Liquid Shower


Collette and I hadn’t participated in any scenes with Jeff & Rebecca or Lisa & Scott for a while. The kids had been a handful lately and our parents always seemed to be too busy to babysit them.

We were having plenty of straight sex almost every night but there was no spontaneity to it. It was too mechanical, too planned. Collette surprised me one night recently by tucking the kids into bed early. Then she told me it was getting late and we were going to bed too.

As I entered our bedroom I was pleasantly surprised to see all the lit candles here & there. I knew I was in for some special lovin’ tonight! Collette handed me a huge white wine spritzer in a wine goblet and went behind me to start rubbing my shoulders.

We got out of our clothes then went out onto the porch and got into the hottub. As we soaked our stresses away, we were looking into each others eyes and softly said dirty things. It was when I said the magic word that I wanted my thick dick in her hot sexy ass that Collette turned off the hottub and led me to our bedroom. She turned away from the bed and pushed me into the bathroom.

I knew this drill. We both got our anal sex stuff out and used a squeezebulb enema to clean ourselves out. Next, she took my favorite buttplug, a large clear jelly one, and pushed it slowly into my ass as she fellated me. I find that the extra stimulation on my prostate as we’re having sex allows me to stay hard longer and have more orgasms before running out of juice and energy.

I thought we were going to use the bed but Collette reminded me of the time we’d finished off an anal sex session with my pulling out of her ass in the shower. She wanted to do it again in the shower.

I mentally smacked myself in the head for not thinking of this sooner. Earlier this year I’d spent a few long weekends and a couple thousand bucks to enlarge & remodel our walk-in shower. It now sported 8 shower heads located in various spots at different angles and had plenty enough room for the two of us to lay flat. Of course, she loved the two detachable sprayheads I’d installed!

Collette had gone out and bought a vinyl foamrubber floating poolmat and placed it on the shower floor. I also spied a champagne bucket and two plastic wine glasses, the enema bulb, another buttplug, Astroglide and a half-gallon of milk.

Collette adjusted the shower heads from a hot, stinging needle-spray to a fine, warm mist. Then, kneeling on the poolmat, she grabbed me by the hips and pulled me towards her. She dipped her head low and latched onto my cock with her mouth. She inch-wormed her mouth down onto my semi-erect cock until she had it all and my balls were squished against her chin. Her tongue went into washing machine mode for almost a minute and then pulled back, gasping niğde escort for air. My dick was almost fully erect now, the veins throbbing.

I manuevered us into a 69 position with me on top. As I pulled her legs back so that I could reach her pussy better, she was pulling & pushing on my buttplug. I opened my mouth wide to entirely cover her pussy and lapped my tongue tip on her pierced clit. Collette had her spit-lubed lips sloppily going back and forth along my hard dick’s length. I knew she wasn’t going to last long because as soon as I pushed the small buttplug into her ass, she began trembling and shuddering in orgasm.

We caught our breath and gulped some wine. Collette snuggled up close to me and with downcast eyes whispered, “how about you do me in my pussy and give me a milk enema at the same time?” I had her on her back on the mat in no time flat and was filling up the squeezebulb with warm milk. She brought her knees back to her large breasts, exposing her asshole to me. I nudged the curved nozzle into her wrinkled rosebud and gently squeezed all the milk out of the bulb and withdrew the the tip. Collette wiggled her hips a little and said she wanted another squirt to feel really full. As I was giving her the second squirt, she warned me to put her buttplug back in the instant I withdrew the enema tip. As I did so, I realized she had at least a pint of milk sloshing around inside her.

Collette remained on her back as I got on my knees and rubbed the tip of my fat cock up and down her puffy cunt lips. As soon as I felt there was enough slipperiness, I slowly pushed my dick in until the frontside of my balls were squished up against her taint. I had my hands on either side of her head as I looked down into her eyes with lust. The underside of my dick could actually feel the warmth of the milk coming through the thin membrane between her cunt and anus. I don’t know why but this really set me off. I began jackhammering her cunt so hard it could almost have been called rape except that Collette was scratching my back bloody with her french-cut nails and grunting my name over and over.

Then Collette did something amazing. I’ve written before that just before I come, my muscles tend to swell up. Collette saw this and was running her hands up and down my arms and across my chest and stomach. Then she reached behind herself and pulled out her buttplug, spraying my balls and legs with the warm milky ass-goo. My orgasm spasms were so strong that it was almost painful. I knew that I’d emptied a big load into her cunt.

We were gasping for air, breathless. I leaned down and kissed her long & hard, telling her I loved her. Collette burst into tears, kissing me all over my face, telling me that she was glad I liked her enema idea. nişantaşı escort Liked it? Hell, I loved it!

