Holly Loves Her BBC


My darkroom was on the second story of an apartment that didn’t have central air conditioning. It was a hot, miserable place in the summer time. The room had to be absolutely light tight, meaning no window air conditioning. I had one outside the darkroom, but the door opened so rarely, it quickly became a sauna, and mad it a lot more laborious to do my photography printing.

Today I was working on printing the erotic art photos of Malik and Holly. I was working on the final prints, and large 20×30 inch prints were sloshing gently in their developer trays. I would project the negative onto a piece of paper for a few seconds, and then place it in the developer tray. A piece of plain white paper over the course of a minute or two would suddenly be flooded by a rich black and white image. This image in particular was the second in the series. It was Malik’s penis penetrating Holly in a sort of modified reverse cowgirl. We can’t forget, Holly is my wife, who agreed to be the female model after nearly a full bottle of wine to herself.

I sloshed the tray around, agitating the developer chemistry, working the photo to completion. Standing there in the hot room, focusing on my work…my wife getting fucked and stretched, I heard creaking up the stairs outside the door, and then a knock. Then I realized that I was still just wearing my underwear…and that I had a very stiff, very hard erection

“Hey, I’m going to the store, do you need anything?” It was Holly.

“I think I need some batteries, could you get me some double-Ds?” I shouted towards the door.

“I think I can manage that. Can I come in?”

“Just a minute, let me get this print into the last tray,” I hurriedly to move the large, delicate print from tray to tray. When it was finished, I walked over to

the door, and cracked it open a little for my eyes to adjust from the soft amber glow of the safelight.

Holly was standing against the wall, but stepped towards me after a second. Her shirt was pulled down lower than usual in the front and she smiled at me.

“Are these the double-Ds you’re looking for?” She giggled while saying it, unable to keep from smiling.

“Actually, I’d love those double-Ds right now,” I said pulling her close and giving her a kiss.

She noticed my stiff erection, “Heeey look who’s awake! Haha! Anyways, show me what you’re working on before I go?”

“Sure,” I brought her into the darkroom. “Let’s close the door though for now, just in case the prints are still light sensitive.”

I showed her the prints I had rinsing in the water. Various tests from different portions of the same print I was already developing. I showed her how much detail there was in the print and how I was sure the client would like them and we would get our payout just fine.

“Ohhh, is this what’s made you so excited?” She asked, running her hand lightly over the lump in my thin, soft brief shorts.

“A little, but especially thinking about those double-D.” I wrapped my arms around her from behind as she studied the photograph. My hands cupped her breasts, which were supported otherwise by her soft underwire bra, and covered again by a very thin V-neck tshirt. I left a hand on her belly, while another found its way under her bra and cupped her entire breast in my hand. I felt my erection stiffen up a bit.

Her eyes remained on the photographs in front of her, just under the surface of the water. Her hand moved from rubbing the front of my underwear, to pulling it down in the front and rubbing my stiffening erection.

Her hand wrapped around me, I knew I wasn’t going to last long.

The photo in front of us teased at me; a close-up containing Malik’s legs spread wide, his hard, big black cock buried in Holly’s pussy, while her legs were spread as well, stacked on his as she rode him.

I pulled myself back from my dream to feel myself beginning to cum from Holly’s handjob. I exploded a few times onto the table in front of me, and then the rest of my load dribbled over my legs and feet. Holly gave me one last milking squeeze, and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Stay here, I’ve got something for you,” she remarked as she slipped out of the darkroom.

I was so relaxed, so satisfied from her handjob…what could she have for me? She had never surprised me with anything before, much less anything sexual…I was nearly naked and had just cum all over my workstation…

In a couple minutes she was back upstairs, removing something from packaging.

“Close your eyes!” She giggled.

I obeyed.

“Now, hold out your hand,” she said somewhat cautiously.

A cold object was placed in my hand, but my eyes remained closed so as to not spoil her surprise.

“It’s metal,” I said, examining with one hand, “kind of a cylinder…” I went one…thinking…”and a…a lock.”

My eyes opened…I was holding something I had mentioned before to Holly, though she always replied with, “Lol” in a text message. She had gotten me a chastity device.

