Caged for Freedom Ch. 04


Time is a funny thing. When you don’t have enough it is an absolute challenge but when you have too much and nothing to fill that time, it can be even worse. The time I had now was a mixture of both. During the waking hours, my time was so filled with frenetic things that I hardly had time to breathe but when the day had been done, the seconds dragged to the point of being an eternity.

I can’t say that I was bitter about what my ex, my wife, had done, but it was still taking a great deal of my mental strength to rationalise what had happened and how it had happened so fast.

Sure we had not had the best of relationships and there had been times in the past when I was the one to almost walk out but I honestly thought things were pretty good, even though there were times that we had both recognised and communicated that they certainly weren’t for one or the other of us.

The first month after the ex had left was the worst. It was that time thing. Too much and too little all at the same time. I had slept little, eaten even less and consequently had lost lots of weight which, I can’t deny, was an upside to the situation I had found myself in. Work had gone and they were very accommodating but there was that unspoken sorrow that I felt from my workmates that seemed to weigh heavily on me. For no other reason than I could, I had quit. Bad move.

All of a sudden I had ALL the time in world to brood and self-doubt, examine and criticise myself.

Still, the official separation documents came through quickly and a reasonable settlement was arranged. I got the house unencumbered and she kept her business though how she was going to run it from out of the country was unknown and to be honest, her problem and not mine. Obviously the “old flame” she was now living with was wealthy because the house was freeholded first before it was signed to me. Guilty? Who knows or cares!

It was almost two months after the bomb shell that I finally got to meet up with Gail again. She had been a real rock keeping in touch and offering all sorts of support even though we had not seen each other since that fateful night. It was late one week and she had suggested I go have lunch with her. We had originally discussed via text that we would meet in a café somewhere but eventually I agreed to go to her place where we could be a little more private.

I suggested I pick up a quiche and a bottle of wine and she suggested that perhaps inviting Dana would be a welcome source of fun as she was such a light hearted person. I readily agreed.

With no sense of what lay ahead, I arrived at Gail’s house about midday on that Friday and was met with a huge hug at the door by Gail. She ushered me into the kitchen where not more than nine weeks ago, I had been well and truly immobilised across the bench in the pillory I had built. Glancing at the bench, it was almost unbelievable what had happened in the ensuing time.

“Danas running late,” Gail told me as she thoughtfully moved me out of the kitchen and into a little sun room off to the side.

“She’s been looking for a new place to live. Her flatmates finally got wind of her “orientation” and they all wanted her out. She’s looking through a place right now but isn’t sure how she will be able to afford to live alone,” Gail continued.

I was shocked that anyone could face that sort of persecution now days but there you go. People can be so cruel!!

“We’ve told her she can live with us for as long as it takes to find a place if she just has to get out,” Gail added.

Just as she said that, there was a knock at the door and we heard it open and footsteps on the tiled entrance way. Gail called out to Dana and she appeared in very quick time, as a vision of beauty gliding into the sun porch.

Dana, though not tall, certainly looked it just then. She was wearing a light floaty yellow sun frock and was perched upon the most impossibly high heels that gave the impression that she was much taller than she is. The most remarkable thing though was the colour of her hair. I had recalled a brunette yet she stood before me as a flaming redhead in all her glory, her green eyes flashing at me like beacons.

As a gentleman should, I stood at her entrance and she took that as an invitation to throw her arms around me in a huge hug while she planted a very full kiss on my mouth.

“Oh, it’s so good to see you,” she gushed as she disentangled herself from me and threw herself onto the couch beside Gail.

“Well?” queried Gail.

“Well, it certainly wasn’t what it was advertised as and was a real dive,” Dana offered as she seemed to deflate at the statement.

“I have no idea what I’m going to do now. The flat want me gone by Monday and though I am so happy to have your offer to stay, I feel like I can’t really accept it as I would be so intruding upon you.”

“Nonsense”, was all that Gail said but in a brief glimpse at her, I gauged that perhaps she thought the same.

“I know this is sudden and perhaps not such a good idea but, I have a huge house taksim escort all to myself and I could certainly do with some company in it,” I ventured.

