Good Morning?


Lovely morning?

Well it was until I woke up to the sound of a howling wind blowing through the house. Dust everywhere.

That awful red dust, that comes from the ploughed red soil country of the property over the river. If you get it on white clothes it is almost impossible to get out.

What a mistake it was to leave the doors and windows open last night. But it was so hot so humid I needed all the relief from the heat I could get.

I have to go out and check the sheep in the far paddock but if I do not get the house cleaned up quickly I will never be rid of the horrid red dust which penetrates into every nook and cranny through the carpets the towels absolutely everywhere! Everywhere!

The only solution is to try and get someone in to clean the house while I go and check the sheep. That is the trouble of living alone on the land far from town; it is so difficult to get domestic help; any domestic help of any sort..

I had heard that there was a new girl in town who might help with my problem. I telephoned my neighbour Tom and he informed me that she may be available as they had her in last week to help with the children when his wife Carol was sick and she mentioned to him that she did not have work this week.

Tom gave me her number and suggested I call her immediately as there may be others who had left their homes open to let the cool breeze in last night to try and escape the hot humid mid summer night.

Taking Tom’s advice I phoned her immediately. To my relief she answered the phone quickly and after I explained my problem she said she would be able to help out if I could come and pick her up in town and take her back after the work had been completed.

I readily agreed to this and set off for town in the trusty old Land Rover.

Sally was her name and she was waiting outside on the footpath for me as I pulled up beside old Mrs Smith’s boarding house.

Sally was much younger than I expected with lovely blue eyes and blonde hair. She was wearing a baggy shirt which concealed her breasts and a pair of faded old jeans which did not fit particularly well but did show that she had she had a slim waist and lovely hips.

She smiled at me as I leaned over to the passenger side of the Landy and opened the door for her, she slid into the vehicle and we set off back to my house.

I explained the situation that I would have to leave her alone in the house for most of the day while I went out to check the sheep.

She said that would not be a problem as she did not mind working alone at all.

We arrived back at the house and I showed Sally the daunting task she had in front of her

The evil red dust was everywhere covering all the furniture and floors, I got out the vacuum cleaner and the brooms and dust rags and all the other things required to get the job done.

Sally said “Don’t worry I shall be ok. I have seen dusty places some almost as bad as yours!”

“You can find an old T shirt in the draw in the bedroom and you can wear that if you don’t want to get your clothes covered in that infernal dust.”

“That is a good idea, thanks” she said with a grin.

“I will be at least four hours maybe longer there is plenty of food in the fridge and feel free to make your self at home.”

I set off with my trusty sheep dog ‘Daisy’ in the back of the Landrover to check the sheep.

Soon it will be lambing time and I want to be certain there are no flyblown sheep as you must leave the lambing ewes alone or they will become separated from their lambs and may not find them.

The road out the back was quite rough as the cattle always seem to walk down the roads in the wet and their hooves make an awful mess of black soil roads, so the trip out was even slower than I had thought it would be.

Eventually we got to the paddock and for once every thing looked pretty good. The water trough was full and the sheep were close by and ‘Daisy’ soon had them rounded up and I could only find a couple whom were flyblown and it took only a few minutes to catch them and dress the flyblown patches of wool.

In good spirit I set off for home, a little earlier than I had expected and what I had told Sally.

I arrived home and tied Daisy up and gave her fresh water and filled her food bowl up with what she considered the best dog food. She is a very particular dog and has always steadfastly refused to eat what she thinks is inferior food.

I could hear the vacuum cleaner buzzing away as Sally was no doubt diligently cleaning the carpets and floor.

I called out loudly as I opened the door not wanting to frighten her.

There in front of me was Sally with out a stitch of clothing on, vacuuming the floor!

She looked so lovely! Her blond shoulder length hair, her lovely red lips; blue sparkling eyes as she pushed the cleaner backwards and forwards doing the cleaning job.

Her breasts were not large but looked exquisite, with lovely pert nipples. Her slim waist and lovely hips, beautiful ass long legs.

Certainly the loveliest creature which etiler escort had been in my old house; for a very, very long time.

