Christie’s Homeless Friend Pt. 05


On his way towards the car, “ahhh, this feels weird,” he says pulling awkwardly at his pants. “We couldn’t have waited for my shorts to dry?”

“We’re getting you new ones,” she tells him as she unlocks the doors with her key fob.

“Yeah, I know, but still, the boys aren’t used to flapping about in the wind.”

She smiles, “I think they’ll be fine,” she says getting in.

He takes a seat, but feels comically violated by his pants as they ride up on him the more he tries to relax. Throughout the drive, he randomly fidgets around, which Cindy can’t help but notice.

“You ok over there?” she asks.

“My pants are flossing my crack,” he replies subtly lifting himself off the seat.

Cindy gets a good laugh from that, then tells him “just sit still! You’re making it worse by moving!”

She continues to see him twitch out of the corner of her eye as the drive progresses and decides to take matters into her own hand, literally. Without warning, she reaches over and grabs him between the legs and forces him against the seat. “I said, sit still~” She’s not gripping tight enough to make him scream, but she does have his full attention, and he does remain still until they reach their destination. “See? Not so bad now was it?”

“No thanks to your persuasive grip,” he sasses at her, pulling her hand from him.

“You liked it, don’t lie,” she teases back.

Not wanting to admit she’s right at the moment, he quickly sighs before getting out of the car, giving his pants another tug once he stands up straight. Once in the store, he heads straight for the underwear aisle with as much haste as his legs will allow. Being a guy, he grabs the first thing he sees that he knows will fit and hugs it dearly.

“Ah, relief, you’ve never looked like this before,” he says to the package he’s holding.

Cindy smiles softly as she catches the double meaning. “Would you two like to be alone for a moment?”

He chuckles along with her, “very funny.”

Strangely enough, he carries it around closest to him as they continue to browse through the store. For the most part, Cindy follows him wherever he goes, but when he only picks up one shirt and a set of pants, she inquires about it.

“Is that all you’re going to get?”

“Well, I wasn’t planning on staying this thin forever, so I didn’t want to get too much right now.”

“Oh. Fair enough. But, let’s get more anyway, and we can donate them when you grow out of them.”

“If you say so. I just didn’t want to waste your money doing that.”

“It’s fine hun. We donate them to our charity, and we get a write off come tax time.”

“Oh. Well, ok.” He thinks to himself for a moment. “Well, maybe you can help me look then. Perhaps find something you’d like to walk on?”

She smirks a little, leaning in close with a quiet tone “you don’t need clothes for what I want to walk on.”

“Ok, fine. Let me rephrase that then. Help me with finding something for walking on me in public. You and Christie can’t walk on me everywhere with minimal clothes.”

“Oh really?” she teases.

Brian pauses for a second, recalling what he just said. “Ok, you can, but you know what I mean. Just help me look.”

Amused with how he’s stumbling over his words, Cindy lets out an adorable giggle as she smiles at him, “don’t worry, I got this.”

She proceeds to pick out several different types of shirts, pants, shorts, shoes and any other seasonal stuff that may suit him for the time being, then leads him over to the fitting rooms.

The rooms in this store have their own hallway-like setup with a miniature waiting area, really just a bench on either side of the doorway after entering this area. It’s typically where one would find guys holding their wives purses, if those guys weren’t already in another part of the store trying to maintain their pride. This time, it’s Cindy parked there while Brian tries on the clothes she picked out to make sure they fit right.

He feels bad at first, but with the intention of getting his pick of briefs anyway, he gets them on first before trying on anything else. After a few minutes, he presents himself to her for her thoughts. “What do you think?”

“Oooo! Not bad!” she says giving him a good look over. “Are your pants tight at all?”

“They’re kinda loose actually. I might need a bel…” he pauses mid-thought as he catches Cindy smirking at him. “Ohhhh you’re good!”

She smiles at him as she gets up and takes him by the hand back to his fitting room.

“Wait, what if there’s cameras?” he says, trying to keep his voice down.

“In a fitting room? Come now sweetie. It’s a privacy violation. There aren’t going to be cameras in here,” she replies in a whisper, closing the door behind them. “Lay down~”

With his heart racing, he sits down on the carpeted floor, but doesn’t lie back right away. “Hey, hold up. What if this makes my legs not work again?”

