Flowers in Her Hair Ch. 14



Victor asked sheepishly, “So about that idea of consummating our marriage tonight…I guess-“

Linda scowled, crossed her hands, and asked him, “Well let’s see…what do you think? Have you earned it?” She answered her own question with an emphatic “No, there will be no release for you. You are staying in prison Victor!”

While the couple argued, Brad had changed into shorts and muscle shirt and was heading out to the gym to work out. Linda could not help herself but to stop him and give him a long passionate kiss. He cupped her ass from behind while fondling her breasts. Victor stared at the incredible scene unfolding in front of him. Finally she relented and let him go. “Brad, before you go, would you be a darling and get the cane and the paddle for me?” She continued to stare at Victor sternly as she said it.

“Sure of course. Tell me where they are, sweetheart?”

“In my bag, side pocket,” she replied matter of fact, tapping her foot while continuing to stare at her husband. Victor focused away from her stern gaze. Soon he saw her muscular lover return from the bedroom.

He handed the instruments to her, turned to Victor and quipped, “Too bad it had to come to this, buddy. You should have known better.” Victor acknowledged his fault.

After Brad left, Linda proceeded to tie her hapless husband down to his bed and again spank his bottom very hard. She did it with a firm attitude, delivering cebeci escort a punishment clearly intended for reforming. Victor suffered several rounds of intense paddlings, given out in doses of 10 on the same side. He was remorseful from the onset, and increasingly regretful as the punishment progressed. At one point he begged Linda to stop, pleading that he had learned his lesson. “Need a break, husband?” She paused to stroke his enflamed bottom for a few moments. She then took up the much feared cane, swished it around in the air, and traced the tip of the cane down Victor’s back to his buttocks. Then she repositioned herself at his side and continued to whip his poor bottom with the cane. She gave him another twenty swats on each side, the first 10 moderately firmly, the next 5 fairly hard, and the last 5 with full force. The paddling had left his entire buttocks generally sore, but the cane created a painfully embarrassing criss-cross of welts on his bottom. It left him in a regretful state of tenderness after having just recovered a day ago.

She untied him and watched as he stood up from the bed. She handed him a pink and black mini-skirt with matching lace panties, teasing him, “You couldn’t take it like a man, could you? You had to beg me to stop, so this is what you get to wear now.” Victor put the skirt and panties on as told, simply relieved that the punishment was over. She pointed to the corner, “Stand çeşme escort there, think about what you did.” Victor scurried off obediently into the corner.

“Pull the panties half way down, and hold your skirt up so I can see.” Victor reflected on his poor choice that morning. He dropped his lacy panties down to his thighs and then reached his hand behind his back to lift up his silky skirt. He dared not to touch his super-heated buttocks, knowing that soothing them would be strictly forbidden. Instead he considered how much he had deserved the punishment, and how generous his wife had been to come so close to finally letting him make love to her. He knew that she meant it, and promised himself to double up on his willpower to behave better.

Soon Brad came back from his work-out. Victor fidgeted a little bit, not wanting anyone to see him in this state. It was hopeless though. He heard their voices coming closer into the bedroom. They stood right behind Victor, viewing him in his exposed state. Brad commented excitedly, “Oh man, Victor! It looks like your ass got quite the punishment! Wow! When Linda means business, she doesn’t hold back, huh?”

Linda explained to him, “Yes…I had to punish him pretty hard. He had it coming. Didn’t you Victor? Turn around and face me when answering to your mistress.”

Victor turned to face them. “Yes, Mistress, I did have it coming. Thank you for punishing me.”

Victor’s cim cif yapan escort gaze was focused down to avoid further humiliation. Linda prodded him, “Victor, what else does your punishment entail?” Victor wasn’t sure what exactly to say. “Look at me, Victor.” She raised the front side of his skirt and showed Brad how he was imprisoned again. Victor turned red in embarrassment as he replied to his wife, “Another part of my punishment is to continue to be confined without possibility of sexual relief.”

Brad replied firmly, “Well, I guess any guy that gets his ass whipped by his wife and has to dress in lingerie should have his cock locked up! Don’t you agree?”

Linda smiled mischievously. Victor replied, “Yes, Sir, that is correct.”

Linda sidled up next to Victor. She pulled his panties up and ran her fingers up and down his chest. “So, husband, since you’re going to be recovering from a sore bottom in your panties and skirt, how should I relieve my sexual itch?”

Victor cleared his throat and offered up, “Brad, Sir, since I am in no condition to be worthy of giving my own wife the kind of sexual satisfaction she deserves, I would be most appreciative if you would be so kind as to provide her what she needs.”

Brad countered, “I couldn’t agree more! That’s mighty generous of you. What would you suggest I do with your wife?”

“Anything that the two of you would like, Sir.” Victor relinquished any hope of sexual relief with his wife at point, acknowledging that he had failed to perform honorably. He was mentally prepared for the continued chastity prison sentence, he embraced the stinging in his buttocks as a deserved punishment, and he looked forward to serving his wife better.

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