Impregnation Cruise Ch. 05: Guadeloup, St. Maarten, Home

Big Tits

This is a work of fiction. No person in this story is based on or relates to any living person. However, the concept of clothing optional cruise and tour itinerary are based on reality.

The activities described in this story are imaginary and are neither condoned nor recommended by the author.

The story makes more sense if you read chapters 1, 2,3 and 4 first.


Cherie’s infatuation with Charles changes them both

The following morning I awoke in Charles’ arms in his bed, just as I wished to be for the rest of my life, I decided. During the night I’d had time to digest what had happened yesterday, my sexual encounters on the beach, dance night, our orgy afterwards and I’d come to a conclusion. I opened my eyes to find Charles looking into them.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” he said, kissing my eyelids then my lips, “Sleep well?”

“Oh, darling, good morning to you too honey. This is just where I want to be forever; in your arms, feeling your body against mine and, I don’t believe it, your hard cock pressing into me. Isn’t he ever satiated?”

“Yes, sweetheart, but only for a half hour or so. Your gorgeous hot body makes him hard in no time.”

“Yes, well, there are some things I’ve decided and need to tell you,” I replied, moving his exploratory had from my pussy. “I’ve been thinking last night while I was awake in the middle of the night. I’ve had lots of fun, had a really sexy trip, found you, made love with you thousands of times, had sex with many other random men and some women, but really, as I said, the place I long to be is in your arms forever. Today we have Guadeloup, tomorrow St Maarten, then we’re home again. What happens then? You go back to your life and I to mine? I definitely hope not. I’m carrying your, our, baby by now hopefully. I’m really looking forward to having this baby and raising him or her and telling him or her about us and about you. But darling, it would be a lot easier and better if I didn’t have to, if he or she could see you there too, every day. So sweetheart, I have only one question to ask you. Will you marry me, please?”

There, I’d said it. I’d lain awake for hours during the night thinking about my life, about life without Charles, and really I could not visualize going back to my humdrum job and carrying on as if nothing had happened. In nine months I couldn’t imagine giving birth to Charles’ and my baby without him being here; couldn’t imaging raising our child on my own, even though that was what I’d wanted to do when I came on this cruise to become pregnant. So the best option I could think of was for us to get married, even though it was far off my agenda a couple of days ago as I think it was off Charles. Since then a lot had happened and we had certainly grown together. I wondered if he felt the same.

“Wow, that was out of left field,” replied a stunned Charles. “I know I’ve grown to love you, I know we seem to fit together really well, and not just physically, and I also know that neither of us had any leanings towards marriage a few days ago, but I will admit it could be a very sensible and lovig thing to do. But marriage is forever, which is a very long time.”

He stopped and seemed deep in thought as he gazed at me with soft eyes, lovingly. I felt myself melting into his eyes and it took all my will not to simply hold him and love him, but he still hadn’t answered my question.

“But then, if forever is a long time, I would really love to spend it all with you, darling. However, there is also another point and that is that this is not even a leap year, and it is traditionally only on leap years that women are supposed to propose. I don’t know what the world’s coming to,” he shook his head in mock disbelief. “So in answer to your question, yes, I would be honored to marry you and take you as my wife forever.”

Now it was my turn to be stunned. I had been prepared for this gorgeous man to say no, or to want time to consider it, but he agreed. He agreed!! I threw myself at him, hugging, kissing, hugging and kissing some more.

“Ooohhh, thank you, darling, thank you.”

I didn’t know what else to say. I was going to be married! To Charles! Married to sweet, lovable, gorgeous Charles, the father of my baby so tiny inside me. I felt all warm and loving inside and with much kissing and caressing we made sweet gentle love together with a sweetness, a tenderness and an exquisite longing fulfilment that we had never known before. It was the perfect seal to the wonderful commitment we had just made.

After we had showered we walked hand in hand to breakfast and ate slowly and consciously, both aware of the gravity and solemnity of the occasion, almost as though this was a wedding breakfast rather than the beginning of an engagement. Part way through we were joined by Penny.

“Good morning Cherie, Charles,” she greeted cheerfully, glowing all over, no doubt from a night of passionate sex.

We greeted her and asked how her night had been.

