Lake Pleasantview Adventures Pt. 10



The next morning breakfast was pretty quiet. Everyone had a slight hangover and Bianca and John felt a little embarrassed about how they carried on last night.

Before they said their goodbyes, Nicole suggested they at least take a photo together. Nicole was still completely naked, but asked Bianca to take her top off.

Bianca was reluctant at first but Nicole insisted that the photo would just be for their bedroom, as a reminder of the fun weekend she shared with her sister.

Both John and Bianca removed their shirts and Bianca discarded her bra. Matt posed them in a nice spot in the back garden and set the camera on a tripod.

The contrast between the two sisters was astounding.

Bianca’s C-cup boobs looked tiny compared to Nicoles whopping J-cups. Bianca had small perky nipples, although they looked somewhat larger than when they had arrived thanks to the cream Nicole had given her.

Nicole’s tits hung down heavy with giant nipples dominating their asyalı escort lower hemispheres. She had some stretchmarks at the top and veins leading into her expansive areolas. Just Nicole’s nipples were larger than her sister’s entire breast!

Nicole was also much hairier with a forest covering most of her lower abdomen. Where Bianca had a neat landing strip and her labia almost completely hidden between her shapely legs, Nicole’s big clit jutted out from the hairy mess and her lips hung down obscenely with moisture making them glisten in the sunlight. Her gaping hole looked hungry and wild like she was in heat.

John felt a pang of embarrassment for Nicole as he studied her naked form. He realized that he had seen absolutely everything Nicole had to offer this weekend and that her body could never hide her arousal. He knew her big pussy would not be hidden by any bikini or underwear.

Nicole stood there with her arm around Bianca, smiling like this was just ayaş escort any other family photo.

Bianca’s forced smile reflected her uncomfort with being photographed naked.

“There, all done.” Matt said as he stood back from the camera.

“Thanks Sis, for this and the awesome weekend.” Nicole hugged Bianca.

“It was fun, and interesting. Hehehehe” Bianca replied as she got wedged between a set of large boobs.

Bianca patted Nicole’s little baby bump. She blushed a bit realizing that she was touching pubic hair on Nicole’s lower stomach. “Be sure to send us pics of this little one, if we don’t see you again soon.”

“Promise me we will do this again soon? And I will send pics when we do an ultrasound scan.”

“Sure, we’ll try get here again as soon as we can. Hopefully before the birth.”

Nicole gave John a hug goodbye, and left a wet smear on his shorts where her pussy made contact with him.

John didn’t notice.

Bianca also aydınlıkevler escort hugged Matt goodbye before putting her shirt back on.

Matt felt her erect nubs poke into his bare chest and remembered when Nicole’s boobs were small enough to do that.

Lately Nicole’s nipples pointed down too low to poke into anyone when hugging.

Once all the hugging and well-wishing was over with the Bianca and John loaded their luggage into their car and hit the road.

Nicole stood waving at their retreating car and stuck one hand down Matt’s pants.

“Where’s my little man hiding this morning?” She asked wiggling his dick around.

Matt frowned at her for the ‘little man’ comment, but could see the lust in her eyes and the pussy juice running down her thigh so he let it go at that and looked forward to what was to come.

A lot has changed for the young couple these past few months, but their relationship was steady and they were happy.

Nicole had changed the most, but she loved her body more than ever and got a lot of pleasure out of it.

They had a peaceful life in Lake Pleasantview, great friends and a baby on the way.

There are many more adventures to be had in Lake Pleasantview, but for Nicole and Matt this is the end, for now at least.

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