Chance Encounter Ch. 26


The distance between Jean’s house and the rectory wasn’t far and Miguel soon found himself in front of Jean’s house. He didn’t know how he felt as only minutes had passed since he had been on his knees performing fellatio on Father G while listening to Jean being fucked. Within seconds of the tape ending Father G had pushed him away from his cock and sent him on his way. Spotting Jean’s car he parked behind hers. He hoped she was the only one home as he wanted to share everything with her. He also hoped Jean would open up and tell him everything about her relationship with Father.

He got out of the car noticing as he walked a dull ache in his testicles. He looked down to see if it was obvious he was wearing a chastity device and felt relief that it wasn’t. He rang the doorbell. Jean’s mom opened the door. She seemed happy and excited to see him. She welcomed him inside. Within seconds she informed him Jean was out and wouldn’t be back for several hours, her husband and sons were deer hunting and gone for the weekend, and she was hosting a party that evening and Jean had volunteered him to help. He didn’t ask where Jean was, but assumed she was with Leo. He told her he would be more than happy to help her with the party which as it turned out wasn’t really a party, but a meeting of her friends to have dinner, drink, gossip, and play canasta.

He wore slacks and a dress shirt for his meeting with Father. He was about to suggest to her he go to his car and get a change of clothes when she pointed him to Jean’s bedroom, telling him, “Jean laid out some clothes for you. She doesn’t want your clothes to get dirty. She said you’ll need them for tonight.”

Miguel went in to her room and spotted on Jean’s table an envelope with some clothes underneath them. He opened the envelope and took out the note which read, “Miguel, I want you to wear these clothes while you help Mom. All of the clothes. We have lots to talk about. Love. Jean”.

He put the note back in the envelope, folded it, and put it in his pants pocket for safekeeping. He looked at the clothes. There was a t shirt, a pair of gym shorts, and last, a pair of black panties. He quickly changed hoping Jean’s mom would not make an unannounced entrance. The shorts fit strange and he wondered if it was because they were cut for a woman. He noticed the same thing with the shirt. As for the panties they were obviously made for a woman. He was glad Jean’s dad and brothers wouldn’t see him.

He put his clothes on hangers and hung them in Jean’s closet. His socks, shoes, and briefs he put in the closet closing the door so they would be out of sight.

He entered the kitchen. If Jean’s mom noticed anything different about his clothing she didn’t act like it. She set him to work vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and scrubbing. Miguel focused on the jobs at hand as his cage reminded him all too painfully it was best not to let his mind wander. He liked Jean’s note as he too had lots to share, but wondered if her talk was more of announcement.

The day’s activities were having a pronounced affect on Miguel psychologically and physically. It was the first time he felt completely submissive and that feeling felt fine. It was he thought a welcome and much needed break from the real, more competitive world. There was only one choice, to submit, defer to another’s authority, be it Jean, Father G, or as he was doing now, Jean’s mom as he cleaned her house from top to bottom.

Wearing Jean’s clothes, being caged, doing housework, and confined to the house while Jean was out he found soothing, not troubling. Her stature grew as his diminished and he found that to be okay.

Jean’s mom checked on him from time to time inspecting what he had cleaned, dusted, vacuumed, approving or pointing out something he had overlooked, watching him accomplish it to her satisfaction before directing him to the next task. After cleaning the living room, dining room, and hall bathroom she had him dust and vacuum the bedrooms. Each bedroom sparked vivid sexual memories, Jean sneaking into the bedroom he was staying in while he was deep asleep and sucking his penis, her transferring his cum back to him in a long french kiss, standing in the bathroom listening to Jean’s parents make love, seeing the bed on which they made love that night, but the room holding the most memories was Jean’s bedroom. He remembered watching her ass as she lay on her stomach making plans to see Leo and how badly he had wanted to press his face between her buttocks and to lick, kiss, and suck her backside. Then there were all the times he had eaten her in that room.

Finished with all the rooms Jean’s mom said he could help her with the food preparation. She didn’t engage him in a lot of small talk, but did remind him a time or two Jean was out and was running late. She chuckled at one point when she said, “Jean said you’re at my disposal until she gets home. Then you’re all hers.”

He answered her by telling her he was there to do what she needed.

She aksaray escort replied telling him, “Good, but I’m running out of things for you to do. I will need the kitchen floor swept and mopped, the trash taken out, and the table set. Hopefully you’ll have it done before she gets home.”