“Fantastic,” kırklareli escort she replied, “I have no idea of how many times and how many men I fucked. What a party. All I do know is I feel great this morning; tired, but great. Anyway, howzit with you two? You both look very happy with life.”

We told Penny of our momentous news, and she was shocked into silence, for once, before congratulating us.

“So I guess an encore with Charles is off the menu for me now.”

Charles and I looked at each other.

“We haven’t discussed that aspect of things yet,” Charles replied, “It’s all only just happened. Tell you what, take a rain check and we’ll talk about extramarital sex today and see what we agree. Ok?”

“Fine by me. So what’re the almost-weds doing today?”

That was a good thought which I now had to revise. A few days ago I would have said that I would do exactly as I had on the other islands, wander around nearly or fully naked and probably get laid by half a dozen islanders. But now things and changed and that held little attraction for me. Walking ashore with Charles, on the other hand . . . . .

“Well, I think Cherie and I will go ashore and see if we can find a nice ring that will suit the third finger of her left hand,” said Charles, interrupting my thoughts.

“Oh honey, that would be wonderful darling,” I gushed, having forgotten all about the possibility of a ring.

“Good idea,” smile Penny, “You need that so nobody else will snaffle Cherie, eh.”

Charles placed his hand proprietorially on my arm.

“No chance of me letting that happen,” he said.

We finished breakfast then went to my cabin, packed all my clothing and other personal effects into my bags and took them to Charles’ cabin. I’d officially moved in. We then dressed in not overly modest clothing, the island having a reasonably free attitude towards nudity, but less so than the previous islands, and went ashore. We spent what remained of the morning shopping for a ring, finding a beautiful 1.9 carat diamond ring set in platinum, which the jeweller resized for my finger while we waited. I thought it looked beautiful and was very, very happy with everything right now. We then found a café and ordered a light lunch and sat under a shady pergola to eat. I couldn’t take my eyes off the gorgeous ring on my finger. Me, engaged, with a beautiful ring whose beauty was only eclipsed by the beauty of my fiancé.

“Thank you again, sweetheart. This ring is so beautiful. I feel really special, especially because I’m with you.”

“Well, a beautiful girl deserves a beautiful ring. Now we really need to discuss the question Penny asked at breakfast. Now we’re engaged, do we allow each other tom have other sexual partners or are we strictly monogamous?”

“Well, if you want my thoughts, traditionally marriage, and engagement as well I guess, has been monogamous, but just because that’s tradition doesn’t mean it’s for us. When such rules were made, largely by the church, people died quite young compared with today so were only married for 40 or 50 years at the most. Now people can be married for 60 or 70 years and the pace of living has also increased, with more people meeting other people more often. So both the opportunities to stray, as it could be called, and the length of time for the commitment have increased. At the same time sex has become far less significant, especially among young people, and is simply another form of expression of love or even just lust. Sex per se is nothing really special now. What makes it special is when a couple in love make love. So if you went with a hooker, for example, I wouldn’t think much of it, just wonder why I hadn’t been able to keep you satisfied. And maybe the answer to that is that you just wanted a comparison or some variety.”

“Yes, true, although I have no intention of going with a hooker, why settle for that when I have you? But certainly the sex act has been trivialized until it becomes far less meaningful than it was to our parents’ and especially our grandparents’ generations. If you chose to go with another guy I’d also wonder why, but I’d know that it also may be a craving for variety. I think that’s fine so long as everything is open. It’s when extramarital affairs are clandestine that there is a sense of betrayal which causes often irreparable damage to a relationship.”

“So we agree on that, I see. So getting back to the specifics, what about you and Penny? I know and like Penny and I know she likes you and vice versa. If you fucked her occasionally I wouldn’t be jealous provided I knew about it and had the option of being present there as well. Hell, I loved making out with her too so that’s certainly on the cards for the future.”

“So are there any guys you’ve fucked on the cruise that you’d want to continue seeing?”

“No, sweetheart, I’ve compared everyone with you and nobody even comes close. When they’re fucking me, I find I’m just going through the kırşehir escort motions, without much emotion. Usually all I want is to get back with you. For me, the lovingness of the sex is what’s important, not the physicality.”

We remained silent for a few minutes, each thinking our own thoughts in companionable silence, listening to the squawks and chirps of the birds in the trees. Charles eventually broke the silence.

