How Pantyhose Brought Us Together Ch. 02

Double Penetration

Hello again. Keri here. Well, I thought I would write another story about my life with Cindy. At the end of my last story, I told you that Cindy and I had gotten married. The night when we arrived at our honeymoon was the first night we hadn’t done anything more than cuddle since we first met. For our honeymoon, we took a trip to Europe. We traveled around to a few places like Paris, Rome, London, and Madrid. I’ve always wanted to visit Europe, and to get to go with Cindy was just spectacular. In fact, when nobody was around, Cindy took a few photos of me covered in pantyhose at the top of the Eiffel Tower. I then got a few photos of her. We finished it with one photo of both of us, using the timer on the camera. We got our clothes back on and the pantyhose masks removed about 10 seconds before a family got up there. Ah, the memories. We have the photo of both of us hanging in our bedroom. But I’m not here to talk about our honeymoon. I’m here to talk about something that happened about two months after that. Before I go into what happened, I need to explain a few things.

Every morning for the past year, we’ve gone down to a coffee shop that is a block from my apartment, which is where we both live now. About five months ago, a girl started working there. She was beautiful. Not as beautiful as Cindy mind you, but still beautiful. We made a bet soon after she started working there over what her bra size was. Cindy guessed 36C, and I guessed 34C. She had a slim waist, and her hips weren’t too large for her body. She was almost a perfect hourglass figure. We quickly noticed what tables she usually waited on, and we started sitting there every day, even if she wasn’t working that day. Her name was Lila. It’s pronounced Lie-la. It wasn’t long before we all became “coffee friends”. She sometimes would join us when she wasn’t working, though we rarely saw her outside of the coffee shop. When Lila wasn’t working at the shop, she was often substituting at local schools. She wants to be an elementary school teacher, and is just waiting for an opening. The one thing we couldn’t help but notice was the frequency at which she would wear a short skirt and pantyhose. Usually black pantyhose, but sometimes she would wear something different. Now back to the rest of the story.

It was June 27th. As usual, Cindy and I went down to the coffee shop at around 8:30 in the morning. We sat down and hoped that Lila would show up, working or not. She walked in around 8:40 and joined us at the table. “Hello Lila” I said. She was wearing a blue silk blouse, a black skirt that went down to just above the knees, and black pantyhose. She was wearing normal tennis shoes, but probably had some high heels in her purse. I was wearing a skirt too, but it was a bit longer than Lila’s. Cindy, on the other hand, was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. We both had on bras, but no underwear. Instead we were wearing pantyhose, and we both were wearing tennis shoes.

“Hi Keri. Hi Cindy. Great day out isn’t it.” She sat down opposite us. She knows that we are lesbians, and was even at our wedding. Thankfully, she accepts us just the same.

“It is. I woke up this morning and found that some of the bird eggs in that nest outside our window had hatched. I woke up Keri and got a few pictures. It was sooooo cute.” commented Cindy. She handed the karşıyaka escort digital camera over to Lila so she could see the photos.

“Ahhhh, they’re so cute. Be careful though. If you pester too much, the mother may not come back to take care of them.” Lila loves animals, and is quite knowledgeable about many of them. Her house is probably a zoo, as she has shown us pictures of her two cats, her dog, her bird, her two guinea pigs, and her turtle.

At this point Josh walked up to take our order. As we gave the order, Cindy began to massage my leg under the table. Josh then went back to process the order. Lila spoke up. “Well, I have an interview this afternoon. A fourth grade teacher over at Ellis Elementary has decided to retire, and there is an opening. I’ve substituted a few times at that school, so the principal knows me, and how much the kids love me.”

“Great. That should make it a bit easier for them to hire you. Do you know how much it might pay?” I asked.

