First Thirst Ch. 04


Chapter Four: First Night Sans Mom

“Come on.” Was all Colleen needed to say and I followed her from the auto. I felt like an invalid in the hands of his nurse, staggering from bed. As we began down a short walk I could feel the earth rotating, or was it my head. Regardless, everything was spinning faster than ever. Things were very different tonight and it was more than simply alcohol. At least I thought so, hoped so. Colleen held me up once again as she guided me down the garden path. This time she had a good hold of my crotch and was pulling me along by what she could grasp. Her other hand had hold of my belt in back, which she used to hold me up. The double sensation had me humping the air as we moved. She giggled as we passed the chauffeur and he started giggling. He sported a big grin and watched with growing interest.

The sky was clear and painted with stars that danced to a pleasant tune. The air was a pine-scented melody that tickled my senses with freshness. My mind was a slushy gray mass painted in haze, and my penis was an animal. An untamed brute recently freed to express itself for the first time in its life. It was a monster and it was mad as hell, though at what?

It was angry with me for obeying my mom all these years and keeping him from answering nature. I was mad at myself for that and always would be. I had given up on the prospect of love and turned my back on life, until Colleen came along. This woman went right for my imprisoned friend and swung the cage door open to make his dreams come true. When we reached the front door to her home Colleen let go of my crotch but kept hold of the belt.

“Now hold still a minute while I open the door,” she said. She turned me to face the street and yanked me up onto my toes by the belt. I staggered around a bit, but was soon stood fast, hung from the deepest wedgy I’d ever been given. “It will just take a moment,” she went on. Colleen must have been looking for a key, but I couldn’t remember a purse. I quickly gave up attempting to look back over my shoulder and settled for straight ahead. I was forced to face the chauffeur, and felt like a ballet dancer on stage, a puppet on a string. I tried avoiding his looks as he roared in stifled laughter and reeled in step. Standing on my toes wasn’t easy and I almost fell a couple times, which Colleen would not tolerate.

“Hold still I told you,” Colleen said while readjusting me. I was kept dancing with tugs and yanks most inspiring and painful. The chauffeur finally made it into his seat, closed the door and drove off slowly. I never assumed Colleen did this with hatred, after all, my mom always embarrassed me in public and she loved me. Just because Colleen did it differently didn’t make it wrong and I was convinced she too loved me. At least I hoped so. I was convinced all women were like Colleen and my mom. I was sure that if Colleen had known I was embarrassed, she’d have stopped. She was simply too busy looking for her keys and not paying attention. I certainly wasn’t about to ruin the best evening of my entire life over a little discomfort and did my best to adjust continually. Soon I was hauled backwards and into a darkened foyer.

“Get your clothes off,” Colleen çankaya escort ordered in a whisper of warm sensual air, once we were inside. She let me go and pushed me against the nearest wall while closing the door. I wasn’t confused about what to do and began by unbuckling my belt. Colleen reached to a switch and flicked on the light. The light was blinding and I dropped my head to protect my eyes. It was a rude awakening from my first real dream, a romantic love story I wished to continue.

“Come on, get ’em off,” Colleen said with a little more authority. She left me standing alone with my back to a wall and stepped away. I blinked my eyes a lot as they adjusted to the light and peeked around sheepishly. I moved them cautiously and only a very short distance, till I located Colleen’s shoes. She was in front of me, a few steps away and I focused in on her feet while unzipping. Her feet were dainty and turned into a pair of light blue pumps that accented her tapered legs in a most exciting way. Her ankles were slender and nicely shaped. I don’t know why, but I wanted to kiss one; it seemed the proper thing to do. I was becoming nervous again and hesitating, but Colleen helped.

“Come on boy, take off your clothes. Let me see you naked,” she continued in a voice that oozed of love laced with sarcasm. At least I interpreted her feelings as expressions of love, both erotic and cold. At that point my penis grew impatient and took control of my motor reflexes, and my trousers dropped.

I closed my eyes and followed them down. It took awhile to work bent at the waist, while weaving and teetering in all directions. I huffed, puffed and sighed a bit, but I succeeded. I freed myself of shoes, socks and slacks, and nudged them aside. I made to stand and placed my forearm against the wall to keep from falling. My head was spinning out of control and I feared it would fly away. I looked up at Colleen by accident and caught her looking at me. I was a deer caught in the head lights of an oncoming semi, stunned silly and left immobile. I dropped my eyes to her feet once more and took a couple deep breaths to help in reorientation. She was standing with one hand on a hip and looked perturbed, so I reached for my tie and shirt.

The knot took a moment and the few buttons left on my shirt even less. I pulled the fabric from my shoulders and off my back, then let it drop to the pile. I stood facing Colleen with my eye’s still lowered and slipped my thumbs under the waist band of my briefs. Wow, what a feeling. I chewed on my lower lip and began wringing the elastic as my nervousness returned. It crawled under my skin making me weak-kneed and turned me into a spineless yellow chicken. I’d never been naked in front of anyone before in my life and it wasn’t going to be easy the first time. I twisted the waist band and pulled on it over and over while fighting my deepest fears. The soggy cotton inadvertently pulled away from my waist allowing cool air to rush in and further excite my boner. I looked down at my throbbing condition and tented underwear with great trepidation. I was again gripped by embarrassment, but Colleen was growing impatient and her voice filled with çankırı escort condescending undertones she kept well under control.

