I’m on my knees. The floor is covered with a mixture of beer, peanut shells, and slush, which clings to my shins and stains my plaid skirt’s hem. With every thrust of the man currently pounding my loose, bruised lips, the back of my head bumps against the wood-panelled wall. I do not even gag anymore as his cock’s head slams into my battered throat, filling my airway, and causing my nostrils to flare wide in search of fresh air. As his cock recedes from my throat on his backstroke, I re-discover that there is no fresh air to be had in this place; only the scent of men, booze, and sex. I drink it all in lustfully, and rejuvenated, I begin to push my head forward in time with his ragged thrusts, trying to force him deeper into my throat, moaning with joy as my cum-encrusted eyelids flutter while I attempt to look up into his eyes. Despite my best efforts to make eye contact, my lover is not aware of my attempt, his head is thrown back, his mouth open, making a sound like a mixture of gasping for air, and roaring with pleasure.

Without delay, I feel my mouth suddenly fill with salty, thick, choking cum. His cock unleashes like a cannon, blowing an entire sack-full of cum into my mouth in one mighty blast. I gag involuntarily on the thick and chunky texture of his cum, a result of a diet consisting of little more than meat and beer. I struggle to force my raw throat to accept his glorious offering, and am rewarded for my efforts with a gut-wracking heave as my stomach attempts to reject the sheer volume of cum I have guzzled down so far that evening. I manage to quell my momentary nausea, and force a smile to my lips as my erstwhile companion squeezes the last drops of cum out of his cock and smears it onto my face. The meagre remains mingle with the globs of cum already coating my face, from forehead to chin.

With a nod of my head, I motion forward the next in line, a slender man who has been stroking his smallish cock while watching me work. I can tell from his beet red face that he is not going to even make it to my mouth before he cums, and in response I tilt my head back and open my mouth as wide as I can. My jaw aches with the strain of opening this far, and my lips protest in pain as well. I close my one un-glued eye tightly as I feel his surge of cum jet onto my face, over-shooting my mouth at first to plaster over my nostrils. I feel bubbles burdur escort form as I breath out, forcing some of the cum to trickle down into my waiting mouth. His remaining few spurts land mostly in my open hole, while some of it splatters my chin and lips. I reach out my long tongue and scoop what I can of the cum into my mouth, swallowing yet another load.

As I begin to re-open my usable eye, I am assailed with several blasts of cum, from either side of my face. I start in surprise as the man on my right unleashes a rocket into my cheek, that bounces off to flow down onto my shoulder and neck. My grin spreads ear to ear as I feel cum smacking my face from both sides, liberally re-coating my face in thick, oozing cum. I feel it drip from my face onto my chest, matching it with the already copious amounts of cum, and involuntarily spewed saliva from my earlier brutal face fucking. Most of the men had just returned from nearly a week in the woods, and were working off all of their pent up sexual aggression on me. That meant I would be very sore the next day, but I didn’t mind, as I was after all here to provide a service.

I came to this place by unexpected means. Tired of my job, and bored with the day to day blah of my normal life, I had responded to a vague add on the internet. “Woman Wanted: To provide stress relief to lumber industry workers in northern Quebec.” Although I at first passed over the ad without a second thought, that night in my sleep I had an intense dream about a multitude of big, hairy, powerful men, all using my as their personal cum dumpster. I awoke sweating, and in the midst of a powerful orgasm. The next morning at 7am I sent an email to the address, putting my offered services in writing, and asking what compensation I would receive. Over a period of three days, we hammered out an agreement, from my expected working hours, to my agreed upon per-customer rate. I would receive free lodgings and food, and travel between three different lumber camps. This agreement left me as the sole provider of sexual relief to over 300 men, and I couldn’t have been more ecstatic as I boarded the tiny bush plane on my way out for the first time. While officially on sabbatical from work, I couldn’t imagine myself every going back to that dreary existence.