Both Gail and Dana stared at me open mouthed like they had just seen a ghost or at least had heard one. Both sat very still and said nothing then slowly turned to one another, grinned, smiled then launched themselves at me as one.

“Thank you, oh thank you,” gushed Dana, “you won’t regret this and I accept!” she said with utter authority.

All of a sudden, the mood in in the room had lifted from one of heavy and doom to a sparkling happiness that seemed to permeate the entire house. Both girls started talking at once, addressing each other and myself all at the same time. The noise was a cacophony.

I fell back onto the couch in a fit of laughter and just sat and watched the two girls plan the entire shift into my place as if it were planning a pitched battle. As I quietly watched, I noticed the relationship that Gail and Dana had was almost like Mother and Daughter. I knew Gail had an amazing daughter but that she was now living out of the country and they saw little of one another and perhaps she saw in Dana some of the things that she missed.

I noticed too how feminine Dana was and had to remind myself several times that she had been born a “he”. The sun frock she wore, fit her perfectly and accentuated all the right places with her figure. My eyes drifted down her body to her amazing legs clad in ultra-sheer hosiery and onto those impossible heels she had on. How she could walk in those was a feat of courage. I had always had a very soft spot for incredibly high heels and these were certainly working on my libido very nicely.

During the whole discussion, they had not referred to me at all. I didn’t really mind though was amused at the detail they discussed, right down to the times that everything would be moved in and in place. My place?? Probably not anymore!!

I suddenly realised that the room had gone quiet and looked up quickly to see two very amused expressions on their faces, watching me.

“Like something you see down there?” queried Dana with a chuckle in her voice.

“I, um, yes, very much,” I managed to stammer out.

“You’ll have to get used to seeing this sort of thing if I’m moving in you know,” she said very matter of factly.

“Oh, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to a sexy lady dressed to thrill, at least I hope I don’t,” I quipped with a big cheesy grin on my face.

“OK you two,” said Gail, “time for lunch, then we can continue this discussion.”

With that the two girls bustled into the kitchen to get things organised. Dana handed me the bottle and a cork screw and got me to deal with the wine while the girls did the food.

Within minutes we were sitting round the table sharing the food and wine and the conversation started drifting in all sorts of directions. Eventually the subject of my ex and the last time we had all been together bubbled to the top.

“So is everything all sorted with you and your ex now?” Dana enquired carefully.

“Surprisingly yes.” I emphatically answered. “I think she was guilty and made things very easy all round. I’ve ended up with a debt free home and all my investments intact so I can’t really complain.”

“I heard you had quit work though,” Gail interjected again with the utmost care.

“Yes that’s right. I have, though I’ve started up my own little consultancy company and that has just taken off. Working from home means I have little to no overheads, the income is great and it keeps me busy so I have nothing to complain about really. Just a big house that I rattle around in and the memories that go with it.”

“Do you have any spare time, you know, down time?” Dana enquired with a very big twinkle in her eye.

“Absolutely!” I responded with an equally big twinkle.

“That’s good because I am hoping we can develop what we started some weeks ago and see where that could take us,” Dana volunteered, looking at both Gail and I and leaving no doubt at all as to what she was meaning.

I have to admit that I blushed at the thought but had to also admit that I was hoping as much as Dana that we could certainly take things to a new level, specially seeing as we were going to be sharing a home.

“I hope that includes me too,” Gail added ensuring that there was no doubt that not including her was out of the question!

“ABSOLUTELY!” Dana and I responded together.

“Hey, look at the time'” Dana shouted, “I have to get to work. I don’t normally work on a Friday but they are short staffed and asked ever so nicely.”

With that, Dana leapt to her feet and threw herself at me, enveloping me in her amazing embrace and slathering me with kisses all over my face.

“Thank you for being so generous in letting me share your home. Believe me, you will not regret it for a second,” she whispered into my ear. And with that she was gone.

Gail saw Dana out then returned to the sun room where we had been sitting for lunch.

