Daddies and ‘Little Girls’


The Party

Little Girl’s nipples ached against the frigid curved glass of the large fish bowl in the center of Aqua Section. Her long red braid wrapped around her wrists behind her in a knot so it pulled her head back and pressed her bare medium chest to the icy condensation of the frosty glass. Her knees were far apart with her ankles shackled to a bolt in the floor; her body’s strained posture only made her moan as her hairy pubis offered itself to the glass.

Then the mermaid showed up. She looked like a frozen angel with long brown hair spread out like wispy kelp. Her breasts were small with puffy nipples that seemed to be unaffected from the frozen depth of the bowl and her tail was a glittery spectacle that swayed about like a large prism. The mermaid’s large brown eyes looked at the girl outside of the bowl quizzically, smiled, then laughed with a rush of bubbles as she ran her hands over her nipples and rolled her tail with excitement. She stroked the glass in front of the furry pussy then kissed the glass against the numbly hardened nipples. Her eyes began to glaze due to lack of air, but the smile remained in a seductive way as her lips parted to take in water.

The view outside the glass; a large brown hook appeared behind the nearly drowned mermaid and caught the loop on the left tail fin. Up in a rush the mermaid went, as shouts of victory in masculine voices broke the hypnotic gaze on the frozen fish lady’s enchantment. The cheers were overridden by the gasps of oxygen and orgasmic cry of the mermaid who thrashed and fought against the capture, drops of water peppered onlookers around the rim and below.

“That’s right, Sapphire, cum as loud and hard as you want!” the fisherman, in a yellow whaler’s hat and opened yellow raincoat that exposed his pudgy, hairy body with a short but thick erection, shouted over the claps of his fishing buddies and the amazed whistles of the beach goers below. “You found Captain’s gift on the beach didn’t you?”

One of the fellow raincoats gave his line to a rod-less guy to his right and removed his hat and coat to slide down the inflatable next to the dark side of the bowl in a naked state. It was almost time-he couldn’t be late. He weaved through the crowd of people traipsing about Buttfuck Beach until he got to the swinging door, slid into his black suit that hung on a hook, and walked into a candle lit hall filled with a subtle soundtrack of moans.

A red gowned woman with a gold mask and loud heels led a couple of puppy girls by their anal leashes and crossed in front of him to hit a swinging door with Karnal Kennel in neon above it. He ignored the brief echo of howls and barks. Passed Urine Bar, passed Stocks Locks & Frocks, passed Swap Meat, passed Train Station, passed Balloon Bonanza, across Harlot Hospital, and down a short set of stairs was Pussy Palace, the haven for a glaring of toms, gibs, queens, kittens and other assortments of Felis.

LED lights danced on the far wall and a clowder attempted to chase them in almost a competitive way. Small bells and bows tussled about as meows, purrs, and screeches filled the air playfully. Some were painted, some leathered, some vinyled, different kinds of ears and tails bobbed up and down. The lights were soft and soothing jazz maintained the background noise. Large, long purple leather couches were arranged in patterns amongst the litter boxes, the scratch pads, the human sized cat towers, large wicker baskets, and endless toys.

The owners sipped alcoholic beverages of all kinds from the bar that ran along the side with a bow-tied and shirtless bartender who served in mid-flex of large muscles. A hum of chatter by the owners added a nice touch to the atmosphere. In the farthest corner was a large milk bowl for the refreshment of the pets with baked treats on a platter next to it; he saw his contact enjoying her ball of yarn in a pose on her stomach. Her bright pink ears stuck out of blonde permed hair, a pink and white collar with a small silver bell in the middle around her slightly thick neck, and the pink-bowed long white tail that spilled out of her fleshy ass had his attention and he almost forgot the mission. He gazed for her handler as he stopped at the bar for a drink and view of the room from a different vantage point.

He smiled as he sipped a whiskey and realized her handler wasn’t in the room. She had slipped away with her decoy in place. Everything was set. He carried his drink in a smooth stroll toward her. He knelt before her as they were long time lovers and she rose in a front paw stretch to meet his large lips and hungry mouth. They kissed deeply as he gifted her with a little extra. She purred as the kiss broke. His large green and red eyes almost glowed in the dark as he whispered into her left, “Finally.. you will be truly loved because finally…you will be worth loving.”

