Her Best Friend’s Panties


This is a rewrite of my first submission. After reading the comments I decided to make revisions and resubmit under a new category.

Wendy and I have been married for almost 20 years. We started dating in high school. I had screwed around with a few girls prior to us dating but nothing extra since we’ve been married.

Wendy dated one guy before me, Mark, and I always knew they messed around but didn’t go all the way. She knows this is a huge turn on for me, as we often fantasize about having a threesome or more and I’ll try to get her to tell me what happened with her old boy friend but she usually isn’t interested. We often include Mark in our fantasies. We also include some of her female friends from time to time in our bedroom talk.

One of our favorites to include in our fantasy is our friend Shannon. She is a knockout, 120 lbs with gorgeous fake tits.

Most of our fantasy involves Wendy and Shannon fucking each other. I tell Wendy that I’m happy to sit back and “watch” the two of them enjoying each other. I don’t need to be included. Of course, this is the furthest thing from the truth.

The other night while in bed, we start talking about Shannon and Wendy tells me that she’d love for the three of us to be together.

” I would love to see you and Shannon fucking, I think that would be so hot. I’d love to have her eating my pussy while you were fucking her from behind.”

This of course put me over the edge and I filled Wendy’s pussy full of cum. Since she had not orgasmed yet, I did something she loves but I’m not big on. I slid between her legs and started licking her well fucked pussy.

She flipped me over on my back and got in a 69 and started licking my cock while I licked my come out of her pussy. She started coming and covered my face in both our juices.

A while back, Wendy was visiting Shannon out of town. We of course were texting dirty pictures back and forth while she was gone.

I asked her one morning what they were going to do and she said go lingerie shopping. I laughed and told her she should just try some on Shannon’s on. She laughed it off and said, ” I bet you’d like that wouldn’t you.”

I assured her I would, ” In fact, I think you should bring some of her panties home so I can fuck you while you’re wearing them.”

Wendy told me I needed to stop because it was making her so horny, which she confirmed by sending me a picture of her fingering herself, which she normally doesn’t like to do.

We went back and forth on her being a panty thief for a couple of days until she got hatay escort home. I walked in our room to find Wendy lying on the bed in her robe, nothing out of the ordinary.

Before I can get in bed, she opens her robe revealing her bare tits and a lacy gray thong. Wendy smiles and says, “Why don’t you come over here and taste Shannon’s panties.”

I almost cum immediately. I can’t believe this is really happening. I dive between her legs and find the panties are soaking wet.

I started licking and sucking her pussy through those sexy panties.

Wendy is going crazy telling me how hot she is. I move up to kiss her, my lips covered with her pussy juice, and possibly Shannon’s as well.

I tell her how hot it is and thank her for bringing me her friend’s panties.

She told me she stole them after Shannon had taken them off to shower this morning.

“Shannon changed in front of me this morning. I saw these panties against her shaved pussy just a few hours ago. I fingered myself to a powerful orgasm while Shannon was in the next room taking a shower.”

We leave the panties on while we fuck for over an hour until they are soaking wet with both our cum.

I slid them off of Wendy and bring them up to her nose. She immediately opens her mouth and I slid them in her mouth. We start to kiss with Shannon’s panties between our tongues. It was amazing. After almost 3 hours we’re both exhausted.

Wendy takes the wet panties and pulls them back on, kisses me on the check and says good night. She rolls over wearing just her friends panties and falls asleep.

As I lay there admiring the site, my cock gets hard again so of course I jack off while staring at this amazing site, shooting my cum on her panty covered ass.

The next day, Wendy informs me that she had bought the new panties and they weren’t really Shannon’s. I was disappointed at first but remembered how hot it was just thinking they were hers. She put them away in her drawer for us to use again.

A couple of months later, Shannon was visiting us. We did the usual thing of drinking and hanging out. The usual flirting between the three us continued until I got tired and decided to head inside.

As I walk by the guest room I notice Shannon’s suitcase is open on the floor by the door.

“Here’s my chance”, I think.

I quickly look through the suitcase to find where she has stashed her panties. She has quite the assortment. Thongs, boy shorts, lace. I quickly grab a pair of black lace panties and run out, but not before bringing them hurma escort all to my nose to smell them. I admire them for a while before hiding them in my closet.