“She kadıköy escort is a special person to most who meet her but a VERY special person to me. We have known one another for about 15 years now and I’ve tried all I can to be an ear and a shoulder to her, with her many many trials and tribulations. I know you too and I hope that over the next wee while that she will become as important to you as she is to me. Perhaps more so,” Gail offered with a little sideways glance to add that trace of intrigue to her statement.

I suddenly felt privileged to be a part of this very special relationship and hoped too that I could become part of the amazing chemistry that Gail and Dana had.

The plans that the girls had made included Dana moving into my home on the Saturday afternoon. I made it very clear that I was happy to provide support in moving her but was firmly told that between Gail and Dana, they had everything covered. All I needed to do was make space available and be there to welcome them when they arrived. They reckoned on about 1pm Saturday afternoon.

I left Gail’s at about 2pm, light in heart and head and ready to welcome Dana into my home — our home. When I got there, I set about clearing out the spare room of all the stuff I had there and making sure that the attached ensuite was cleared out of anything that my ex may have left there. By night fall, all was ready for Dana’s arrival.

I slept fitfully that night. Dreams washing through my head of carrying on what Gail and Dana had started some nine weeks or so prior and they took on a level of kinkiness that I had never consciously had before. I woke almost exhausted so languished in bed a little later than normal going over all sorts of things that may or may not happen in the next few months.

I was startled by a text coming in at about 9:30 from Dana. She was thanking me again from the bottom of her heart for letting me move in and again reiterated that I wouldn’t regret it. It got me to wondering just where this was going to end up and whether I had been a little hasty in offering her my home.

Truly, as planned, Gail arrived at 1pm in the utility truck that she and Mike owned. It was full to busting with stuff that Dana owned. Dana arrived a few minutes later with an equally full car and I wondered quietly to myself what the neighbours must be thinking, even if they were quite some distance away. I was glad to note that both Dana and Gail were dressed casually in jeans and tee shirts as I had been worried that they may have been dressed to thrill!!

It was all hands to the pump as it were and in no time at all, we had Dana moved in to the home. Her furniture fit into the spare bedroom perfectly and what she had in the way of household furniture, we found room for. She went crazy over her own huge bedroom and ensuite and seemed to be constantly thanking me for letting her move in.

By 3pm, all was moved in and in its own place and we could sit down and relax a bit. I liberated a bottle of bubbles from my cellar and we sat down to take a breather and chatted forty to the dozen for the next hour or so.

“Wow,” Dana said, “that went far better than I thought it was going to.”

We all agreed that the moving in went far smoother than what we had expected but then a silence lapsed over us and it seemed like there was something unsaid that was being passed between Dana and Gail.

“Will you excuse us for a few minutes?” Gail asked as both she and Dana stood and left the room, heading for Dana’s room.

I was at a loss wondering what was going on. I hoped I hadn’t offended anyone with anything I had said and judiciously went back over the last hour or so of conversation hoping to figure out if there was something.

I busied myself tidying up the glasses and empty bottle, trying not to dwell on anything and wondered what Gail and Dana were being so secretive about. I heard the shower running at one point and thought it was probably Dana but left the girls to it.

After what seemed like an hour but in reality had only been about 25 minutes, I heard the door open to Dana’s room and Gail came to see me and handed me an envelope.

“Wait until I have gone to read what’s in this envelope but please be aware that what is written in the letter is from the very heart of both of us — particularly Dana. You have our eternal gratitude for what you have done today and I just hope we can all enjoy the future ahead.”

And with that Gail turned and walked out the front door, closing it softly behind her.

I was stunned. So much had happened in the last few months and this was adding intrigue to what was for me at least, a watershed day in my life. I sat down on the couch in the lounge and opening the letter, began to read.

“Dearest Lovely Man,

This letter has been penned by both of us and as both of us, what we write is from the bottom of our collective hearts and we mean and pledge all we write.

You have welcomed Dana into your home in her hour of need. halkalı escort bayan That, beyond anything else makes us both in your debt forever. You may have come to realise the special bond that is between us — almost like mother and daughter. That means that whatever you are doing for Dana, you also do for Gail.

