Cuckolding was Me Totally Pt. 01


We were in that typical marriage that just continued with no real issue. Two very young kids, different professions, best mates and no real issues. Jill still had a very high sex drive and loved quick, hard play – sex in public places, sex in the kitchen, the shower. In fact, I couldn’t remember the last time we had sex in our bed. In particular Jill loved to receive oral – although she could orgasm with penetration it took time and usually only happened with me using my hand or an object of some kind. With my tongue though, Jill went off and she never said no, never ever to any offer of good oral sex.

We had recently changed our partnered lifestyle – I had moved from the corporate world of accounting to a home-based business working for myself and Jill had returned to nursing and a shift work rotating roster. Being a Senior Sister on shift she had less flexibility but, after a lot of discussion, it sounded good for us. The partnership was working and we were both fitting easily into our new roles and responsibilities. I could easily manage the work/kids and Jill linked in when she could seamlessly.

I was in reasonable shape but Jill was a fitness freak. Jill loved having a great body and enjoyed showing it off just as much. Sexy and revealing dresses were the norm and a tipsy Jill was an invitation to her exposing herself or somehow showing off the body she had worked for. I don’t think there was any of our friends who had not seen Jill in some state of undressed over the years of parties. Jill also loved to flirt and although I never really thought about it I was never jealous, although I did get very turned on when other men showed her attention. I had never thought about Jill cheating either, it just never factored into any thoughts I had – whether she would, wouldn’t, did or didn’t was never something that even remotely crossed my mind.

My working routine was spread out over the day so I often surfed the net to fill in gaps of lost interest in spread sheets and numbers. One night I was looking through some of the photos that I followed in my Tumblr account when a pic from a group for medical staff flashing and exposing themselves popped up and I explored more of the group.

Some way in there was a pic of a Nurse in her scrubs exposing her arse and I was then able to follow her specifically. The pic looked like Jill and once I was in her personal blog I confirmed – my Wife had a blog in which she exposed herself while at work. Some of the pics had to have been taken by others and she let anyone watching them see every part of her. Going through the blog I was able to find other related linkages that let me find the exposing blog, a written blog and an exposing in public blog. The written blog was about her flirting activities and the other two were Jill exposing herself in situations others requested.

My reaction to finding these really explains what I am, rather than wanting to challenge Jill on what she was doing I simply wanked and had the best orgasm I ever had and then created accounts that would enable me to also recommend things for Jill to do. I wasn’t unset or angry, I was turned on and excited.

From what I could find on the net Jill had been a very busy girl showing herself to others and had let several men play with her or watch her masturbate but had never allowed anyone to fuck her.

Knowing Jill loved to be both watched and/or exposed in situations where she maybe watched/seen I began to proposed situations and scenarios for her to be pictured and post the results. I also began to gently make suggestions in her blog on flirting that she should be letting men touch her more, or for her to expose herself while another man wanked. I became fixated with me managing what Jill did and pushing her to her limits and then beyond. My energy for my work and personal life went through the roof, I was like me on steroids.

I also managed to link our personal life with Jill’s other life activity. Jill had a passion for lingerie and we would always buy this together. Shopping excursions would result from suggestions I raised with her and after buying them together they would then end up posted. That I was doing this just made me even hornier and that Jill was cheating on me this way turned me on even more.

After eight months of gentle steering we arrived at an evening when Jill was going to meet two men, arranged on a separate site, and expose herself while they masturbated in front of her.

Some pics started to be posted of Jill playing with herself. I recognised the spot where we had been once during the day but no shots of the two men. Also, no idea who was the photographer. Tonight, would be just praise till I read the blog that would follow within a day or two.

When Jill got home though I couldn’t wait to lick her and, like always, she welcomed me to lick away. Jill was so wet already and I commented on how awesome it was to get a real wet pussy, telling batman escort her she must have been so busy or turned on bed washing her patients. Jill just laughed and said,

“I bet you would love me bathing some nice muscular patients and seeing what I did if their cocks got hard?”