Releasing the straps on her shoes, “You have to stand to change into other outfits, yes?”

“Maybe? I guess…”

“Well, if you have any problems anadolu yakası escort we’ll know then,” she says stepping out of her shoes and approaching him barefoot.

“That’s why I was asking though, so we wouldn’t have to figure it out then,” he tells her, reaffirming his curiosity.

“Shhhhhh,” pressing her toes gently against his lips, “you’ll be fine,” she whispers to him as she steps onto his stomach, forcing him to lie flat.

The fitting rooms are just a tad shy of his height from the door to the back wall, so his legs have to bend at the knees. Brian’s not too worried about lying close to the door as it goes all the way to the ground, so no one can peak under and see him. They might see his shadow, but it could easily be mistaken for his clothes.

The two actively try to keep themselves quiet as they do their thing. For Brian, it means hold the moans in if and when she steps on his bits. For Cindy, it means make her moves quick so she can figure out what she needs to know without getting him too worked up.

She works her right foot into his pants first, followed by the other, and since his legs are bent, his stomach is relaxed enough to make walking gently in place an easy task for about a minute or so. As simple as it is, that’s all she wants to know, at least for what he has on at the moment, and steps down. She then takes a seat on the fitting room’s personal bench and hands him a different set of pants. “Here, try these.”

At first, Brian doesn’t stand up because it’s just as easy to slip the pants on and off on the floor, but then he remembers the ‘leg test’ they just talked about, and gets back to his feet. Even buttoned up, the next pair practically falls off his waist from being so loose. They get to his knees before he catches them with his hands.

“Did you look at sizes at all?” he jokes.

“Pardon me for considering Christie’s play time as well,” justifying her choice in return.

A blank stare wipes itself down his face as he pauses half bent over, “What?”

“What?!” she teases in a pseudo-surprised tone, “I said we’ll get you a belt.”

“That is so not what you said, but ok.”

Smiling at him, Cindy kicks her leg up and catches the lip of the pants he’s holding with her toes and yanks them down to his feet. The sudden move catches Brian off guard and makes him fall towards her general direction, but he catches himself on the wall with his hand. With her habitual silence, she looks him straight in the eye as she hands him the next set of pants to try.

He blushes softly as he takes hold of them, but nearly loses his balance due to Cindy’s foot still holding down the pants he has on around his ankles. The grip they both have on the next pair is the only thing that prevents him from falling back into the fragile side wall of the fitting room.

Trying to keep the noise level down with her giggling, “You good hun?”

Noticing that Cindy foot doesn’t let up, Brian sighs to himself, lifts her leg at the knee with his free hand, then whispers to her, “yeah, fine.”

Cindy watches intently as he gets the next set on, which fit him about the same as the first, then hands him a different shirt. “This one has all the buttons,” she teases.

“Hardy harr harr,” he smarts back at her.

Once he gets everything on, he’s back on the floor for her. She gets to her feet and steps onto him again, this time keeping his shirt between her feet and his skin in an effort to see how easily she can release the buttons with her toes. With normal buttons, it’s a challenging feat, but Cindy picked out a shirt with buttons that simply snap together, which means all she has to do is stand on one side of the shirt, and pop the buttons free with her free foot.

She gets four of seven buttons free before the sound of one of the other doors in the room closing gets her attention. Assuming if anyone knew the two of them were in the same space that they’d freak out, she looks down at him with her finger over her lips, signaling him to remain quiet.

To his surprise, she doesn’t get off! She slowly starts walking in place on his chest as she listens for the sound of the door again to signal that the other person has left. With an adrenaline rush coming on, her hearing becomes hyper-sensitive, and thus makes her feel like his chest is the only spot she can stand on that won’t force him to make any noises, at least from what she remembers from past experiences. As the minutes tick on, she blindly looks in the direction of the noise to focus her efforts on hearing the other person’s progress. While she hears the person shuffle things about, yet no door sound, she takes the opportunity to reposition herself on him with one foot each on his chest and stomach.

His adrenaline rush isn’t as intense, but it’s enough to help him handle her weight for as long as he has been. He’s not paying as much attention to the status of the other person as he can tell that’s what she’s focusing on when she’s not smiling down at him.

