More Than I Bargained For


I decided to meet them. It had been a long, ongoing process of emailing back and forth but after a couple of months I thought it was safe. In my mind a crazy person wouldn’t hold out that long. Someone who wanted to harm me or more wouldn’t go through this much effort I figured, they would just want to hurry up before they lost their nerve and if I dragged it out this long then the person on the other side would be genuine.

It was going to be an adventure. I had always wanted to have a threesome and my girlfriend wasn’t into the idea. I figured once we got to college she would expand her horizons a bit and branch out but she still said no, not even to one with another guy. My own sexual explosion didn’t seem to be slowing down, as example by suggesting a threesome with another man. I wanted to try one with two girls but I thought if I included another guy she would eventually agree to one with another girl. She didn’t so I went looking for this experience elsewhere as I had built it up so big in my head I thought I couldn’t turn back now.

I met a couple online through craigslist. They were older than me but not ancient and after a few emails they shared a picture of them, minus their heads for identity purposes and they both had great bodies.

Her body was amazing actually. She worked out and had a very fit and slim frame. She was tall with amazing legs. Nice, full breasts and long dark hair. He was built well and muscular. A big difference from my body type, one of slim features and no muscle tone at all. I resembled her body more than I did his. I thought it was the perfect attractive couple to get into this with. They had mentioned that they were part of a swingers community and I thought maybe this would be a great way to meet someone who was more open with sex than my girlfriend. Someone who could keep up with me.

I drove to their place. It was a bit out in the country but when I pulled up into their driveway any nervous thoughts faded when I saw their amazing house. The long driveway up to the front door and the villa style home behind it. I quickly exited the car and as I was making my way up to the door the wife opened the door to greet me. She introduced herself as Melissa to me but in the email she was always “M.” He had been “T” but she quickly solved that mystery and told me that Tony was waiting in the kitchen.

Still amazed at their home I complimented Melissa on it. She graciously thanked me for my compliment and returned one by telling me I looked absolutely perfect to what they were looking for. I thanked her and followed behind her into the kitchen where Tony was waiting with his back turned to us making drinks.

Melissa walked over to him and pulled his face away from his drink making and gave him a big kiss on the lips. He slipped his arms around her back and dove into it, making a scene right in front of me. I had thought maybe we were just going to start right then and I began to get aroused at how perfect this all was going.

Looking at them together for the first time they looked like such a perfect couple. Both very fit and attractive. Tony was tall and rugged looking. Very handsome and had a strength that radiated from him. Melissa was as beautiful in person, petite but athletic looking. They looked like the kind of couple that I would see jogging together on a Saturday morning while I angrily peered out of my window being woken up early by passing cars.

Tony breaks away from the kiss and turns towards me, “Hello! B is it? I’m Tony and you’ve met Mel here. Don’t worry about telling us your name. Lets keep it simple as we start. We’ll get to know each other soon. We’ll start with drinks.”

He put a fairly large sized drink in front of ümitköy escort me and proceeded to hand Melissa another and took his own. They started drinking and so as not to be rude I took mine in my hand and started to drink as well.

“Mmm, thanks,” I said and held the glass up before continuing to drink it.

There was a slight awkward silence as they continued to work on their drinks. I didn’t know what else to do or say so I continued as they did until we all nearly finished at the same time. Tony clapped his hands together loudly.

“Alright then, why don’t we go get comfortable?”

He led us out of the kitchen and down the hall. Melissa had followed behind me and was right on my heels so I hurried to keep up with Tony. I looked at his shoulders and back and how much bigger he was than me. My eyes barely reached his chin and I had a moment of fear that I was being led deeper into their house.

“Here we are,” he said and moved into a sitting room, sitting himself down in a lounging chair while I sat on a love seat near it.

Melissa sat next to me. She practically sat on top of me and leaned against me while resting her hand on my thigh as if we were dating. I felt my cock stand at attention again quickly and was kind of nervous she would be able to tell. She didn’t give me a chance to let it die down either as she started rubbing her palm up and down my thigh while looking back at Tony.

“So B, you like what you see so far?” he asked while looking very comfortable in his chair.

“Oh yes, absolutely,” I quickly responded and sat up a little.