Her mouth closed, her breath through her nose in a quick pace of excitement, but her eyes made him almost laugh. She really beşevler escort believed in the elevation to love by such act. Her handler would finally value her in a way he used to which had become forgotten by play and escalation of the search for greater pleasure. She rolled onto her back in excitement and almost a giggle as he stood up and walked away.

The Wax

Phet Plasse Neighborhood, 2725 Avenue A, Night

“Is your little girl ready?” the middle aged woman with a sequined eye patch asked as the wax was ready on the table prepared in the small room at Daddy’s house.

“She fell asleep after I fed her. I will bring her right in,” Daddy said as he quietly went into the pink room next door and woke his sleeping wife.

A thirty something long haired brunette in a school girl outfit rubbed her eyes as she entered the room for the monthly waxing. The Waxer smiled and spoke. “Little Girl fell asleep from drinking all of Daddy’s cum, didn’t she?”

Little Girl smiled in shyness and hopped up on the massage table after Daddy took her clothes and left her in only a cream lace bra. He rubbed her stomach as she settled down on the table with a big smile.

“Good girl,” said The Waxer as she pulled on large thick latex gloves that went to the elbow. “Will she sleep or do we need Duke?”

“Definitely Duke,” Daddy said he walked to a cabinet behind Little Girl and pulled out a stuffed monkey with a dog phallus strapped onto it. He placed the phallus in Little Girl’s mouth and velcroed the monkey’s paws around her head. It calmed Little Girl completely with a moan as the thickness stretched her throat.

The Waxer rubbed and patted Little Girl’s cute, slightly soft stomach, filled with so much of Daddy’s cum, and then spread her legs to disinfect and numb with spray. “Do you have the bowl?”

Daddy walked back to The Waxer and pulled the glass bowl from the cabinet behind them. He placed it between Little Girl’s legs, it would catch the cum he had been putting into her all day, that way she would have breakfast all ready in the morning.

“You have such a good daddy. He always gives you treats,” The Waxer said as she began her work of stripping hairs.

Little Girl moaned and tried to move her pelvis, but Daddy kept her in place. Little Girl’s obedience to the task and the juicy cum expulsion due to Little Girl’s pleasure of the waxing were commented on several times. Little Girl was slowly oiled with great pleasure had by all, and then turned over.

Daddy spread her ass cheeks wide as The Waxer cleaned and conditioned as she had done with the front.

The Waxer gasped. “It looks so different in such a pretty way from when I first started waxing you. Your Daddy has such a big cock and you like it in your ass, don’t you, Little Girl?” The Waxer spoke as she ran a latexed finger around the sensitively swollen hole. Little Girl sucked on the dildo loudly and ground her hips into the bed.

“Daddy, I will be sure to pay extra attention here so nothing scratches your big thick cock when you need to use this one.” Her eye patch almost winked as she said it.

Daddy smiled and ran his large index finger around the starburst and watched the bowl fill up more from the tight wet cunny. Little Girl moved her pelvis and almost upset the bowl. The Waxer and Daddy spanked her to calm down and Little Girl sucked harder on the phallus to stem her excitement.

“Good Little Girl. We are going to get all those bad hairs and save that special hole for last.” The Waxer said as she applied the wax to the warm red cheeks and then pulled the wax off. She looked at the back of Little Girl’s head. “You need Daddy’s cum all the time, don’t you, Little Girl?”

Little Girl moaned and sucked an affirmative as the waxing continued, Daddy kept her cheeks spread apart. The breaths of Daddy and The Waxer so close to her pucker made Little Girl almost unbearably excited.

“Daddy, I’m going to wax around it first,” The Waxer said as she applied the warm enticement around the starburst. As it set, The Waxer continued. “I want to make sure it’s soft and supple against your thickness. Would you mind opening her up so I can put the wax in as far as it can go?”

Daddy happily agreed. He wanted the best for his Little Girl and began to lightly rub around the newly waxed area until The Waxer dropped three drops of the oil Little Girl enjoyed at the center of the starburst. He rubbed the oil slowly to hear the anguished horniness of his Little Girl reach new heights as he inserted his fingers into her stretched asshole which greedily opened to give a loud suck sound.

“Little Girl is so anxious for Daddy’s Fingers!” The Waxer exclaimed as she prepared a different wax for such a sensitive area and stroked Little Girl’s back and smooth ass cheeks as Daddy sank his fingers deeper into Little Girl where her asshole happily tried to suck him further in, while at the same time beylikdüzü escort Little Girl sucked Duke so loudly The Waxer had to laugh. “Little Girl is so taxing on Daddy! She wants to suck you at both ends!”