A total of fifteen minutes tick by before ankara anal escort another door shuts and locks. Cindy has since moved down onto his stomach, kneading her toes into him, but comes to a pause when she hears the second door. Looking down at him, she prods him gently with one foot to get his eyes to open again. When he looks back up at her, she silently moves her lips to say ‘how are you doing down there?’ accompanied with pointing hand gestures.

He simply grins happily with his thumbs up in return.

Before his eyes close back up completely, she taps her toes on one of his legs, and in the same manner asks ‘how are your legs?’

He shrugs, as he won’t know until he tries to stand up.

She stands back on his chest, caressing his cheek with her instep as she smiles with her lower lip ever so slightly sucked in.

He gives her foot a soft peck as he looks up at her. He also gets warm fuzzies everywhere as he notices the ceiling light being hidden perfectly behind her head, seemingly casting a halo around her hair. Smiling up at her, he does the silent lip thing back to her asking how she’s doing.

With an adorable grin, she puts her fingers together in a heart shape.

He taps his chest in his heart’s general location a couple times and points back up to her.

They hear one of the locks release, and as the person leaves, Cindy takes the opportunity to step down, giving him a quick breather before helping him up to his feet. They hold each other in a hug for a little bit, and conveniently the second door unlocks followed by the sound of the person leaving.

“Well that was fun,” Brian whispers softly.

“You did great hun~ I’m proud of you,” she whispers back followed by quick peck on the lips.

“Christie’s going to be so jealous when she finds out about this.”

“Maybe for a little bit, yeah. But if it gets to her bad enough, we’ll just come back here with her next time.”

“And maybe it could be you two trying on new outfits, or even new shoes.”

“Oh, now we definitely have to come back~ That idea will tease her so bad~”

“What about you, does it tease you?”

“I loved what I did just now. It can only get better with her,” she comments with a growing smile. “Does that answer your question?”

He simply smiles along.

“But hey, we should probably get out of here soon.” Looking back at the pile of clothes she picked out, she pulls out a pair of pants that will work for their semi-formal celebration and hands it to him. “Here, put these on, keep the shirt you have on, and we’ll try the rest of this stuff out at home.”

“Even the really big pants?”

“Of course. I said we’d get you a belt too, remember?”

“I’m pretty sure you said something about Christie having a play time, but yeah, a belt will help.”

Cindy giggles softly, telling him “I’ll see you out there,” patting him on the chest on her way out, holding her shoes in hand.

Brian buttons his shirt back up, smiling to himself at how easily Cindy got them loose using just her toes, and also notices how well he’s able to move now after a fairly lengthy trampling from her. He figures it must’ve been her back walking treatment from earlier that’s allowing him to move normally, yet still finds it odd that he was having trouble walking earlier too. Getting his pants on next, he notices he still cleans up pretty well as he catches himself in the mirror. It helps him mentally move on from his homeless status a little, an image of himself that he can’t wait to forget. His shoes, however, still keep that image lingering a little longer as they haven’t been replaced yet.

Gathering his stuff, he heads out to find Cindy. When he doesn’t find her right away, he heads over to the shoe section to find some for himself, but with the thought that he might stumble across her there too. To his shock, he doesn’t see her as he passes by the numerous aisles of women’s shoes, but does find her in the one aisle for men’s.

Approaching her, “Not going to lie, this is the last aisle I thought I’d find you in.”

“You still found me fairly quick though,” she replies aware of the amount of time that has passed, and taking the load of clothes from him to get a better look at his outfit.

“Ehh, moth to a flame,” he abstractly remarks.

Smiling, she points out a few options for him to select from.

As he’s trying on different pairs, he can’t help but glance at her shoes from time to time, thinking the numerous instances in the past when the ladies brought him along to shop for their own shoes. The ones she has on now are a newer pair – newer as in bought within the past two years, as he doesn’t remember lying down for them. Then again, he’s been under many of their shoes, and some he’s simply forgotten about.

“This feels backwards,” he speaks up after a few minutes.

“Awww, did somebody forget how to put on his shoes?” she teases.

“Not them,” he sasses back. “This whole situation we’re in.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, if I’m not mistaken, this is ankara anal yapan escort the first time we’ve ever looked at shoes for me.” Glancing down at her shoes momentarily, “Shoe shopping was always your thing,” returning his eyes to hers.

“Not here it wasn’t. Have you seen the selection they have here? It’s hideous!”