“I’m sure she’ll want me to keep helping you until you’re through with me,” he answered before asking, “Did she say when she might be home?”

“She didn’t. I’m sure she’s having a good time and forgot about the time.”

Her last comment he wondered if she meant it as a dig, wanting to get an emotional reaction out of him. He just answered, “I’m sure she is.”

In the kitchen they repeated the same routine as when he was cleaning the house. After every task she inspected his work, pointing out deficiencies he promptly corrected before giving her final approval. She then had him do another task followed by another inspection. He finished the food preparation and she directed him to start cleaning the kitchen beginning with the sink,followed by the countertops and floor.

The phone rang as he was finishing up the floor. Jean’s mom answered it. The call was brief. Her mom said she would tell Miguel. She also said he had been very good and had been a great help. She thanked her for loaning him out and laughed saying she could get used to Jean loaning Miguel out. The phone call ended and Jean’s mom said, “Miguel, Jean will be home in ten minutes. She’ll call when she pulls up to the house. She’ll need your help to bring something in.”

It was Miguel thought mysterious; he wondered what she needed help with. He also wondered how she was going to call him from the car. He thought Jean’s mom meant she would honk the horn when she was in front of the house.

The ten minutes turned to fifteen and his anxiety built as the urgency to see Jean grew. He was setting the table when the phone rang. Jean’s mom answered it and said she would send Miguel out. She turned to him and said, “Miguel, Jean’s outside waiting for you.”

He hurried to the front door and it wasn’t until he had closed the door behind him that he noticed an unfamiliar car parked behind his car. The car was a brand new Lincoln, burgundy in color. Right away he noticed the driver wasn’t Jean but a man he had never seen. Through the front window he could see Jean. She was sitting beside the driver. He approached the driver’s side. The window was down. The man looked nervous. He greeted Miguel.

Miguel answered back, “Hello.”

From inside the car Jean loudly said, “Miguel, this is Tommy. Tommy, this is my boyfriend Miguel.”

Tommy didn’t get out but took his right arm off Jean’s shoulder and stuck it out the window signaling he wanted Miguel to shake it. Miguel shook it noticing as he did the anchor tattoo on Tommy’s large, muscled forearm. His grip was firm but there was nothing aggressive in the way he shook Miguel’s hand.

After introducing themselves and saying good to meet you, Tommy said, “Thanks Miguel.”

Before Miguel could ask thanks for what, Tommy continued, “I appreciate you letting me take Jean out. I’m in the Navy, home on leave. I’m going to Japan in a couple of weeks for three years. This will be my last time to be with an American girl for a long time.”

Miguel knew he looked confused and mumbled while eyeballing Jean, “You’re welcome. Japan?”

Jean interjected, “I met Tommy early in the week. I told you all about it in a letter. You must not have gotten the letter. I told him you wouldn’t mind if I spent his last couple of weeks with him before he goes to Japan.”

Miguel felt put on the spot and mumbled, “No, I don’t mind. I didn’t get the letter.”

Jean said to Tommy, “See I told you he wouldn’t mind.” She then said to Miguel, “Tommy was nervous about meeting you, but I assured him you were cool with it. Did my phone call surprise you?”

Tommy put his arm back around Jean. She was leaning forward. She seemed very at ease snuggled up to Tommy, his arm lower on her back.

“It did,” he answered.

“His car has a phone in it. Isn’t that cool?”

“It is.”

She looked at him and said, “I’ve missed you. Come here and give me a kiss.”

He stuck his head into the car and she leaned further across Tommy. He was expecting just a quick peck on the lips with Tommy sitting right there and after their lips touched began to pull away until she said, “A real kiss, Miguel.”

So he kissed her again opening his mouth this time and briefly french kissed Jean. It was Miguel thought erotic and uncomfortable.

Tommy didn’t say anything, but he moved his right hand under Jean’s armpit and cupped her right breast as she and Miguel kissed. Miguel didn’t notice what Tommy was doing, but Jean did as he rather roughly rolled her nipple between his thumb and forefingers.

She groaned when their kiss ended telling Miguel, “That was much better, Miguel, wasn’t it?”

