Husband’s Anal Adventure Ch. 11


We out of bed and took a shower then we got dressed and went to town to get some lunch. As we was driving to the restaurant she was telling me about a friend of hers that wanted her to dance at a bachelor’s party for a friend. I said that should be fun, how many men were going to be at the party? She said that 20 to 25 men should be there and she wanted to stop by a sex shop and pick up some new sex toys after lunch. We ate lunch in a hurry and stopped by the sex shop. We went inside, and the store was full of men, no women at all we started looking at all of the sex toys and she was trying on some sexy outfits.

She kept coming out of the dressing room in a different outfit and walking around the store. All the men started coming closer to the dressing room to sneak a peek at my wife. They was so many people standing in one spot the manager came back there to see what was going on. Just about that time my wife walked out in a outfit made of leather straps you could see her breast sticking threw the straps and her ass and pussy was showing to. The manager saw her and he stopped, you could see his cock getting hard thru his pants. She walked up to him and whispered something in his ear. He looked at her and followed her into the dressing room. She looked over at me and said out loud I am going to fuck this guy in the dressing room go ask any of the other men if they want to fuck kayseri escort me too. If they do have them line up and I will fuck them one at a time I am extremely horny and my pussy needs to be fucked.

I want you to check their cocks out and if they are two small to please me I may suck there cocks and let them cum on by tits. I turned around and the line was already forming behind me I looked down at the first man in line and his cock was huge, I told him she was going to like his cock a lot, he smiled and waited his turn. About 5 minutes went by and I could hear her in there fucking the manager and then I heard him moan out aaahhhh, he must have cum. He opened the door and I walked in she said do you have ant more cocks out there to fuck me. I said yes there is about 15 men standing out there and the next guy has a cock the size of a big kabasa. She told me to get down on my knees and suck the managers cum out of her pussy. I got down between her legs and sucked her pussy clean, his cum tasted kind of salty but I still liked the taste of it.

She told me that she wanted me to suck her cunt after each fucking she receives. I said I would and I left the dressing room, I told the next guy to come in the room and fuck her. As I was standing out in the sex store the next guy come up and said, hey man wipe your mouth off you have cum on the side of your face. I keçiören escort was so embarrassed, then he yelled out this man here is sucking are cum out of his wife’s pussy. About that time a gay boy walked up and said, do you want to suck my cum out of my cock? He said I don’t like pussy but I do like a blowjob. I knew I was going to get in trouble for doing this without asking my wife but I had to have some fun too, my cock hadn’t cum going on 3 days and the cock cage was killing me. I sat down in a chair and the gay boy came up and stuck his cock into my mouth I tongued the head of it and licked his balls I made him cum along time before my wife was done with the big cock she was now fucking.

I got up and regained my composure a lot of the other men had their cocks out playing with them now some of them was amazed, they had never seen a man suck another man’s cock. And one of them wanted me to suck his cock he said that he was in a hurry and didn’t have time to wait on my wife to suck him. I told him I would have to ask my wife if I could suck him off, About that time my wife called me into the dressing room I got down between her crème pussy lips and started sucking up his cum when I realized that her ass had cum leaking out of it too. She grabbed me by my ears and stuck her ass right on my tongue. I licked it too; she said that his cock was so ankara kendi evi olan escort big that she just had to have her ass filled with it too.

After I cleaned her mess up I told her what I had done (sucking that gay boys cock) she said that it was all right but next time she wanted to watch me suck cock. I told her that they was another man out their wanting me to suck his cock that he was in a hurry and couldn’t wait for her to fuck him. She told me to let the next guy in line in the dressing room and to bring my suck buddy in there too. I went out and got the next guy in line to come into the room I also motioned the guy that wanted me to suck him off to come with me. We entered the room and I sat down next to my wife and I pulled his cock out of his pants and started sucking him. By this time my wife was getting the hell fucked out of her pussy. I had this other guy so hard I thought he was going to blow his nuts off. She stopped me from sucking him and told him to get behind her and fuck her ass.

He did and both of them exploded into her body they both got up and left I crawled over to her and sucked a double load out of her cunt. This kept on for another 4 guys and I kept her pussy and ass clean. She finally had her share of cock and she got dressed and we started to leave. The manager gave her the sexy clothes she wanted and told us to come back anytime we wanted. We left with a smile on our faces I was so full of cum I was burping it up and her pussy and ass was well satisfied. We got into the car and drove home she had to get ready for tonight’s bachelor party.

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To be continued…

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