“Show Colleen your little pee pee,” she continued. “Come on now, show it to me.” Her voice hinted of her own caged anticipation, reined expectations, and a desire to see me. I had to believe it, because my reason needed one more tiny lie. I loved it and pulled the material far enough away from my body to see my penis. It was a sopping wet organ that ruled my life both day and night. It was Willie, swimming in a small pool of sperm, bouncing and splashing about like an unhappy whale awaiting freedom. It wanted to come out, to be seen by this woman and only I stood in its way, or did I. Colleen had empowered my penis earlier and granted him sovereignty of some type. It was exerting its new found authority after proving itself three times already this evening and I was of little consequence. I had nothing to do with any of it really. I was in a drunken stupor and it was ready to play. Colleen knew him well and threw him a fresh barb. “Well? Show me. Let me see your cock and balls!”

After one more deep breath I pulled the material down and over my hard-on. The angry young thing sprang free and came to attention before the woman I loved, it loved, we loved. Colleen was the woman I loved and my cock wanted to ravish. It let out a long string of lubrication that ran quickly and reached the arch of my foot before it clung to my leg. I moved the cloth over my thighs and down my legs. It was more difficult working bent at the waist this time, with my boner in the way. To make matters worse, the material was sopping wet and rolled as I pulled. I worked it down my legs in a hurry fraught with frustration. I huffed, puffed and rolled the cotton till it peeled from each foot, then dropped it with the rest. I came up and stood before Colleen beaming with pride and burdened with shame. My cock produced another fast running string of lubricant that caught my knee and decorated my thigh. My heart was pounding, I was unable to control any of my emotions, and began trembling. I couldn’t move otherwise and waited for Colleen to command me, which she did.

“Come along,” she said without waiting. Before I could move Colleen grabbed my left testicle with her thumb and a few finger tips.

“AAAhhhooooo,” I sputtered to another startling sensation. I was again forced to grapple with the unexpected as best I could. I tried very hard because I wanted to fuck Colleen and would do anything at this point for the opportunity. She was a demanding lover but I adapted quickly and was learning to enjoy her abrupt ways. She was a vexatious mistress and I was learning my place. Now, I knew nothing about the behavior of lovers, but I knew what I liked and what love took. I realized mom intentionally taught me about love through the eyes of failure, and I was upset about that. But I’d used that knowledge as a reason to succeed, and had finally taken my first step, to destiny. I liked Colleen. No, I loved Colleen and I was surrendering to her. I surrendered to a cliff-hanging experience of nail-biting uncertainty and couldn’t get enough of it.

Colleen took my testicle in çayyolu escort a firm grip and pulled me to her. My cock surged with passion, oozing gobs of lubrication, and strove to attack. For the first time in my life I was completely naked with someone of the opposite sex. I was not only with the woman I loved, better yet I was controlled by the one I love.

While pulled and tempted by this beautiful female, I kept my arms at my sides and tried to breathe evenly. My hands were having the most difficult time finding something to do. They kept fisting and relaxing, fisting and relaxing, and bouncing against my hips with open palm. I wanted to wrap my arms around Colleen right there and then. I wanted to grab her and kiss her lips. The veins of my cock pulsated with blood as the organ surrendered unending strings of lubricant. All I wanted was to shove my cock and tongue into her, but she turned and walked away, towing me along. I danced from my left testicle, on my toes, and followed obediently.

“Col… l… e… e… n…,” I sputtered only to find myself yanked along harder. I couldn’t believe the pain, or how easy it was for Colleen to provide it, simply with fingers. Her manipulation’s kept me on my toes and kept tears in my eye’s, yet it felt wonderful. Though Colleen never looked back I danced for her like I’d never danced before. After a distance and flight of steps she did look back. She looked back over her shoulder and stopped. She spun around, faced me and pulled me against her. Of course my drooling boner jumped up to mount her, but as a leashed dog, couldn’t get far.

“Look at me,” she demanded. I melted into her body and my hands grabbed my own buttocks, to keep from ruining things. My over-zealous cock went up and pressed against her, and I felt faint. I could feel him throbbing and oozing with desire. I could feel his impatience countering Colleen’s moving as she teased and brought him on. The harder my boner became the more blood it demanded at the sake of my sagging body. I finally collapsed against her and my mind went blank. I looked up and forced my eyes to meet with hers for the first time. Colleen was all encouragement.

“There, that isn’t so bad, is it,” she asked. My eye’s bounced a bit with apprehension, that first time thing. Like Ping-Pong balls they slowed down quickly, soon bobbling on the surface of her eye’s until relaxed. Once snagged they became happy victims and happier prisoners. I was all penis, one throbbing hard-on, strung between four limbs. Colleen’s will kept my extremities strung taut and out of the way, as she guided my landing between her breasts. Colleen spoke softly.

“This is my room,” she whispered and I gulped. I was suddenly lost in her eyes, swimming in pools of syrupy chocolate bliss, without care of consequence. My boner drooled merrily, excreting gobs of lubricant as it was chaffed between us, against her. Again Colleen stopped and turned to move on. She looked back over her shoulder, fisted both my testicles and scooped up my eye’s. With all four of my orbs in tow she pulled me through the gates of heaven. Or was it the gates of hell… or would I know the difference, or is there a difference? I was pulled across the room and into her bathroom. She led me to the shower and guided me in.

“Shower and I’ll be right back,” Colleen said with a wicked grin. She let me go and I nodded with out saying a word. I reached for the faucet handles. “Bathe everywhere but don’t bathe cock or balls.”

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