Friday Night


We meet for coffee, just like we have every Wednesday evening for the last year. Both of seeking a dominant person in our lives we view ourselves as kindred spirits…like brother and sister. We confide in one another, comfort each other and kick each other in the butt when we screw up.

We both are off early today and got there before the rest of the crowd so we sit and talk amongst ourselves. It’s like we have known each other our entire lives…but two subs…that doesn’t work and we know it…forever friends/siblings that’s where we are and will probably always be.

You remember I was going out to a new place last Friday night and haven’t spoken to me since so you take this quiet moment to see what I thought of the new place.

I sigh and shake my head…and begin with: “You aint gonna believe this but it was one of those crazy nights…” It turns out the place I wanted to go was closed so I checked some of the local scene sites and kept coming up empty…nothing on this side of town…none for single guys unless you wanted to pay an arm and a leg. I was striking out. I figured if I was gonna pay a lot of money for a club and a chance to get a little action I might as well just look on CL and pay for a sure thing. Well that seemed like a reasonable thought as I sat in my car in the parking lot of a now abandoned club.

So I plowed through the ads…no she’s not even real…who uses someone else’s pictures anyway…why am I even considering this…all these thoughts running through my head. Then I spot an ad for a little bar…it’s the casual encounters section? Yep its a simple head line in Spanish it just says “join me for a few drinks” and has a picture of some boiled shrimp. The text of the ad is just the address. I figured what the hell…I speak enough Spanish to order a beer and some grub…and you know how I do love my latinas…and as an added bonus it just around the corner from where I work so if it turns out to be half way decent I at least have a place I can grav a quick beer after work…what could go wrong?

So I pull up to this little hole in the wall place and really have to double check the address both in the ad and my phone…it’s it really small. I can hear some music coming from inside and I see they have the regular door held open so I can see through the screen door I am at a bar and not some abandoned building.

I went in and surveyed the room as I walked to the bar.there were three ladies plus the bartender at the bar. There were two guys sitting off in the corner they acknowledged me with that universal man gesture…the head nod…cool little place.

I get to the bar…the bartender is beautiful. Just the way I like them: killer brown eyes, dark hair with blond highlights and a perfect olive complexion. She was short too…but her legs were perfectly proportioned as was her entire body for that matter. Everything was cash only and in bottles…limited selection but they did have some Shiner Bock so it seemed I would survive just fine.

The three ladies at the bar…a total hat trick! All three of them were beautiful! I thought to myself what are the odds. But I say hat trick because it was one of each: one latina, one black and one Asian. All three beautiful in their own ways.

As I sit drinking my beer I catch the eye of the Latina…well more like she caught me staring at denizli escort her and smiling. She slid off the stool and came along side me. She asked if I wanted a little company. I told her sure I would be honored to have such a lovely lady sit with me. Her hand gently caressing my shoulder and across my back as she move to the empty stool beside me. It was like she knew me some how and knew exactly how to touch me for maximum effect.

I was thinking to myself she had to be a hookers or something. Ladies like this just don’t come up to guys like me but hey I wasn’t going to argue with her, she was stunning and willing to sit with me.

So I buy her a drink and we talk for a while. I was really playing dumb…I didn’t want to let on what I thought she was because she was a very pleasant person to be with. She was very disarming and had me very relaxed as we talked about everything.

She asked if I shoot pool…I told her I wasn’t bad…I loved to play and have my moments but a pool shark I am not. She laughed…such a beautiful smile…what the fuck is she doing here?! That’s all I kept asking myself as I fell more and more for her.

We started playing pool and she was pretty good. I think she was better than she let on because I watched her make some incredible shots then boff some easy ones that would have put the game away. She clearly wanted me to win. So we went back and forth her playing down to my level but getting much better at hiding it as each game passed. I would win one then she would…we talked and drank while we played. She was getting more flirty as the evening went on…gentle caresses…brushing her sexy body against mine when we trade spots at the pool table.

Things went on like this for quite a while. The bartender making the rounds…settling up with the two guys in the corner and they left. So it was just me and 4 of the most beautiful women. I have seen in a very long time. My lovely Latina…her name was Diana, told me the bar tender was her sister and that she had placed the ad hoping to draw some customers. I chuckled and told her: “well it worked for me…not sure if that’s good or bad..” She quickly closed the distance between us and whispered in my ear: “I think it is very good” and then groped my ass and kissed my neck.

I heard the main door close and turned to see the bartender lock the bolt and smile at me. The other two ladies started toward the table as well and I turned my back on Diana for just a second to take in the rest of the situation. I wasn’t sure what was about to happen bit I realized it involed me and from the door being locked…we were not going to be interrupted. I felt Diana press against me then pushed me over the table. The other two girls grabbed my arms and held me there. Diana quickly unbundled my belt, unbuttoned my pants and had them and my underwear at my ankles before I could protest.

She smacked my ass and giggled. Then she liked my ass…her tongue worked into my hole as she skillfully reached between my legs and played with my cock and balls. I began to relax. She moaned a little as I did and her tongue went deeper.

She then lubed her fingers and started working them into me. I was very tight at first but she knew what she was doing and in a matter of moments she had me opening up like a $12 whore. She pulled her fingers out of dikimevi escort me and I moaned a little. She knew I was really enjoying her working my prostate. If my throbbing hard on and slutty moaning didn’t give it away the streamers of precum dripping from me cock certainly were a clue.

