I Thought We Were More Ch. 17


This chapter is a personal favorite. I picked my screen name based on this character even though she is female and I am male. Dr. Electrogasm is to be a major part of this story. While she is not the main antagonist she is kind of like a secret weapon of his. She will appear in the story several times, so I hope you find her character interesting.


When Jacob woke up he remembered he hadn’t read the note Heather had given him. He went to the kitchen and opened it.

“Admit one person to the Magic Hands Massage Parlor. One full service paid massage with Isabella.”

Under that was a note that read. “Don’t do anything to release until you go here. I promise it will be worth it.”

“So that’s his game this time.” Jacob said aloud to himself. He noticed the date was for the following night which meant he would have to go one more night without a release.

He skated through another day of classes and worked out again for a second night in a row. He came home feeling great and got to sleep quickly.

After class the next day he skipped his work out and instead opted for a jog. He brought the ticket with him as he had googled the parlor’s location and found it was within walking distance of the campus.

He was worried by the time he got there though. As he walked through the front door his shirt was sweaty and he hoped he could just let them know he was going to run home and take a shower. He was already past his appointment time.

The waiting room had a very Asian theme to it and Jacob already began to wonder if all of these types of under-ground massage parlors had to have something to do with Asian women. It had room dividers with Japanese paintings on them and lucky bamboos in glass containers stacked on shelves against one wall.

Jacob was surprised when a very petite young red haired girl in her early twenties walked through white curtains blocking the view of the back room. She was wearing a Kimono with a large exaggerated bow tied in the back of it.

Jacob could see the loops of the bow peeking out from behind her back. She picked up a clip board and looked down at it.

“You must be Jacob.” She said looking up at him and smiling.

“Yes I am but I was wondering if I could get a later appointment time. I jogged here and I’m kinda sweaty.”

“Not a problem.” She said. “We have a shower you can use.”

She escorted him down a narrow hallway to a small and somewhat old looking bathroom. Despite the age of the fixtures and calcium buildup on the shower head, the bathroom looked relatively clean.

“Please remove your clothes and I will have them washed for you.” The red head said holding out her hand.

Jacob stared at her for a moment and then realized she wasn’t going to leave the room while he took off his clothes.

He stripped off his shirt and then followed with his jogging shorts and underwear. He plopped them all into her still out stretched hand. She smiled and glanced down below his waist then turned and walked out of the room.

He fumbled with the knobs on the shower for a while and finally got the water to come out at a temperature he wanted. He stepped into the water and washed all of the sweat off of himself. When he stepped out of the shower a taller girl with an athletic build and long black hair down to her waist was standing there waiting for him to get out.

She handed him a towel and he dried off. Then he wrapped the towel around his waist but before he could walk out of the room the girl held out her hand.

“Um, what did you need?” He asked to her outstretched hand.

“The towel.” She said and then smiled in much the same way the petit red head had.

He wrinkled his brow and then slid the towel off. He stood there naked as the day he was born in front of the new girl. She took the towel and smiled at him. She didn’t look down at his crotch like the last girl. In fact she didn’t even acknowledge that he was nude.

“Follow me please.” She said and then walked out of the room. He walked behind her down another narrow hallway and into a room with a doctor’s style exam table in the middle of the room.

“Please lay down on your back.” She said motioning towards the table.

Jacob laid down feeling vulnerable. He thought they usually put a towel over your privates whenever you went to a massage parlor. Even the kind that offered “extra” services. Here he was laying on his back with everything out in the open.

The taller girl got a wooden bowl out from under a smaller table in the corner and pulled out a large liter bottle of massage oil. She poured most of the bottle into the bowl and then dipped both of her hands into the oil. She began to rub her fingers into his arms and he had to admit, it really did seem like a legitimate massage starting off.

He half expected her to go straight for his penis but as her fingers dug into his muscles he began to relax and let her do what she seemed tasked with doing.

“Would you like a warm cloth for your face?” she asked as she paused for a moment at his shoulders.

“Sure.” kilis escort He said.