Daddy looked at The Waxer with lustful pleasure. ‘”I have to punish her a lot. She’s quite a handful.”

Little Girl’s hole opened big enough for The Waxer to coat the puffy inside rim. “Hold her open or she will swallow the wax and that won’t be good.”

The wax set all nice and warm in a beautiful sensation Little Girl had never felt before. More cum was released in the bowl.

The Waxer teasingly removed the wax from one side, then to the other, until the greedy asshole sucked at Daddy’s fingers in an even louder way.

“Calm down, Little Girl, almost done,” The Waxer said as she conditioned and oiled to such a teasing detail Little Girl was very hot and flustered. Daddy pulled his fingers out and Little Girl whimpered, much to The Waxer and Daddy’s amusement. The Waxer cleaned up the equipment and Daddy pressed different erogenous points around Little Girl’s hungry hole to key her up even more.

Then Daddy’s Secret Phone rang. It startled everyone. He excused himself and left the room. The Waxer packed up in silence and Little Girl continued to suck at the dog phallus and press her pussy into the table. Daddy returned moments later with an exasperated sigh. Work had called him in, so he would have to go. He paid The Waxer as she left and freed Little Girl of her doggie dummy.

“Daddy will be back soon. Remember the furniture talks,” he said as he kissed Little Girl’s forehead and left her in the room to enjoy the sensations of the wax. The door was closed and locked to hold the enriched stench of sexual excitement and essential oil. He took the bowl to the refrigerator in the kitchen.

Little Girl giggled with the rapturous movements of excitement as her body relished the recent memories.

The First Explosion

Phet Plasse Neighborhood, 2775 Avenue A, Early Afternoon

She sat in the large carport with the car running, the air going full blast, finally home after the long business trip for Daddy’s work with Mulligan Corporation. She was home, but out of sorts. She feared going inside. She knew the moment she went inside things would spiral beyond her control. Control-she had never wanted it, relished to gift it, but at that moment. . . She kept her stare ahead at the laundry room door, but she wasn’t looking at it.

She was on a black and gray landscape with the universe around her.

It was beautiful with stars, galaxies, vapor trails, comets, swirls of gases. She was naked.
She was breathing in a vacuum.

She was at peace. Her blonde bob floated like a jagged crown about her head.

She could hear the sweetest voice in the cosmos instructing straight into her brain.

It was a song with an ethereal refrain, “Go Inside, Be The Surprise.”

Her firm, muscled stomach twisted.

She didn’t want to go.

She sat frozen in her car. Not even realizing, Hank the Neighbor was knocking on her window with cordial greetings and concern. She kept her gaze ahead. She couldn’t go inside. She couldn’t cry either.

Hank, a large burly man in a black wife beater and black cargo shorts, pounded on her car window in a complete disposition change. “I think Little Girl needs to quit acting like she knows what she’s doing! Does Daddy even know where she is?”

She slowly turned to Hank and gave a glazed gaze.

She could only really see the plains and valleys of maria and highlands. She watched the cosmic dust fall around her as she stepped along the lunar terminator with the feeling of greatest love and peace. She had to go inside so she could have that feeling forever assuredly.

“Go Inside, Be The Surprise. Don’t let your humanity hold you back in fear.” The voice so sweetly feminine with a confidence Little Girl had never known a woman could have without a Daddy to give it.

Her stomach boiled because she knew in her fright, all would not be well for the next thirty minutes, but the voice promised all would be perfect after.

Hank pulled out his cell phone in disgust. Little Girl’s Daddy had made sure all the neighbors were informed of Little Girl’s needs and Daddy’s control over them. The neighborhood also held an authority over her, like all the other Little Girls there, to report infractions to Daddy or complaints that Little Girl would be responsible in one shape or another to smooth over and correct. It helped keep Little Girl under the constant strain of being closely watched, ready to be judged, and everyone waiting for her to mess up. “Hey. . . yeah. . . Little Girl is in her car out here. . . I think she’s done something bad-just wanted to give you a heads up. . .Really?. . . I don’t have any plans. . . Can I watch? . . Great. . Bye.”

Little bilecik escort Girl felt so scattered, displaced, and then suddenly devoid of all emotion. She was tired on a different level from fatigue, but she was without fear in her soured stomach. She would have all the peace and security her new Master, the real Master, could offer her so far away from Phet Plasse. It was a security in her soul that Daddy had never provided and she, honestly, never knew she needed. All in all, Daddy was just. . . a man. In a faint, raspy whisper, “Master is well. . . . more.”