“So if we agreed to have an open marriage and promised each other that if we did wish to take another partner, either short or long term, that we would tell the other, would that be Ok?”

“Yes,” I agreed, “And not only that but how about if we wanted to and if we both agreed, that we could bring another partner to our marriage bed. Would that be Ok?”

Charles thought about this for a few seconds only, then replied.

“Yes, that’s a good idea. It guarantees that there is nothing hidden between us and also, if for example, I brought Penny along, it would mean you and Penny could make love together if you wanted, once you’d exhausted me,” he grinned.

“Sounds good,” I replied, “Let’s call that a done deal and seal it with a kiss.”

We reached across the small table and kissed each other briefly, then finished lunch, paid the bill and walked to the nearby beach. We had learned that the only beach where full nudity was permitted was Anse Tarare but decided that we’d just stay locally rather than travel there. After all, we had a ship full of naked people so nudity was actually no novelty. We spread our towels on the beach and stripped to our thong bathing suits. I decide to go topless as many of the women were. We rubbed sunscreen into each other and held hands as we soaked up the rays, happy to be together as any newly engaged couple would be.

We swam in the tepid sea, splashing each other and playing like children, then dried ourselves, donned our clothing once again and headed back to the ship and blessed nudity. It was amazing how quickly nudity became the norm and clothes became constrictive. As we lay beside the pool Penny approached us and lay down next to Charles. We chatted for a few minutes then Penny noticed my ring.

“Well you guys didn’t waste any time,” she said, “What a beauty! It’s a gorgeous ring and it suits you so well.”

“Thank you, Penny,” I replied, “Charles chose it. He seems to have excellent taste in rings.”

“Did you get time to discuss us at all?” she asked.

“Yes,” replied Charles, leaving it like that.

“Is that yes you’ve decided or yes we can be together?” she asked, obviously frustrated at his answer.


“Oh, thank you darling,” Penny kissed Charles, “And thank you too, Cherie for allowing me access to your fiancé and soon-to-be husband.”

Penny leaned across Charles and we kissed, tongues exploring mouths, until Charles needed some air.

“Yes, we decided over lunch that we would allow each other to have sexual relations with other people so long as it was all open and above board. So when we get home, Cherie will be moving in with me, although I haven’t asked her about that yet.” He looked at me and I nodded my head vigorously. “And if you wish to visit you certainly can.”

“So how long could I stay? Just a night, or maybe once a week or what?”

Charles and I looked at each other, realizing we hadn’t discussed this.

“What do you think, darling, for as long as we all agree?”

“Yes,” I agreed, “That sounds fine.”

“Sound Ok to you Penny? Really that means you can come and live with us until we decide to kick you out, and from what we’ve seen that’s unlikely to happen.”

“So you mean that you’d welcome me into your marriage bed so we could all make love together?”

“Yes, definitely,” I said, “After all, I hope I’m pregnant and when I’m huge I guess I won’t feel like sex a great deal so Charles will have to make love with you to get his rocks off. The same will probably happen after bubs is born, so you’ll be very well cared for in that department. You might even like to get pregnant too then we’d swap roles for a while.”

“Mmmm, sounds fun. Isn’t this called polyamory or something?” asked Penny

“Yes, I think that’s the term; loving more than one person. The theory is that the love of another person doesn’t diminish your love for the first person in any way, and in fact can enhance it.”

“Oh I’m sure it will. After all, then you won’t have to get all bitchy if Charles wants sex and you don’t, you can just direct him to me.”

“And what if you’re both bitchy?”

“Then, my darling, you’ll have double trouble,” I replied, covering his mouth in a sloppy kiss to prevent any response. I noticed that Penny was openly stroking his cock and balls, his cock already almost fully erect.

Once we released Charles, we decided it was time to adjourn to his room so we could consolidate our new relationship. Once in there I sat on the bed while Penny lay alongside Charles and took kızılay escort up where she’d left off. His cock rose to attention very quickly and she straddled him and, without any preliminaries, sat on his cock, allowing it to slide easily inti her well-lubed cunt. I straddled Charles’ legs behind Penny and reached around to tease, squeeze and knead her breasts and nipples. It took little time before Penny was moaning, Charles’ hands on her hips pulling her back and forth as her clit ground against him.