I izmit escort often go on work trips for 5 days at a time. Staying in a hotel while not working, there’s not a whole lot to do besides masturbate a few times a day, I had told her that I wanted her to get me one and I’d wear it so I couldn’t touch myself while away, thus saving a big powerful load for her when I get home. It was good timing in fact, as I was already pretty flaccid and tired. We worked together to fit the ring around my balls and my penis into the cage. The rest was up to her and she was in control…she moved the tiny padlock into place, and twisted the key. I was bound and I wouldn’t orgasm until Saturday. It was Monday night.

She placed the key onto a small chain and put it around her neck. “Here, so I don’t lose it. I’ll keep it on me until Saturday, when we’ll have some fun!” She said with a devilish grin on her face.

I felt myself wanting to become excited, but immediately felt restrained. This may be a difficult week.

Holly left for the store and I pulled up my underwear after wiping myself off as best I could. I knew I needed to finish working on the photographs and it would be best to finish them before I left for work on Tuesday.


The Photographs

The three photographs turned out spectacular and they didn’t cease to excite me a couple times an hour while finishing them.


was a fairly straightforward photograph. Square in shape, and focused straight on. She was facing forward, his black hands wrapped around, caressing her large breasts, nipples barely exposed between his fingers. One of her hands was on top of one of his in the photograph, pushing his hand tighter to her chest.


was much more artistic, but still one of the most erotic. The act of having sex was portrayed in high detail. He was laying back on a couch with his legs spread to expose his testicles. She rode him reverse cowgirl with her legs spread as well. I photographed the scene very close. Close enough to crop out everything but their legs. The bottom half of the photograph was very dark with his legs. The top half was very light with her legs. His penis penetrated her deeply. The shine on his erect penis was the lightest part of his body, while her labia, stretched around his girth, was the darkest part of her.

was less abstract. He was still laying back on the couch, but she was crouched down at his side. His skin was just as dark as before, but I lowered the value of her skin in an effort to show more detail. He was still erect, sticking straight up, with one of her hands around him, ejaculate dribbling down over her hand. Her other hand was in motion, moving down her neck wiping off some of his semen.


I woke up the next morning and Holly had already gone to work. I got my work bags together and headed off to work for the week, a couple hours away.

While at work the first day, Holly sent me a photo. I knew she was going to be such a tease this week, and I was right. She was stretched out in Tuesday’s photo, laying on her side on our leather couch, naked, with her key to my cage around her neck. Seeing her curves and her bare breasts instantly got me excited, and I instantly remembered my bondage. My swelling penis was getting sore against the metal bars.

Wednesday’s photo came late in the day, just as I was getting off work. She was wearing only a thin tshirt in the shower. It was wet and her nipples were obvious. So was her key.

Thursday’s photo was the worst yet, but also the most exciting. It was close up, there was a thin, familiar chain poking out of Holly’s pussy, she was obviously soaking wet, and I knew her key was where I wanted to be.

Friday…Friday was a video. She was telling me how bad she wanted to get fucked on Saturday and take a big load of cum. She was in her car out someplace…not at home though, in the country it seemed. She also had her big pink toy with her. It was buried deep inside her.

Saturday was quiet. Horribly quiet. I wanted to be teased especially on this final day…I didn’t feel I was being teased…but I silence was the worst tease of all. Just before I was scheduled to leave,

I got a text message.

“Let me know when you leave. I want to be ready.”

I sent her a text as I started my 2-hour drive home. I finally received my photo from the day. It was what appeared to be a new babydoll lingerie piece on a hanger.

My dick began to swell again, but this time it felt like it was going to last the whole drive home! I was pressed and swelled against the unforgiving bars of my chastity cage, though I could feel my thighs getting wet with my precum. ‘She wants my cum so bad…” I thought to myself.


I arrived home even quicker than usual. I suppose I must have driven a little fast. “I’m home” my text read to her.

“Come inside, leave the lights off, and leave your clothes in the kitchen. Take off EVERYTHING kadıköy escort you can ;)”

Ohhh man…I was sooo worked up. I knew I was going to blow my load the second I entered her.

I cracked the door open slowly. It was dark both inside and outside and I could barely see. Some candles were lit though. I sat down my bags and began to take off my shoes, and then socks, pants, shirt, and underwear. I was only wearing my glasses and of course, the cage in which I had been confined for nearly 120 hours. The continued drips of precum were like screams to be let free.