I guess I just stood there staring at her in wonderment looking and her lovely feminine body.

I could feel my cock getting hard and uncomfortably pressing against the confining restricted space of my underpants.

Sally just turned and looked at me in surprise and then smiled…….”Hi” she said.

I guess I must have looked somewhat stunned and stammered “Err…Hi” to her.

She blushed, I guess realizing she had nothing on “I did not expect you back so soon!”

“No” I said, “I had a really quick trip, the sheep were very easy to find and very little was wrong with them and Daisy and I got the job done very quickly.

“I better get some clothes on hadn’t I?” she said.

“No need if you are comfortable like that, it is a fairly hot day and I have seen all of you there is to see.”

(Well I hadn’t really she was side on to me.)

“OK” she said, “I love working naked”

“I am going to have a shower; I spilled a little dip on my arms and legs and really need to get it off pretty quickly.”

Sally was staring at me, looking down at my crotch and at the all too obvious bulge in my pants.

My cock was almost bursting to get free of my clothes it was so hard.

I self-consciously reached down to adjust it as it was a tad painful how it was so restrained.

Sally was smiling at my obvious discomfort. I reach down and adjusted my erection to a slightly more comfortable position.

Sally started to laugh!

I looked at her; her nipples were now hard and pointing forward obviously she was becoming as excited as I was.

She turned off the vacuum cleaner and came over to me.

She undid my belt and unclipped my jeans and pulled them down with some difficulty untangled my throbbing cock and pulled it free of the clothes. It was standing hard and erect I cannot remember it being so hard, it was throbbing in anticipation.

Sally knelt down and holding my throbbing shaft in her dainty hands as she gently kissed the very tip of my penis with her lips. My penis twitched at the gentle touch of her lips, she looked up at me and kissed the tip again with such a light silken touch, my body quivered and I pushed my body towards her trying to force my penis into her mouth.

She realised what I was going to do and moved her lips back. The suspense was torture my penis ached for fulfilment but Sally was having nothing of it…she was going to drag out the exquisite torture of unfulfilled desire for as long as she possibly could.

A droplet of pre-cum formed at the tip of my glans and Sally reached forward and licked it up with great precision barely touching the tip of my penis.

I removed my shirt and reached down and gently caressed her shoulders.

She lent forward and took the glans of my penis into her mouth and licked it with a feather touch of her lips she pulled her mouth back. Teasing me; with the feather like touch of her lips.

I wanted to shove my cock hard down her throat, but she stood up quickly; smiled at me and kissed me on the lips.

Her tongue forced its way into my mouth mingling with mine and her lips sucking the breath from my lungs.

We kissed hard and sloppily as we each held each others bodies together with much force.

I could feel her breasts being compressed against my chest which was heaving with breathless desire.

The sexual tension was unbearable.

Her hands were around my body and I could feel her finger nails digging into my shoulders.

My hands gripped her back and I slid one down and squeezed one cheek her ass.

My throbbing cock was pressing hard against her tummy.

She was pulling her body against mine with far more force than I would have felt she was capable of. I slid my other hand down and squeezed her other ass cheek too.

I lifted her from the floor and pushed her ass against the wall and lifted her body up and slid my cock against the lips of her cunt.

She wrapped her legs around my waist pulling our bodies together.

I could feel the heat of her cunt it was so hot, her body throbbing with lustful desire.

I could not take any more of this sexual torture and thrust my cock hard and with much force into her cunt.

It slid in so easily.

She screamed out, “Fuuuuccckkkkkk!!!!!!”

She was so wet and so hot.

Her cunt was throbbing I could feel it squeezing my cock.

So slippery so wet, I pulled my cock back and rammed it back into her ….again and again as hard as I could….

She was squeezing my body to hers with her legs which were wrapped around my waist

Her arms were holding her body to mine and her nails were impaled into my back.

In and out I thrust as if my life depended upon it.

Her cunt squeezing my cock each time I thrust into her, so wet so slippery but with such force, how a cunt could have such strength I did etimesgut escort not know!

She could squeeze so hard I thought she could squish my cock.