She disappeared from the room for a moment and then came back in with a wet towel in her hands. She placed it over his face and seemed to cover his eyes and forehead with it.

He could no longer see but he could feel her hands moving over his other arm. He could feel her fingers working their magic on the sore tissue in his left arm and soon he closed his eyes and just focused on the good feelings.

He couldn’t see it but outside the towel the girl was rubbing his arm with one hand and tying down his wrist of the same arm with the other hand. She was very skilled at knots and used a silky cloth to loop around his wrist and then around the leg of the table.

“Another one of my assistants is coming in as well to help. Is that all right?” The girl said.

“Yes that is fine.” Jacob said. He hated it but the two days without release was wearing on him and just the thought of more than one girl being in the room with him caused his penis to start to rise.

With the towel still on his face Jacob couldn’t see the smaller red haired girl coming into the room. She went to his hand that wasn’t tied and quickly tied it down to the table with the same type of silken cloth.

The fabric was so soft he couldn’t even tell what she was doing.

The Red head and the taller girl moved down to his feet where they each began to massage his calf and upper leg muscles. As his legs started to relax each girl quietly tied down his feet. By the time he realized he was being secured to the table the two girls had moved on either side of him.

The red head tossed one big silken blanket over him to the taller girl and they both quickly put all their weight on each side of the blanket pinning him down against the table. Now two more girls came into the room and each put a cushioned strap over his chest and stomach and secured them underneath the table. Once he was firmly fastened to the table the four girls stepped back away from him.

The blanket they had used to pin him down now rested on top of his body covering him from his chest to just below his belly button. The four silk cloths now held his hands and feet to the legs of the table. The straps went over the blanket that was covering his chest and stomach and with all of that he could barely move at all.

Despite this just below the blanket his penis stood long and thick. He wasn’t exactly sure why he needed to be tied down but he knew good things were going to happen so he did not struggle.

The small red head walked over and took the towel off of his face.

“Are you comfortable?” She asked looking down into his eyes.

“No!” He shouted. “You just strapped me down to a table.”

“I assure you it is about to get very fun if you can just try to relax. The straps are to ensure you do not back out of this extraction. It is crucial we succeed in our current task.”

Jacob looked around the room. It was then that he noticed all of the cameras (Most poorly hidden) that were in the room.

“Are you ready to begin?” The taller girl from earlier asked. The two other girls that had never really said anything to him were already walking out of the room.

“Do I have a choice?” Jacob asked.

She winked at him. “No, not really.”

She took what looked like a mascaraed ball mask out from under the table and placed it on his face. The only problem was that he found he couldn’t see out of the mask.

A voice that sounded like it belonged in an IMAX theater auditorium came over the speakers Jacob hadn’t even noticed were in the room.

“You saw him before as he became the favorite of our famous Misses. He has what many of our members describe as the most beautiful penis they have ever seen. You love to see him come and you hate to see him go. Our newest actor at our prestigious club, THEEEEE Mother Load!!”

Now Jacob knew what the mask was for. They were once again hiding his identity from the sex crazed members of the club. He didn’t realize this was going to be another event for the members to see though. He wondered how many people were gawking at his naked body right now.

The voice paused for a moment and then started right back in again.

“If you have seen our next actress before you know that she has what many describe as a pretty strange fetish. But none can deny that her method of making our actors and actresses cum offers some of the best action and views we have seen at this organization. For those of you that don’t know, unlike other people our next performer has a most unique lover. She is a mistress to electricity. You heard me right folks. She has studied it, experimented with it and now she uses it in the most unique way. She has created what she describes as ‘The most stimulating electric wands this industry has ever seen’. And there is no denying that her instruments work. Everyone please welcome, Dr. Electrogasm.”

“Dr. what???” Jacob said more to himself than anyone else.

A woman came into the room pushing kıbrıs escort a cart with a large metal box sitting on top of it. Electrical wires hung off of the box and ran out of the room. On the front of the cart were several glass wands in stands that held them up off the cart. They each had two wires coming off of the back of them.