“No, not yet. But from what I’m to understand, the pay for a first year teacher is pretty good compared to some places in this state.” Cindy was running her hand along my leg, squeezing every so often. It took some effort not to display reactions. However, what happened next was what caught me off guard. All of a sudden, I felt a foot running up the inside of my right leg. I could tell it wasn’t Cindy. When I looked across at Lila, she has a smile on her face. I couldn’t believe it. Lila was flirting with me. She knows Cindy and I were married, yet she was still doing this. Her foot kept going up and down my right leg, and then it went to my left leg. I’m not sure if Cindy knew what was going on, or if anyone else in the shop could see it. With the one hand I had under the table, I grabbed Cindy’s hand and squeezed, pulling it away from my leg, signaling her to stop. Unable to resist, I slipped my right foot out of my shoe and lifted my leg up and across to rub Lila’s leg. Cindy began talking about something related to teacher pay in the nation. She usually gets animated about this kind of stuff. All the while, Lila and I were playing footsie. I reached under with both hands, grabbed her foot and began to massage it. Josh returned at this point with our orders, and then left again.

“…and it just pisses me off! My mother….” Cindy was still talking as I pushed my foot past Lila’s knee and between her legs. The booths are pretty small in the shop, so I was able to reach my foot out and rest it on Lila’s pussy. I saw a slight reaction in her face as she tensed up a bit. I began to pull away, worried I had gone to far when she scooted forward, pushing her pussy against my foot again. Not wanting to disappoint, I pulled her foot forward a bit, into my skirt and up against my pussy. “…goes to show how poorly educators…” Cindy continued to talk as Lila and I began to massage each other’s pussies with our feet. Not sure about Lila’s, but I know that mine was beginning to get a bit wet.

Grabbing Cindy’s left hand, I quickly pulled it down under the table. I kept a hold on Lila’s foot with my left hand as I brought Cindy’s hand down to feel Lila’s foot between my legs. Looking at Cindy, I gave her a look that sort of said “Check this out.” Both of us looked again at Lila, who just smiled back. Asking kartal escort her why, we found out what the cause behind this was.

“I just broke up with David. We just didn’t get along. I thought I would try something else.” She smiled as she said this, and I felt a bit more force on my pussy too. I pulled my foot away from her pussy as I pushed hers away from mine. I think she was a bit disappointed. Sitting there quietly for a few minutes, we ate our muffins and drank our coffee. Lila insisted on paying the bill for all of us, despite our objections. As the three of us went outside, Lila began to say goodbye. I stopped her midsentence and hooked my arm around hers. Cindy and I then walked Lila back to our place. She didn’t resist.

When we got back to our place, I took Lila over to the couch as Cindy locked the front door. When Cindy came over, she sat on the other side of Lila. “Is everything all right Lila?” I asked.

“You guys aren’t upset at me or anything are you?” she asked. I could detect a slight hesitancy in her voice.

“No, we aren’t. We just were sort of surprised by all this. We didn’t take you to be interested at all.” Cindy responded as she took hold of Lila’s right hand. “You want something to drink?”

“Some water will be fine thank you.” Cindy got up and went to the kitchen. “I guess I was feeling a bit down because of David. You guys have been good friends to me. I’m not sure why I began to rub your leg Keri, it just sort of happened. I don’t know what came over me.” She seemed like she was about to start crying. I wasn’t paying attention to what was around me because I suddenly heard a glass being placed on the coffee table, and looked up to see Cindy sitting down. Only she wasn’t wearing the jeans and t-shirt anymore. She just had on her pantyhose and bra. I gave her a scowl, and was about to say something when Lila looked up. “Oh my!” I was about to apologize and yell at Cindy when Lila reached over and began to rub her hand along Cindy’s leg. “You look amazing.”

“Thank you.” Cindy replied. “You know, you don’t look half bad yourself.” Lila blushed. I was flabbergasted. I thought Lila would suddenly back off after seeing this, but she let go of my hand to explore Cindy with both hands. She looked up quizzingly at Cindy as she got close to her breasts. With a nod from Cindy, she began to explore some more. Cindy made it easier for her by unhooking and removing her bra. Lila gasped, and then smiled as she began to massage Cindy’s breasts, exploring every inch of them.

