Buff ‘n’ Up The Duff Ch. 01


Chapter 1: The Girl With Something Extra

Her grunt was soft yet packed full with determination, reinforced with the slow but strong beating of her heart. The gentlest of smiles, watching her arms flare up and bulge into impressive peaks partnered both with a layer of soft vascularity and sweat matting her physique. Her workout was long and arduous, just the way she liked it, allowing her true sense of strength to be unleashed in the confines of her basement gym, not having to hide it from others in case they got scared. But driving people into a state of panic was sometimes what she wanted and drove towards. Their panic, fear and lack of understanding was what drove her.

Another grunt, this time more distinct, louder even, a single strand of spittle curving down her chin, a vein at the side of her head close to bursting like a blister highlighted her inner turmoil. They didn’t understand her, and frankly, she didn’t really care. It wasn’t something she had much of a choice in, but accepted it regardless. The mocking taunts and repulsed shuddering stares didn’t help either, but unwittingly acted as fuel for her fire. A fire she embraced like a mother’s love. In a way she was thankful for their misgivings and lack of compassion, otherwise she wouldn’t be who she is now. Everything in life has a hidden meaning or purpose. That she understood.

She turned to a side-chest pose, wincing softly as her biceps creaked into bulges most bodybuilders would lust after, watching as the light layer of veins became more apparent, darkening as they thickened and rose to the surface of her skin. Angling her leg, her calf shared in the distinctive rise in vascularity, smaller veins birthing from the larger ones. This was a moment she particularly enjoyed in her daily workout and pose routine, obsessively fine-tuning her physique until it reached the pinnacle of perfection. She had to do something to hide away from the norms of society, a society that shunned her for whom she was. She had to do something to hide away from her parents and their judgmental opinions. One would think their family had accepted them for being different from the others. But not hers. Indeed, they had gotten used to it – to her – but that was where the grace ended, where the sympathy ended.

Likewise, she had gotten used to their merely tolerating her, but the comments always came and went. She had never managed to shut them out. What would be the point? It would just be another reason for them to berate her, equally repulsed by the fact she found solace in working out.

Why couldn’t she just be normal? Why couldn’t she be like June?

“Kate, dinner’s ready.” There was no indication of it in his tone, but Kate knew nausea clung to her brother Callum’s voice. He had been brainwashed by his parents to consider his older sibling an abomination. She’d heard that word often enough. Kate pitied Callum. She pitied her family.

“I’ll be there in a minute.” The blonde shrugged, giving her body a final check-over before re-stacking the weight plates. Kate had to dive into her student fund to buy the workout equipment she wanted, her family cringing at the prospect of a ‘manly’ woman walking around in their home. Dinner wasn’t exactly a positive moment with the family. But then, a positive family was something Kate was yet to know actually existed. At least to her. They treated Callum like a golden child because he was ‘normal.’ Kate at times hated him for that, but didn’t explicitly let him know, not wanting to dig herself into a bigger hole.

Kate turned to the side, checking her triceps in the mirror; deeply cut and iron-forged, matted with sweat to the point where it curved and dripped to her feet. At that moment, she noticed it; the unmistakable bulge in her shorts. An obvious erection had formed at some point during her workout or pose routine. An absolute monster of a cock threatening to bust out of its mesh confines. She looked at it equally with shock and arousal before noticing—

Callum saw it too. He had always been jealous of his older, bigger sibling because of the fact. She had bigger muscles and a larger manhood than he could ever hope to possess, and it drove him mad with envy at times knowing it, which was partly why he was inclined to side with their parents during most arguments regarding his sibling. She couldn’t blame him for it either. It wasn’t as if Kate had a choice when it came to boasting the thing between her legs.

“Callum! I told you to stop fucking staring! Get back upstairs before Mum sees you. I can’t bear another argument with her right now.” Kate turned her back to Callum so he stopped gawking at her appendage. As she looked down at it with a deep longing, there was no mistaking her erection had doubled in its intensity; curving up higher and closer to her sweat-stained workout top, thicker in its circumference…it was practically teasing her to relieve herself. As much as she wanted to though, that would just help nothing but ensure the hole she was in deepened.