I made my way further into the house. There seemed to be a couple curtains hung between the kitchen and the living room. I pushed them aside and viewed a room lit only by some 20 candles and a little moonlight coming in the windows. The room was alive with the gentle scent of the perfume I had given her for our anniversary. Holly was sitting on the loveseat, looking very sexy. She was wearing a very very tight, very short mesh dress. It’s halter neck barely supported the weight of her breasts, clearly visible, and hugged her remaining curves in a most exciting way. She wore nude color pumps, a little taller than I’ve seen her wear in the past. She had been shopping. The key was nowhere to be seen.

Holly stood up and walked towards me. I stood in one place, my hand wandered unconsciously to the swelling in my cage. She giggled and remarked, “ah ah ah, be careful, you don’t want to get too excited, not yet especially.”

We embraced and I kiss her neck. My cage pushed against her as I would have done if my erection were free.

“I want you to get me ready, make sure pussy is sopping wet before getting fucked..mmmmmhmmmm?” She moaned. “You remember today is my most fertile day…I hope you’ve been able to save your cum…you’re going to need it…every last drop inside me.”

I felt like I just wanted to rip off the cage and unload my cum inside her right then…but I knew it wouldn’t work. I was too constrained.

I lowered to my knees and my hands ran up her smooth legs, between her thighs. I felt the warmth from her sex. She was already dripping down her leg. She was definitely ready for me, but I wanted to taste her, and make her squirm. I began kissing her legs, her thighs. My lips moved higher. Her dress began to get in the way, but she lifted it for me…just enough. She was smooth. Smoother than ever before. I guided her to lay back on the loveseat. Her beautiful pussy was on full display for me.

Again, I knew what I had to do. My lips moved up her legs, licking up her dripping wetness. I kissed firmly against her labia over her clit. My lips started to suck in her lips. The scent of pussy mixed with the perfume and it was as if I was hypnotized. I sucked at her pussy lips, darted my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy, sucked and licked her clit, fiercely flicking my tongue over it, giving her shivers and causing her to moan softly. Every time I would bury my lips inside her, they would emerge even more wet with her juice.

“I think pussy is ready now,” she told me, “pussy is ready to get fucked.”

“Mmmmmm. Where’s the key?” I asked.

“In the other room. You’ll see. Go sit over on that chair though. I’ll get the key.”

I wasn’t sure what she was planning, but I was ready for it. I sat down on the other leather arm chair, across from the loveseat…but she also just sat there. It wasn’t for a few more second that I heard footsteps.

“Here’s the key,” she said.

I turned around…I saw something I didn’t expect…not at all…

A dark figure emerged from the next room with a glint around the neck, walking slowly. The figure stepped into the candle light. Malik was proceeded by his large, stiff dick, which swayed left and right With each step. He was hard as I’ve ever seen him, pointing straight out with a slight upward bend, and a single drop of clear liquid was emerging from the tip.

What was Holly planning? Was I going to have to make this man cum before I could let myself out of my cage? Was he GOING to let me out of my cage? It seemed it was up to him and not Holly since he had the key.

“Suck his big dick, hubby,” her voice drew me out of my dreamy gaze, “lick him until he’s all wet and slippery.”

I didn’t even pause to think about what she might be thinking. I could feel myself swelling in my cage, and I immediately wrapped one hand around his dick.

I had already seen his dick a number of times, plus just last week when he modeled for my photography. I had also cum a number of times while printing the photographs, but now it was in my hand.

He was warm, it felt strong, and swelled at the tip every couple seconds. I leaned forward and licked up his precum. It was sweet and stringy. My fingers worked to push on the bottom, and encouraged more precum to flow onto my waiting tongue. I didn’t swallow the drops this time, but instead started running my tongue up and kahramanmaraş escort down the length of his shaft, getting his entire length wet. I could only fit the tip in my mouth, but I sucked on him hard as i stroked the his length, slimy with precum.

“Gooood, good. Now spit on it and rub it all in,” he commanded softly.

I did as he said, and spit on the head of his cock. My hands rubbed it around, all the way down to the base. As my hands reached the bottom, he had a small moan, and a stream of precum began trickling from his sperm slit. I hurried to lick it all up and spread it around his cock.