My first night on the job I met my two full time companions who would bursa escort travel with me from camp to camp, providing me with security, and handling all payments from customers. The two big burly men were actually my first “customers” although in all the time I spent in the camp, they never once had to pay for their daily “service”. I got to know their large tools intimately, and from the two of them alone, I must have drained several hundred loads during my time in the camps. It was common for me to suck their cocks first thing every morning to warm up my throat for the day ahead, and often I would play with their dicks for fun while we travelled from one camp to another. They were absolutely nothing but kind to me, and we had a wonderful working relationship. They even rubbed my back, and feet, and helped me clean myself up at night after work

So night after night, I found myself being plastered with cum, and swallowing so much man-milk that I sometimes got stomach cramps. The pay was incredible. I fully expected to pay off all of my school debts, and have enough money for a down payment on a house by the time I was finished at the camps. Even more than the money though, I LOVED my job. Sure there were days I felt under the weather, or in the mood for a little me-time. And sometimes I took nights off to just veg and relax… although when I did, I normally paid for it the next day, when the extra horny men, spurned the night before, came back for second and third shots at my mouth. But for the most part, I enjoyed every second of the duck sucking, throat fucking, cum swallowing, face blasting job. I mean I was GOOD at it, and took pride in my work. No man left unsatisfied, and often I had guys give me tips, propose marriage, or try to hire me for “private time” as a result of my skills. I felt empowered, and in control of my own destiny.

Today, as I find myself, bruises, sore throat, and aching jaw, on the filthy floor of the bar where I worked, it is my last night at the camps. While I normally tried to avoid any disfiguring marks on my face while I worked, since I would have to work the next day, today, for my big send off, I had told the boys to go nuts. I had been on my knees since noon, sucking cock after cock for nearly ten hours, and the line seemed nowhere near the end. Wearing nothing but a slutty little plaid skirt, and with çanakkale escort my hands tied behind my back with a silk scarf, every man in the camp, and even a few who flew in from others for the occasion, took his turn fucking my mouth at his own pace. I took dick after dick down my throat, ranging in size from some so thick I could only fit the head in, guys so long they weren’t able to get their full length down my bulging throat, to guys who were so small they didn’t even reach my throat. I loved each and every one, and especially the nice thick, wet loads they gave me.

While I knew that I would miss my job, the memory of this night would stick with my for a long time, and even better than the memories, the entire night was recorded by my faithful guards in pictures and film. I would later marvel at how my entire body seemed to shine with cum, a thick glaze that covered me head to toe, matting my hair to my scalp with its weight and slickness. A constant smile plastered my face through out, whenever there wasn’t a dick filling my mouth that is. “Filthy Lucia’s Last Night” would certainly be an event to remember for those involved. At the end of the night, we took extra care to record every second of my last cock in the camps. It was one of my guards, and I took my time with him, using my hands freely, putting on a show for those guys remaining at 3am. I swirled my tongue on his head, and deep-throated him despite my sore face and mouth, wanting to properly thank him for everything he had done for me. A few of the guys watching even jerked off one last time while I worked, and added what remained of their cum to me face while I continued my work, never missing a beat. When I finally allowed him to cum, I took it all into my waiting mouth, and showed off the load for several minutes to the camera, gargling, swishing, and otherwise playing with it until I finally sent it all down to my belly.

The next morning, as I neared my bush plane home, I found presents awaiting me at the airstrip. Flowers, flown in at huge expense, garnished the lavish gifts, ranging from expensive perfumes, dresses, and shoes to personalized jewellery and hand-made wood carvings. My absolute favourite gift was a three foot tall, beautifully ornate wooden trophy, with the words “Filthy Lucia: World’s Best Cock Sucker” burned into the base. With unhidden tears of both joy and sorrow that I was moving on, I hugged the few guys who came to see me off, and boarded the plane. As I waved to the guys while the plane took off, I pondered what was next for me, and what I would do now to fulfil my desires for filthy sexy excitement.

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