“As long as you come home to me and share your adventure yes, I would. Do you get upset that I am not jealous?” I replied.

“No baby, just makes me want that tongue even more.” Jill said back laughing and holding my head and pulling it into her pussy for more.

Jill didn’t let go of my head for a long time which I loved knowing how turned on she had been from her adventure. Eventually we both cuddled each other and slept. I woke Jill up in the morning with a coffee and said,

“You can come home anytime like you did last night, that was fantastic. I just loved cleaning you up my tasty wench you.”

Jill laughed and casually commented that she would find things to turn her on so I could have what I wanted.

“Mmmmmm,” I said kissing her, “You come home with a wet wanting pussy like that Darling and I won’t care what you did to get it that way,” I continued, laughing with her, just share it with me please.

“Darling, it is yours to devour anytime,” she replied taking the coffee and sipping.

Jill’s blog was very descriptive sharing that two men had attended and as she played with herself they had watched her and wanked themselves. Jill had commented how amazing it was and how she had initially been worried but was now more relaxed about playing, she promised the men a repeat show soon. Jill also commented that, for the first time, her photographer had also wanked watching her and how she was amazed how big he was.

My fun was building up, her partner in crime was a male with a large cock and she was now relaxed about meeting others for mutual wanking. I gave some supportive comments and joked how her photographer should be allowed to wank for her after every set of pics. I got a reply to my last comment as follow,

“With a cock as big as that I’ll want it out any time he can!!”

I sent a private message to her in the blog telling her how amazing the last event was and how I won’t be able to think of anything else but her photographer’s cock being exhibited for her for all her pics – the work and the flirting ones. Jill got back and confessed he was the same chap and that she had already told him she wanted to see more of his huge cock.

I began to engage with Jill by e-mail and through posts to her blog and her exhibitionist pictures. The posts being all positive, supportive and suggesting new scenarios and the e-mails being about her new ‘huge cock’ and how it was helping her and what was she going to do with it. Jill began to share things with me and was now chatting through the e-mails very open and sharing.

I could still ID when she had posted pics and made a huge fuss about her when she got home. I continued to tell her different sensations I got from different times she got home and our conversation continued around ways she could get wetter for me. I was even making a huge scene about cleaning her up and loving it, tasting her and even pleaded with her to share with me how she was getting so horny. One time Jill said,

“I bet all men want their Wife coming home all wet for them but few really accept how they get that way.”

I replied,

“Free pass baby, just come home and let me lick.”

In the e-mails, Jill had admitted she was married and began to allude to her husband enjoying the effect her posing was having and although watered down how I had been begging to know how she was getting so horny. I stayed with the supportive approach and reinforced how lucky she was to have the best of both worlds and slowly beginning to suggest that her husband (me of course) might actually get turned on by the thought his Wife played with other men.

Jill kept posting shots and then sharing with my alias what had happened until one message, written in such and excited way, she admitted she had wanked her photographer and even named him as Paul.

I was so damn horny, I remember the day she had come home and how over the top horny she was. I also noticed how she kept putting her fingers down to me while I licked, something she had never done. My Wife had pushed into my mouth while I licked her pussy the fingers that had just before wanked her friend Paul and I loved it. I knew then that Jill was even more kinky than I had thought and also enjoyed the idea of me being a part of it.

Slowly over the next few months Jill shared how Paul had played with her and how they were now playing with each other whenever they worked together. Every time she also shared how it must be affecting her as her husband was loving the post fun Jill more and more. Then one e-mail my alias asked when she was going to let Paul fuck her and she came back,

“The bayburt escort next session with other men watching, I am going to let him have me then and fuck me like his whore.”

Fucking wow was all I said back and all I said to myself. From then on, I supported her again and helped Jill organise the night. Eventually it came and I waited at home watching the posts and then waiting when they stopped.