“I will start with a demonstration.” The woman known as Dr. Electrogasm said.

She was wearing a rubber lab coat that went all the way down to her knees. As far as anyone could tell she wasn’t wearing much else underneath. She was also wearing a sort of welding helmet so it was difficult to tell her age. The only skin she was showing was her wrists, which was visible between the cuffs of her lab coat and her rubber gloves.

The two girls that had interacted with Jacob earlier walked back into the room.

“Ladies, I want you massage the arms of this man.” The Dr. said.

The two girls moved to each of Jacob’s arms. They began to press their fingers into his biceps and forearms working their way up and down his arms. While they worked Dr. E began a new speech.

“The muscles and the skin have receptors in them that acknowledge pleasure. Our nervous system has receptors all over our bodies that tell us whenever we feel pleasure and when we feel pain. One can feel pleasure when they are stroked, massaged or even just gently touched.”

“Subject” she said in Jacob’s direction. He didn’t answer so she said. “The one on the table.”

“Yes?” Jacob asked.

“Does the touch of these women bring you pleasure?”

“It feels pretty good.” Jacob said playing along.

“I have tuned my instruments perfectly. I have calibrated them to the perfect output to cause the body’s pleasure nodes to sing as I wave my wands over them. All over your skin… your muscles, I will make all of your body feel more pleasure than you knew was possible. Girls, you are dismissed.”

The two girls walked out of the room and Dr. E picked up one of the wands and walked over to Jacob’s side. She slowly waved the glass wand over Jacob’s left arm. As the wand got within a few inches of his skin it suddenly glowed bright blue. Little arcs of electricity could be seen jumping from the wand and into Jacob’s skin.

His arm twitched and his fingers stretched out but his head seemed to lean back and his mouth opened slightly. Underneath his mask his eyes closed and he breathed out as slight waves of soothing sensations rippled up his arm.

Dr. E took the wand away from his skin and Jacob seemed to relax.

“How does that feel?” she asked him.

“That was amazing.” Jacob said.

“Then relax and let my wands create magic in your body.”

She pulled out a second wand and began to do a strange kind of dance around the table. She had an electric wand in each of her hands and she sort of twirled them around her body like she was dancing to electronic music. Every other movement she made was waving the wand over some part of Jacob’s body. Sometimes his legs, sometimes his chest, but she kept her distance from his core and crotch region.

She even allowed the little bolts of electricity to jump into his neck and shoulders. Everything she did seemed to relax and stimulate him in a most wonderful way. His body jerked and twitched slightly with every wave of the wands.

Finally she took both wands and held them up for the camera to see. She placed them within 6 inches of each other. A larger more brilliant bolt of electricity jumped from the end of one wand to the other.

Up until this point she had largely avoided his more sensitive areas around the core of his body. Now she kept both wands close together so that electricity was arcing between them along their entire length.

She held them both over his stomach so that little arcs of energy leapt from the wands and into his abdominal area. His muscles contracted indicating that it was in fact a stronger jolt than what each wand could deliver on their own.

She moved both of the wands as one across his body causing him to arch his back as more and more of his muscles seemed to contract and relax. Finally she put these away and seemed to be getting close to the main event.

“Ladies and gentleman, the first wands I used are quite powerful and as you can see, our new friend is very relaxed now. The wands are too powerful to use on sensitive areas so I will use my more specifically designed instruments for this next part.”

She picked up two wands that were shorter than the first two she had used. She plugged them into her machine and held them up for the cameras to see. Each of these wands had a 4 inch diameter sphere of glass at the end of them. As soon as she plugged them in the thin part of the wands glowed with the same blue that the first ones had.

They were thin like a drum stick on the bottom and where they ended with the 4 inch spheres the blue glow became 9 or 10 little strands of electricity emanating from the very center of the sphere. It was much like a toy lightning ball. But it behaved much differently kırıkkale escort from a lightning ball whenever she placed it near Jacob’s skin.

With the last two wands the electricity came out in small concentrated arcs. With these two the energy seemed to jump out in a more spread out fashion.