I tried moving the little bit of space I had away from Melissa as it felt very awkward for his wife to be rubbing my leg while I talked to him.

“I, uh, you have a lovely place here. You both do. I’m really – I like it a lot. And you both are very nice.”

I nervously spoke and he smiled as he looked at me. Melissa continued looking back at him as she scooted closer to me as I moved away. Her body was pressed into mine and her hand was getting closer and closer to my crotch. I began to feel light headed and flush.

“I um – I’m sorry I just feel a little weird all of a sudden. Maybe nervous. Heh.”

Melissa turned to me while leaning in close to my ear and whispered, “don’t worry about it. Just relax.”

She moved her hand from my thigh to between my legs and made an “Ooh” sound of discovery as she found my very aroused cock.

“Well, look what we have here on this pretty little thing Tony. A sign that someone’s enjoying themselves.”

I nervously looked away from both of them as her hand dove between my legs and her palm began rubbing firmly against my erect cock. I couldn’t speak and was stiff as a board, every part of me. She was pressing her body firmly into me and I could feel her heavy breathing on my neck. I glanced over and Tony had his hand between his leg and was rubbing himself as he watched us. That should have been sign enough for me to feel more comfortable but I was still nervous. It all happened so quickly and I was feeling a bit loopy in the head.

“I’m sorry. I just – I don’t know whats come over me.”

I tried to stand up but Melissa had her hand on my crotch and I couldn’t seem to muster the strength push past her. I sunk back into the couch and she began a full onslaught.

Her hands started undoing my pants and yanked them under my butt and down my legs to my ankles. She looked back at Tony and I dizzily looked as well. He had undone his pants as well and was stroking his cock in plain view of us both. I felt like I was just a bystander in the room and not a participant.

The room began to spin slightly so I closed my avrupa yakası üniversiteli escort eyes. I could hear their voices but couldn’t understand the words. I could feel every touch that Melissa gave me and could feel that she was stripping off my clothes. She took off every piece of clothing as I was fading away. Her hand touched my cock and both of their voices chimed in again with no intelligible words. She lifted my leg and slipped my cock underneath it. I could feel my face wince and then her hands running through my hair and that was it. I was asleep and at their mercy.

When I awoke I was in the same room. There was still daylight seeping in from the windows but it was much more faded. I was laying on the couch where I had been sitting earlier but everyone was gone. I quickly stood up but my head felt a rush and I fell back down to the couch. Everything was spinning and I had to shut my eyes as I felt as if I was going to throw up.

I heard voices down the hall and they were headed my way. I didn’t know what to do, not that I could do anything if I wanted to. I just froze on the couch with my head in my hands as I heard Tony and Melissa’s voices enter the room.

“There you are baby,” Melissa said in a sweet voice.

She came right over to me and sat down, placing her arm around my shoulders.

“You poor thing. The alcohol must’ve went straight to your head. You passed out.”

She put her hand under my chin and brought my face to hers and kissed me on the lips. Tony moved into the room shortly after her.

“There you are sweetheart,” Tony says as he walks into the room but he sits next to me and turns my face away from Melissa’s and gives me a long deep kiss on the lips.

His tongue pushes into my mouth and his hand rests high on my thigh, sliding further up and grabbing my ass. He lets out a deep moan as he pulls me to him.

“You feel rested, baby?” he asks.

I only look back at him in bewilderment. I pull back as his other hand moves to the back of my head to keep me in place for his strong masculine kiss.

I finally break the kiss but can’t move away as I’m pinned between them. Its then when I realize I’m not wearing my clothes anymore. I knew they were taken off of me but I’ve been redressed in someone else’s clothes. Womens clothes.

My legs are covered in stockings and I have a pair of very short jean shorts on. My top is a long sleeve white V-neck shirt. I shake my head thinking this can’t be right and has to be some kind of dream when I feel hair brushing over my neck and shoulders. I run my hand through my hair and its down to my shoulders and smooth and soft. While bringing my hand back down I feel my ear has earrings and I spin from Tony to Melissa and back to Tony with a shocked look on my face.

“What the hell is going on?! Why did you dress me like this? What are you doing?”

I still can’t get up. I try but fail and fall back between them.

“Melissa…Tony…please let me go,” my voice cracks and I sound vulnerable and scared.

