Jessica’s Insertions


The author thanks Mike, my exquisite tonguer, for his inspiration, and for his constant motivation and gentle encouragement to share this story. Our respective contributions are duly noted where appropriate.

Jessica writes

With some difficulty, Mike finally found the address where Jessica had told him to meet her for lunch. It was a very exclusive part of town, the streets lined with well-trimmed, tall hedges. There was no name on the door, just a number. He parked his Harley, approached the gate and rang the doorbell. A woman’s voice came over the intercom inquiring as to his needs. Mike replied that he was here to meet a friend for lunch. The friend’s name, asked the voice? Mike answered, “Jessica.” The gate opened automatically. He entered, walked down a well-manicured path and into the house. The hostess greeted him and led him to a table. Mike looked around. It was a very luxurious place, very quiet, very discreet, with a handful of tables with obviously serious, well-to-do people having business lunches. The place was very hushed, the lights dimmed so that only the actual place settings were lit. “An ideal place for a high-power lunch,” Mike mused to himself in awe and admiration. Looking up, he saw that the hostess had led him to a corner table where a woman was sitting by herself. She smiled and lifted her hand to him, “Jessica, pleased to meet you. Please have a seat.” He took her hand in his, introduced himself and sat down. His eyes ran up and down her body. She was in her mid-thirties, nice, long hair, big, gleaming eyes, a soft mouth, delicate shoulders and very small breasts (his eyes lingered there for a while) and then the rest of her body, sharply attired in an elegant business pantsuit, with just the right touches of color and delicate jewelry. She was flat-chested, tall, slim and very taut, obviously a woman with drive and stamina, into physical fitness. Her smile said it all: she was a woman who craved, obtained, and willed power in every sense of the word.

“Can I get you something to drink?” asked the hostess.

“Scotch on the rocks would be fine,” Mike replied.

“He will have the same red wine I am having,” Jessica told the hostess. Mike looked surprised. Jessica leaned over, her smile as bright as sunshine, “I am picking up the tab today: you are having what I say.” And with this she laughed. Mike joined her in her laughter, albeit a bit nervous. His juices were starting to flow. This woman, he thought, is going to be a real challenge. Jessica read his thoughts and laughed some more, taking his strong hand in hers, so delicate, with long fingers, trimmed fingernails, and sharply defined veins.

The wine arrived; Mike raised his glass to toast their first encounter, and took a sip. It was strong, full-bodied, and heavy with mysterious scents and flavors — and went straight to his heart and head. Jessica laughed, “Nice, isn’t it?” Mike agreed, his head full of thoughts and confusion. He had never been on a date that started like this before.

Trying to be serious, he looked at her hand, noticed a wedding band, and looked up quizzically at Jessica. Again she laughed, “Yes, sweetie, I was once married, and kept the married last name and wedding band to ward off unwanted predators at social gatherings and airports.” Mike was suddenly relieved. An experienced woman was always a lot more fun, he thought to himself.

The waitress brought the menus. Jessica looked up and smiled at her, thanking her and asking for more time. The waitress smiled back knowingly and retreated. Jessica smiled at Mike, sipped her wine and nodded to him to do likewise. He sipped, savoring it, remarking to himself that this must be V-E-R-Y expensive wine. And just then he caught a whiff of her perfume. Those two scents combined to tell him that they were a lethal combination: taste and smell together drove his juices into overdrive.

“So, Jessica, tell me about your fantasies.”

No sooner had the words left his mouth that Mike felt like a complete idiot. Here he had been planning a suave turn-on and instead had blurted his most animal instincts outright!

She smiled, “A bit direct, aren’t we?”

He blushed, “Sorry.”

She tossed her head back and laughed, “No worry. It had to come out sooner or later. I prefer a man who knows what he wants.” They both sipped some more wine, the waitress filling their glasses again. “Mike, you have read my stories already. They are all mostly autobiographical. Change a name here and there, a place or a setting, but they are all me. So there you have it. You know all about me. You have seen me, you have felt me, and you have known me through my stories. I feel like you have already fondled my exquisitely sensitive nipples, you have caressed my legs and devoured my most intimate parts; you have fingered my tight ass, and kissed my slender neck and ears. I have been totally naked for you and now I feel like I am on your gynecological table, exposed and vulnerable, legs high up konyaaltı sınırsız escort and parted nicely for you. Your time has come. I want you to do everything, everything and more. My body is open for you. Every orifice of mine is now inviting you to start.”

