in further, but I couldn’t help but hiss with pain.

“We need lube, don’t we?” Blake asked.

“Yeah, probably.”

“Damn, that’s something we’ve never had to need before.”

We both laughed and he pulled his hand away. To my surprise, Blake ripped a fart, this time loud and unapologetic. I felt him shift a bit as he let out a second fart as loud and nasty as the first.

“You good?”

“Honestly I just really, really have to shit so bad,” Blake laughed truthfully. He finally seemed comfortable with the situation, accompanying his statement uşak escort by passing gas a third time. “It’s a huge dump though.”

“Do you want to clean up—”

“No,” Blake cut me off. “I’m…actually…” his voice trailed off.

“What?” I asked, turning to look at him.

“I’m really enjoying this,” he answered in earnest. Blake motioned to his cock, which was already completely erect again, still slick with my saliva. I ran my clean hand through his hair and grinned.

“Then we’ll have all the fun you want, baby.”

“How far into this are you willing to go?”

“Anything you want,” I told him, and he pressed his lips against mine again.

“Back on all fours,” he instructed me with a nod. I obliged, positioning myself how he wanted. “Dirty girl,” said Blake, squeezing my ass. “I’ve got shit all over my ass and legs and thighs and, hell, even my balls. You don’t have anything on you.”


“You’re the one who wants to be dirty, so you’re going to get dirty,” he told me. I bit my lip and wiggled my butt to tease him. However, I froze when something hot, wet, and sticky rubbed against my asshole. Realizing what it was, I whipped around and looked over my shoulder at Blake. He was looking right at me, biting his lip with his eyebrows raised. Using his middle and index finger, Blake rubbed his own shit over my asshole, nudging at the tight entrance.

“Oh, fuck,” was all I could think to say.

“Yeah?” Blake smirked, smearing the shit between my cheeks. He was using waste from his soiled briefs to practically lube up my backside. I watched as he dragged his hand along the lily-white skin of my ass, intentionally streaking it with his fecal matter. He ‘lubed’ up his finger again from his briefs and worked it against my asshole. This time he forced one finger in again, pushing a good amount of the shit in with it. This action was enough to make him moan and grip at his erection with his free hand.

“That’s fucking hot,” he breathed, then repeated the act.



“What are you doing?” I asked, surprised. My husband looked like he was dreaming.

“Either it’s gonna work like lube,” he began, “or you’re gonna push it back out,” he said. “Either way, it’s gonna be fuckin’ hot.” I raised my eyebrows as he placed the head of his cock against my asshole, hesitated for a brief moment, and pushed. I yelped as the tip slid into my ass, painfully tight. My knuckles whitened as I pawed helplessly at the floor of the bathtub. He shushed me reassuringly and caressed my butt as he slowly slid in half of his length.

“You’re too thick for this,” I groaned. He pulled out with a deep, husky moan, then took another handful of his shit and worked it against my asshole. He tried again. Damn, it hurt—but damn, it felt good. My legs shook with excitement and arousal as he began to slowly work his hips back and forth, fucking my ass and holding onto the curve of my hips.

“This is so fucked up!” Blake panted as he picked up speed. “God, I love it!” He reached forward with his shit-covered hand and grabbed at my right breast, nearly completely on top of me from behind. “Do you like it?”

“God, yes!”

Blake practically growled like an animal and moved faster. “I have to shit so bad, baby,” he breathed, not slowing down a bit.

“Then do it,” I replied, my voice wavering with each thrust.

“I’m not sure…” he said. It suddenly clicked that he was no longer worrying aloud: he was using this as dirty talk.

“Don’t think you can hold it any more?”

“I don’t know…Fuck, this is so tight!”

“You could fuck me until it just starts coming out and you can’t control it,” I practically moaned.

“Fuck, fuck,” he groaned as a fart slipped out, loud and wet. He pulled out slowly, and I could feel the shit he had used as lube being forced back out. I shuddered against his touch as he rubbed at my asshole as my body involuntarily voided the mess.

“I gotta go so fucking bad. I haven’t had to shit like this in forever.”

“Make a fucking mess, baby,” I told him. “Do you want to crouch and shit on the floor?” I asked, before adding, “or on me? Or…?”

