Bosco, Will, and the Big Bush


My name is Anna Maria. I’m a stripper. My stage name is Bosco. The name came from the fact that I have smooth chocolate skin. I’m like the old chocolate syrup drink from New Jersey in the 1960s. My mom was Italian, my dad black. I recently turned thirty. I’m past was I would call “peak stripper.” I have been working lately at a strip club in the Chicago area called Sky Dive.

How I look? Key to understanding me as a stripper is that I’m a crazy flat chested skinny girl. Big areola and big nipples but less than an A-cup. My money maker has always been my big clit and pussy lips. All the girls at Sky Dive are shaved smooth, but two months ago I mentioned to the Sky Dive owner that I could grow a great bush and rain forests in my arm pits. Told him he might like the added traffic from the curiosity seekers who would read about it on the Internet. The boss said yes.

I wanted to do something to increase my champagne room take because I’m sure retirement—as a stripper—will need to come by thirty-five. I may still look 22 now, but that won’t last forever.

I took a couple weeks off to let things grow. Took the time to go visit my mom in Poughkeepsie, New York. After a month of no razor things were good. After two months they are raging. Boss liked the look so much he asked a natural red head to grow in her red bush. He pretty much wants every one else shaved to within an inch of their life, but he likes the idea of two “freaks,” as he calls it, to help drive traffic.

The red head has been growing it out for a month now. She has cute stringy pubes and a bunch of red hair growing down the inside of her thighs. I have a great treasure trail with my bush. My big clit still sticks out when I get it a little aroused. The red head, her stage name is Taylor, and I often do doubles on stage to get the place rocking.

Mid-week nights you need to push to make your money. Whether the place gets crowded mid-week is very hit or miss. This is a story about one of my typical Wednesdays.

I like to start early mid-week to make sure I catch the guys taking in a few strippers on their way home from work. Lots of girls like to come late. I’m there and on stage by 4:00. Taylor has caught on and usually is there by 4:00 as well so we can work our dual magic on the early crowd.

This Wednesday there was a geeky guy, I later learned his name was Will, sat down on a bar stool along the side of the room. There is a shelf along the side wall that holds drinks and a whole line of stools that are there for guys who come in alone so that they don’t take a whole table that would be better suited for a group.

I went up to Will and worked my game. Since I went furry, my usual costume is Catholic school girl so I can hide the bush until its time for the reveal on stage. If I wore a thong and bikini top the rain forest would be visible. I used to wear thong and bikini when I was shaved. With a too tight thong you could still tell I had big pussy lips.

“Hey stranger,” I said. “My name is Bosco. What’s yours?”


“Want company Will? Buy me a drink?”


I motioned to the waitress and told her to bring me my usual. My “usual” dancers drink was tonic water and a lime. It’s a “vodka tonic” if anyone asks.

I made small talk with Will. Will is a college professor at the local community college. He’s in his early forties. Divorced. No children. başakşehir escort And from our word play, Will seems to be bored out of his mind from his current life. He likes my Catholic school girl outfit and loves it when I tell him its actually my real school girl clothes from when I was an eighteen year old senior at Our Lady of Perpetual Virtue back in Poughkeepsie. I’ve shortened the plaid skirt just a bit, I didn’t tell him that.

I show him a picture of me as an eighteen year old high school senior on my iPhone. He marvels. I don’t tell him that I started stripping at 18. I also don’t tell him I’m thirty now, but I look quite a bit like I did back as an eighteen year old high school senior. I have the fantasy going in Will’s brain. I probably look like a community college student, maybe one of his twenty something students just out of high school.

I move closer and touch Will’s thigh. He doesn’t push my hand away so I push higher. Slowly. Waitress comes by and we get another round of drinks. I think I make $5 from each dancer drink. The House makes the rest. Will has another beer. I feel him up. I smile. I like what I feel.

It’s my turn on stage. I tell Will not to go anywhere because I’ll find him when I get off the stage.