She laughed and stared at him. He sipped some wine. This was really good wine, he thought to himself again. And she is really good, too. He was at a total loss for words. She nudged him. “Come on, show me.”

His hands shook as he reached into his jacket and pulled out an envelope. In her emails, Jessica had already told him to bring lots of nice, detailed pictures of his inventions and creations. But his fingers were trembling too much as he fumbled to open the thick envelope. “Maybe we should wait?” he asked.

Jessica was not the waiting type. “Here, let me do it.” She slid her chair over to be closer to him. Her perfume was driving him crazy. He could almost smell her hormones racing wildly and his were panting to keep up with hers. She ripped the envelope open, and took out the stack of pictures. Mike looked around, quite nervous about exposing his most erotic insertions in a public place. She was not fazed in the least. She quickly leafed through them, smiled, took a sip of wine, nodded to him to follow suit, and asked him to talk about each one, to talk to her about each one.

Mike started to stammer a bit, describing the first one as best he could, his head spinning. She was starring at the picture, a detailed close-up of one of his most inventive insertions for a woman of desire. Listening attentively, she reached under the table and found his erection throbbing under his jeans. The only thing Jessica said, without looking up from the picture, was, “Take it out, please.”

Mike obeyed meekly, half in disbelief.

Jessica dipped the thumb and index of her left hand unceremoniously in the butter by the bread plate, reached under the table and began to stroke just his tip. Only the tip, ever so lightly, her generously buttered fingers sliding around effortlessly over and around his wildly engorged tip. She passed the page and onto the next image. Mike was bravely trying to be calm and professional, explaining how it worked. But deep down inside his mind was racing. Jessica was expertly driving him out of his mind. Mike reasoned that at the pace and lightness of Jessica’s touch, he could stay there forever, just as he was, letting her do her thing to him. His erection was more powerful than he could ever remember, and yet Jessica kept at it, light and delicate. Mike swallowed hard, very hard, as he tried to explain the second insertion.

The waitress stopped by at that very moment. Mike thought he wanted the earth to swallow him. “Are you ready to order?”

Jessica asked the waitress about the specials. But at that very moment, she switched her tempo and direction. Mike had no idea when, why, how, or where, but he instantly felt his first, powerful ejaculation shoot under the table. He moaned, arched his back against the chair, and gripped the table with both hands. The waitress looked at him quizzically. “He is just happy to see me,” Jessica explained, “Give us a few more minutes, please.” The waitress nodded, smiled a bit strange, and walked away.

Jessica kept her index under Mike’s erection, just lifting it as he continued ejaculating under the table, holding it there until he was finished. “That was very nice.” Turning the page, Jessica continued calmly, “Now tell me about this one.”

Mike was trying to make sense of the world. Here he was in the presence of a beautiful, successful, driven and powerful woman, not even half an hour, and he had already shown her three of his insertions, talked about them, ejaculated in her hand under the table, and lunch had not even started yet.

“Jessica, just what is it you want from me?”

“Mike, I want you to use all your insertions in me. I want to be your model and tester.”

“Jessica, some of these might hurt a bit. They are creations and inventions. They have never been tried on a woman, much less a delicate woman like yourself. They might actually be quite painful.”

“Mike, let’s get one thing straight. You have read my stories. I can take as much as I dish out, if not more. Is that clear, sweetie?”

Mike shivered. Whenever she wrote him that word, he knew he was meant for her. “Yes, darling, I understand,” he mumbled feebly. He reached over to put the pictures back in the envelope. “No, Mike, you are not finished yet. Tell me about each one.” He nodded, instead reaching under the table to put his flaccid erection back into his jeans. “No, sweetie, that too stays out for me.”

If Mike had thought for a moment he had met his match, now he was certain that she was far stronger than he had imagined, and that he was in for a very demanding ride.

“Jessica, is there anything else you want from me?”

“Mike sweetie, you told me konyaaltı türbanlı escort about how good you are with your tongue,” she smiled. He blushed and burbled something stupid and useless.

