Laura Roft: Piss Raider – Reboot Ch. 02


The woman beyond the undergrowth that shielded her from sight was possibly the most attractive person that Laura had ever seen. She was an inhabitant of the jungle, of that there was to be no doubt. Her clothing was of rough cut animal skins; a mix-mash of different beasts crudely sown together. Despite the primitiveness of her attire, the woman still radiated beauty. Her skin was a luscious dark brown, like molten chocolate, her equally dark brown eyes glowing like jewels, her gaze flitting around constantly yet she had yet to spot Laura peeking through the undergrowth.

The woman’s movements were that of a feline hunter yet there was a reserved measure to her actions that suggested that she was also used to being the prey. She was carrying a spear, little more than a shaft of wood with what appeared to be a flint head crudely fashioned into a sharpened triangle. To somebody of Laura’s upbringing, it was like having travelled through a portal in time, the ancientness of the jungle once again brought home.

Laura was still peeing, her delicious relief squirting from her pussy flaps even as she watched the huntress through the foliage. Suddenly, the woman stopped, turning on the spot, her spear raising. Somehow, she had heard the soft patter of piss landing on the ground and was intent on launching her spear at a hidden threat.

‘Stop, I’m a friend,’ Laura shouted through the press of thick green leaves that formed a screen between them. The spear’s movement froze, as did the Amazon warrior-woman. Shafts of white sunlight cut shafts through the overhead canopy, lazy dust motes drifting in the warm, humid air. Time seemed to slow to a halt.

Laura took the initiative. Slowly and very carefully she found a gap to squeeze through to present herself to the denizen of the jungle she had just startled. They came to face to face, Laura’s tanned skin so starkly different to the woman she was facing. They were of equal height, both with their hair flowing manes behind them, Laura’s brown to the amazon’s midnight black.

Laura’s ponytail had been freed as she had fallen, another loss along with her clothes and it was her brazen nudity that seemed to be so fascinating to the amazon. She was shifting her gaze from Laura’s bare tits to that of her groin, apparently in awe of manisa escort her shaved pussy slit. Slowly she bent to place her spear on the ground before standing back upright and reaching for the crude garment wrapped around her waist. She undid the knot that kept it in place and let it fall away revealing a bushy triangular mass of pubic hairs beneath. The amazon pointed at her own muff before pointing to Laura’s shaven slit.

‘Munoo,’ she intoned. Her voice sounded strange to Laura who had heard so many foreign tongues on her travels around the world. She had no idea what the word meant but it appeared the warrior woman was greatly excited at the sight of her shaved womanhood.

‘Munoo,’ she said ahead, gesturing with both hands towards Laura’s muff.

‘I do not understand,’ said Laura softly. The woman hissed at her and backed away before grabbing at her spear. Once armed she seemed far more hostile.

‘Munoo,’ she demanded, using her spear to trace a line from Laura’s pussy slit to the ground.

Oh, my god, she wants to see me have a pee and prove that this is what she heard before!

It was certainly a dilemma for Laura who had only recently failed to have a wee at the side of the man she had wanted to fuck. Now she got the impression that her life depended upon her ability to produce another golden shower.

She took a deep breath. Fortunately, her bladder was not empty. She altered her stance, moving her legs apart to widen the gap so that her hot piss shower could be clearly seen as she put on her show.

It was taking too long!

She was trying to pee but having a spear aimed her way was not helping matters. Closing her eyes she tried to think back to a time that she had been bursting to go. She recalled when she had been invited to a birthday party for a governess in the upper echelons of society in India. There had been a pool and it had not been long before Laura had joined those already in the water whilst still fully clothed. She had soon needed a pee and had been swimming to the edge when she had spotted a group of giggling girls around her own age. Her interest had been piqued, more so as she neared after spotting through the water that several of the girls had removed their lower attire, a veritable selection of maraş escort pussies on display as she had dived down for a better look. She had still been underwater when one of the girls had started to pee, an unmissable yellow stream issuing from her shaven cunt and mingling into the pool.

Laura had been fascinated and had wanted to join in. The girls had welcomed her into their midst and soon she had been relieving her much needed piss into the water at the same time as two other, a dark-skinned native and a European blond whose matt of brown pubic hairs had revealed her true colour. Their hot squirting pussy fountains had helped top up the pool in which so many others were swimming and Laura had been keen to fill her bladder again before having another two, deliciously long leaks into the pool water.

Memories of yesterday did the trick. Laura’s pussy flaps finally parted as her pee hole began to emit her hot, slightly golden shower as a long flowing stream that pattered over the undergrowth between her and the amazon. The jungle lady appeared entranced at the sight of her peeing and it finally dawned on Laura that she had never seen a white-skinned woman before, especially one who possessed no pubic hair around her pussy slit.

‘Do you like?’ Laura asked huskily. She was strangely aroused by the act of peeing in front of a woman who knew nothing of the outside world. Her beauty remained startling. Even as she asked the question Laura’s latest jungle piss came to an end, her hot effluent of pussy piss waning before vanishing. She grabbed a thick leaf off an adjacent tree and used it to dry the drips from her lower lips.

‘Mingo oorap,’ said the amazon making to adopt a similar to Laura as she had pissed, giving enough space between her parted legs to allow her flowing fountain a clear space with which to travel to the ground. Laura’s heart raced at the prospect of witnessing her newfound companion having a similar wee to the one she had just had when without warning, the sounds of the jungle were banished by the arrival of a thundering roar.

Laura’s gaze snapped upwards in time to see the unmistakable outline of a Soviet era HIND helicopter gunship soar overhead, its underbelly practically scraping the treetops. It was gone in a moment but a new roar mardin escort announced the passing presence of three more airborne transports.

‘PENTAGRAM!’ Laura spat out the word as she tracked the passage of the metal monsters knowing full well the identity of the intruders into the jungle valley. There was, without a shadow of a doubt, a traitor amongst those she had hired, her discovery of the hidden pyramid relayed to her nemesis and the organisation she represented.

The sound of the helicopters vanished as quickly as they had arrived. Laura forced her hands to unclasp whilst trying to tame her anger. Recalling the situation before the untimely arrival of the helicopters she lowered her gaze, half wondering if the amazon woman had started to relieve herself out of sheer fear as the sound had engulfed them.

Never in her wildest dreams could Laura have expected the change presented to her at that moment. The beautiful amazon woman had undertaken a horrific transformation. Instead of a graceful feline poised with her pussy on display and getting ready to pee, there was now what appeared to be a bipedal beast hoisted from a primordial nightmare. Where once the woman’s hair had been long and perfectly straight, it was now a tangled mass coiled around a face contorted into anger. Yellow broken teeth were revealed as the creature snarled, bending into a coiled spring ready for release. Brown, flawless skin had changed into a dark mottled fur that was a bizarre cross between a monkey and a leopard. The pubic patch remained as before between the creature’s legs, sagging tits suggesting an age not reflected by the muscle definition on display as the beast extended cruel-looking claws from its fingertips.

Laura gasped in horror, back stepping away from the monster that had replaced the beautiful amazon. It was then that she finally noticed the indistinct purple haze hanging around the clearing. Her many years as a seasoned traveller with her father suggested a theory to the quandary on-hand. The jungle was home to a hallucinatory spore, the reason why she had seen beauty instead of the beast. Her act of pissing on the ground must have neutralised the effects for long enough to see through the illusion!

It was an amazing act of deduction but Laura’s mind had been sharpened by her experiences as a young adventurer, one who had travelled the world countless times over. There was one most pressing thing that her honed senses were now telling her, and that was to turn and run for her life…

To be continued.

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