Each thrust of mine; she met with a very hard squeeze of my cock, we were both breathing so hard the sweat was dripping of both of us as I impaled her against the wall, again and again.

Pushing into her. Pulling back…only do it all again and again.

Trying to nail her to the wall; with my cock.

I could feel my orgasm approaching…I tried to slow it but to no avail so much desire so much lust, I kept on thrusting into her harder and harder.

She was moaning,”Mmmmmm…Mmmmmm. Fuck me! Fuck me!”

My cock twitched and throbbed then jerked suddenly.

I could feel my sperm squirting out into her I pulled her body to mine as if trying to push into her even deeper.

Her cunt responded squeezing the last drop of sperm from my penis as her body quivered with desire for filled

I could feel the moisture seeping around my penis against my body she was so wet!

I held her there against the wall my cock still in her cunt not quite as hard as before but not flaccid either, not that I could much else her legs were still gripping me around my waist.

She just held onto my body panting to get her breath back, her nails still pressed into my shoulder and back, I could feel the blood on my back where she had pressed her fingernails into my body.

I stepped back, and my cock slipped from her cunt.

I stood back and for the first time really saw her body front on.

She looked so hot!

So deliciously wicked, her hair dishevelled. I could see the sweat dripping from her, from her nipples, her breasts and the rest of her body covered in moisture her body so slippery.

I reached forward and held her in my arms.

She held me to, much gentler than before.

I lifted her up in my arms and carried her to the bathroom.

I turned on the shower and carefully adjusted the taps to have the water at a good temperature. Not to hot….not too cold just right.

We both got under the spray of the shower, letting the tepid water wash the sweat from our bodies and relaxing out muscles, legs and arms.

We just stood under the water holding each other gently.

After what seamed to be a short time we got out of the shower and dried each other with the soft fluffy towels I fortunately had on hand.

Gently dabbing the water droplets from her body caressing her breasts her ass, her legs with the towel felt very comforting and nice.

I looked at her, she looked back at me……..”I think that is enough work for today, can you stay the night?”

She gazed back at me. Thinking of what she really should be doing, but gave into temptation and said “That will be ok, I really do not have anything really important I should be doing.”

I said, “That is great, lets us have a few drinks, I feel quite thirsty now.”

“Do you drink wine? That is about all I have in the fridge at the moment. I really was not expecting company.”

Still naked she looked at me and said,”Shouldn’t we get dressed?”

“There is not likely to be anyone calling by, I would rather look at your naked body really!”

My penis was starting to get hard again and she was staring at it, watching it intently as it slowly engorged and enlarged quite considerably. I looked at her and she licked her lips.

I went to the fridge and got out a bottle of white wine, nothing really special, but it did not taste too bad. I got two glasses and filled them and placed them on the table and indicated to a chair for her to sit.

She sat down and took her glass in her hand and looked at me, very intently. As if she was working out what she should do or say.

I raised my glass and clinked hers, “Cheers”, I said which was really a pretty lame thing to say.

She said “Cheers” back to me.

We silently drank our glasses of wine and I poured another, and another.

I got another bottle of wine from the fridge and a cold bottle of cold clear water.

I poured a glass of water, and we drank that.

Then a few more glasses of wine…I guess we were both pretty drunk by now but it had been a wonderful day and we had nothing on our minds but to enjoy each others company.

The sun was setting and I suggested we go out on the veranda and watch the darkness arrive and the stars come out.

I had always loved watching the stars arrive as darkness falls, very romantic I thought.

We sat down on a couch on the veranda beside each other, not touching just close enough to feel each others body heat. It was summer and summer here can be very hot even at night.

We had had a lot to drink and my bladder was quite full, I really needed a piss but did not want to disrupt the moment as the darkness fell and the crickets began to chirp. Some frogs down at the dam started croaking…..evening in the bush is not quite.

I reached out and took Sally’s hand in mine and gently squeezed etlik escort it. She squeezed mine back; it was really nice just sitting there in the twilight naked and holding hands like innocent children.

She whispered to me, “I really need to pee……..really I do.”

I squeezed her hand, “You sure?”

“Yes” she said.