Blake practically growled in response, a deep, primal moan. He grabbed me by the waist, flipping me over so I was on my back. For the first time, I got the chance to glance down at my breasts and the brown hand print he had left behind. He noticed me looking and grinned. “You like that?”

“Yeah, but I think we need to match,” I half-laughed. I van escort reached behind him and grabbed at his ass, covering my palm in his sticky filth. My fingers dipped between his cheeks, feeling the heat of his warm asshole and fresh shit. I pulled my hand away from his ass and brought it to his chest as he watched tentatively. I dragged my hand through his chest hair and down his stomach, leaving behind traces of the filth wherever my hand touched. He bit his lip and I placed my hand back over his ass, daring to rub against his tight, shit-covered entrance again.

“Yeah, you keep that up and see what happens,” he teased. I bit my lip and grinned, wondering if he’d let me do anything this time. Blake didn’t object as I pressed my finger against his asshole, pushing at it gently as he had done to mine. As I did this, he lined his cock up with my pussy, subtly jerking at his erection with small pumps. Looking me in the eyes, Blake thrust the whole way into me. I practically screamed in absolute pleasure, but didn’t relinquish my hold on his ass. I prodded at his hole again as he drew his cock out of me, then slid it back in.

“You might want to remove your hand,” he said in a warning tone. Part of me wanted him to spank me or fuck me in the ass or end up with whatever other ‘punishment’ he could come up with, so I didn’t move. Blake slid his cock the whole way in with ease, and I stroked my finger down the entire length of his crack from his asshole to his balls before moving back to his entrance. “Okay,” Blake said with a grin, and I thought he was giving me the okay to play with him. His muscles relaxed against me and thought he had given in. I felt his asshole flex, and suddenly my hand was met with something alarmingly messy and soft. Blake flexed as he pushed out a thick, mushy, messy turd into my hand.

“Oh, god!” I gasped, and my pussy involuntarily tightened around his cock with excitement. The flow continued as soft shit rushed out of him, turning less solid as it escaped. Blake’s facial expression shifted from triumph to surprise.

“Fuck, I can’t stop it!” Blake half-laughed. A loud, bubbling fart slipped out with another squirt of hot shit. His muscles tensed as he tried to stop. “Sorry!”

“Don’t be sorry,” I told him, and without thinking, brought my hand between us and pushed the mess in my hand against the front of his thigh. The first bit had actually been a fairly semi-solid turd, and it pressed against his skin with a satisfyingly thick feeling. My husband moaned and closed his eyes, going back to fucking me slowly as I rubbed his shit between us. I spread it against his thighs and cupped his balls with his own filth.

He cursed under his breath, taking one hand to wipe some of the shit off of his thighs and rubbing it onto my lower stomach. Blake grinned with sick satisfaction, thrusting into me harder and faster than before. He didn’t falter at all when his stomach churned loudly, he just kept fucking me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and worked in rhythm against him, our shit-smeared hips and thighs slapping lewdly against each other.

“Damn it!” Blake groaned without slowing down. “I can’t hold it anymore.”

“Let’s make it—fuck, fuck that’s good—let’s make it fun,” I panted as he thrusted into me over and over.

“How so?”

“Anything you want to do, we can do. Just go for it,” I told him, and I couldn’t help but admire the filthy streaks my hands left behind on his biceps. His thrusts began to slow as he mentally worked out what he wanted to do. He let out a fart, this one much deeper and longer than the others. This time he shifted with one foot on the floor so that he was half crouching, and I studied his face in anticipation as we both tried to figure out what he wanted. Another fart slipped out, quieter and cut short, signaling he was only seconds away from voiding himself again.

“Oh, fuck!” he hissed, suddenly clasping a hand over his asshole. My legs and hands were still shaking from arousal and excitement—I wanted to watch him lose control and explode all over the floor so, so damn bad. I wanted him to make a huge mess right in front of me.

Before I could say anything, Blake moved his knee to the side of my stomach and kept his other foot against the floor, now half crouched over my stomach. Without thinking, I reached up and pumped his cock, unable to resist him being right over me in such a tempting position. What he was about to do in that position hadn’t even occurred to me.