“Damn, you’re good. I KNOW I’m ready now,” he praised and proclaimed.

“Ready for what?” I asked.

“Ready for me,” Holly whispered, still laying back on the love seat.

She was on full display. Her dress was up and she was in the same position where minutes before I was licking the juice from her soaking pussy. Her breasts were pushed together perfectly from her tight mesh dress, her legs looked great, pumps still on her feet. Hair perfectly positioned down her shoulders, and a lustful look filled her eyes. She wasn’t looking at me.

“Awww fuck yeah baby…here we go…I missed this pussy…” He groaned as he moved towards her…”You sit over there,” he commanded to me.

“I…uhm..” I stammered, standing still as he moved himself closer to her.

“Sit down right there,” his tone a little more firm this time.

He took the remaining steps toward my wife with a grin on his face…he had her hands on her thighs, spreading them open for him.

“Mmmmm yeah. You ready for this dick?”

“Ohhh yes, I can’t wait to feel you again”

“I’m not going to be gentle like I was last time. You’re going to take as much of this as I give you,” Holly looked apprehensive, but eager.

He took that big black cock in his hand, slid his hand down to the base, and nudged himself at my wife’s pussy lips. He bent his knees, and while I couldn’t see him physically enter her, I saw it on her face, and heard it in her voice.

“Fuck baby, that’s a big dick,” she panted. He proceeded to sink more and more of his cock inside her. She pulled her legs up further as he stretched her pussy with each inch.

Holding her legs together in front of his body, he gave himself the first real thrust, “Unnggghhh. Yeahhh. You feel that?”

Holly nodded.

“I’m up against your cervix. If I nut now, it’s going straight into your womb,” he taunted hungrily. “Now you’re gonna get it.”

He kneeled on the love seat and spread her legs again. I shifted in my seat a bit and could clearly see him withdrawing from her.

Holding her ankles, he drove himself deep into her with a grunt, pulling out and fully penetrating a few times in succession.

“Fuck! Ohhh oh oh oh!” Holly cried with each thrust. “Fuck pussy!”

“Ohh shit yea,” he let her legs dangle as he moved his body against hers, kissing her neck. His hips fell into a rhythm of medium thrusts, each one pleasuring his long dick…and I could tell my wife loved it too. She was being filled with a big fat, long dick like she had never been before.

My hand drifted to my caged penis. I was as hard as I could be in my confines, but I absent-mindedly grazed my hands over my exposed balls. I loved watching her boobs shake as she got fucked hard and fast. Every time I heard her moan, the cage seemed to get tighter. I couldn’t wait to have my chance. I would get my chance wouldn’t I? She told me I would need all my cum saved up.

She had wrapped her legs around him now, his thrusts were much shorter, due to her grip, but not any slower. He was suckling at her deliciously plump breasts now.

“Alright,” he pulled his dick out of her pussy with a pop and stood up, “get on top of this dick like you did last week.”

“Can I face you this time?” She asked.

“You can do whatever you want long as you’re on top of this dick, fucking it.”

He was sitting now, and she standing over him…”Wow.”

“What? You like what you see, don’t you?” He grinned slyly.

“Was that all inside me?”

“Yep. Ballsdeeps”

She hastened to mount him now, much more bold than a week ago when she was getting fucked for art…and payment to a lesser extent. Now it was unbridled lust and passion. She climbed on the love seat and eased herself down to his swelled head. He was still slick, though it wasn’t from my spit anymore. It was my wife’s own wetness that lubricated him now. She moved a little too fast and nearly impaled herself on him, sliding over halfway down in a single movement.

“Fuck, damn that’s one way to do it,” she winced.

“Now just ease down the rest of it.”

Her thighs looked so sexy straddling his body. Her ass popped out over his legs, and when she placed her hands on his chest to leverage herself, her breasts squeezed together right into Malik’s face.

“Shit baby, look at those tits in my face,” and his hands slide from her hips up to her back, around to her side, and around to squeeze both breasts aggressively. He leaned forward, his tongue circling each nipple before sucking it between his lips. “Mmmmmm mmmmm,” as he buried his face in her chest.

Holly giggled, “You like my boobs?” She questioned, mocking innocence.

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