We know you have been searching for something in your life that feeds and nurtures that special place in your soul that gives you the utmost pleasure yet at the same time challenges you and pushes you to places where you may only imagine you could go. We had the privilege of being a part of that journey of discovery nine weeks ago and we want to help you continue on that journey if you would let us.

At the same time, we would like to have the opportunity to embark on our own journeys of discovery but want, with all our hearts, that you be a part of that journey too. We are sure we will collectively make some mistakes yet at the same time we are sure we will discover much more than we ever thought possible.

Please give this some thought but always be aware that we have you in our hearts forever and will be yours for whatever you want, anytime.

For the moment though, please go to Dana’s room where a present of thanks awaits you.

With love, lust and understanding,

Dana and Gail”

I read and reread the letter again to make sure that I had not left anything unread. I was stunned. Here was a commitment from both Gail and Dana to be anything I wanted and at the same time they wanted me to be a part of them. This was better than I could ever had imagined!!

Putting the letter aside, I rose and walked quietly from the lounge, into the hallway and to Dana’s room. The door was closed so I hesitated, wondering if I should simply go in. Instead I knocked and waited. Listening carefully, I could hear nothing save for a few muffled sounds coming through the door. Taking the plunge, I decided to go in.

What awaited me, took my breath away.

Lying on the bed was Dana. She was tied spread-eagle to the bed and stretched out very tightly. She wore the same tightly laced corset she had worn nine weeks ago and the same stay ups and heels. Apart from that she was naked though she was very firmly gagged and blindfolded. On the headboard above her head, there was a hand written sign that simple said “do whatever you want — I’ll love it.”

I could see that she was quite aroused as her penis stood half erect and her breathing was strong and full. I noted on the bed side table that there was a large tube of lubricant and a packet of condoms.

I was torn about what to do. Initially all I wanted to do was drink in the scene that was before me. Dana looked heavenly and yet at the same time, she promised fun and games beyond imagination.

Finally I turned and left the room and went to my ensuite. I removed the few clothes I was wearing and dived into a cleansing shower, all the while wondering what Dana must be thinking. She would have heard me enter her room then leave and she was still very tied up. Her mind must be spinning. I washed as quickly as I could and dried myself equally as fast then taking a deep breath walked back to Dana’s room — naked.

I moved very carefully into her room and stood beside the head of the bed. Leaning down so my mouth was very close to her ear, I whispered, “I am going to take you.”

Dana shuddered as I said that then nodded slowly in a show that she wanted this too.

Almost as if her penis had a magnetism in it, I was drawn to it. Reaching out I gently touched the tip of it which made Dana shudder even more and the shaft flick as if in fright. Taking her in my hand, I gradually squeezed the shaft, feeling it come alive and swell as I gripped it tighter.

Not being able to resist, I climbed up on the bed and reaching over, licked the slit in the tip of her cock. There was precum forming there and the salty, musky taste invaded my mouth again. I loved it. Dana’s breathing became ragged and she was working hard to gasp around the obviously large gag that was in her mouth and doing such a good job at silencing her.

As her penis became even more erect, I needed to feel it inside my mouth. Moving slightly to do so, I started sucking her shaft into my mouth.

I recalled how it had felt that very first time and how I had to work it with my tongue with that ring gag in place then again how it had felt when I was tied down and she was feeding me with her cock. Now the tables were turned and I was able to experiment and trial the feelings I wanted to feel and she just had to take it.

Her cock felt and tasted amazing. It was hard and soft at the same time as I slid it along my tongue, letting it go deeper and deeper into my mouth. Eventually I had the tip touching the back of my throat and wondered if I would be able to get her into my throat proper. As I have mentioned, my gag reflex was very well developed so I was hoping beyond hope as I moved my head ever lower onto her hardening cock, feeling it slide ever deeper. I felt the head of her rod enter my throat and as calmly as I could, simply let it slide ever deeper. It was with shock that I realised I could feel my nose hit her pubic mound. I was deep throating Dana and was so turned on, I had my own raging hard on.

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