“Ooohhh, yessss, wonderful, yesssws, fuck meeee, aaaaahhhhh yessss, darling, yes, yes, yessss, AAARRRGGGHHH, YESSSSS, I’M CUMMMMINGGGGGGGGGGG!!”

Despite her cries it appeared a gently orgasm, her body going rigid for a few seconds then relaxing as it passed. She bent forward, rubbing her breasts on his chest, kissing her way up his body chest, shoulders, neck then mouth. They cuddled together for a long time while I watched them patiently, knowing my turn would come soon. When she was ready and felt complete, Penny rolled sideways off Charles and I took her place. Penny knelt behind me, her arms around me as I sat on Charles rampant slick cock, which slid into me effortlessly until I felt the beautiful pressure against my clit and at the end. I moved slowly, without the frenetic urgency that Penny had, loving Charles, enjoying our bodies moving together, arousing and stimulating each other. Even in the few days since we met we had learned how to arouse each other so beautifully and how to know when the other was ready to cum. I sensed he was getting close, as he sensed the same for me. I wanted his cum deep inside me, filling me, fulfilling me. I was getting closer and felt his hip movements increasing, thrusting into me, seeking ever more stimulation, his breathing changing, faster, less regular, just like mine was. I felt Penny squeeze my nipples really hard, sensations of pain/pleasure shooting to my clit, pushing me towards my climax, nearly there, close, closer.

Then I heard a scream as waves of orgasm poured over me and I felt Charles’ hot sperm jet against the end of my cunt, before I realized the screaming was coming from me, and I tried hard to mute it, at least a little, as my body became lost in the sensations that courses through it. I collapsed forward onto my beloved’s chest, feeling our chests rising and falling together as we recovered from our exertions. After several minutes I felt his cock soften in my cunt and begin to move out, pushed by my muscles as they sought to eject the intruder, its job complete. Then I felt a hand cover my opening and another pull Charles’ cock out.

“Turn over,” said Penny.

I did, her hand over my entrance following my movement. Then I felt her mouth on my pussy, sucking Charles’ cum and my juices from me with loud slurping sounds. I felt her tongue inside me, licking, sucking, trying to get every last bit of slimy liquid out of me. Then she started on my clit with lips and tongue, licking, sucking while she pushed two fingers into my cunt, pressing and massaging my G spot. Waves of pleasure lanced through my body, stimulating my breasts and nipples, pushing me once again towards yet another orgasm. Ooohhh, Penny was such a beautiful lover, I thought, I’m so glad we agreed to allow her in our bed.

I wallowed in pleasure, my body lost to the world as it surfed the waves towards the orgasmic shore. I became aware I was panting, my body simply a vast bowl of pleasure that pushed me onwards further, further until . . . .


I was unaware of making the sounds I made, my whole awareness being taken up with the powerful sensations which filled my being. I was the center of the earth, the center of the universe, the entire universe, everything, nothing, all at once until I felt myself collapse in on myself and I relaxed, completely exhausted by the most massive orgasm of my life. Oh wow, what had I let myself in for allowing Penny to give me pleasure like that, I thought.

I must have slept for a while, or passed out or something, because when I became aware of my surroundings again Penny and Charles were lying on the bed caressing each other and watching me.

“Hello, beautiful,” said Charles, “Welcome back to the world.”

“Oh, that was amazing. Thank you Penny. Thank you Charles.”

“Our pleasure,” smiled Penny. “Ready for dinner?”

“Oh yes, I feel starving. Shower time first though.”

We showered together, went to dinner in our usual attire – nothing, then sat on the deck as the ship moved through the night, shore lights visible in the distance, stars hanging in the sky. We chatted together for several hours in this peaceful time of nothingness before returning to Charles’ cabin and sleeping together in his big bed.


The following day Charles, Penny and I visited St Maarten, or St Martin as it is called in English, and visited the Club Orient nude resort at Orient Beach. We were able to gain admission as day visitors to their exclusive area of beach and enjoyed swimming, sunbathing and snorkelling naked. This was a wonderful way to spend the last island visit of our cruise and we returned to the ship slightly pink and very relaxed.

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