I heard Jill come into the house and then enter the bedroom I was up from bed and gently greeting her when she said,

“Darling, I am so tired, not tonight, in the morning.”

My head realised she had done it without a condom and I was not put off, just that thought made my cock throb even more. I knelt in from of her and with one hand behind her to keet her where she was I pulled the tie not on her scrubs and with my teeth pulled them down. Jill was resisting but I started to kiss her panties and tell her how amazing she smelt and how much it turned me on, I began to beg her to let me clean her and pushed her back onto the bed and pulled her panties down then knelt and started to lick her. Jill’s hand was on my head and gently playing with my hair as I looked up I could see she was looking at me with a worried face. I looked up at her with her juices and Paul’s cum all over my face and said,

“Thank you Darling, this is the best tasting pussy I have ever had.”

I kept doing my job pleasuring her and also making sure she knew I was getting everything from her and swallowing it. Her face looked changed from a worried look to one of “does he know”. As I looked at her she smiled and said,

“Don’t let any of my juices escape darling, make sure you get that tongue of yours all the way down to my arse and clean up there too.”

“Yes Darling,” I replied doing what she asked.

“Tell me when you have my pussy all cleaned,” she said.

“Mmmmmm,” I responded while pleasuring her.

I loved it, I can’t say any more or any less except that I loved every part of it. Eating her, eating Paul’s cum, I loved it.

Just like every time before we ended up asleep in each other’s arms and I awoke earlier and brought in a coffee when I knew she had to get up.

Jill sat up in bed and patted the bed side for me to sit, as she sipped she said,

“Did you enjoy what my pussy was like when I got home last night?”

“Yes, very much Darling,” I replied looking at her.

“Is this how you want me to come home now, my pussy in the same state as last night?” she asked.

“Yes Darling, whatever state it is in I am cool with, as long as it comes home and I get to enjoy it,” I replied.

“Mmmmm she said, interesting. I have been invited to a party tonight but that would mean you alone at home with the kids, is that OK with you?” she asked.

“Yes Darling,” I replied, “Perfectly OK any time”.

“Good then you can help me with what I am going to wear later. Make sure you get input into how everyone will be seeing me. Would you like that?” she asked.

“Yes please,” I said.

Although we hadn’t actually said what was happening, it was obvious that Jill was testing the waters on what I was going to be OK with. The day went well and the kids were fantastic. Just after lunch Jill called me into the bedroom and as she stood next to the bed she asked me what dress I thought she should wear.

I selected a very short black dress and Jill then asked what panties next. I selected a very skimpy G-string and then walked to the cupboard to pick a lovely pair of stiletto shoes. Jill said good selection and then added,

“If though, you want your Wife dressed in those you will need to shave my legs, my underarm’s and also make sure my pussy is all nice and smooth – just in case I get drunk and a stranger manages to get his hand in there. You wouldn’t want your Wife embarrassing you by not being all smooth for everyone, would you?”

As I said yes Jill gently felt my cock and how hard it was. Laughing she said,

“Seems you get turned on by the thought other men may want me, do you Darling?”

“Yes Jill, I do.” I said.

“Good, very good,” she said smiling, “You know full well what I am like when I am drunk.”

The day went as normal as ever till the mid-afternoon when Jill called me into the ensuite and without any idle chatter got me shaving her legs, under arms and then then watch as she shaved her pussy totally smooth. She then had a snooze and after a shower she dressed and kissed me good bye and left in a taxi for her party.

About 1:00 am in the morning Jill texted me with the following,

“Great night – be naked and lay on the bed I am going to ride your face when I get home.”

As soon as I heard her come into the house I moved to be laying in the middle of the bed. Jill came into the bedroom and I heard her shoes being kicked to the side then her body on the bed and as she held up her dress she bebek escort lowered her pussy to my mouth.”

In drunken speech Jill said, “Mummy has been naughty and lost her panties but she brought home a very wet and gooey pussy for you to clean.”