We dance three songs. First song I’m fully dressed. I used to go topless right away but I’ve changed it up now that I’m a school girl. Fully clothed is where I prove I actually can dance. My ballet training serves me well. I do a lot of moves to show off my strong legs. Second song I go topless. This is where my raging pits appear. I always make sure to put my arms over my head a lick at least one arm pit. I have a longish tongue and the pit lick usually draws a couple guys from their table up to the first row by the stage. Last song I go nude. As I pull the skirt off I gently rub my clit to get it to pop and stand up. I do a strut around the whole stage so the guys in back can see the big bush. I spend most of the third song on my back letting the guys in the first room get a look up close at my spread vagina. Every show for a few guys, I will kick my legs behind them and pull them right up to my clit.

Will was in the first row by the time the third song started. Will was my first stop. I pulled him close. Held him close. Told him he should get a lap dance when I got off stage.

I moved on a did a few other guys. There were two guys in the first row when I started and at least fifteen by the third song. The bush worked its magic. A couple of guys wanted lap dances as I came off stage. I told them I had a few requests but would get to each in turn. It was looking like a lucrative Wednesday night.

I found Will back on his stool.

“Lap dance?” I asked.

“Yes.” Will beamed.

I took Will’s hand and walked him to the lap dance room. The lap dance room is very dark. Has a long bench along the side. A bunch of little tables by the bench. Customer sits on the bench and the dancer works her magic. Will paid and tipped the bouncer. Will gave me the $50 “dancer tip.” The room was empty this early in the night. I took Will to the back corner far away from the bouncer. Bouncers always gave me lots of space to work.

“Ready?” I asked.

“Yup.” Will said.

“You get three songs.” I said. I groped Will’s crotch. Small dick. Yes. I thought that the first time I groped him but now it was very obvious. kadıköy escort Small dicks are the money maker.

I continued. “I like you so I’ll do all three songs nude. I took my clothes off and sat on Will’s let. I took his right hand and pulled it up to my pit.

“Like the hair?” I asked.

Will looked about to burst. Rule is you can’t touch the dancers, unless of course the dancer touches you. I slowly ground on Will’s leg through the first song. My right hand had Will’s hand in my arm pit. I used my left hand to rub Will’s crotch. Very small penis. It felt hard but like there was not really much there. Kind of like a roll of Lifesavers.

Second song I took Will’s hand and put it on my bush. Will gasped and looked a little panicked like the bouncer would kill him. Bouncer wasn’t looking.

Third song I ground my ass on Will’s crotch and pulled both his hands on my bush. I used his right hand to rub my clit. Third song ended.

“You like that?” I asked.

“Yes,” Will smiled somewhat at a loss for words.

“We can do more in the champagne room,” I worked the up sell.

“We can?” Will asked.

“We can,” I said. “And I can bring another furry friend if you want. A girl named Taylor has a big red bush. Taylor and I might play. You get six or seven songs in the champagne room.”

Will looked about to burst. He also looked at his wallet.

“We have a cash machine.” I said.

“You do?” Will asked.

“Just for moments like this. I liked feeling you up,” I added. “I can feel more in the Champagne room.”

Will was hooked.

Bouncer peeked in. I told him we were coming out. Bouncer grinned. He knew where we were going. I found Taylor in the dressing room. We grabbed will. Will paid for the room at the bar. He tipped the champagne room bouncer. We went in the room and I made a point of Will seeing that I locked the door. Very private.

Taylor and I stripped. Taylor rubbed my clit. First song started. I used my long tongue to lick one of Taylor’s nipples. Taylor rubbed my clit and stuck a finger inside my vagina. Will watched intently wondering what’s next.

Second song, Taylor and I stood in front of Will.

“Your turn,” I said. Taylor and I each took one of Will’s hands and put it on our bushes. Will was in heaven. He was kind of rough but I really didn’t care. Taylor pretty aggressively pulled two of Will’s fingers in vagina and fucked them. I pulled Will’s fingers out of Taylor and stuck them in my mouth for a taste. Then I put them back in.