Kate halkalı escort turned to find Callum had made himself scarce as ordered, leaving the blonde once again alone. Now that that fact had been made clear, perhaps it wasn’t such a bad idea for Kate to relieve herself just a little bit. A stroke or two at most, just to get a feel for her thickness, maybe edge herself off and wait until the cover of night came to truly take advantage. Before long, Kate was blind to the fact she already had her hand down her shorts and was slowly tugging herself to the beating of her heart, to the muscular form staring back at her from the mirror. As each stroke came to an end the other came faster, harder, more intense as if caught in a wave of lust she couldn’t break out of. Eyes rolling back, she smiled. It was bliss. It was—

“Kate, are you coming up or not? Dinner’s getting cold.” Contrasting Callum, the contempt in Kate’s father’s voice was noticeable, and, in a sense, measured. He hadn’t yet grown tired of his daughter’s antics today, but he was surely reaching his boiling point, still vexed by the argument they had only an hour earlier. He was insistent that June not show her face at their door during dinner time. Truthfully, he was as repulsed by her seeing a sense of beauty in Kate as he was in the girl herself. How could someone love Kate?

Kate pulled her hand out of her shorts in a panic and called up with simulated joy. “Yeah, Dad. I’ll be there in a minute.” She clenched her fist tightly, knowing the impending moment with her family was going to be yet another frigid one.

Kate’s mother Maria turned up her nose as her husband Vincent closed the basement door behind him. She had grown tired waiting on her eldest to finally show face at the dinner table, hadn’t slaved around the kitchen making the delicious meal set out before them just to wait agonizingly for Kate. Maria already worked a full shift at the office before coming home to cook, while Kate done God knows what.

Maria quickly glanced at the basement door with evident revulsion, holding back her contempt and the barrage of choice words screaming to be released. But for Callum’s sake she held them back and went for something different, reaching for the ladle dunked into the bowl of freshly cooked pasta. “Something has to be done about that thing in the basement. All she does is stay down there and work out, pose and who knows what else. The only time she shows face is when it’s time to eat.”

Vincent nodded, reaching for a slice of garlic bread. He and Maria often contended with one another on how was best to ‘handle’ Kate. She was a big girl and by extension could be seen as a threat to the family. But the truth was she loved them, even if they didn’t respond in kind. Vincent on several occasions broached the notion of handing Kate to some sort of medical institution – any would do, so long as the family didn’t have to suffer her again – but nothing came of it, forever staying an inkling in his mind.

“I’m serious, Vincent. Either she goes or I do.” Maria had almost lost her appetite at the fact she was forced to bring Kate up as a topic of conversation, visibly repulsed. Why couldn’t her family be perfect like she envisioned it? Or rather, why did Kate have to be the freak of nature that dwelled in the basement? “I can’t stand the fact she’s bigger than everyone in this house. A girl shouldn’t look like that! And those, those…balls.”

“This again.” Vincent threw his fork against his plate in rage, startling Callum, who’d otherwise tried his utmost to shut out his parents’ conversation. He may have shared their views on Kate, but hated the fact they argued almost constantly owing to that. The prospect of them divorcing on account of Kate and not handling her appropriately became increasingly likely as the months went by. “What do you want me to do, huh? Throw her out onto the street?”

“Anything! Just…I can’t bear to—”

The basement door clicked open, forcing Maria to quickly snap her mouth shut as Kate’s large form revealed itself from the top step. She had changed into fresh clothes; a white top rolled up at the bottom to expose her diamond-cut abs and obliques seeking to push themselves out from under her skin, a slit cutting horizontally at the chest to flaunt her deep cleavage and rippling pectorals, a pair of distressed jeans clung skintight to her legs to accommodate her bloated glutes and quads, especially advantageous in housing the bulge between them.

Kate took her usual place at the table, sitting at the side that faced Callum and positioned between both her parents. That way, both of them saw her and she could reach most of the food without having to ask for it. Safer that way. Less hassle. Of course, it was trouble enough Kate was there at all.

“You can’t bear to what, Mum?” Kate looked at Maria knowingly with uncompromising eyes. The girl knew she’d taken her mother surprise, knew she didn’t suspect the wall between them was hollow enough for Kate to catch every word başakşehir escort uttered before her arrival, having stood there for a moment to eavesdrop. But Maria didn’t rise to Kate’s query, at least not verbally. Instead, she looked on in disgust as usual. Yet Kate pressed on. “Come on, don’t stop now on account of me actually being here.”