“I need to piss too, but I don’t want to spoil the moment it feels so good sitting here holding your hand.”

I know I probably shouldn’t have but I reached down and filled both our glasses with cool water.” Have a drink it may take your mind off wanting to pee.”

It felt so good really wanting to pee and resisting the urge!

She took her glass and drank the water in almost one gulp, I did the same.

I put my glass down and took her hand again in mine.

Her hand was trembling, I looked at her it was a little hard to read her expression as it was quite dark now.

I could feel her squirming upon the couch, I guess I was the same I really had to pee, I knew I would not be able to hold on for much longer.

I reached around and placed a hand on each side of her waist and whispered to her. Not really sure why I whispered but it seemed the proper way to bring up such a taboo subject in this part of the world in which I live.

“I have always wanted a woman to piss on me, but I guess I have always been afraid to ask! I know it is really kinky but it is something I have always wanted”

She looked at me, “You do? You DO!!”

I looked at her…………”Yes, I mmmmeerrr yes I do”

“Does it repulse you?” I asked fearing I had upset her.

“No, It is something I have wanted to do secretly deep down in the dark recesses of my thoughts. I never knew any one who I could talk about this before”

“I want you to piss on my cock, fill my belly button with pee and spray my chest and let me drink from your cunt!”

I got up and taking her by the hand I lay down on the wooden floor so the light from the kitchen outlined her body as she stood over me.

She knelt down and straddling my hips she started to piss, slowly at first the golden droplets dripped on my cock gradually the drops became a gently spray and then as if a dam had burst it became a gush! A torrential downpour drowning my cock in warm golden fluid she arched her back and the torrent soon filled my belly button and she moved up wards spraying my chest and then my mouth., In moments my mouth was full of her salty warm wine, I swallowed a huge mouthful and then another and another.

How exotically wicked I felt, the warmness felt wonderful, the taste beyond imagination.

But in my pleasure I started to splutter and cough I had not taken care where her juice was going!!

Fortunately her supply ran out at that time, my body was drenched in her piss, so warm and nice I felt.

The floor all around me was covered with her piss.

I looked up at her smiling face; she obviously had enjoyed pissing on me.

“My turn now” and I got up on my feet and she lay down on the warm piss she had covered the floor and my body with.

My bladder was bursting with the need to piss I could not hold back for a moment longer. I started to piss, I aimed carefully and pissed on her cunt; the jet of pee sprayed right from the bottom of her slit up to her clit then up to her belly further up I sprayed each nipple in turn, they were hard now; very hard.

I peed on her lips and she parted them so I could piss in her mouth…….carefully I sprayed away occasionally so she could breathe as I filled her mouth with my warm fluid.

I found it was becoming hard to keep pissing as my cock was getting hard very hard.

I lay down on top of her and pressed my cock deep into the damp cavern of her cunt.

She grabbed my ass with her hands and pulled me down deeper into her wanting me needing me. As I was thrusting into her I kissed her salty pee flavoured lips, I could taste my piss in her mouth as I kissed her and licked her cheeks.

She was pinching my ass as I thrust into her.

Then suddenly she pushed me back…….I did not understand!

She whispered to me “I want you to fuck my ass”

I looked down at her, “You sure?”

“Yes” “Yes”

I pulled my cock out of her cunt her juices were flowing out of her so wet she was my cock was coated with her fluid.

She turned over on her knees and arms with her ass thrust in the air.

I carefully positioned my throbbing cock against her ass hole and pushed into her dark cavern.

I was excited I had never fucked anyone up the ass before it was a new experience for me.

I thrust into her deep in, I did not know if she was experiencing any pain but she did not say a word only moaned as I thrust in and out of her ass.

She was responding to my inward thrusts by pushing back against me, my balls were banging into her body as I thrust into her.

I could feel my orgasm approaching, my body shuddered and I pumped what was left of my sperm deep up her ass……My cock was quivering as the last drops squirted into her.

I just lay there with my cock deep up her hot tight ass, my hands around her waist just holding her.

The tension in my body relaxed and I had a sudden urge to pee……my cock was still up her ass…..I did not know what to do. Should I pull out of her? Should I piss in her?

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