“Here is what I want, Mike. After you have done whatever you want to me and with me, I want you to drive me crazy with your tongue. Absolutely out of my mind. But do NOT let me climax. I want to go home, crazy with desire, and lunge into Amanda with such fury and passion that she will think I am tearing her apart with unbounded love and arousal.”

Mike looked up. “Amanda? Can she come out and play, too?”

Jessica gave him an icy stare. “Amanda is mine and don’t you ever even think about setting eyes on her. If you so much as mention her name again, I will slice your testicles off with this steak knife.”

Mike shriveled in sheer terror.

Jessica smiled, “That’s better. Now you know. OK, Amanda is a college student. To make ends meet, I offer her room and board in exchange for sharing my bed with her.”

Mike feebly inquired if Amanda was gay.

Jessica laughed, “No! Quite to the contrary, she goes out with her boyfriend until all hours of the night. But the rule is that at the end of her dates, she must come home and lie with me. I love it when she comes home late at night, tired and worn, her breath reeking of countless blow-jobs (I do not let her use mouthwash) and I grab her with unbridled passion, devouring her with reckless abandon, fingering her to my heart’s content, reminding her that she is a tramp, a slut, oozing male ejaculate, who has to sell herself to a woman to earn her keep and pocket money! And you, sweetie, will drive me crazy with your insertions and your tongue so that I may in turn come home to push her wildly over the cliffs of multiple ecstasy!”

The wine


The perfume


The hand under the table


The talk


Mike was turning into a new man.

They ordered lunch and Jessica chatted excitedly. She told Mike she had read about all sorts of creative insertions. She had read about catheters and urethral dilators. She had a burning desire to try them out. All of them. Was Mike bold enough and brave enough and strong enough for her?

Mike raised his glass and toasted triumphantly, “Jessica, everything and more for you!”

Jessica blushed and lowered her eyes. For the first time ever, Mike saw in Jessica the woman of desire and ambition he had always yearned to meet. She looked up, stared right into his eyes, smiled, and kissed him softly on the cheek. She whispered tenderly in his ear, “Let me get the check, pay the bill, use the ladies room and let’s get out of here.”

Mike tried to be witty and clever, “Jessica, you do not need to use the ladies room: you can always pee as you ride with me on my Harley, 750 cc’s throbbing between your legs.”

She laughed, “YES! LET’S”

And with this they left, arm in arm, ready and eager and willing to try the wildest sexual eroticism ever imagined.

Mike writes

Very nice, But before they left the table Mike excused himself and slide under the table. Suddenly Jessica feels that maybe she is no longer the one in control. Next thing she knows , Mike has unbottoned her pants and is pulling them down to her ankels. Now she is looking around to see if anyone is looking. She has this feeling of excitement run through body as she now feels a hand on each of her legs, slowly her legs are being forced apart. Jessica suddenly feels her juices begin to flow. Now Mike is looking at a very nice speciment of a pussy that is clean shaven and dripping with excitment. Mike closes his eyes and inhales the very sweet smell of her sex. Jessica is now wondering what Mike thinks of what she has to offer. She soon gets her answer as Mike tounge starts licking her now flooded pussy. But then Mike stops, as quick as he started. A minuite passes and then she feels the spreading of her lips and some sort of intruder in to her peehole, then the urge to pee. she feels a little leaking and then Mikes tounge lapping it up.Mike now ataches some thing to her leg and then pulls up her pants. Mike now pops up with a smile on his face as he reachs over and give your left nipple a pinch and tells you how he loves your small breast. Mike tells you now we can leave. Now out side and getting ready to leave on the bike Mike tells you that there is a cathetrer in your peehole and he will be in charge of when it is opened to relieve your now full blader. All of a sudden Jessica sees that she is no longer in control. The once in control Jessica, is now in the hands of her newly found friend. But for some reason she knows he will take care of her. (more to cum) PS I’ve got to tell you , I feel like I’ve known you for a long time . My tounge gets hard just thinking about you. And I do love small tits I know my writing is nothing like yours but I hope you like it konyaaltı ucuz escort Talk to you soon Mike

Jessica replies

Just for the record… your lover does not clean shave her intimate parts… just trims them nicely around the edges and corners… letting her abundant hairs grow wild… if you want Jessica clean-shaven… you will just have to do it to her yourself…

Jessica had never told Mike about the effect that his notes had on her, how she would read them quickly and re-read them slowly over and over again, getting so very wet, and locking herself up in her office to masturbate incessantly, sitting on a warm puddle the rest of the day, thinking about him. But all this was nothing in comparison to the delicious torment he had just bestowed her under the table.