“You calling my shoes hideous?”

“You’re a guy! What do you care?” she says with a chuckle. “Their clothes are fine. Shoes? Not so much.”

“Are you sure?”

“Pretty sure.”

“Did you look?”

She pauses in disbelief at the fact that he’s attempting to call her bluff. “Fine, I’ll show you what I mean,” she tells him as she gets up and takes his hand.

Dragging him over a few aisles to her size, she grabs a seemingly random shoe that she probably wouldn’t buy for herself anyway, and holds it up between them.

“Notice anything?” she asks, turning the inside of the shoe towards him.

“It’s not on your foot?” he comically replies.

Smacking him on the forehead with it, “No silly, look!”

“Did you just smack me with a shoe?”

She chuckles again, “Yes, and I’m about to do it again if you don’t listen,” bringing it up closer.

Rubbing his head, he looks at it, but doesn’t catch what she’s trying to point out.

“It looks like hobbit feet have been in there! The outside is a joke too. There’s no outfit in the world this would go with,” she says pointing out its odd shape.


She then flips the shoe over, “Plus they look like they come with their own dirt.”

“And you hit me with it?!”

She patiently sighs, “Brian?”


She gives him a stern look, yet with a playful smile, while pointing the shoe at him to get him to focus on the point she’s trying to make. Noticing it’s not fully sinking in for him, she puts it back and leads him to another aisle.

As they turn the corner, he grabs a random shoe of his own. She feels his movements through his hand she’s holding and calls him out on it before he can do anything.

“What did you just grab?” she asks.

“Nothing,” he replies, holding the shoe behind him.

Knowing he’s lying, “put it back.”

He playfully tries to hit her shoulder with it, but she catches his wrist mid-swing and twists it, halting him instantly.

“Put it back before you get hurt,” she tells him with a coy smile.

Smiling back at her, he drops the shoe, but catches it with his other hand and quickly smacks her thigh with the tread side. “Now we’re even,” he says, pulling her against him. Holding his shoe up, he checks it, then looks back at her, “at least the tread on mine is clean.”

Obviously she’s not going to say anything, but his mischievous nature is getting to her, in a good way. She likes the fact that he’s quick to retaliate, but doesn’t overdo it, keeping the playing field even between them. In the past, he’s been known to encourage her aggression, leading to rough-housing and ultimately him getting walked on, sometimes with Christie’s help, but usually if it was a squabble between the two of them, it remained between the two of them.

His retaliation now reminds her of that, so when he lets his guard down to return the shoe he took, she grabs another one with her free hand in the same instance and lightly smacks him on the cheek with it when he turns back towards her, disorienting him.

“What the!” he exclaims, seeing the shoe, which happens to be an awkward looking flip flop, and her smile growing, “Damn you!” taking her by the arm to maintain control over whether or not she hits him again.

Their antics before didn’t include the relationship status they have now, so when he adjusts his hold on her wrists and pulls her against him again, he sneaks in a kiss simply because he knows he can. It melts her on the spot, but to hide its effectiveness, when she pulls back a minute later, she pops him with the shoe again.

“Dammit, give me that!” he playfully retorts, reaching for it, yet constantly misses due to her being so quick.

A laughter-filled scuffle ensues, and just when Brian thinks he has the upper hand by grappling her from behind, Cindy quickly proves him wrong when she reaches back and pinches his side, then grabs the arm opposite and spins him around, tapping the back of one of his knees with her foot, and leveling him on the floor in front of her.

With his head right at her feet, she pins him down at his chest with one foot and leans on her leg, smiling down at him.

Looking up at her, “Or keep it, whatever,” he comedically surrenders.

She giggles softly, and drops the flip flop on him without a word. She then turns and walks slowly back towards his stuff, having faith in him that he’ll be able to get up on his own, considering his physical status.

He takes his time getting up; not because she hurt him in any way, but because he’s trying to recall what he just survived so he can be sure that he can stand up again. Getting the solo flip flop off him, he sits up shortly after the thought hits that if she wanted to hurt him, or keep him on the floor, she could have. It’s been a couple years, and while he doesn’t remember some of her tactics, he remembers this one because she used it on another guy at a dance club, and that guy was incapacitated with mostly the same move set. Eventually Brian gets back to his feet, and everything checks out fine.

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