Fuzzy Flight Pt. 02


This story is part 2 of my first story, “Fuzzy Flight”. I recommend reading that first.

After we had landed and had docked at the appropriate boarding bridge, there was a general rush to leave the plane. On my arm I carried the lovely thick and heavy knitted coat for my mature blonde travel-mate on her suggestion. That was a good thing, as it hid the big wet stain on the front of my trousers from her expert hand-job during the flight.

She led the way and I followed close behind. Judging by the smirking of one of the on-board hostess bidding us farewell I must have looked like an eager puppy. I guess I was. Eager, that is. I did not want to say goodbye to the enticing, seductive blonde in her lovely fuzzy sweater-dress, and carrying her coat postponed the moment when we would have to go our separate ways, at least for a bit.

Travelling by air saves time, but somehow much of the saved time is spent on walking great distances to and from gates at the airport. And the labyrinth layout of modern airports are often made further complicated by redecoration and new construction. So it was also this time. In addition to the steady bustle of travellers hurrying to and from, there were workmen everywhere erecting new section walls and constructing new shops and counters all over. But my companion seemed to know her way about.

As we turned a couple of sharp bends, my new friend suddenly grabbed my arm and pulled me through a small opening between two large fibreboard wall-sections. We entered a small boarded-up space that would soon become an information desk or car rental counter, but now was deserted with a bare and unfinished look. On the other side of the fibreboard – just a few feet away – busy travellers were walking, talking or loafing about. From the other side of the back walls of the confined space we could hear the intermittent whine of electric tools, workmen elazığ escort talking and a transistor radio play some of the latest hits.

But my blonde companion seemed unaware of all of this. She piled our carry-on luggage in a corner, put the coat on top, pulled me close and whispered in my ear:

“We have unfinished business. You came – and I didn’t …”

She unbuttoned my shirt and raked her red talons down my chest. She also unbuckled my trousers to feel my growing cock, giving it a few tugs to egg me on. Quite unnecessary, as I was already so excited and eager to do anything she would request from me. No-one had made me feel so excited at any time before. Being alone here with her in the semi-darkness, knowing sex was imminent, was an absolute turn-on. And knowing that there were masses of strangers all around us, only a few feet away, made it all the more titillating.

She reached under the hem of her dress, whipped down her knickers in one swift movement and kicked them away with a sexy swing with her booted foot. She then laid her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down. I obediently knelt before her and caressed her hips. The soft thick wool of her sweater-dress covering her hips felt so nice to the touch, and I pressed my face against her belly. She placed her hands on the top of my head and directed me further down, her sharp nails digging into my neck and egging me on. I buried my face in the soft folds of her sweater and the valley between her legs. She began to sway her hips and grind her crotch against my face. The woollen garment was lush and warm and tickling against my cheek. She rotated slowly before me slowly, relishing the admiring noises coming from and the caressing hands belonging to the admiring young man kneeling before her. Leaning against the counter, she pushed out her round bottom, and I held her hips and buried my elvankent escort face in the crack between her soft buttocks.

Ever so slowly, she raised the hem of her sweater-dress. I had loved to feel the soft, but also slightly scratchy texture of the ribbed hem of her woollen dress against my naked cheeks, but I also longed to feel her naked flesh.

There was not much light in the small space where we hid from the bustling masses, but some rays of light came in through cracks between the building boards. But I did not need any light to find her soft buttocks and push my face into the crack between them.

“Lick me – kiss me down there”, she panted, and I obliged … gladly. I did not have much sexual experience, but instinct took over. I found that I loved to be just here, on my knees, worshipping a sexy mature woman’s ass. I planted loving kisses all over her soft flesh, but she was so keen, so eager, so impatient and wiggled her ass against my face. I stuck out my tongue and licked the crack between her ass-cheeks again and again, up and down all the way, smelling my way and seeking out her asshole. I stuck out my tongue and pressed it against her sphincter, which relaxed and allowed me, when I craned my neck as much as I could, grabbed her hips and pressed my face into the crack between her buttocks, to stick it into the first half-inch or so of her asshole.

It was a strange experience and very thrilling. Had someone, just a few days ago, suggested to me that I should eat out a mature woman’s ass, I would have been disgusted, but now it just felt right, and good, and oh so exciting. I felt I would like to stay like this, in the dark, on the floor, licking and sucking on the asshole of a sexy, mature and quite demanding woman, forever. It was not dirty. Oh well, it was dirty, but in a very exciting way. And it was an appropriate eryaman escort token of my admiration of her; a proof of my total submission to her demands and wishes. In short, it felt just right.

My hands were all over her, caressing her legs in her sexy, knee-high calfskin boots, stroking her thighs and finding their way towards the soft, wet spot between her legs. She placed her legs further apart and rested her head on her arms on the counter. This made it possible for me to crawl under her, in between her legs, getting easier access to those intriguing places. Areas I knew from erotic magazines, but had little actual experience of.

My tongue travelled down the crack towards her pussy. I found it easier to sit on the floor between her legs, my back towards the counter, raise my mouth and suck on her open pussy, lick her labia and tickle her clit with the tip of my tongue. My cock had grown thick, and I had one knee on each side of one of her feet, and I was slowly humping her leg like an eager puppy dog.

She was now moaning into her arms. I let my hands roam all over her ass-cheeks and down her thighs. As I first sucked on her clit and then stuck my tongue as far into her pussy as I possibly could, her legs began to tremble, and when I slowly inserted a finger into her anus whilst worshipping her pussy, she came with a load cry followed by muffled moans. My face was glistening wet with my saliva and her pussy juices. There was also a hint of fresh urine. It was a new taste for me; a salty blend, but also thoroughly intoxicating. I was hooked. She tasted so good. I knew I needed more of this – as often as it was humanly possible.

I was also wet between the legs – again. My cock had spurted fresh semen over her booted foot, and now it also trickled down and stained my trousers again. My travel-mate found her knickers and put them back on and straightened her dress. Apart from blushing cheeks, she looked composed and calm, as if nothing had happened. She grinned when she discovered my plight.

“I think you need to hold on to my coat. You cannot show yourself like that. Perhaps you should carry it for me all the way home?”

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