Hotwifing: First Hall Pass


This is a hotwifing “after story” recounting my Hotwife’s first time out alone with a Bull who we had previously invited to our home for my wife’s first hotwifing experience. Enjoy and send comments. The author thanks PD and GCV for the inspiration.


Peter met me in the hotel parking lot just as I was driving in. I wore my long black sleeve dress, no bra and my black crotchless panties. I had applied my make-up and completed my look with my black high-heeled scandals. I knew I looked hot and Peter told me he was “enchanted” with the way I was dressed. We walked into the hotel together and took the elevator up to the room. He took me in his arms, and we kissed for the first time when we were still in the elevator. Our kiss lasted long enough for his hands to wonder down my back and onto my ass. He held my hand as he led the way to the room. Peter handed me the key card and I opened the door. Peter had arrived several minutes earlier and had already dimmed the lights and set out a bottle of champagne and two glasses. Peter poured the champagne and handed me my glass. He said with the way I was dressed; he could not stop looking at me. I smiled and thanked him with a kiss. I could also tell that he knew by the way I was dressed, that he could make short work of exposing my tits, ass, and pussy when it when it was time to strip me for sex. Just the thought of that excited me. We toasted to you and to our evening together, but the desire for each other was already rising in both of us. The champagne was chilled and good, and I knew that with a couple glasses of it I would quickly become much more than “uninhibited”.

I sat on the bed and Peter sat down next to me. We talked for a while about how things were at work and how we each had dealt with the strict covid confinement in France. He put his right arm around me and pulled me a little closer. Then we kissed deeply, and his left hand moved up to caress my tits under the tight black material of my sleeve dress. His fingers caught the top of the dress “accidently” exposing my left breast. (That is when he took the first pic with his phone and sent it to you). We continued making out and the top of my dress slid further down uncovering both of my tits and he fondled them as we kissed. I unbuttoned his blue dress shirt, and he took it off. His hand moved to my knees and up my thighs that were encased in the tight sleeve dress. Seeing his predicament, I grasped the hem and eased my dress up over my hips so that I could spread my legs for him and so he could get to my pussy.

I had mentioned to him that before we started, I wanted to set up the video camera to take a video for you when I would first take out his cock to suck. I retrieved the camera from my purse, and we set it up and started the video. We sat on the edge of the bed and kissed and caressed each other for the camera. I knelt on the bed and offered my tits to him. I ran my fingers through Peters’ hair as he sucked my nipples, one and then the other. His hand slipped between my legs and smiled when he realized that my black lace panty is totally open, and my pussy was completely exposed. He gently fingered me while he was kissed my tits. I slipped my thumbs under the top of dress and pulled it down until it was just a band at my waist giving him better access to my chest, back and tits.

I lay back on the bed and spread my legs for him. Pete leaned down and began licking my pussy, then he knelt beside the bed with his head between my legs to start to eat me in earnest. He caressed my thighs and my breasts while he tongued my cunt and sucked my clit.

Then, I knelt on the floor beside the bed and he stood in front of me so karabük escort that I could undo his black jeans. I unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his jeans and lowered his zipper. I pulled his jeans down below his knees. His cock was semi-hard bulged from his tight printed briefs. I grasped the sides of the waist band and gently pulled them down. When his hardening cock sprang free, I looked up and smiled up into Pete’s eyes. I grasped his cock to retract the foreskin and gently licked the underside of his cockhead; in a second his cock was rock hard. I kept my eyes locked with his as I slowly licked his balls and then up his shaft until his thick shiny cockhead slipped into my mouth.

He finished striping and knelt on the floor to kiss me. As we were kissing, he fingered me, and I slowly stroked his cock. I got up and lay down on the bed and he finger-fucked me while he kissed me and sucked my tits.

Then, he sat on the edge of the bed and I crouched down on the floor by the bed to blow him. I grasped his thick cock and looked up at him as I licked his balls and up his shaft and then slowly took his cockhead into my mouth. I masturbated for him while I circled his cockhead with my tongue. I moaned as his cock slid in and out of my mouth and the underside glided over my tongue.