“My dear viewers. I will now attempt to stimulate our big friend here. I hope you enjoy this as much as he is going to.”

She brought the spheres on the ends of the wands close together so that the cameras could see the much larger amount of electricity jumping between the two glass balls. She slowly brought them down on either side of Jacob’s hips. Energy played out of each of the spheres and licked across his hips and inner thighs.

Bit by bit she moved the wands closer together so that the little tongues of electricity danced closer and closer to the base of Jacob’s penis.

The whole time she was letting the wands do their thing Jacob was slowly letting his head fall back even more against the table. His mouth was open but no sound seemed to be coming out of him. Underneath his mask his eyes were closed and his face was scrunched into an expression of both pleasure and pain.

Dr. Electrogasm lifted the two wands slowly yet deliberately allowing the electricity to work its way up his shaft. After what seemed like forever she had them high enough that the little worms of energy seemed to be only jumping from the two spheres and into the head of Jacob’s penis.

The cameras zoomed in as their operators noticed his penis was reacting quite a bit to the electricity now. The apple shaped head seemed to bulge and throb and his shaft jerked upwards towards his stomach and back to its normal erect position.

Jacob was now steadily gasping for air and making a slight moaning noise as semen began to dribble ever so slightly out of the tip of his penis. It ran down his shaft to his smoothly shaved pubic area and pooled there in a little silver dollar sized glob.

His head was still stretched back but now out of his mouth came a slight whimpering noise.

“I know what a lot of you are thinking . The good doctor sure made this boy cum quickly. But here is the thing. I didn’t make our friend cum.”

She looked down at Jacob and ran her finger across his chest.

“Did you just have an orgasm?” She asked him.

“I felt like I was having an orgasm from the moment you started doing whatever it was you were doing to my penis.” Jacob managed to say.

“But have I caused you to reach a climax?” she asked looking down at him.

“As good as it feels, it seems like I haven’t really came yet. I don’t want you to stop now. Please keep going.” He asked not really believing what he was saying. He craved whatever it was she had done to him. His penis was now steadily throbbing with the pulse of his heartbeat.

“The odd part about using electro-stimulation on males is that they often ejaculate without even having a full orgasm. The body tells the brain that it cannot handle any more pleasure. Orgasms happen more in the mind than in the body. Yet when my wands are at work the body is convinced that it is reaching a climax before the mind does. Do not worry though folks. We will finish off our friend to the fullest soon enough. I’m sure you are all enjoying the messy results of my high voltage teasing anyway. If you like seeing our friend ejaculate you are about to see the most cum shots any man has had in the span of ten minutes”

The woman known as Dr. Electrogasm pulled a small handkerchief out of her pocket and wiped the trail of semen off of Jacob’s penis. It still stood hard and tall as ever, further proving that he hadn’t actually came yet.

She started the glass spheres low again. Once more the bolts of electricity arced through the air from the spheres and into Jacob’s hard throbbing shaft. This time when she had lifted them high enough for the energy to start dancing across the head of his penis she held them there longer this time. His breathing was loud and heavy as she held the wands in this position.

His shoulders and chest rose and fell. Once again the head of his penis seemed to grow slightly in size and semen began to flow freely from the tip but this time some of it actually shot out in a long rope and landed closer to his belly button. Finally she pulled the wands away again.

“So sensitive.” She said shaking her head. “Either you just have that much inside of you or we are about to drain you dry. At this rate we won’t have anything left over.”

She motioned off camera and the petit red head and the taller girl came walking back into the room. One of them carried a towel that she used to once again wipe off the mess that had come spilling out of Jacob’s penis. The other carried the last and final wand that the Doctor would use for the evening.

Dr. Electrogasm took her time setting up her last wand. This one had a 5 inch diameter glass ring on the end of it with the same thin, drum-stick-like base to it. When she plugged it in and turned it on electricity arced from all around the edges of the ring to one central point in the middle of the ring. She could turn it on and off by pulling a trigger but now she left it off as she placed the center of the ring over Jacob’s penis and moved it all the way down to the base.

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