My cock was throbbing again as I started to lick and clean her cum filled pussy. I could taste everything, her juices, male cum and a touch of her piss mixed in as well. Jill was rocking and making sure my tongue gave her arse a lot of attention too.

“Is this how you want your Wife to come home now?” she asked again.

“Yes, please Darling, yes please,” I said, or really begged.

“Did you enjoy preparing your Wife for the party?” she asked.

“Yes, a lot,” I replied.

“Did you wank after I left?” she asked.

“Yes Darling, twice,” I admitted.

“Would you like me to text you during the night if I go out again, share what I am doing?” she asked.

“God yes, please,” I again begged.

“I am new to this, but we can evolve together, please tell me if it goes too far?” she then said seriously.

“No limits for you, none I beg you,” I replied looking at her.

“OK,” she whispered and rolled over tapping herself for me to join. We both slept that way all night.

The next day was perfectly normal and although Jill slept in the afternoon to be ready for her night shift nothing else in our routine was different. As it was coming time for her to head for work she said, as she got into the shower,

“Lay the lingerie you want me in on the bed Darling, you never know who may get to see it tonight.”

As Jill was leaving she kissed me good night and handed me a piece of paper saying,

“Have a look at these sites on the internet, catch up on who you are married to.”

With that she left for the overnight shift.

I went into her sites making sure I had everything separate – my alias and now me, her husband. After I had set up membership under my usual e-mail account I waited for Jill to contact my alias.

It happened almost immediately after she would have arrived at work. A text,

“My husband ate my cum filled pussy and it wasn’t his cum. I am going to need your help on how to navigate this. He wants me to do it more and has said he doesn’t want me to have any limits. I am not sure where it came from but I had him shave me and then select my lingerie before I went out too.

He knows, I know he knows but we have not actually spoken about the cum in me.

I can’t stop thinking about getting fucked all the time and letting him clean me out afterwards – a new marriage partnership – lol.

What else does he want that he can’t tell me?”

Wow I thought, where do I begin.

I wrote back,

“They call husbands like him ‘cuckolds’ – let me do some more research. Whatever you do you will need to either make all the decisions for him or include him otherwise this may not end well.”

Her reply,

“Yes, please help me I want this so much. I have experienced real men’s cocks and I don’t want to give them up now.”

My reply,

“Perhaps start by getting him to find big cocked men, that way he both knows and is involved. Maybe fuck any friend he has with a big cock?”


“Wow, let me think on that one.”

Straight after she had replied a got a text from her,

“I am sitting here thinking about where I can find men with big cocks to service me. Are you capable of finding them for me? Will your involvement in our new games extend to finding men for your Wife?”

I replied,

“Yes, I want to do this. I said no limit so anything. I will begin to look for sites that people use to find sexual partners.”

Her reply,

“Perfect, you are perfect. This is new so I need us to find our way in this together, everything will be a partnership – OK?”

I replied,

“Yes, and thank you – I want that too.”

Jill then replied,

“Do you have any friends with big cocks you think should get to fuck me?”

I know I suggested it as my alias but having her ask me that got me even hornier, I started to understand more about me. I wasn’t just about having Jill fucking other men, I wanted the humiliation that went with others knowing.

Slowly I replied,

“Yes, I have 2 mates with cocks over 11 inches. One from school and the other I used to work with.”

Jill’s reply,

“Would you like me to seduce them and fuck them?”

Again, I typed so slowly,

“Yes please, I would like that.”

Jill then asked,

“Do you want them to know I am your Wife when I do?”

I replied,

“Yes please, you already know them both – it is Hawko and Rugga.”

Jill said back,

“You are sounding very submissive to me now, does that turn you on?”

I replied,

“Very, very, very much.”

Jill sent back,

“Good, I have a lot to learn about all this but we’ll get there. Do some research on where to find big cocks and think about how I can be in a situation to seduce Hawko and Rugga. I have to get to work, I will only have my usual juicy pussy for you to devour when I get home tomorrow – or at least I think so.”

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