Miguel answered, “Yes, it was.” At that moment it alsancak escort was almost easy to block out Tommy watching them from what could only be a couple of inches separation. Looking at Jean he thought how beautiful she looked. His penis tried to swell and as a result his balls ached, but instead of unwanted pain he found himself eagerly welcoming the discomfort. He looked at her eyes noticing how deeply blue they were but how crowded they looked by her oversized pupils. She looked he thought high. He would come to recognize those dilated pupils as a signal of intense arousal.

Jean smiled and said, “I have a surprise for you and a favor to ask.”

Miguel asked, “What is it and what do you need me to do?”

She said, “Look down.”

He did, staring straight into Tommy’s lap where protruding from it was a large and very erect cock with his girlfirend’s hand wrapped around it. He didn’t know what to say as he watched Jean pump it.

“What I need you to do Miguel is take the box in the back seat into the house while I say goodbye to Tommy. I also need you to keep my mom busy so she doesn’t come outside. Can you do that for me?”

He didn’t know why he answered in a whisper but he did, “Jean I can.” His eyes were glued on Jean’s hand and Tommy’s cock. She let him watch for maybe thirty seconds before reminding him he needed to get the box. The way she was looking at him when she said it told him there was no room for negotiation but hinted that he would be rewarded for his obedience later.

He told Tommy goodbye and told Jean he would see her inside later. Tommy mumbled, “See you.”

Miguel opened the back door and pulled the box out. Jean warned him to be careful as it contained a sheet cake. With the box in his hands Miguel used his hip to shut the door. He stood there not wanting to leave but Jean was no longer looking at him. In fact, she was now bent over and the only parts visible to Miguel were the top of her head and her back. It was obvious she was now sucking Tommy’s cock.

Miguel walked rather quickly back to the house. It turned out to be rather easy to keep Jean’s mom distracted as she wanted to see the cake. She inquired once about Jean’s whereabouts and appeared satisfied with Miguel’s answer that she would be inside in a little while. She did ask if Miguel had met Tommy. Miguel said he had. Her mom then commented about him being a nice man and serving his country and how nice it was of Jean to show him around town before he left in a week.

Miguel asked, “I thought he was from here?”

She said, “No, his family moved here after he went in the Navy. Jean knows his younger brother from school. That’s how she met him. Her brother suggested she would be a good tour guide. He’s kind of shy. Isn’t he big?”

Miguel’s first response was to say, “Yes, his cock is huge,” but he suspected that wasn’t what she was referring to so he instead said, “He looks tall, but he didn’t get out of the car. He has some big hands.”

She chuckled, “And big feet. I think he’s 6 foot 6. That’s his dad’s car.” Miguel wondered if her comment about big feet and his about big hands made her suspect the appendage between his legs was big too. She added, “They’ve gone out a few times, seen the tourist places. I told Jean she could see him today, but she needed to pick up the cake as I didn’t have time. Tommy’s a nice young man. I think she’s done with Leo. Now her dad will be off her back and leave the two of you alone.”

What she told him about Leo was news to Miguel. As for Tommy being nice Miguel wondered what her opinion of Tommy would be if she knew at that very moment her ‘virginal’ daughter was doing her best to do a Linda Lovelace on Tommy’s organ. He couldn’t get over how bold Jean was doing what she did in front of Miguel. It was as though she knew Miguel was ready to take this next step. He wanted to daydream and recreate the entire moment from kissing Jean to staring down at her hand wrapped around Tommy’s cock, watching her pump his manhood, but he instead focused on his conversation with Jean’s mom.

“I didn’t know she quit seeing Leo.”

“Yes, he called a few times, but she said she was busy. I figured she went out with him just enough to make her dad happy. Jean said Leo was a godsend as her dad kept insisting she not be exclusive with you. Now he believes you and Jean are serious but not too serious if you know what I mean. He thinks she’ll end up like his sisters even though you are nothing like their husbands. He just believes people should do a lot more casual dating instead of only going steady with one person. I told him he needs to keep his nose out of his kids’ business, but he doesn’t listen to me.”

“Has he met Tommy?”

“Oh yes, he loves the military so he’s proud of her for going out with Tommy before he ships off. You know he wanted to be in the Marines, but he failed his physical.”

“Really, I didn’t know that.”

“Yes, he had a heart murmur. It turned out amasya escort to be okay, but back then they wouldn’t let you in the military. He’s actually very fit.”