“Kate!” Vincent glared at Kate with his usual visible, yet measured fury. They stared at one another for what felt like a full minute before Kate won out, watching her father’s eyes pull away, hard to tell whether in resentment or fear.

“Well, it is about me, isn’t it?” Kate reached for the ladle dangling freely from the bowl of pasta and helped herself to nearly half its contents, leaving just enough for Callum, who had opted to leave his portion until later. Kate didn’t even have to glance at her mother to feel the boiling, seething hatred coming from her direction, but didn’t say anything to directly provoke her. “It’s always about me.”

Maria scoffed, watching Kate fall silent and chomp down on the small mountain of pasta she helped herself to. “Leave some for your brother!”

Kate rolled her eyes, waving the fork around with a flourish. There was more than enough there for Callum to take. Maria was just looking for yet another reason to argue. But Kate picked up on something. “There’s that word again: leave.”

“I won’t have you talk to me like that, Kate. How can you live with yourself knowing you’re more of a man than your own father and brother?”

Placing her fork down gently, Kate suppressed her inner turmoil. She wanted to scream. Loud. In fact, she could even envision herself doing just that – screaming down at the plate so loud the veins in her neck would burst, her skin gone lobster red with rage. But she managed to suppress it, instead, opting to speak to her mother softly. “What would you have me do, Mum? What’s idealistic to your vision of a perfect family? One that doesn’t involve me I bet, am I right?”

Maria didn’t say a word. Frankly, she didn’t have to. Kate was right in that a family that didn’t involve her was a perfect one in her mother’s eyes. It hurt her to know she was right. But at least she knew and didn’t stumble aimlessly in the dark searching for the truth.

Kate hoped her mother would, even if suddenly, find a shred of compassion or pity for her. Yet, an uncomfortable, almost crippling silence followed; it clung to Kate’s heart like a talon. She knew what her mother wanted, in the back of her head, and like with the knowledge a life without her would be preferred, it hurt.

Without so much as a passing remark, Kate rose from the table and proceeded to head back upstairs to her room, her plateful of food in hand. Her last few steps were deliberately slower in the hope that Maria would have second thoughts. Instead, she flinched when Kate so much as looked at her, which only angered the girl further.

the inhospitable moment came to a close upon Kate slamming her bedroom door shut, consequently forming a deep vertical crack along the wood, accentuating both her anger and strength. It was the third door that week, the fifteenth that month. But Kate didn’t care. It wasn’t as if her family did, so she reciprocated in turn.


After dinner came to an antagonistic yet predictable end, Maria in the living room by the fire. The colder months had now started to roll in. Maria loved it then. Used to. Past tense. As a child she eagerly waited for her parents to give the go-ahead to make snow angels in the front garden. In the later years she met Vincent, when they’d go ice-skating and see the Christmas lights be switched on in the city center. Then Kate was born, initially an unplanned pregnancy but they were loving all the same.

Maria practically loathed the darker months now, as it meant Kate would be in the house and around her even longer than during the warmer seasons. Granted, it wasn’t always like that, not until Kate reached puberty when her breasts started growing. Then the cock. That was when the family’s dynamic had skewed.

Maria flipped through the pages of an old photo album, the fire crackling softly in the background, smiling softly at the photo of Vincent proposing to her during a date, her pregnancy with Kate only just starting to show. Happier times. Turning the page again, the smile quickly dissipated when the next photo revealed itself: Kate dressed in sports gear holding up her first place medal in the High School sports day. It was a cherished moment for Kate, but Maria couldn’t cope with the fact the obvious bulge in her daughter’s pants stuck out like a sore thumb.

Maria was tempted to rip out the photo and toss it into the fire, squeezing the edge of the page until it creased in her grip. But she couldn’t do it. As much as she cripplingly disdained Kate, an unanticipated sense of self-hate won over. It was fleeting, but there all the same, enough for Maria to realize what she otherwise intended on doing. kadıköy escort bayan She closed the photo album and stashed it with the other books on the shelf.