“Shhh, don’t sorry sweetheart. Its okay. You’re safe with us. We aren’t going to hurt you,” Melissa stroked my hair and tried to soothe me.

“I think she’s a little scared,” she looks over at Tony and pats my thigh.

She? I thought.

Tony nods, “I agree. Now listen sweetheart. Don’t you worry your pretty little head. Everything is going to be just fine. You wanted to come over and play with us and here you are. You said you wanted to be part of a threesome with two girls and a guy and here you are. Now the only thing is…since we let this dream of yours happen you kind of owe us. So, sweetheart, urfa escort you are going to do what we say. Okay?”

“Listen, Tony, I don’t even understand whats happening,” I turn to Melissa, “Melissa, please – I just – I think it would best if I just went. This isn’t what I wanted.”

Melissa puts her finger to my lips, “Shhhh sweetheart. Now that is no way to speak to your Daddy and Mommy. That is how you will address us from now on, okay? Otherwise you’re going to be locked up for quite a long time little girl.”

She pats her hand on my crotch and I feel metal pressed against my cock.

I frantically undo my shorts and look inside and see they’ve put a cock cage around me and locked it. Melissa dangles the key around her neck and gives me a bright smile.

“Now, sweetheart. We’ve decided that we are going to call you either our pet names like baby, sweetheart, etc. Or by your new name, Bambi,” Melissa smiles while tilting her head and trying to get me to look her in the eyes.

“Bambi because you’re just all skinny arms and legs,” Tony adds in while grabbing my thigh and squeezing it in his strong hands with a smile.

“And you’re going to call us Daddy and Mommy, got that princess?” He grabs my face and turns me towards him, talking in a very direct tone, giving my head a shake and repeating, “got that?”

I nod and agree. He shakes my head again without releasing my jaw.

“Yes, d-Daddy,” the words meekly fall from my mouth.

“Good girl, now come here to Daddy,” Tony puts his hand around my lower back and pulls me into his lap and kisses me.

Melissa stands behind me and faces Tony, she runs her hands down my shirt and tugs at the bra underneath and whispers in my ear, “pretty soon we’ll start you on the hormones so you can have a nice pair of tits like me.”

Tony began getting rougher, squeezing me into him tighter.

He broke the kiss and ordered, “Take off your shirt,” while reaching down between his legs and undoing his pants.

Melissa started pulling up my shirt and I reached my hands in the air. I’m just going along with the motions as I’m terrified at the moment. The skirt is off and my hair falls back into place. Tony pushes my bra up over my nipples and dips his head down and begins to suck on them. Its the first time anyone has every sucked on my nipples and the sensation is awkward.

Melissa takes my hands and places them on the back of Tony’s head then whispers in my ear, “now repeat after me – Oh god yes Daddy, suck on my tits. It feels so good.”

I hesitate and then yelp loudly when I feel him bite my nipple and give it a tug so I cry out, “Oh god yes Daddy! Suck on my tits. It feel so good.”

The words stinging me inside and making me feel horrible and embarrassed.

Melissa begins whispering in my ear again, her lips pressed firmly as Tony sucks on my nipples, “now ask Mommy if you can suck on her tits.”

“C-can I suck on your tits, Mommy?”

“Absolutely Bambi, sweetheart.”

Melissa turns me around and pulls me away from Tony. She pulls me back onto the couch and lays beneath me. She pulls up her shirt and unhooks her front clasping bra and pulls my head down to her breasts. My mouth takes her nipple in and begins to suck. I feel hands on my hips and then my shorts being pulled down along with my stockings. Tony’s exposing my ass.

“Bambi baby, you’re sweet pussy looks so delicious while you suck on Mommy’s tits. I can’t resist, I’m sorry baby.”

I can feel his cock, its big. Its pressing against my ass. He’s lubed it up nice and slick and I can’t focus enough on her breasts that I press my head into her chest and stop sucking. He’s pushing his thick cock into my tight asshole. He slowly pushes deeper.

Melissa takes my face in her hands and makes me look at her, “now Bambi you know what to say, you don’t want Daddy to get mad right now.”

My face is red hot with embarrassment as I look Melissa in the eye and moan out, “oh god, fuck me Daddy. Fuck my tight little pussy. Please fuck me harder, Daddy.”

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