Hank pounded on her window with great irritation. “Daddy will be out soon. You should’ve checked in. Two weeks you were gone and only checked in on the first day? You’re in big trouble, Little Girl! YOU ARE GOING TO GET IT!”

Then Daddy was there, looking slightly angry, with a chastity belt in one hand and a long red fitted v-neck t-shirt.

She looked to her right and felt nothing but disconnection. She was in her body, but she wasn’t. She was there in the car, but also hundreds of thousands of miles away. She continued to mutter to herself. “Why did I come back?”

She put her head in her hands.

Immediately, her hands were pulled from her head. She was outside the car and Hank slapped her. She heard the echo of the slap, but didn’t feel it. She remained silent. She could see and hear them, but they really didn’t register for close distance.

Hank rapidly spoke as he tore off Little Girl’s formal office attire. “I’ll hold her, so you can dress her.”

She stood in black lace from bra to garter and thigh highs in front of the semi-busy street for everyone to see.

“Inspection?” Hank asked as he grabbed her limp arms and held them behind her.

Daddy nodded in slight anger at her. He would make her punishment of the two week infractions be memorable for everyone. He walked up to her and ripped her black lace thong in a snap. He felt her cunt-dry and cold. He became furious. She hadn’t edged. She wasn’t wet for him. He took his belt off and began to whip her cunt, and thighs. Her body jumped, but her face remained expressionless. Daddy punched her face. Her body continued to react, but she was an empty shell. “Looks like I will have to bring her back to basics.”

Hank released her, but grabbed her hair to snap her head back to his gritted teeth. “You need to ask for anything and everything. You cannot do anything on your own.”

She didn’t hear it and didn’t notice the t-shirt that read “Daddy’s Cock Slut/Cum Slave” fall over her head and was adjusted.

“Thanks, Hank,” Daddy said as he fit her black punishment collar-the one with inside metal teeth-around her neck and led her into the house by the leash attached.

Once inside, it took five minutes for her eyes to adjust, but even then she couldn’t see. She could only see the beautifully naked olive woman sing to her. She smiled.

The smile was misconstrued by Little Girl’s mother, mother-in-law, and Daddy.

“You look like yourself now,” her mother stated as she pinched Little Girl’s nipples through the fitted tee. “Being a corporate bitch is unnatural for you. You are exactly who you naturally are with Daddy.”

“Why does she look so far away, Son?” her mother-in-law questioned as she critiqued as usual.

“She’s misbehaved and doesn’t know what to do. She is lost and I’m trying to bring her back. Bad headspace.” Daddy explained as he looked at the smile with vacant eyes. He was sad she had gotten so far away from him, but anger over loss of control was what ate at him the most. “I want my Little Girl, not a lifeless fucktoy.”

“Hmph! You deserve one for not being pleased in two weeks,” his mother insisted as she walked behind Little Girl and lifted the shirt to examine Little Girl’s anal opening of the belt.

Little Girl loved anal play and was very sensitive to any touch. She didn’t react to her mother-in-law’s fingers.

Little Girl’s mother touched her red face partially swollen by Daddy’s earlier deck and then moved to the large, contained chest. “Slapping always worked before. . . a breast rub might work.” She looked straight into the glazed brown eyes. “Little Girl, you need to let Daddy bring you back through his release of frustration. It’s been two weeks. You need to be reminded that you are not a businesswoman, you are Daddy’s whore.”

“Son, sit down. Let this ingrate nurse on your cock for a while. “

“I don’t want to leave until I know she is the whore I know she can be and Daddy is happy.” Her mother continued to rub her chest.

“No one is leaving. I want to watch my son use your girl to his greatest pleasure. I like watching her holes being gaped.” She stroked Little Girl’s hair as Daddy listened to his mother and sat on the green couch. He took his large penis out slowly, erect by the talk of the dueling mothers, who pushed Little Girl onto her knees between his.

Her mother guided her head to the dick with ease. “Kiss it, Baby. You need to eat. You’ve been eating the wrong food for two weeks. You only eat and drink Daddy. It feels so good inside you.”

Little Girl’s lips began to slowly move around it and they all breathed in relief.

“Come back to me, Little Girl,” Daddy said as he impaled her mouth with his growing dick.

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