Kayla’s Massive Assets


All characters are over 18


“I can’t wait to get out of this school.” Kayla said.

Most 12th graders would be devastated if they found out their family was moving after being in high school for three years than starting something new; but not Kayla. She was a type of girl that had her core group of friends, and everyone else resented her. But there was a time where Kayla resented everyone else. Going into ninth grade Kayla had no breasts to speak of. She was completely flat. But, later in that year, Kayla finally started developing. In two months she had gone from being flat to a pair of perky and round DD Cups. Then in sophomore year, her growth did not let up. Bringing Kayla from a DD to a G Cup. And in the summer going into senior year, Kayla had grown again from a G Cup to an incredible JJ Cup.

Kayla always knew she would end up being large breasted, but never knew just how big she would get. Her mother was a DD, her mother was a D, and one of her sisters was an F Cup. Kayla loved to rub in how much larger breasted she was compared to everyone else. By sophomore year, she had the biggest breasts in the entire school. The closest girl in breast size to her was a senior who was a DD Cup. Kayla was oversized and every guy in the school wanted her and her incredible boobs. Even some of the women faculty had been caught staring at her breasts. and But she made that fact known to everyone, and everyone was jealous of her size.

“I need a new crowd that doesn’t hate me for what I was given naturally. A change of pace would be good.”

She was moving two hours away and that meant a new school district and all that came with it. Making new friends at school, dealing with classes and trying to have a social life when she could.

On the first day of school she showed up to her first period Spanish class in her normal school attire: jeans which she filled out very tightly, lara kendi evi olan escort some boots and a top which she usually filled out to the max. When she waked into the class, all of the students and the teachers watched Kayla bounce and jiggle her way to her seat. The rest of the class that day could not focus on anything but the incredible size of Kayla’s breasts. Every minute, she would catch another student or the teacher sneak peeks of her rising and falling bosoms. Even the girls of the class stole peeks.

Every class the rest of the day went like that. With everyone in the room just staring in awe at Kayla’s breasts. As much as she hated to admit it, Kayla loved the attention her huge JJ Cup breasts brought to her. It was a huge turn on for her breasts to be the center of attention.

“So how was school today.” Kayla’s mother said.

“Um, not bad. Everyone is really nice at school. I think I’m going to like it here.”

It didn’t take long for Kayla to notice that by far had the largest breasts in the school. The next closest girl Kayla guessed was a freshman who looked like she was a DDD Cup. She knew the root of the states her enormous chest was bringing her, as none of the students had seen breasts like hers in their lives. And Kayla liked it.

Over the course of the school year, everyone vied for the attention of Kayla, just so that they could all get close enough to confirm that there was finally a big breasted girl at the school. The dates came flooding in for Kayla, as everyone wanted the chance to take out such a beautiful, busty girl like her.

Eventually, winter break came around and Kayla went through another big breast growth and finally stopped at an M Cup. Once the weather started to warm up, everyone could finally see Kayla’s new breasts after months of being hidden under heavy winter jackets. lara otele gelen escort Her growth only made everyone crazier about her enormous breasts.

As the year went on and prom inches closer, Kayla only wanted one person to ask her, Scott Brandon.

Scott was the only person that paid enough attention to Kayla’s enormous breasts. On their second date, she knew that he was the guy for her. As prom approached, and Scott asked Kayla to go with her. Kayla’s breasts jumped another cup size to an enormous O Cup.

While they were dancing Kayla. Kayla broke the news.

“Scott, I’m growing bigger than ever. I’m an O Cup right now. I want to get out of here right now. I can’t wait any longer. I’m so horney right now.”

Scott and Kayla were waiting for the right time as they didn’t want to rush such an important moment. Kayla and and Scott were going back to his house that Scott’s parents had let him have for the whole weekend. The entire car ride was full of Scott feeling his girlfriends massive breasts that defied gravity while Kayla felt Scott’s very large, 11 inch penis.

As soon as they walked through the door, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Scott’s were attached to Kayla’s enormous breasts and Kayla struggling to free her boyfriends massive tool from his boxers.

As soon as she got it free, Kayla started performing a blow job that Scott could only dream of. Little by little, Kayla was taking more of Scott’s immense penis, until she finally made his cock disappear into her awaiting moth. After five minutes, Kayla freed Scott’s cock from her mouth.

“My breasts need attention too.”

Immediately, Kayla laid back so that her giant O Cup breasts were spilling out over the sides of her chest that she barely could see over. Without hesitation, Scott wrapped Kayla’s gigantic orbs around his throbbing penis. lara rus escort It was sheer ecasty for both of them. Scott was loosing control as Scott marveled at the site before him. His girlfriends breasts were so large, that when he titfucked her, Scott’s penis would disappear in Kayla’s immense cleavage. It turned both if them on like nothing else.

“Babe, it’s coming. I don’t know how much longer I can last.”

“Fuck. Already? I need that massive tool in me right now.”

As Kayla got up to shift positions, Scott’s cock nearly started to let off just from the sight of watching Kayla’s gigantic breasts jiggle and bounce around as she was changing positions.

Just as Kayla turned around, she saw Scott reach for the bottoms of her enormous breasts.

“The bottoms of your breasts are enough to fill up my hands alone.”

Kayla just let Scott feel up her massive assets as he tried to fully grasp one giant breast but ultimately failed. Scott then slowly tried to insert the head if his cock into Kayla’s waiting pussy. It was a tight fit followed by a moan from Kayla. Scott kept pushing more of his extraordinary cock into Kayla until she again was able to take the entire length if Scott.

Kayla immediately orgasmed upon one thrust of Scott’s dick into Kayla. As she adjusted to Scott, she started to go a little harder. Both well endowed lovers started to loose all sense of control. Kayla’s breasts were bouncing around everywhere, much to the likes of Kayla to see that her overgrown chest was bouncing around everywhere. Scott also enjoyed the sight.

Finally, after what seemed like hours of endless passion. Scott felt a tightening feeling in his balls.

Kayla, it’s coming. I need to come right now.”

“Please cum on my giant tits. I want them all over my boobs. They’re what makes you so hard like this. Just all over my tits.”

Scott finally came and did come all over Kayla’s enormous, perky and awaiting chest. She lifted one giant boob to her mouth and started to lick what Scott had blasted her enormous teenage chest with. It was quite the site as Scott came on Kayla’s enormous left nipple. So she lifted her giant boob to her mouth and sucked the cum right off of her nipple.

“Scott, I want more…”

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