At this point, I was getting turned on, and couldn’t sit there and watch anymore. So I reached over and placed my hands on Lila’s shoulders. As I leaned over to kiss her neck, my hands ran down the side of her body to her hips. Her head leaned to one side, exposing her neck further for me as my hands ran over her skirt. I pulled her skirt up, running my legs along her pantyhosed legs. As I got to closer to her pussy, I felt her legs spread open a bit further. I searched around and found the zipper to her skirt. Unzipping it, I pulled it down. Lila was nice enough to help out by lifting her ass for me so I could get it completely off. Getting off the couch, I kneeled between her legs, pushing her knees apart a bit further. Running my hands kastamonu escort up her legs, I got to her crotch. She was wearing a pair of pink panties underneath her black pantyhose. I traced the outline of her panties with my fingers from her waist down to her pussy. I felt a slight shudder from Lila as I finally touched her pussy. I looked up to see Cindy helping Lila unbutton her blouse. Running my hands along her thighs, I watched as her blouse was opened to reveal a pink satin bra encasing her breasts. As the blouse was taken off, Lila unhooks the clamp between her breasts, taking off her bra. Cindy can’t help but look at the tag, which reads 34C. I smiled at Cindy, as she realized I won the bet. Lila’s breasts are perfect, as should be expected based on the rest of her body. There was no sag at all.

I got back to her pussy, leaving Cindy and Lila to what they were doing. Reaching up, I pulled her pantyhose forward a bit and reached down them to push aside her panties. Letting go of the pantyhose, I began to explore her pussy through them. Placing my thumb over her clit, I gently began rubbing my thumb in a circular motion over it. I reached around her leg with my other arm and continued to rub my hand up and down her outer thighs. With my tongue, I gently began licking my way from her knees up to her pussy, and back down to the other knee. After a few times with this, I ran my tongue around her pussy, before beginning to flick my tongue across it. I love the feeling of pantyhose across my tongue. After a few minutes, I began to smell the faint scent of her womanly juices, and clamped my mouth over her pussy for further stimulation. With continual sucking and running of my tongue over her pussy, I quickly began to taste the juices as they trickled out. A few minutes later, I felt a shudder as her body began to orgasm. And boy did it orgasm. She must have been shaking for about a minute, and when I say shake, I mean her whole body was shaking. I was hearing moans and squeals from up above, but was tuning it out. I stayed focused on my sucking, never once removing my mouth. Her pantyhose became as soaked as possible, but I was loving it. The taste was sweet as honey.

As the shaking subsided, her pussy had already stopped flowing, and was letting trickles out here and there. I looked up after lifting my head and noticed her eyes were closed. It must have been some orgasm, because she was out for five minutes. Cindy and I took this time to talk, and we decided to go full force. We rushed to our bedroom, and pulled out our collections. Quickly getting on make-shift pantyhose shirts and masks, we went back into the living room and sat on the couch next to Lila. We made it just before she woke up.

“That was great Keri. I never knew I could orgasm like that. I guess it’s true that only a woman can truly please a woman. And that wasn’t even involving penetration. I’m amazed.” Lila was rubbing her eyes as she said this, and really hadn’t noticed us yet.

I spoke up, “Well, you’ve been out for about five minutes. That’s never happened to us before. Not that we’ve done this to other girls. I mean neither of us have passed out like that before during an orgasm.” At this point, Lila looked over at us and her eyes became as wide as possible. She reached over with her hand and touched my cheek. Then she looked over at Cindy, and did the same. She looked us up and down before saying anything.

“Do you think you could do that again?” We all burst out laughing. I then stood up, pulled Lila up, and pulled her into the bedroom. Cindy followed us, closing the door. We still had four hours before Lila’s interview.

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