Corn For Breakfast


Like the majority of men, I have always had fantasies about women I find attractive. So strong are they, that I find myself wanting to savor any and every part of a woman’s body. I’ve asked them for their chewed gum. I’ve asked girls to spit into my beer at a bar. Pee into my coffee cup and watch me drink it, sucked toes, licked ass holes. For me, any part of a woman is worthy of being worshiped . Of course I’ve eaten pussy, even a couple of times coming up with blood on my face. I truly love to taste women. They don’t have to be “cover girl” material, if they are thin I usually find them exciting. I’m always thinking of some off the wall way I’d like to try tasting many women I see on the streets.

My latest score came from an idea my brother Dave unintentionally suggested to me. He has often said, when referring to the attractiveness of a woman, “I’d eat the corn out of her shit”. That statement always excited me and sparked a sense of fetishful lust deep within me. I would often fantasize about using a toothpick to select nice corn kernels out of the shit of several of the luscious gals I’ve known.

I’ve had my share of lustful thoughts and have lived out several, but the “POOPY CORN” one was just too off the wall to pursue. Well, until one day I couldn’t get it out of my mind and decided to search for a way to fulfil that oh so strong desire.

I was perusing Craig’s List one day and decided to go for it, so I placed an ad stating what I was looking for. My ad, “FEED ME YOUR USED CORN”, went on to describe that I wanted a thin woman to eat corn for dinner and feed it to me the next morning, with the hopes of getting a perverted lusty breakfast from her tasty butt.

After four days waiting, I was pleasantly surprised when I received two responses to my request. Patty, a single lady, sent a photo of herself which showed that she was indeed a thin somewhat attractive woman of about thirty years of age. She was an interesting respondent, who shared the fact that she was up for not only feeding me her corn delight, but was willing to consider any of my perverted fantasies. The second one, Carol, sent no photo but claimed to weigh just over 90 lbs. She admitted that she was a little shy but wanted to enter aydın escort the world of extra normal sex, and would love to give me her corn filled poop, as long as she could watch me eat it. She wanted me to help her break away from her religious upbringing and start enjoying the nasty things she’d only read about. She is married, so would only be available on a limited basis as she didn’t want to endanger her marriage. Me, being a man who appreciates a woman who likes the idea of keeping secrets from her husband for my benefit, decided to try girl number two. I wrote to her asking if she thought that she could keep our secret from her husband without feeling guilty.

I was so glad when I got the note from Carol that I had to jerk off while reading it. She said: “Jack, I’m sorry that I didn’t contact you sooner but as I said, I’m very nervous about this and don’t want to loose my husband. Please don’t be planning something that might get me hurt or into trouble with my husband or the law”. DAMN, I felt like I was about to lead a little lady into Hell. Not wanting to destroy her life, I almost deleted her information so I could get back to Patty, but I just couldn’t allow myself to ignore Carol’s desire to go exploring.

As it turned out, Carol lived about 45 miles away, which sounded safe, so I sent her my ideas for the next time she would be able to get away for a night. She advised me that she didn’t see how she could find an entire night away so I would have to meet her very early one morning after her husband left for work. “Bitchen”, I can do that, so I asked her to plan what morning would work for her and asked that she only eat canned corn and chicken broth for breakfast, lunch, and dinner the day before. I suggested that she take multivitamins to supplement her diet, and I also asked her to swallow as much corn as she could without chewing. FUCK, I was getting excited. I had to choke the chicken again after hitting SEND.

It was another three days before Carol wrote back. This was getting frustrating!!!! Doesn’t she realize that I’m hanging by a thread here? After going so far as finding someone who liked my idea, I want to do it now.

As soon as I saw her name on my “new mail” list I aydınlıkevler escort opened it with great trepidation, as I was so afraid that she had changed her mind and all would be lost. It was with great relief and excitement that I read that she was looking forward to getting together and fulfilling my urges as well as realizing her desire to watch a stranger enjoy that special treat that she was going to serve to me.

Carol said that she had talked to her “pervert” sister about it who suggested that for my protection, Carol ought to take some antibiotics for a few days before hand in case there were any extra bad germs lurking in her. She went on to say that she was very hopeful that she would satisfy my every lustful need. “EVERY LUSTFUL NEED”? That might lead into other stories here on Literotica. But, for right now, I WANT CORN!

Well, the date was set. Her hubby would be traveling to work and I would be leaving for a most exciting date. The room was reserved, my dick was hard, and my mouth was watering as I arrived at the motel at 7am, and waited until 7:30. All of a sudden I remembered that in my excitement, I had not asked for a photo of her. Crap, I started worrying that she may turn out to be a really bad surprise. GOD, what if she weighs 300 lbs.? What if she’s really only 15 years old? What if she’s really a fucking CROSS DRESSER? God Damn, I was getting cold feet!!!

all of a sudden, I heard a knock on the door, at which time I ran to open it. Holy Fucking God! Not only was she skinny as I like, she was beautiful! “CAROL, Jesus Fucking Christ, you are gorgeous”, was all I could say. As she walked in, I saw that she was somewhat timid, so I tried to encourage her by offering her a glass of wine, which she accepted with a smile. After downing it in gulps, she asked for more.

As we sat and visited for a while, I learned that she was born into a very religious family, was 29 years old, been married for 10 years, never had sex with anyone except her husband, and was very curious about the sexual pleasures that she might be missing by being faithful to her pastor husband. Well, that wasn’t much of a challenge. All I had to do was be honest with her and ayrancı escort she would see that life has much more to offer than what she had in her biblically controlled marriage.

We had a couple more drinks to help take the nervous edge off and she said that she thought that she was ready to give a push and see what comes out. Since I was hoping for a direct drop instead of using a bowl and spoon, I suggested that she hover over my mouth and watch in the mirror which was across the room. She thought that the mirror was too far away to get a clear look, so we moved the dresser and then pushed the bed up against the mirror frame.

I’ve never seen an ass hole up close in a lighted room before, so was intrigued at how tasty it looked from only a couple of inches away. I reveled in the way it puckered and pulsed just above me. I lifted up and gave her some kisses on her cute little Brown Eye, which made her groan and move about over me. All of a sudden, I was witnessing the beautiful sight of some shit coated corn kernels peeking out at me. She had great control of that beautiful sphincter as she slowly allowed a couple of pieces of ‘candied’ corn, accompanied by some chocolate colored broth drop deliciously into my waiting mouth. I was in pervert heaven.

I couldn’t help myself, I had to get closer and suck my breakfast from her. I was afraid that she’d complain since she wanted to see it all, but she went into a gut wrenching orgasm and dropped her weight onto me forcing my head back down to the bed. All of a sudden she let loose with a downpour of homemade corn soup that almost drowned me. Oh, but shit-fuck-piss-damn, what a way to die!

When she was finished “feeding” me, we were both so worked up that we had mind blowing sex for well over an hour.

As Carol got dressed we talked about my search for her at which time I told her about Patty and how I made my choice to go with a married gal over a single one, as I found it more exciting. As she left the room, Carol asked, “How about a pair of girls, married or not?” She left me there pondering that thought as I drifted off to sleep.

The next day I received an e-mail from Carol asking if I had thought about a threesome with her sister and her or maybe Patty and her. I admitted that I hadn’t thought of anything else since she left me there in my dreams. I wrote back asking what she had in mind, at which point she asked for Patty’s e-mail address so she could try to put something together. Damn, this girl isn’t so shy after all.

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