Then the unmistakable cacophony from below was heard. On time, yet always, somehow, catching Maria off-guard. The clanging of steel on steel, grunts of low, mid and high pitch, occasionally roars bursting. This was Kate’s symphony of raw power and lust, fueled by her parents’ contempt and scorn. Maria trembled, filled with equal parts fear and anger over her daughter’s undertaking, glancing once again at the album, tempted to do what she had just realized was wrong. But the grunts never ceased, only seemed to intensify, bear their way clean into the mother’s bones.

The dumbbells slipped free from Kate’s grip and dropped dully onto the concrete, greased with sweat and spittle, rolling for a moment before the ’30KG’ marking came into view in the dull basement light. A sigh of relief coupled with the unmistakable twitching of sinewy nerves under her thick chest. She watched the sweat roll down her cleavage, not even bothering to wipe herself down with the towel at her side. Instead, opting to stare at the damp glossed pectoral muscles pulse and throb in sync with every tender exhale.

She smiled at the computer screen in front of her. Or rather, at the cute dimpled face coming from it. Kate was always up for putting a show on for June. Her parents obviously didn’t condone that particular behavior. But then, what did they allow?

“Your parents rile you again?” June’s impassioned breaths could be heard even from Kate’s computer. That said, she wasn’t exactly trying to hide them. If anything, the redhead wanted Kate to know she was aroused by her display. That was the whole point. And it wouldn’t have been the first time.

Kate turned her back to June, pulling her arms up into a double bicep pose, the wall-length mirror staring back at her to use as an correctional tool, but more often than not was it used just to marvel at herself. She could see her peaks in crystal-clear detail even from the slight distance, the light from her laptop bursting onto her lower glutes.

“My parents rile me every day, you know that.”

“I know, it’s just…you’d think they would’ve gotten used to you by now.”

“Oh, they’re used to me. They just don’t care.” Kate faced the screen, pulling into an abs and thighs pose, which June was particularly a fan of, eyes glossing over the blonde’s bulging muscle gut for what had to be at least a minute before peeling down to her equally impressive quads. Kate smiled as June wrote into the notepad at her side, remarkably adept at taking note of accurate measurements of the blonde’s size even from a computer. “So how big do you think I’ve grown since our last session?”

“A five-inch increase. No question.”

“And I’m only gonna get bigger!” Almost as if to stress the point, Kate flexed her right leg, wincing softly as the sheer force in doing so forced her quad to swell out more than it usually did, audibly squelching as the skin underneath pulled and tugged to keep the muscles contained within. A sigh. “And bigger.”

June gulped. “And what about…it? Has that grown too?”

“Oh my god, you’re such a freak!” Scoffing, Kate blushed before taking a curious glance at her crotch, biting her lip lustfully at the obvious erection that tented in her shorts. It was practically begging to be whipped out and stroked! It was a pity June wasn’t there. “But to answer your question: yes, it has. By about three inches. I measured this morning. Mind you, that’s not including the beast of an erection I have.”

“You’ve a hard-on?”

“Why wouldn’t I? I’m talking to you, aren’t I?”

It was June’s turn to blush, and apparently more so than Kate. “Now who’s the freak?”

Kate chuckled. “Touche.”

“Can I see it?”

“Maybe.” Kate had suddenly opted to play Hard to Get, knowing it would serve to intensify the fire burning in June. Wordlessly she ran her hands across her chest, feeling in and around what remained of her womanly bust now mostly taken up by iron-forged pectoral meat. Of course, doing this only made Kate all the more aroused than she was already, thus strengthening her erection to the point where the tip of her cock threatened to quite literally burst from the confines of her shorts. “Or maybe I’ll just end it here, leaving you to guess,” she managed to add despite her bone-rattling arousal.

“Oh come on, don’t be like that!” Desperation had filled June now, eager to do almost anything to catch even just glimpse of her lover’s shaft. Her heart beating like a bass drum, the redhead shifted her weight forward in anticipation, blind to the fact a hand dug under the frills of her underwear.

Kate obliged, pulling her shorts down in a single swift jerk, making sure to hide her shaft behind her desk, so—


—she could literally throw her cock over the top.

Kate knew to smile proudly at the size of her tube, the length of it even without an erection sometimes enough to make herself blindly and shamelessly masturbate. She presented it to June with such delight that she threw her hands on her hips like a superhero, thrusting forward so the tip was merely inches from her laptop’s keyboard.

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