Meeting Maria


A brief encounter, a casual affair.

She was a dark haired beauty, her features although stunning to me did not stand her out in a crowd. Around my age I thought. Not tall but not short, just your average mature aged woman.

The first thing I looked for and noticed, was that she wore no wedding band. I smiled inwardly and took a deep breath. maybe, just maybe she was unattached. The bus trip into the city would take us about an hour, long enough I thought to actually meet her and with luck have a brief exchange.

The bus duly arrived, late but as they say, better late than never. The crowd of people pushed their way forward, I somehow managed to ease my way in behind her. I took in the manufactured scent she was wearing, hhhmmm expensive I thought, it was a familiar scent, but not one I could name.

The crowd was moving faster from the rear than it was at the front, the squeeze became a crush, as I was pushed against her back. She tried to hold her ground, to no avail. My hand rested on her shoulder at first then down her back. Trying to keep my balance. I put my hand around her waist, she looked over her shoulder at me. Not smiling, nor complaining.

I escort london eased my hand up to her ample bosom, and whispered in her ear. “Sorry.” Only when she look around and smiled faintly at me, did I see the fire in her eyes and soul. Her smile wasn’t a smile one gives to a stranger passing by, she looked directly into my eyes, held my gaze for a second maybe it was a lifetime, but whatever the time frame was, it bonded us.

I felt her hand drop to her chest as she pushed my hand into her right tit, threw her head back, and said “do it a little firmer.” And I did, rubbing her nipple beneath her red satin blouse. Her bra was lace and held her firmly, her nipple rose to my touch.

She stepped up into the bus, my hand fell away but two steps up her back side was at my eye level, I so wanted to lift her skirt, and cup her backside. But didn’t. She entered the bus and I followed, she swiped her card, I did the same.

The young men behind me, had the usual attempt to grope me. A hand on my backside, fingers prodding my most sensitive of places. I stopped, stood back onto some toes, firmly, mumbled an apology and then realised dubai escorts I had just done something similar to this beautiful creature in front of me. Except my advances were welcomed.

The seats were all taken and we stood, face to face. Nose to nose. She looked into my eyes and I into hers, I felt her hand rise between us, unseen by all even though we were all so close. She rested her hand on my belt buckle and slide a finger, down and around, along the waist band. Instinctively I smiled and raised an eyebrow. I felt her slide my zipper down and her fingers found their way into my slacks. I cursed the fact I was wearing some tight but cute boi shorts, She just smiled and started to rub along my mound encouraging my core to life. I took another deep breath, she didn’t say a word to me, just kept looking straight into my eyes.

A battle of wits I told myself. I spread my legs on the pretense of keeping my balance, but in fact it gave her more access to my womanhood. She took advantage, and pushed hard against my pearl. I closed my eyes, the bus jerked to a sudden stop, horns sounded, yells were heard, some laughter down at the front of the bus. The Escort Dubai pressure on my button at the sudden stop almost made me scream with pleasure.

Her head was now resting on the top of my shoulder. “Maria.” She whispered as her fingers found the top of my waist band to my shorts and she eased her fingers down into the warmth of my loins. But a single finger run along my crease, suddenly and with intent she slide it into me. I gasped as she toyed with me. Resting her finger inside of me, letting the motion of the bus give her all the friction she needed. The number of times I had cursed the local council for not looking after the roads. On this journey I sent them a private ‘thank you’ for being so tardy. The bumping and grinding movement was as good as any other sexual encounter I had ever enjoyed.

How on earth was I not going to scream. The Bus stopped I opened my eyes as the bus started again. Her finger thrust deeper into me. I tried not to say anything, no sigh, no moan, no grunts. I felt the need increase inside of me. She now flicked my pearl and pushed her thumb onto it. That was all that was needed. I trembled, and shook, the shock of an unexpected orgasm.

She smiled, then whispered again. “The 5:30 bus from central, don’t miss it.” She withdrew her fingers, zipped up my slacks and offered her fingers to me. I licked them, not losing her gaze and not worried who saw.

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