It’s All About The Stuffing


“If it’s put inside the turkey then it’s called stuffing. If you cook it separately it’s called dressing, and dressing is better. Why waste all the time sticking it up the turkey’s ass?” said Nick as he grabbed a loaf of bread from the display.

“That’s just something someone made up. There is no real difference between the two. It’s really a geographical issue. People in the south say dressing while people in the north say stuffing. That’s why it’s ‘stove top stuffing’ not ‘stove top dressing’,” replied Colleen as she struck a line through the word ‘bread’ on her shopping list.

This was not the first time the couple had engaged in the same argument. Nick brought up the topic every year and refused to give up.

“That’s it. This year we’re going to settle this once and for all, and I know just the place to get the answer,” she said.

“Oh really, where?” replied Nick.

“Let’s drop into that culinary school that’s a few blocks away. I think that a professional chef should be able to tell us who’s right,” she proposed.

Nick mulled it over for a couple of seconds.

“Okay, but let’s make it interesting. What do I get when they prove me right?” He asked.

Colleen thought about it for a second and came up with the rules.

“If hell were to freeze over and you win, not only will I concede, but I’ll also give you an amazing blowjob every night over the thanksgiving break,” she offered.

“What do you get if hell freezes over and you’re the winner?” he asked.

“That’s simple. When I win, you’ll have to not only concede, but also let me teach you how to properly stuff a turkey,” she replied.

Nick didn’t even have to think about whether to accept the challenge or not. He knew that he was right and couldn’t lose.

“You got a deal. We’ll drop by there on the way back,” he replied.

The bet was on.

Unfortunately for Nick, the bet didn’t quite go how he expected. The chef they spoke to at the culinary school was amused but very helpful. He explained that Colleen was indeed correct, and that the difference between stuffing and dressing was a regional one. People called it by their preferred name whether they cooked it in or out of the bird.

“Don’t pout about it. You can call it what you want if you remember that dressing and stuffing are the same. Either way, it has so much more flavor when you cook it in the bird. Besides, it doesn’t matter that you’re a loser, you’ll always be my little turkey,” Colleen teased as she watched her disgruntled husband.

Nick grumbled a few times that evening, and even questioned the experience of the chef at the culinary institute, but Colleen wouldn’t hear any of it. She had won and that was all there was to it.

The couple rose early on thanksgiving morning to finish preparing before the guests arrived at noon. Colleen cooked the stuffing and baked a few pies while it cooled enough to stuff into the turkey. Once everything was ready, she called her husband into the kitchen.

Nick reluctantly left his seat on the couch where he was watching the Thanksgiving Day parade. He knew that Colleen would make stuffing the turkey a long ordeal, so the sooner he started the faster it would be over.

“All right, let’s get it done,” he said as he stepped into the kitchen, taking note of the smarmy look on her face.

“Oh don’t look so down. I’m going to show konya escort you how much fun stuffing the turkey can be,” she replied with a grin.

Nick walked over to the counter where the turkey sat in the roasting pan. However, to his surprise, he found that Colleen had already stuffed the bird and tied closed its legs.

“What gives, you already did it?” He asked, puzzled. Colleen was a notorious bad winner and he had a hard time believing that she wouldn’t take full advantage of this win.

“Yeah, I already finished that one, but there’s still another turkey that needs to be stuffed,” she replied.

Nick was now completely confused. They had only purchased one turkey, so what was she talking about?

The couple were both wearing sweatpants and T-shirt’s with the intent of changing before the guests arrived. Therefore, it had been an easy thing for Colleen to hide her surprise until she was ready to spring it on her husband. Everything became clear to Nick when she pulled off her sweatpants, revealing her harness and dildo.

“So the little turkey got stuffed first, and now I get to stuff the big turkey,” she chuckled as she stood with her hands on her hips and a big grin on her face.

“Hey, that wasn’t part of the bet,” he said.

“Yeah, well winners make the rules, not the losers. Now get that bird in the oven so I can get this up your ass?” She replied as she shook her hips, wagging the dildo.

Nick took the roasting pan and slid it into the oven. He expected that they would return to the bedroom but Colleen had other ideas.

“Okay, now strip off your sweats. You’re going to get it right here and now,” she told him.

“Right here in the kitchen. Really?” he replied.

This would hardly be the first time that Colleen had fucked her husband with her strapon, but she had always done so in the comfort of their bed.

“Yep. You’re my thanksgiving turkey, and turkeys always get stuffed in the kitchen,” she replied with a grin before pulling off her t-shirt.

Nick didn’t question her any further and promptly stripped off his t-shirt and sweatpants. Colleen was usually more about the sex than the scenery, and he didn’t want to stunt her creativity. She directed him over to the kitchen table, which he had failed to notice had been cleared of its centerpiece and other adornments. It was a sturdy table, and was one that he had picked out for the fantasy of fucking his wife in the kitchen.

“Come on over here and bend over so I can get you ready,” she told him, showing him the jar of coconut oil she had left out of the pantry.

Nick bent over the table and spread his legs while Colleen scooped some of the coconut oil into a small paper cup. She dipped her fingers into the semi-solid oil, moving them around until completely coated.

“Now first we have to butter the bird, making sure it’s completely saturated. This will help keep it moist through the cooking process,” she explained, imitating Julia Childs as she slipped her two oily fingers into his ass.

“Really?” chuckled Nick, after he got over the initial feeling of her two fingers sliding into his anus.

“Yes dear. I cannot stress the importance of keeping the bird nice and juicy,” she replied, still using the fake voice.

