Just For You


I know you’re waiting for me. Even as I come through the door, I can feel you.

I don’t make you wait. I’m as excited as you are. So I drop my briefcase and purse in the foyer and hurry into the bedroom, pausing only to remove a scrap of material from my briefcase.

Once I cross the threshold, I pause. You’re sitting in the chair by the window. You’ve closed the curtains and you’re waiting, waiting for me. And I smile, knowing that I’ve got a special gift just for you.

I stroll into the room, and cross to where you’re sitting. I kneel in front of you and run my hands up your legs. You’re already naked and hard and throbbing, and I can’t resist kissing your cock. Slipping it past my lips, into my wet mouth, all the way into my throat. I only do this for a minute or so; though I love everything about your cock, I want you to last for a while yet. I’ve got a surprise.

I smile up at you, and wrap that scrap I’m carrying in my hand around your cock. It hardly covers you, because you are so long and thick, but it does make you smile. You recognize them as the panties I put on this morning; they are still warm from my body. I stroke you, sliding the smooth material up and down, up and down your cock. I do it to see the pleasure on your face, and you don’t disappoint me.

You start to reach for me, but I pull back kütahya escort and stand. My hands coming up to remove my blazer, then slowly unbuttoning my blouse. I like undressing for you. I toss the shirt to the side, and move to unzip my skirt. I’m so excited, I have been all day. I’m about to see your reaction to my surprise.

To tease you and me, I turn around, bending to give you a good look at my ass as the skirt falls down my legs. I undo the clasp on my bra, and turn so you can see me, holding the material against my breasts for a minute before letting that drop, too.

I can see your gaze drift down to my panties. They are unfamiliar, but I just picked them up from the store. You ask if they are new and I explained I had them made…just for you.

I step closer, knowing you can see the wet spot between my legs. The panties are a soft pink, and made out of filmy, silky material that cuts high up in the back. They are closer to skimpy shorts than the traditional bikinis I usually favor; my firm ass cheeks peek out the bottom.

As I stand in front of you, you don’t notice anything out of the ordinary, until I open my legs, settling one foot on the arm of the chair. There, in the crotch of my new panties, you see a horizontal seam that’s gaping just a little. Your finger lifts to touch, and you lara escort notice it’s a slit. I take hold of your hand and guide your fingers to the top part. I slide them just under the material and explain there’s an extra layer on these panties, front and back, a pocket of sorts. Your fingers are now surrounded by the material on all sides. I’m watching your face so I see when you fully understand the significance.

I lean forward a little, and slide my fingers into the panties’ slit and then into my pussy. I tease my clit with my thumb as I finger myself, smiling as I see you watching me. Your fingers stroke my mound as well, dipping into my opening to join my own. I hear your intake of breath as you feel how wet I am; I’m almost dripping down your hand.

You grip my hips tightly, guiding me to kneel above you, one knee on each of the wide arms of the chair. You lean forward to lick me, running your tongue over and under my panties, pressing the smooth material into my wet folds. I’m growing hotter just watching you kiss my pussy. You tease me over and over by dipping your tongue into my depths. I’m gripping the top of the chair, moaning softly.

I finally can’t take it anymore and settle on your lap. I throw the old panties aside, and arrange your hard cock in the pocket. The material was designed lara eve gelen escort to stretch only a little, so I know your cock is fitted on the inside. I watch your face as I start to ride you, feel as the sensations I’m giving you makes you throb harder.

I know you can feel my heat and wetness surrounding you; I had been wet all day thinking of this moment, and even though I put these panties on in the store just a little while ago, they are soaked through.

Your cock pushes against my clit repeatedly, and I can feel my orgasm coming. I sit up further and push your cock deep into my pussy. You thrust upwards as I sink downwards and I can’t help my cries of pleasure. Your hands are rubbing me all over, my breasts, my hips, my ass, and I can’t take it anymore; I cum all over your wonderful cock, the orgasm so intense I can’t catch my breath for a few minutes.

You are so patient, you let me ride it out, but soon I feel you throb deep inside me and I know you are not far off from cumming yourself. I rise again, readjusting you so you are once again sliding in that specially made pocket. I’m riding you quickly now, asking how you like my surprise. How it feels for you. You don’t answer; you can’t. You’re cumming for me, cumming all over my panties, my pussy. The whole scene is so erotic, and you’re brushing against my clit again as your cock jerks. I cum again.

Afterwards, your arms encircles me, and I rest against you, kissing along your neck. Softly, so softly, I whisper in your ear that if you liked these panties, I have a few more designs and textures for you to try out.

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