Miguel thought about the night he heard Jean’s dad screwing his wife. He certainly possessed alot of stamina that night, heart murmur or not.

Miguel just listened letting Jean’s mom talk. She shared with Miguel how Leo dating Jean kept her awake with worry many nights, ‘Leo wouldn’t have been good for Jean. He’s a machista. He wants his women barefoot and pregnant while he is free to do as he pleases. It was hard seeing Jean, class president, team captain, let Leo lead her around like a puppy on a leash. He would call and she would drop everything. Leo knows how to put on the charm; it just took Jean a while to see he’s a nice man, but rather shallow. You’re a much better fit for her. From the moment I met you and saw how considerate you were of her I knew the two of you were going to be a couple. I know it was tough on you these past couple of months watching Leo and Jean dating. Now you know you had no reason to worry. Jean going out with Tommy must seem like a walk in the park.”

She continued not really looking for a response from Miguel, “Besides going out with Tommy keeps her dad off her back and it’s the right thing to do. It’s the least she can do to thank him for serving our country.”

Miguel wanted to say, “Oh she’s thanking him allright,” but didn’t. Instead of Miguel having to distract Jean’s mom it was she distracting him.

Her mom changed subjects and began to talk about Father G, “I was so upset with my husband I went to Father G to get his help. He sided with Jean’s father. When I pointed out their age difference and my fear he might take advantage of her he told me not to worry. Jean was an adult and we had instilled her with morals. I told him that’s fine, but there is a difference between theory and reality. I told him I wasn’t ready to be a grandmother. He laughed and said, ‘No one ever is.’ His comment made me mad which he noticed. He said he was only teasing and he would come up with a plan. We then talked about you. He pointed out how close you and Jean are. I told him I wasn’t worried about you because you are so respectful of Jean. He said, ‘Don’t underestimate the power of hormones. Jean’s the one you need to worry about. She is a healthy, beautiful, young woman programmed like all women are, to mate. Their dating makes Miguel a prime candidate.’ I said, ‘I know, and so does her dad, that’s why he wanted she and Miguel to be less exclusive. He figured if she casually dates someone there is less chance of anything happening. I think his good intentions have made it worse. She sees Leo more than she sees Miguel.”

Miguel absorbed everything Jean’s mom said and answered, “I had no idea they had gotten so serious.” It wasn’t the truth he told her as Jean admitted she had fallen in love with Leo, but he thought it better to play dumb. He continued, “I guess I should feel lucky she’s gotten him out of her system.”

She said, “You should, but I think it was Father G who helped her get over him. He is the one who suggested she start working at the rectory keeping her evenings and weekends busy. He also said he would talk with the two of you. How did your meeting with him go?”

Miguel hoped he sounded calm when he answered, “It went fine, better than I expected.”

She smiled, “Good. He is a nice man.”

Miguel did have something he wanted to get off his chest, “This is as good time as any as we’re alone but I wanted to thank you for being so supportive all those times I called and Jean wasn’t home. You really kept my spirits up.”

She actually teared up before wrapping her arms around him and squeezing him to her chest. She was a large breasted woman, a full cup or two cup size larger than Jean and her embrace was so strong he couldn’t help but feel those breasts against his chest. He did his best to hug her back. Their embrace left no room between their bodies and her pubis and his penis came into contact. He hoped she didn’t misinterpret the steel tube shrouding his penis for the stirrings of an erection. He thought if she did she would be deeply offended, but he also didn’t want to draw more attention by backing his hips away from her.

Face to face with her Miguel felt awkward and turned his head to the side. Her mom’s grip didn’t lessen. There was an urgency in her voice as she told him, “You’re welcome. I worried about you too. I knew you really liked Jean, but these past months you really proved your devotion. I also know, in spite of her behavior, how crazy Jean is about you. She never quit talking about you even when she was seeing Leo every day. If you’re both talking to Father G I have to assume it’s about a future together. Just promise me you won’t make me a grandmother any time soon.”

Miguel didn’t lie but he also didn’t fully disclose the truth when he assured her, “I promise I won’t.”

She relaxed her grip a little, “Father G said he would help make sure you don’t.”

He looked at her and said, “He did.”

That admission made him very aware of his cage and how it was pressing against her pubis. There was no way he thought as their bodies’ lower halves made contact she couldn’t feel it.

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