They walked out arm in arm, she clutching his close to her, and got on his bike. As they rode away, she wrapped her arms around his waist, drawing herself close to him. The roar of the bike made her tremble with joy — and her bladder feel fuller than ever, so desperately anxious to pee right then and there, on the highway, in her panties, on his bike. He knew just how to make her feel like a woman of desire. And Mike had squeezed her left nipple so sharply, knowing that it was connected directly to her intimate parts and that it was so totally sensitive that it still stung. Jessica wished she had not worn a bra that day so that she could rub her nipples against his back. As it was, through her outfit and bra, it still felt so good. If only she could pee, she would be the happiest woman on the highway that day!

She pressed her thighs against the bike, she pressed him close to her, she tried moving around on her seat, but nothing was bringing her any relief. Her hands made their way down past his waist. She was delighted to feel that, even though he had ejaculated a few minutes before, he was hard and ready for her again. She tried to unzip his trousers, yearning to takeout his erection. She did not care if they crashed into a tree: she just wanted to feel another dose of climax. Mike did not want to; he moved her hands away. Jessica wanted him more than ever.

After what seemed like an interminable ride, probably because Mike did make some unnecessary detours on purpose, they mercifully made it to his house. Jessica rushed in behind him, desperately in need to pee, but noticing on the way in certain details. In addition to sparse furnishings, Mike had quite a collection of indoor plants. She thought to herself, “A strong man who invents gadgets and lovingly tends to plants: Mike must be as powerfully creative as he is sensuous and delicate. This one is a real erotic prize.”

She smiled happily and approached him to take off his shirt. Mike stepped back, “Strip.”

Jessica was taken aback by his affront and cool aloofness, as well as his roughness. But he was in control. She had to obey. She started to rip off her slacks with the urgent fury of a woman who has to pee immediately. Mike stopped her hands, “Slowly.”

Jessica understood. Slowly she took off her jacket. She dropped it on the floor. She was moving her legs, her need to pee driving her out of her mind.

“Jessica, not there. Fold it neatly on the couch. Strip completely naked for me, but leave your garter and stocking on. And stop dancing around.”

Jessica obeyed. Slowly, she folded her jacket and placed it neatly on the couch, and the same with her pants. Her bra came off very slowly. Finally her panties, quite soggy, came off and they too were folded neatly, as neatly as her quivering hands could fold them.

“Jessica, now put your hands over your head.”

She obeyed.

“Let me see just how flat you are.”

Jessica showed herself off to Mike, acutely aware of the smallness of her breasts and the hardness of her nipples, now the size, color, and texture of cherry pits.

“Jessica, turn slowly. Model for me.”

Jessica obeyed. But now tears were welling up in her eyes. She really needed to pee. Try as she may to stand still, her legs were wavering. “Mike, please, please sweetie, let me pee, please, please. I’ll do whatever you want.”

He laughed. “Of course you will, bitch, you will do whatever I want, regardless!”

Mike looked at Jessica. She looked at him. Their eyes locked instantly. They both knew that he was right. Jessica would end up doing whatever Mike wanted, no matter.

The next instant, Mike regained control of the situation. “Bitch that you are, act like one. Get on your hands and knees. And walk around on all fours. Bitch that you are.”

Jessica obeyed. She moved around on all fours, circling Mike. He looked down approvingly at her. “Bitch, walk over to my plants.”

Jessica moved in that direction, stopping at the first set. “Bitch that you are; now spread your legs wide and let me see what you have.”

Jessica was confused, not knowing what was worse: the humiliation of being called a bitch, of having to walk around on all fours, of having to spread her legs wide and displaying her intimacies, or the very serious and urgent need to pee.

Mike walked over to her, “My plants need watering.” With that, he un-taped the catheter from Jessica’s leg and pointed it in the general direction of a cluster of azaleas. Very slowly he opened the inner balloon.

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