Caught Being Impatient


I awoke to find you laying beside me, asleep, adorable, and hotter than a supernova. You look like you are having a troubled dream, so I lean over and kiss your forehead. As I do, you sigh, and I see the creases in your face fade away to be replaced by calm. Amelia, the girl of my dreams, sleeping in my bed with me. I’m so lucky.

You roll over to your left side, dragging your blankets with you exposing your back to me. I could try to wake you right now and ask if you want to have fun, but I know you got to bed late last night, so I will leave you alone. I can take care of myself after all.

Slowly, I roll over and grab my phone from the charger. I start scrolling through a few stories I find, trying to arouse myself or find anything that would be satisfying. I open up our secret folder and begin to read an entry you made a while ago about a newlywed couple and the dominant wife who becomes bedroom dominant on the first night that they were on their honeymoon. I’ve always loved the way that you write and I’m insanely turned on reading what we wrote about these two further and further.

Before I knew it, I was stroking and fondling myself and starting to get a decent rhythm. I could feel myself starting to rise and slowly grabbed some tissues. All of a sudden, you make a noise in your sleep and start to roll over. Panicked, I swiftly grab the tissues afyon escort and my phone and shove them under my arm in the blanket. You open your eyes as I smile at you. “Good morning, sweetie.” I say.

You smile softly at me, your eyes still mostly closed. “Good morning.” You say in your adorable, sleepy tone.

“It’s still early. Would you like to get up, do you want me to get you some food, or do you want to go back to sleep?”

You yawn softly. “I think I’m going to sleep. I’m still really tired. I got to bed around three.”

“Ok. I understand. I love you.” By the time I finished my last statement, you were already asleep and, within a few seconds, you started snoring softly. You are so incredibly cute.

As gently as possible, I begin to grab the tissues with my left hand and my phone with my right. I realize that I’m no longer hard, too startled by you waking to keep up my erection. I begin to look through my folder of pictures I kept in case I needed a visual supplement to add to my fun. I began scrolling, staring, reading captions and comics, poring through a hentai comic or two that I had kept, trying to reignite the same feeling in my loins.

Without warning, you rolled over again. I was sure that you caught me until I noticed that the only movement that you made for almost a minute was your breathing. I agrı escort sigh, knowing that it’s going to be another round or two before I’m able to get myself off. Unfortunately, after so long trying, I need to try looking up something else to try to get off.

As I look for new material, slowly stroking myself as I do, You start to yawn again and I out my phone back under the blanket. I roll over to look at you as you turn my direction, smiling at me again. I notice my phone sound like it fell on the floor next to my side of the bed but pay it no mind. “Good morning again.”

“Good morning.” You say again. You lean in to kiss me and take extra care to apply a lot of pressure, eliciting a moan from me as you give me the most sexy kiss I could want and several more like it, ending with you taking my lower lip into your mouth. “Did I catch what I think I just did?”

I was caught! I You knew it and I couldn’t hide it, especially after that fantastic kiss. I blush and look away until you speak again. “Don’t be embarrassed. It’s cute. You’re cute. Now, how about we finish what you started?” With that, you pulled your blanket down around your waist and sat up, exposing your wonderful breasts to me. At D-cup sized, I could spend an hour kissing them all over without being tired, but we both know what you mean.

I slowly lay my head into your akdere escort arm, letting you cradle my head against your left breast and kiss your nipple. Slowly, my tongue parts my lips and I lick languidly across your areola before taking your nipple into my mouth. You sigh in pleasure before running your hand through my hair, relaxing me as I begin to suckle on your breast and you run your right hand across my stomach. You moan again and again, each time my teeth trace lightly over your nipple or my tongue slides across your flesh. slowly I move my hand back into my lap and begin to stroke myself again Entranced by your moans and adoring your taste, I suck harder and begin to taste your wonderful milk within.

Your milk tastes sweet, savory, unimaginably delicious on my tongue and feels serene in my mouth as i drink deeply of you. You coo down at me again, saying, “Such a good boy! Oh god, what a good boy you are. Now, I need you to drink me up and cum.” I begin to drink as much as I can, knowing that I don’t have much time before I erupt, digging deep into your mammary and eliciting an even greater moan as I do. I drink up all that I can, teasing your nipple in order to bring an even greater amount of milk than before, but I know it’s too late. Shortly after I started, your breast runs out of milk and I orgasm.

Overcome with the after effects of the ordeal, I gently nibble on and suck at your spent nipple, as I come down from my high. You continue rubbing my hair and stomach until you lean forward to kiss my forehead. “What a good boy you are, so hungry and making such a nice mess for me.”

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