After Shannon left, I used them a couple of times to jack off,thinking of her and Wendy while doing so. This gave me a great idea, instead of hiding them in my closet, I put Shannon’s panties in my wife’s drawer, right under her own panties.

They were originally at the back and bottom of the drawer. I would check every few days to make sure they were still in the same spot.

One day I came home and noticed Shannon’s panties were at the top of her drawer.

My heart dropped. “Had she tried on her best friends panties?”

I immediately got a raging hard on.

This went on for a few weeks until the other day, Wendy walked out of the bathroom wearing just panties, Shannon’s panties!

It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

She had worn another woman’s panties all day and hadn’t even known it.

I pulled her in bed and started kissing her deeply, which caused her to instinctively spread her legs for me. Instead of taking her panties off, I start to eat her pussy through the silky material.

Maybe it was because I was so turned on and really into what I was doing, but Wendy came almost immediately. I wondered later if maybe she knew they were Shannon’s panties.

I wondered, “what if Shannon realized they were missing once she got home and told Wendy to look for them?”

Either way, we fucked for a couple of hours that night. I never took her panties off while I was fucking her.

I fucked Wendy from behind, with her ass up in the air while she was wearing another woman’s panties. I imagined I was fucking Shannon.

I even used my enlarger sleeve to give Wendy a really hard fuck. She had to make me stop I was wearing her out so bad. She asked what had gotten in to me and I just smiled.

This went on for a couple of months, I’d randomly catch Wendy wearing her friend’s panties or better yet, I’d come home and find them in the dirty laundry. It would drive me crazy knowing both these beautiful pussy’s had touched this soft, thin material.

In April, we planned a trip to stay with Shannon and her husband. After all our luggage was packed, I slipped our special panties into Wendy’s suitcase to make sure she had them with her. I couldn’t wait to get to there and know that my wife was wearing Shannon’s panties.

The first night we were there, we all hit the wine pretty hard after dinner and just relaxed ığdır escort around the house until bed time. I excused myself before everyone else and went upstairs to put my plan for the night into action.

Although we were staying in the guest room, I knew from a previous visit that Shannon kept some of her clothes in the dresser in our room. Her’s my chance again. I look through her dresser and find her panty drawer.

Just as I think my luck couldn’t get any better, I open the bottom drawer and find a huge rabbit vibrator. “This has to be a set up”, I think. “Why would she keep a dildo in her guest room.

I try not to over think things and grab the vibrator and a black thong from the drawer.

When Wendy finally pours herself into bed, it’s obvious that she’s horny as hell and ready to play. I convince her to let me blindfold her and secure her hands.

She isn’t in much shape to put up a fight, so after she is bound and blindfolded, I slide Shannon’s black thong on her and admire the site. For the second time, I get to see my beautiful wife wearing another woman’s sexy panties.

I take my time licking her pussy, bringing her to edge of cumming several times but holding back. Wendy is begging me, “Please, I need something in my pussy”.

My heart is racing as I lick the head of the vibrator. As soon as it enters her, she will surely know what it is and knows that I would not have packed a toy in our luggage before flying.

I slide the thong to the side and rub her pussy with my fingers. I slide up the bed to kiss her so she can’t scream. Neither of us can take much more so I go for it.

I waste no time in filling her pussy with the large dildo that had been in her friend’s drawer. Wendy tries to protest but cannot with my tongue in her mouth. I quickly turn on the vibrator and rotating pearls.

Wendy is in heaven. She knows she’s being fucked by her best friend’s sex toy and is loving it. In no time, she has a powerful orgasm. I break my kiss, only to have her tell me she needs my cock in her mouth.

I feed my dick into her mouth as I continue playing with her pussy with the big toy. She’s licking my dick up and down so I pull the toy out and bring it to her mouth. She takes turns sucking my cock and the vibrator.

I can tell I’m about to come so I put the toy back inside her and turn it on high. She bears down on the vibrator and sucks my dick fast and hard.

She moans that she’s coming again and so am I. I fill her mouth with my cum, which she doesn’t like. She swallows every drop and looks hungry for more. I turn the toy off and get up to put it away before releasing Wendy from her restraints. She rolls over to kiss me and falls asleep, not realizing she’s still wearing Shannon’s black thong.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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