She was afraid that I wouldn’t be into it. No worries there. It was great. I got up and brought a few of the candles into the bathroom and placed them on the floor near the entrance to the shower, dimming the lights along the way.

I laid down on the mat with my back to the wall and got Collette to lean back against me. I idly stroked her hair, rubbed her temples, tilted her wineglass up to her lips, massaged her shoulders and gently squeezed her breasts and belly, in no particular order. After 15 minutes or so, my cock began thickening and stiffening, eager for more. Collette felt this and shifted her weight to look back at me with her patented Naughty Librarian Look. I told her the first one was pretty freaky and she’d have to come up with something special to top that.

She looked hard at me for a good 30 seconds or so and then told me that I shouldn’t get turned off no matter what happened because I was issuing her a challenge. I said okay. With all the stuff we’d done with each other and with our four friends, there wasn’t anything that would phase me, short of coprophagia.

Collette got in the same position as before. She said this time we’d need a bit more prep but she’d give me my instructions before commencing. This time she put an adjustable leather cockring

around the base of my balls and had me put her arms behind her with some velcro straps that we keep handy. Then she said to give her another milk enema but to use three bulbs and stuff her thong panties into her mouth before we got started. Her final order was to really grease up my fat cock with Astroglide and jam it up her ass just as I pulled the enema tip out after the third squirt. Wow. All this hot talk got my dick RAGING hard. Because of the cockring, the veins were bulging and distended too.

I squeezed the first bulb and Collette wiggled her hips again. I don’t know why, butI thought that was so cute and slutty at the same time. I filled her ass with the second bulb. She was making whimpering sounds through the panties as she struggled to keep her anus from leaking. I quickly filled the bulb a third time and slowly squeezed it into her ass. I knew from persoanl experience that if you just blast it in, you’re going to wind up with an explosion.

I asked Collette if she was ready for my thick penis up her ass as it churned her milk into butter. As her pouty lips stretched around her panties, she nodded her head up & down. I looked down hunched over as I lined up my glistening cockhead next to her asshole. I squished my meat up against her at the same time I smoothly pulled the enema tip out of her. She grunted ankara olgun escort as she tried to keep her ass shut but a little squirted out as I wedged my wide dick’s head into the throat of her anus.

Collette has a devious mind. She knew it would be a struggle for both of us to get my cockmeat jammed into her butthole without having a major blowout. As it was she loosened her anal ring enough that I got sprayed a bit but I was still able to get the entire head in past her inner ring. From there I smoothly pushed my fat meat into her clasping anus the rest of the way until my balls were squished up into her sweaty asscrack. I could hear all sorts of gurgling sounds as my dick shifted around inside of her bowels.

My dick was so hard that it was longer than usual. The tip of my cock could feel that it was actually wedged an inch or two into her sigmoid sphincter, giving it an extra squishy feeling. Hott! I looked down into Collette’s eyes with a devilish grin and asked her if she was ready for me to fuck the shit out of her? I must have said the magic password because she immediately began grunting and groaning around the panties, squirming like an eel. I leaned forward and placed my palms on the bottom of her firm breasts and dug the tips of my fingers into the tops of her pierced tits.

Then I began short-stroking my dick deeply into her stretched asshole, warm milky liquid seeping and squirting out. As my dick was pistoning in and out of her ass, I could see that the bloating inside her asshole was pushing my cockload of cum out of her cunt in one big oozing creampie. I scooped up all I could with my fingers and pulled the panties from her mouth, offering my fingers to her lapping tongue. She was trembling and shaking again, inches away from another mind-blowing orgasm. I put my fingers back, rubbing her fat swollen clit with my slimy thumb as she began bucking and writhing, grunting out her climax.

Her asshole was really clasping me now, pulsing open and closed around my dick as she spasmed through her pleasure. That was all it took for me. I looked down at the union of my dick and her anus, white fluid squirting out as I buck-fucked my swollen meat up her shithole. I was bucking and snorting like a stallion as I emptied my balls of man-juice. My buttplug was rubbing on my swollen prostate so much that my assring was spasming. Despite its size, the plug shot out of my ass on the second pulse of my cock’s creamy load.

Surprisingly, we weren’t a nasty mess like you’d think. And the showerheads took care of quickly sluicing all the fluids down the drain. We snuggled again, gulping down the last of the champagne as we got our breaths back. I knew we were going to sleep well tonight.

Later, as we spooned and drifted off to sleep, Collette murmured that she’d caught the teenage boy from across the street spying on her when she was nude sunbathing in the backyard that afternoon. I told her his mom had told me he was 18 and maybe we could “do something about it” that she’d like. Collette smiled and snuggled her ass back against me.

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