Giantess on the Subway


Jake entered the Subway and turned left. The carriage was full, so he had to walk for a bit until he found a place to stand. As soon as the train got moving, he noticed something. A tall woman. Very tall, at that. Jake guessed around 6’4″. She stood with her back to a glass pane dividing rows of seats, facing away from Jake. His stop was still a while away, and the subway continued emptying. He reached his stop and got off. Looking back, he saw her still standing where she stood before.

The next day he took the subway home again. The carriage was not as full this time, so he quickly found a seat. Just before he sat down, he saw her again – standing exactly where she stood yesterday. Instead of taking a seat, he decided to get a closer look. As he approached her from behind he couldn’t help but notice her beautiful blonde hair cascading down her shoulders. The closer he moved, the taller she seemed to be. He wasn’t short, at 5’10”, but somehow this woman towered above him. He walked past her and continued taking a couple steps before coming to a halt. He turned around to finally see her face.

Angelic would have been an understatement. Her light blue eyes and high cheek bones gave her face a dream-like beauty. He guessed her to be in her mid 20s. He quickly looked away before she might catch him staring. But he felt that she noticed anyway. Every now and then he’d glance over to her, unable to resist the temptation. The subway emptied further. Two stops before he had to get off, he noticed her moving. Moving towards him. The seats near him were empty. She sat down on the window seat.

This was the first time that Jake got a good look at her. He looked at her through the reflection in the window so she wouldn’t notice. The first thing that caught his eyes was her size. The size of her ass, more specifically. It took up her entire seat and almost half of the seat next to her. His eyes moved down to her thighs, which were just as impressively massive. Not fat. Massive.

She wore very tight leather pants and a leather jacket, which ballooned out in front of her chest.

He heard his stop being announced, but something came over him. Perhaps confidence, perhaps pure lust. He erzincan escort decided not to get off, but to instead sit next to her.

As passengers moved towards the exits, he sat down on the seat directly next to hers. She shuffled away from him to try to give him more space, but that didn’t help much. It took him a while before he had gathered enough confidence to initiate a conversation. He looked up at her: “I’ve seen you a few times already. Do you also go to uni?” Suddenly he realized how embarrassing this was for him. She was miles out of his league. But her response was warmer than he expected: “No, but I’m a freelance artist and travel a lot.” She looked down at him and gave him a grin.

“What kind of artist?”

“Well, let’s just say it has something to do with my height.”

“So you’re a model?”

“I guess you could say that. You think you can guess how tall I am? Nobody ever guesses correctly.”

He was startled by her sudden playfulness.

“When I saw you standing you seemed really tall. I’ll guess six foot… Uh, four.” She shook her head.

“Oh, come on. You can do better.”

“Fine. Six five.”

“Getting closer…”

“Taller than six foot five? No way.”

“Yes way. I’m six foot seven barefoot.”

“Six foot seven? That’s pretty, uh… tall.”

His gaze drifted down to her shoes, which cleary had platforms.

She noticed and said: “You’re wondering how tall these are, right?”


“They’re four inches.” She laughed and gave him a playful jab with her elbow.

He was still having trouble processing all this.

“So you’re saying that… With these shoes you’re seven foot.”

“That’s right. Seven foot even. Isn’t that cool?”

“You’re really confident about your height.”

She bent down, put her arm around him, pulled him close to her, and whispered in his ear:

“That’s not the only thing I’m confident about.”

Jake noticed that the carriage had emptied and they were the only passengers except for another woman who was facing away from them, with headphones on. Jake gulped. He had never taken the subway this far. He had no idea when the next erzurum escort station came.

She was still holding him tightly against her when his eyes landed between her thighs. He almost screamed when he saw the bulge in her pants.

“Oh, so you finally noticed? Took you long enough.”

While still holding him against her with her left hand, she began stroking herself through her pants with her right.

He began stammering. “Is that… a…”

“Cock? Yeah. And it’s pretty excited. Do you want to touch it? I know you want to touch it.”

He hated it, but she was right. He was oddly fascinated. He slowly reached for it. She took her arm away to let him move more freely. When he touched her hard cock through her trousers she let out a soft moan. She picked him up with ease and placed him between her thighs. Her legs locked around his hips, trapping him.

Then she began to unzip her pants.

Jake tried to protest. “Wait. What are you doing?”

She looked him dead in the eye and said: “I need this right now. If you’re not gonna give me what I need, I’m taking it by force.”

Chills went down Jake’s spine. He had no choice but to do what she said.

Her cock sprang out of her pants and immediately stood at full height. “How long do you think it is?”

Jake was afraid to answer that question. Luckily he didn’t have to.

“It’s 12 inches. Impressive, huh?”, she said while gently stroking it.

“Yeah…” Jake was lost in fear and lust at the same time. Her cock was impossibly thick, too.

“Give it a kiss.” He leaned forward and made contact with his lips. He licked up her precum, which had a sweet taste.

“Mmhhh…” Her eyes rolled back in their sockets as she leaned back in pleasure.

“But I need to warm up first.”

She stood up and walked past Jake, her massive rod swaying in front of her.

“Where are you going?” Jake somehow felt empty.

“Stay where you are.”

She continued walking towards the woman who was seated facing away, wearing headphones. Jake couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

She walked right up to the woman, grabbed her by her shirt with her left hand, lifted esat escort her two feet off the ground, and tore off her pants with her right. The woman struggled in mid air but stood absolutely no chance. Jake couldn’t help himself and ran towards them. He saw her slam the woman down on the ground and kneel over her, her massive thighs closing around the woman’s hips. She began pushing her huge cock into the woman’s pussy. The woman screamed and struggled, but it was useless. Her rod inched further in until it was fully buried inside. The woman passed out in the meantime, her belly bloated outwards by the huge cock inside her.

Jake couldn’t hold back and unzipped his pants. He began wildly jacking himself off to the brutal sight.

Before beginning to fuck the woman, she reached to her pocket. She pulled out her phone and started taking pictures of the woman’s bloated belly. She then took off her own clothes, one by one. Jake watched in shock as she took off her shirt, which revealed the largest breasts he had ever seen.

“Wow…” He stammered.

“Oh, these? They’re only double P cups. Custom made. Really tight.” She took off her huge bra and threw it at Jake. He caught it and held the huge thing out in front of him. She put her phone back in her pocket and placed her hands on the woman’s shoulders. She began pumping in and out, slowly getting quicker until she was ramming her cock at full force. Unable to hold back, Jake came. He shot his load all over the woman pinned down. Shortly after, she came as well. Jake thought his cumshot was rather large since he hadn’t jacked off in a while, but nothing could compare to what he was about to see. Before she came, she arched her back, lifting the impaled woman off the ground with her cock alone. Then she came. The woman’s belly expanded out even further as cumshots filled her. So much so that the copious amounts of cum began leaking out. After half a minute, the ejaculation ended. The woman’s belly was now filled with a heavy liquid sloshing inside her.

Before pulling her cock out, she took a few more pictures with her phone.

“These are some good pictures. Can’t wait to load these up.”

She stood up and towered over Jake. He was at eye level with her bust.

“Liked what you saw?”

But he was unable to respond. His eyes were fixed on her cock, which didn’t shrink down one bit. In fact it seemed like it had gotten larger.

“We’re only getting started.”

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