She laughed at my situation. There I was pants around my ankles moaning like a total butt slut for a woman I knew nothing of other than her name and what she told me earlier that evening. Then I felt her come close to me again…all I could do was say: “Oh Fuck!” I felt her cock press against my well lubed and loosened ass. It slid right in. I was totally surprised by this…and I instinctively pressed back against her taking her full length into me.

She smacked me ass and told me I was a good slut and was going to be the fuck toy for all the ladies in the bar. She fucked my ass and I felt her cock growing…throbbing…I knew she was about to cum. I felt her stiffen and press deeper into me. Her friends were still holding my arms but I was offering no resistance. I felt her hot cum shoot inside of me…she was fucking me bareback.

Diana asked if I was going to behave and I told her I would obey. She said good slut and her friends released my arms. The black girl said she was next. i remained bent over the pool table ready to receive her. I thought I was going to die when she lifter her short skirt revealing her cock. She was huge. She added a little lube and began easing her cock into me. It slid in very easily because Diana had already stretched me out quite a bit and her cum was also acting as lube. She stopped when she just had her massive head inside my ass and asked if I knew her name. I didn’t so she told me her name was Miss Tammy and I was to refer to her as that at all times.

She asked if I was ready to be her bitch I replied: “Yes Miss Tammy, please make me your bitch.” She chuckled a little and said she liked that and gently slid into me. She fucked me so gently I was amazed at how good it felt to be so full of cock.

I rock in rhythm with her. Slightly squeezing her cock with my ass as we pulled apart. She moaned with pleasure and said I as a very cock hungry slut. She asked what I wanted. I was so fucking horny…I said I wanted to cum…she said not yet I wasn’t finished. She sped up pressing deeper into me with each thrust and I pressed back against her matching her. I could feel her size deep inside of me…her heavy ball bumping my aching balls with each deep thrust. I kept milking her cock…I wanted her to cum.

She changed her rhythm and started grunting a little. She was getting close. I started being for her cum: “Please cum in me Miss Tammy…please…I need your seed. I am such a slut. Please cum in me.”

That pushed her over the edge. I felt her explode inside of me. She pumped what felt like a gallon of cum into me I could feel her throbbing and pumping cum for almost a full minute. She grew limp and slid out of me.

Finally came Mya, the lovely Asian. She had me flip and lay on my back. She said she wanted to watch as my precum puddles on my belly rather than making a mess on the floor. As I flipped I noticed the bartender had been recording at least a portion of the evening’s events.

Mya slid right into me and started fucking fast and furious. No additional dikmen escort lube since I had already taken so much cum tonight. She knew exactly what she was doing. Each of her thrusts put the perfect amount of pressure on my prostate. She knew she was pushing me closer to an orgasm and each time I would get close she would stop and enjoy my little spasms. She wasn’t as large as either Diana or Tammy but she was still pretty large.

I mindlessly reached down to stroke my cock and she slapped my hand and said not yet.

She fucked me the longest but was the most vocal when she finally flooded my ass with her cum. She took her finger and fed me my precum and I sucked her fingers clean.

Finally Holly, the bartender, came to me and lifted her skirt. She was all woman…no cock there just beautiful pussy. As she climbed onto the pool table with me and straddled me I thought for just a moment she was going to fuck me. I thought to myself “please no” I knew I had to make her cum too and I couldn’t possibly hold out that long. I was thankful when she got down on her knees over my face.

I inhaled deeply and could tell she was definitely excited with the show so far. I could see her soft smooth lips glistening with her juices. She lowered herself onto my face and I began licking her lips. I used just enough pressure to let my tongue part them. I didn’t enter her…just teased a little. She rocked forward and I took her clit into my mouth. It didn’t take me long to bring her to the brink. I sucked on her clit hard and flicked my tongue back and forth over it. She moaned and fucked my face. I held on to her smooth thighs and kept my lips locked on her clit. As she started to cum I opened my mouth fully…she squirted right into my mouth. Not a lot but certainly a mouthful.

She slid off me and kissed me on my lips. Her tongue just touching my lips…tasting her own cum.

Diana said I was going to cum soon as she came up onto the pool table with me and crawled over me so we were lined up cock to mouth…both of us. She said she was going to teach me to suck her cock…all I had to do was do whatever she was doing to me.

She took my aching cock into her soft hand and brought the tip to her lips. I did the same. Then she explored my head with her tongue. She was moving very slowly…giving me time to both enjoy the sensation and mimic it. I twirled my tongue around the head of her swollen cock and then she began lowering herself into my mouth. As she did this she took my cock deeper into her mouth. She began bobbing her head and thrusting gently into my mouth. I reached up and grabbed her hips. I pulled her down onto me. I wanted her to know one thing. I was her slut and wanted her cum! I swallowed as much of her cock as I could. She throat fucked me…I was gagging but wouldn’t let her pull out. I needed her cum. She began to cum and pulled back. She wanted me to taste her cum I let her fill my mouth with cum. I swallowed it all…drinking her cum.

She kept sucking my throbbing cock…and I finally shot the largest load of cum I think I have ever shot. She kept sucking…Pulling more cum from me. I finally grew limp and she quietly turned around to face me. She kissed me and as her tongue split my lips I opened my mouth and she shared my load with me. We swapped my load back and forth then both swallowed it.

She said I was a good slut but needed more training. she said Holly and the others have been recording the entire evening and unless I wanted to be outed as a cum slut I would report to the bar every Friday night until they got bored with me. I said: “Yes ma’am, as you wish…”

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