Blake removed his hand from his ass and steadied himself over me, yalova escort forcing out a short, muffled fart. With no other warning, an abrupt crackling sound accompanied the huge turd he was suddenly forcing out. It was long and barely solid, but came out in one thick rope around six inches long before breaking off—and falling directly onto my stomach, right below my belly button.

“Blake! Oh my god!” I could barely manage to say anything. Another semi-solid log slid out with ease, falling on top of the first one. I pumped his cock harder and he threw his head back.

“Fuck, you like that, don’t you? Dirty girl.”

“Hell yeah!”

A third piece of barely firm shit began to come out before suddenly turning into complete sludge, spilling onto my stomach with a wet squelch.

“How’s that, baby? You love me shitting on you, look at you,” he panted, obviously enjoying it as much as I was—if not more. Slick precum glistened on the head of his cock as another torrent of messy, sloppy mush squirted out, accompanied by several quick farts. He flexed his muscles, forcing out a spurt of diarrhea that ran along the inside of his asscheeks and down his leg.

Blake slipped his arms around behind my back and pulled me up against him, adjusting us so that the disgusting mess was pressed between our bodies. We kissed as we’d never kissed before, even more desperate and passionate (and that’s saying something). He shifted, sliding his cock back into me. We ran our hands all over one another’s bodies, the hot mess sticky and thick against our stomachs and chests. We didn’t even speak, as neither of us were able to form coherent sentences; we just fucked and moaned like animals.

“I’m gonna cum,” Blake was finally able to pant. “Cum for me first, baby.”

He slipped his hand between us and, to my surprise, rubbed his hot, soft mess against my clit, working in time with his thrusts. The sensation was strangely thick and sticky, but in an incredible way. This was too much for me to be able to hold out any longer, and I found myself crying out his name as I sunk my nails into his back in pure, filthy ecstasy. Blake grunted in satisfaction as my walls clamped around him, the added tightness causing him to release his load inside of me.

We both collapsed backwards, Blake holding himself up over me by his forearms, his face buried against my neck. We lay there for what felt like forever, both of us still panting and moaning from what was most likely the most incredible orgasm either of us ever had. When my head finally stopped spinning I gently stroked at his back, waiting on him to regain composure.

“What…what the hell WAS that?” Blake finally found his voice, though he was still out of breath.

“A hell of a good time,” I laughed and shook my head. He lifted his head up and kissed me once more before moving back onto his knees. We surveyed the damage done, both grinning like idiots.

“I never in a million years would have ever, ever done that if you had asked,” he laughed, standing up and offering me his hand.

“Why’d you do it now then?” I pressed my body against his and wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing a clean spot on his shoulder. The shit was becoming cold and pasty quickly.

“I’m not gonna lie, I never would have thought…y’know…pooping my pants…would actually get me hard.”

“And how come you never mentioned your thing about piss, huh?” I nipped at his neck and he laughed.

“Let’s get cleaned up, baby.”

It took thirty minutes of showering before either of us felt remotely clean, and another twenty to ensure we had the tub sufficiently scrubbed as well. (But, hey, another round of shower sex was a welcome bonus.) Once cleaned up and dried off, we slipped back out into the hotel room. Blake collapsed onto the bed, appropriately exhausted, while I got him a Gatorade and some Immodium. I finally curled up in bed next to him, skin on skin. I couldn’t help but smile as I glanced him up and down in the dim light of the television, looking exhausted and barely awake, half covered by the cheap hotel blankets. I rested my head against his chest and sighed contentedly.

“I love you, Eden,” he said, his voice barely a murmur. I raised my eyebrows. Blake barely said ‘I love you’ first, much less ever addressing me directly by name. I smiled and stroked his chest adoringly, tangling my fingers in the hair.

“I love you too, Blake.”

He kissed the top of my head and rubbed my shoulder, and just for a moment, everything was perfect. Blake froze.

“What’s wrong?” I turned to look at him. Blake dragged one hand across his beard.

“I have to shit.”


Not sure if I’ll do a part four or not! There’s still a lot that could be covered…Feedback is appreciated!

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