Nick almost made a comment about Julia looking good for her age, but forget what he was going to konyaaltı escort say when she slipped a third finger inside his ass. Usually Colleen took her time loosening him up and preparing his hole for fucking, but today she wasn’t wasting any time. She twisted her fingers around and spread them apart, making him grunt as she stretched anal ring and walls. She withdrew her fingers, and used her other hand to hold him open as much as possible, packing the firm oil into his ass like butter under the skin of a turkey.

“The trick is not to melt the butter, this allows you to really load it into the bird,” she explained, her fake voice breaking when she couldn’t suppress a laugh.

“Oh you are having way too much fun with this,” quipped Nick.

Colleen didn’t reply, but just continued packing more of the oil into his ass, not stopping until she had all but finished off the generous amount she had placed into the cup. She spread the remaining amount over her dildo, not stopping until every inch was shiny and slick.

“Now comes the stuffing. You will need to go slow with younger, or should I say, less experienced birds. However, you can use a more direct approach with the older or more experienced ones,” she said as she slipped the dildo between his cheeks.

It didn’t take longer before Nick felt the tip of the dildo pressing against his oily anal ring. Once Colleen felt it lodge in the center, she gave a push, easily sliding it into the mouth of his anus. She grabbed him by the hips and pushed again, this time not stopping until she had slid the entire thing into his ass.

“Oh fuck,” groaned Nick as the dildo travelled deep into his rectum.

Usually Colleen took her time, moving back and forth and gaining depth with each thrust, but not this time. Nick’s body didn’t have time to adjust, and he felt as if she had pushed her entire arm up his ass. He gasped as he struggled with the intense feeling of fullness, but Colleen only gave him a short while to do so.

“Unlike your traditional turkey, which you only stuff once, you can stuff the bipedal turkey as much as you want. Better yet, it will even enjoy getting stuffed,” she chuckled as she started rocking her hips back and forth.

Nick didn’t know it, but Colleen had hatched her plan when she made the bet. She knew that her husband would focus so much on winning that he wouldn’t suspect her true intentions. She often called him a turkey when playing around, and knew that he wouldn’t catch on to her hidden meaning when she talked about stuffing. However, Colleen was right as usual, and he didn’t mind losing the bet so much now that she was vigorously fucking his ass.

Nick had brought up the idea of pegging many years ago. Colleen was skeptical at first, but after the first time, found that she loved taking charge. She loved it even more after finding a double-ended vibrating dildo, and now brought up the topic more than he did. He had come home on numerous occasions to discover her already strapped-on and ready to go.

“Now you have to make sure you get…it…in…deep,” said Colleen, punctuating her words with firm, deep thrusts.

It took only a few minutes before Nick was gasping, stroking his cock and pushing back to meet Colleens thrusts. She pounded into him, her hips smacking loudly against his ass. She fucked him until he teetered on the konyaaltı eve gelen escort verge of an orgasm and then slowed down, backing him away from the edge.

“Let go of your cock. You’re a dirty bird who likes to come by getting stuffed,” she told him, having lost her fake voice.

Colleen’s pussy was dripping wet and had been so since she awoke that morning. She reached down between her legs, pushed the button on the dildo, and sighed when it flared to live, flooding her with vibrations.

The strong vibrations flooded through the other side of the dildo as well, and Nick groaned as his prostate received a jolt. He gripped the table hard as Colleen resumed fucking him at a languid pace, rolling her hips and stirring the dildo around in his ass as well as her pussy. She occasionally pushed in as deep as possible, where she would grind against him, stretching his walls and distorting his ring.

It wasn’t often that Nick could come without touching his cock, and the slow fucking and grinding soon became as torturous as it was pleasurable. He whined and tried to push backward, doing anything to bring about his orgasm, but Colleen held him close and thwarted his every attempt. He could feel the come oozing from the tip of his cock, his excited balls overflowing and ready to burst.

“Fucking…I mean stuffing the turkey is as much about the stuffer as it is the bird. The stuffer should make sure they are just as satisfied as their bird,” said Colleen, her voice breathy and full of excitement.

Nick heard her, but was too excited to say or even think of a reply. The movement of her hips had turned sporadic and uneven, punctuated with spasmodic jerks that sent shocks through his body. She began mixing short thrusts with her grinding motion, and he knew that it wouldn’t be long before she came.

Colleen’s nails dug into Nick’s hips and she stiffened for just a second before her orgasm burst through her body. She convulsed like a puppet with tangled strings, humping against him and grinding the dildo deep into his ass. She growled as she came, the intensity of her orgasm releasing a beast inside her, a beast that had only on purpose.

It surprised Nick, when Coleen began moving faster instead of slowing down. She held onto his hips but pulled back as far as possible, giving herself the most distance possible as she continued fucking him. At such a distance, she was able to use the full range of her hips and with as much force as possible. She repeatedly slammed hard into his ass, making him yelp and groan as she forced her way deeper into his rectum.

Nick’s orgasm hit him quickly and without warning. He cried out as he came, his cock releasing come in great spurts that spattered onto the floor below. Although he had come like this a few times before, it never failed to amaze him how different it felt. He felt held aloft by the rampaging dildo, each thrust of the ramrod forcing the come from his body. He shook and moaned as Colleen fucked him dry, and collapsed forward onto the table when she finally stopped and pulled out.

“Now that’s how you fuck a turkey,” she said with a bow a few seconds later.

“Don’t you mean stuff?” replied Nick with a smile as he labored to catch his breath.

The couple cleaned up both the floor and themselves before getting dressed. Their guests arrived a few hours later, and they were sitting for dinner just a few more hours after.

“Colleen, the turkey was just so flavorful and moist. You must tell me how you do it,” Nick’s mother said while everyone sat around the table eating.

“Oh Nick can tell you, it’s all about the stuffing,” she said with a grin at her husband.

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