Third song.

“It’s your turn,” I said to Will. Taylor followed my lead.

“My turn?” Will asked.

“Your turn,” I repeated. I stood Will up from the couch. I went to Will’s pants. Undid the belt. Pulled down the zipper. Pulled pants and underwear down all at once.

Will looked a little confused, but he didn’t try to stop us.

“I wanted to see your delicious cock?” I said.

“You did?”

“I did, ever since I groped you. I love little cocks like yours. I need to see it and play with it.”

“You do?” Will asked.

“Taylor, don’t you love cute little cocks?”

“I do.” Taylor grinned. She reached down with two fingers and stroked it. Will was hard and it was tiny.

I kneeled down in front of Will. I sat Will back on the couch. I spread his legs wide and played with his little esenyurt escort bayan balls.

“Small cocks are so cute to play with,” I said. I reached over to my purse and pulled out my iPhone. I took a few pictures.

I showed the small cock champagne room picture folder on my phone to Will.

“I have a whole collection of these,” I said.

Fourth song.

“You’ve got to cum for us,” I said. “Taylor and I will watch you stroke it.”

Will started to stroke. I rubbed Taylor’s clit while Will stroked his small cock. Taylor was getting really wet. I would have loved nothing more than to eat Taylor out just then but then I couldn’t watch Will stroke his small cock and eat Taylor at the same time.

Will was beating it hard.

Fifth song.

Taylor was really getting into me rubbing her clit.

“Next time you rub me,” I told Taylor and giggled.

The show was too much for Will and he came.

“Don’t do anything,” I said. His had held the cum. “I want you to lick the cum off your hand. But let me take a picture first.”

I took a picture of his now softening little dick and hand smeared with cum. There wasn’t that much cum.

“Ok lick.”

I took a picture of that too.

“You really like my dick?” Will asked.

“Little dicks are my favorite,” I said. “You can play with me any time you come here.”

Last song.

I started rubbing Taylor again. Taylor came and squirted all over my hand. It was great. I told Will to rub my bush and clit. He did. Song wasn’t long enough for Will to get me off. Will just wasn’t that good. I told Will to lick my juices off his fingers.

The song was ending.

“Let me touch it before you pull your pants up.” I felt up Will’s now very small soft cock. I also felt up his little balls.

Will left his pants down so I could take another look.

There was a knock at the door. The bouncer to remind us time was up. I opened the door and motioned the bouncer to come in.

“Don’t do anything Will.” I said. Will stood motionless. Probably afraid of the bouncer. His little dick was still on display.

I pointed at Will’s cock for the bouncer. He just shook his head. This was our game. I did this all the time. The bouncer was a big biker guy. Two of the other dancers poked their heads in as well. One giggled. The other put her hand over her mouth to hold back a laugh. I pulled both girls in the room so they could take a long look. I motioned the girls over to Will. Each took a turn holding his little cock while I took a picture. Taylor took a turn as well. The bouncer got in the game and pulled out his fact cock—its a very thick uncut 7 inches soft—the bouncer held his cock next to Will’s while I took a few pictures of the cocks together.

“Ok, Will. Put your pants back on now.” I said. “And what’s your phone number? I want to text you a few of the pictures. Will told me the number and I texted him the cock comparison shots and the pics with the other girls.

Taylor and I picked up our clothes. I gave Will a peck on the cheek. I told him Taylor and I were going to the dressing room to take a break but we’d be back out in a bit. Will had paid Taylor and I each $300.

I came out of the dressing room to take another turn on stage after about fifteen minutes. I didn’t see Will anywhere. I was sure he will be back. Small guys love to let strangers see their cocks. They can’t help it. I gave Will exactly the thrill we was looking for. Four naked girls and a bouncer saw his small cock. As a bonus, Will got to touch my bush and clit and get a great picture with a normal dick. I’m sure he doesn’t get to do that a lot.

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