When my blowjob had brought him close to coming, he lay back on the bed. I straddled him and moved up his body to sit on his face. He put his tongue deep in my hole and sucked my stiff clit. While he was eating me, I leaned back to stroke his cock and he reached up to caress my tits and pinch my nipples. Then we 69’ed. He pulled my hips down to eat my wet pussy as I sucked him. I raised up to sit on his face again while he played with my tits. Then, he got up to take another pic for you with me kneeling on the bed.

After he had taken the photo, he picked up a condom from the desktop and opened it. As he was putting it on, I crawled over to him on the bed and licked his balls. Then, I got on my knees at the edge of the bed and spread my ass cheeks to offer him your Hotwife’s “middle fuck-hole”. He slid his cockhead up and down my wet slit to tease me first…and then he fucked me. I moaned when I felt his thick hard cock stretching my pussy open. Peter fucked me with long even strokes, but I wanted it harder and faster, so I offered him my wrists and he used them to pull himself into me. He pounded me hard and fast. With his cock deep in my cunt, he reached around to frig my clit with one hand and fondled my tits with the other.

Then, I turned over onto my back and spread my legs wide for him. He watched me as I touched myself and then he knelt on the floor by the bed to go down on me again. His tongue and lips felt so fucking good. While he was licking me, he slid two fingers into my pussy. I moaned, cupping my breasts and pinching my nipples. I almost came.

He knelt between my legs and grabbed his cock to put it back in my pussy. I reached out to stroke his balls…and then he fucked me. He put his arms around my thighs pushing them almost straight up so that he could kiss me while he was hammering his cock into my pussy. I moved my ankles to the sides of his neck and so that he would penetrate me even deeper. Then, he grasped my ankles and pushed them back over my head to pound his cock into me harder and faster. Then, me moved my legs to the side and to fuck me sideways. It was so hot. I asked him if he liked my tight little hotwife pussy and he groaned his approval.

Pete repositioned the video camera while I masturbated for him lying on my back. He pulled me to the edge of the bed to fuck me so we could video his cock pumping in and karaman escort out of your Hotwife’s pussy. Then, he knelt beside the bed to video himself eating me out.

Next, I got on my knees at the edge of the bed so that he could fuck me from behind again. He held me by the waist and fucked me good and hard. As he was pounding his cock into me, he reached up to cup my tits and pinch my nipples. Then his fingers found my clit and rolled it my juices. I came. He didn’t stop fucking me until I was nearly winded.

“One to zero” I panted.

When I had recovered from my orgasm, I asked him for some more champagne, and he pour us two glasses. He took off his rubber then we clinked our glasses and kissed. Then, we sat on the bed and talked. I asked him what he likes, what excites him sexually. He said he liked having sex with couples like us who are turned on by adding another man for the wife to fuck. He said he likes it either as duo or with the husband joining in or just watching. He also said that he would like to try double penetration, and I told him that I would “keep that in mind”. He said he loves it when a woman looks up at him while she is sucking his cock, like I did. Then he asked me what I liked. I told him that I liked responding to the desires of my sexual partner, without a lot of pre-planning. I told him that I like to be “in tune” with the person or persons that I am with and that I like knowing that I am pleasing them. I asked him if he had been with a lot of couples, and he said that there are a few couples that has been seeing, but not very regularly. He confessed to me that I excite him very much and he enjoys our time together immensely. I returned the compliment, and we clinked our glasses again. He finished his champagne and leaned to kiss my shoulder. I took his chin and pulled his face toward me and kissed him.

I finished my champagne and he excused himself to use the bathroom. When he came back, he took another pic for you of me lying on the bed with my champagne glass. Then he sat down close to me on the bed and caressed my lower back, I turned to him and we kissed again, that time with more passion. Sensing that the “break” was over, I got off the bed and crouched between his legs to suck his cock. I licked him from his balls to the tip of his cock and then slowly lowered my warm wet mouth over it. I frigged my clit while I was blowing him. I looked up at him again as I tongued the underside of his cockhead and I could see the lust and pleasure in his eyes. He took me by the sides of my chest and pulled me up to kiss me. He fingered my pussy as we kissed.

