Clean Up Fantasy Becomes Reality


The beginning

So I’ve met the love of my life recently. She’s everything I’ve ever prayed for. She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s loving, and caring. And my oh my she’s quiet the hottie. She’s a little above average height for a woman and is carrying some extra weight, but she carries it well! She’s got the prettiest eyes and a smile to die for. And did I mention her Tits? Omg the biggest and best set I think I’ve ever had the pleasure of caressing. We had been together a short time when I had made a comment about having a cum fetish… little did I know that she was my soul mate in more than one way.

So we began discussing some fantasies, both mine and hers. Seems we are two peas in a pod sexually except for I’m 10 years older than her and she’s now putting a hurting on me btw, and I’m loving it.

I began looking for creampie pics and creampie eating pics and other various things that popped up. That I wasn’t aware turned me on till I seen them. I slowly began sending her these pics here and there. The response was crazy good! Lead to fantasy chats about really doing what was in these pics, which made the sex even better. So slowly it became more of a that would so hot to do, and we both decided was something we wanted to try. So an account was set up on a dating site and the search began. Rules and a safe word was set in place. All along she’s continuing to put a hurting on me. The sex just keeps getting better and better if that’s even possible.

So our hot fantasy talk has lead us to definitely wanting to try for real. So the idea of her ex was brought up. I wasn’t crazy about following through with him, but I get extremely turned on talking about her fucking him and bringing home a ankara escort freshly fucked and cum filled pussy to me. We know he’s clean and disease free and also the thrill of controlling his sex life. So we continue to talk about this adventure and I’m still sending pics like crazy , cause I know it turns her on as much as it does me. I even got a pic of soaked panties from her while she was stuck on her 12 hr shift.

So we are back and forth about whether to do it or not. I’m still unsure of using the ex for our little experience. So I finally told her how I felt, my concerns of her fucking him and told her to do what she thought. So again my concerns have been expressed and the experience has been put in her hands. We continue to use the subject of him fucking her as a source of fire when we are making love.

And so it begins

She decided it was time to begin the adventure… She works midnight turn as does he. So she decided she would be at his house waiting on him when he got home. (I put a strict no kissing rule in affect for all playmates) There is also a couple more rules for him and him only just because it’s the ex. So no kissing, he can’t go down on her and no anal. These are non negotiable with him. So I’ve been working evening turn and I’m home in bed awake of course because of the anxiety and excitement of my beautiful baby going to give my pussy to another man, her ex at that.

Now I’m not hung well but been informed by her that I’m not as small as I’ve always believed, as I do gag her at times. The ex is just a tad longer but I’ve got more girth than he does. So he doesn’t really fill the bigger cock filling her full fantasies, but it’s naughty and a no no so ankara genç escort we are both turned on and ready to go.

I get a pic from her via text message of her naked standing in his house.

My heart starts to pound!

Fast forward about 20 mins. Here’s my baby standing beside the bed with her hungry eyes staring a hole through me as she strips down to only her panties. “Where you want it?” She asks. I instantly reach for her well fucked pussy as I asked that quick? She explained that she sucked him hard which only took a couple mins and he pounded the shit out of her. She also explained that he hadn’t had sex since she had left him, she knew because he came very very fast.

So here stands my beautiful queen with another mans cum dripping from her pussy. My mind was racing as I reached up and slid a finger into her hot sticky cum filled pussy. She asked again “where do you want it?”

I told her to take her panties off and lay down. We had talked about sloppy seconds on several occasions but not the first time. The first time I was licking her tight little pussy clean. As I eased between her thighs I was taking my time. I was taking in all the sights and the smell. Omg the smell alone was amazing. The smell of sex, the smell of her cum and a new smell, his cum. And there was a bunch of it. She was right it had been a while for him. I began by kissing her thighs then licking her thighs gently. She then asked me if I still wanted the details. (Also a condition of the playing). I raised my head up to look her in her beautiful eyes and told her “you know I do.” She replied “Just making sure”. As I settled back in to enjoy another mans load of cum antalya escort in my girlfriends hot little box she began to tell me of sucking his dick to get him hard. After just a couple minutes he was rock hard and ready to go. (Just FYI she can suck start a Harley) As she let his hard cock slide from her mouth he intentionally rubbed his cock head on her nipple and the precum was oozing. So by this point in her story I’m buried tongue deep in her tight little pussy licking for all its worth (the one thing in this old world I know I’m good at).

Moaning as much as she is at this point, partially from her story so far and partially from the taste of her mixed with him. I’ve definitely learned for sure I like the taste of cum, atleast at this point his cum. She grabs the back of my head and shoved me in deeper as she tells me that he tried to go down on her and she stopped him. She told him no fuck me! She rolls from her side/back to up on her knees. He moved in behind her and grabs her hips, he’s so worked up and hard at this point he just drives his cock balls deep in one quick motion. She said it was hard and fast and over. She told him to fill her up, which was definitely something he wasn’t used to. He got up off the bed to go clean himself and bring back a towel for her but by the time he came back she was putting her pants back on.

So now an hour later she’s pushing my head away claiming to be dehydrated there is a puddle under her ass from her cumming so many times. I kiss my way up her body to her tits and spent a extra minute getting the dried precum from her nipples. As I’m getting to her lips to kiss her she asks if it was what I was expecting? I told her everything and even more. She asked if I thought about his cock in her as I was eating his cum and listening to the story and before I could answer she pointed out that I licked her nipples too and he had just rubbed his cock on them too! We kissed long and hard as I collapsed beside her to rest with her for round two.

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