Then, he lay back on the bed, with his knees over the edge and I knelt next to him to suck him from the side. I got onto my knees and stroked his cock with one hand while I masturbated with the other. Then, I crawled on top of him to kiss him while he played with my tits. I loved the feel of his rock-hard cock pressing into my belly.

I straddled him and then moved up to sit on his face. He tongued my pussy and so good and sucked my clit. We 69’ed again and I sucked his cock while he was eating me out. I deep throated him and then rubbed his cock over my lips and face and then licked his balls. I moved back to kneel by his face and kissed him. He sat up and held me with one arm under my neck and the other between my legs to finger-fuck me. I wrapped my arm around his back to pull him close and kissed him. I moaned as his fingers did their magic deep in my cunt, and then he pressed my g-spot. My head fell back in his arms as he pumped his finger in and out of my sopping wet pussy. It was all I could do to hold on tight to him when his fingers kars escort pummeled my clitoris. Then, he laid back and I laid in the opposite direction to stroke his shaft and roll his shiny purple cockhead over my lips and tongue. His cock was so hard, and I wanted it inside me again.

I got off the bed and knelt between his legs to blow him. He raised up on his elbows and captured my gaze as I licked his balls and then slowly slid my tongue up his shaft to the underside of his cockhead, finally taking it into my mouth. I stood and bent over him so that I could hold his cock in my hand to force more of it into my mouth and throat. I slowly jacked him with my hand while I deep throated him, and he pressed his hand on my head to mouth fuck me. I looked up and asked him if it was good and he just moaned with pleasure.

I moved up his body to kiss him again, slowly sliding my breasts over his erection. With his cock between my tits, he asked me if I wanted him to put on another condom and I said yes. While he was putting on the rubber we kissed, and then he fondled my tits and sucked my nipples. I was so hot for him to fuck me again. He kissed my belly and then laid down on his back. I knelt on the bed and licked him from his balls to his cockhead, and then I straddled him in “cowgirl”. I reached for his cock and slid it up and down my wet slit, then he held it up for me and I slowly lowered myself onto it. It felt so huge as it stretched my pussy open…then I fucked him. He cupped my breasts and sucked my nipples as I rode him. I moaned and kissed his neck as his cock moved in me. He pinched my nipples, and I knew that I was going to come as I felt his thick hard cock pounding into my cunt again and again. I put my hands on his chest and pushed myself upright. I put my hand over my mouth to try to muffle my cries and came hard in a mind-blowing orgasm that went on and on. My head tilted back as I rode it through its peak. He reached up to gently stoke my chest and breasts and then put a finger in my mouth for me to suck. He kept slowly thrusting his cock into me as I recovered. I didn’t want to stop, I looked into his eyes and kept riding him.

“More”, I said. “Oh yes…yes, more…more”.

I fell forward onto his chest as he pounded his cock into me. I came again. I kept riding him and we kissed and then put his hands on my ass to pull me harder and faster onto his cock. I thought he would come inside me, but he held off and pulled me up to kiss my tits. Then, with my left leg still over him, I moved to his left side to suck him again. He rose on his elbows and watched me lick my juices off his cock and balls.

I told him that it was his choice how he wanted to come. He replied, “In your mouth”. Then he asked if we could take the rubber off and I said yes. I kept sucking him from the side and he asked me in what position I wanted him to come, since when it was the three of us, you had asked him to jack off into my mouth. I told him that the way we were was fine. I looked up at him as I stroked and sucked his cock getting ready to make him come. He watched my head as it bobbed up and down over his stiff prick again and again.

His phone buzzed, and he got up to stop it and then used it to take a video of me sucking his cock. Then, I got back to business getting him off. I jacked his cock fast while I licked his balls to finish him off. Finally, I opened my mouth and jacked him off with his cockhead on my tongue. Rope after rope of his hot cum shot into my mouth and onto my cheek. I kept jacking him slowly until he had finished then licked and sucked his warm spunk from his cockhead. I swallowed it and then licked the rest of his cum from my hand.

After he came, we finished the bottle of champagne and sent you the photo of us together. We got dressed and I left about twenty minutes later.

I hope you liked my story and I hope we can get together soon with Peter for a threesome.

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