Becoming Julie’s Governess Ch. 02


[This story will likely be more enjoyable if you have already read the first chapter, but it does stand by itself. If you are offended by spanking and similar punishments, as well as bodily functions, you should not proceed further. All characters are 18 or over.]

Susan was finding the experience of substituting service as Julie’s governess very satisfying in comparison to her previous responsibility as governess for Julie’s daughters Lesley and Joyce. Julie was in her early 40s and the girls were 20 and 18, respectively. Susan had just celeb rated her 30th birthday and had expected that she would be looking for a new position.

Instead, she had been surprised when the girls’ mother had opened up to her and confessed that she felt she needed a governess like Susan to take charge of her. Julie said that with her husband away most of the time, she had become disorganized and needed someone to get her back into good shape, both mentally and physically.

It also came out that Julie expected that Susan would employ the traditional methods of governesses that included corporal punishment as well as embarrassment and humiliation. Julie told Susan that she would likely need to be spanked and humiliated at times.

Susan recognized now that Julie clearly possessed strong submissive tendencies, made clearer when Julie asked if she might be rewarded for good behavior with the privilege of serving the governess sexually. While Susan was bi, she found the prospect of dominating an older woman extremely exciting and the mere thought stirred her deepest cravings.

She began by giving Julie a spanking in front of her daughters and then making Julie wear control panties with a crotch slit through which Julie would have to excrete. Julie was shown how this worked and performed well when sitting on the toilet to pee and then to have a bowel movement until the second piece of her movement caught on the edge of the slit and resulted in Julie’s shamefully pooping in her panties, as she put it, apologizing through tears for her clumsiness.

The girls had been disciplined by Susan during their years growing up but had come to admire and love Susan, because the governess had been a source of good advice and even sexual education as they matured. Susan, for example, had calmed them during the stress of having their first periods and had carefully demonstrated to them how to insert tampons and otherwise observe good menstrual hygiene.

She had been equally helpful in advising them about boyfriends and even how to deal with teachers who seemed to be difficult. Now Lesley was away at college and Joyce was 18 and ready to start in the fall. Susan decided that it was time for Julie and her to get together with some of Susan’s governess colleagues and their charges.

Susan had been one of the initiators of a group called Not Your Usual Nannies, which brought together women of her approximate age who had entered this line of work intent on serving as guides to girls with either absent, working, or otherwise unavailable mothers. For example, while Julie had intended nothing but the best for her daughters, she was working a great deal of the time and was disorganized as well at home, so she found she needed the support Susan provided in effectively bringing up the girls.

So, the governess contacted two of her friends in the group who were employed in similar situations. Lori was an attractive 30-year-old who was serving as governess to a woman a bit older than Julie, as Deborah was almost 50. Deborah was a widow whose children were grown and did not live near her.

She had met Lori at a community event and found her to be open. She confided that she felt she needed someone living in her household who would take charge both of the household and her. Lori had been a governess for several families with children already and welcomed this different assignment.

Helene had been hired as a governess in a somewhat different situation. She had met an older woman, Jeannette, at an alumnae program connected with the school they both had attended. Jeannette began to discuss how her son, Robert, still lived at home although he was in his mid-30s and only worked part-time. He apparently was not yet able to support himself and continued to live with her despite her urging him to find a job that would allow him to get his own place.

“He has not matured, I’m afraid,” Jeannette confided, “and I need some help. He is quite submissive in that I do require him to behave while at home and he is spanked when he fails to comply with my rules. I would like a governess like you to take charge of him on my behalf and put some backbone in him, while continuing to discipline him as you feel necessary.

When Helene came to Jeannette’s home, she was not very surprised to find Robert wearing short pants and a school blazer, looking for all the world like a pupil at a traditional prep school. He seemed both needy and resentful. His mother, however, clearly could dominate him and she informed him that Helene escort ankara would now be in charge of him.

He reacted by scowling and saying it was unfair to have a woman younger than he was being in charge of him. Jeannette told him that she had already made her decision and that he had better get used to it quickly. She said that Jeannette would be living with them and would be supervising him in all respects before he left for his part-time work and when he returned. He would abide by a strict schedule and would not attempt to avoid coming home on time.

Helene could see that Robert was growing more and more upset with the new regime Jeannette was describing and he finally had what Helen regarded as a tantrum and said it was unfair and he would not be part of it. Jeannette reached out, took him by the scruff of the neck, and told him he would be punished right then and there.

She turned to Helene and told her he needed a good solid spanking right then. Helene realized this was when she had to show that she could handle this challenge. She took hold of Robert by the hand as Jeannette released her grip and told him she hoped this would not be necessary once he realized she was there to help as well as discipline him.

Robert was surprised when she sat down and pulled him right across her lap. Fortunately, Helene thought, she was wearing a nice tweed skirt that came down to her knees. She managed to undo Robert’s belt and then the button and zipper of his short pants, and yank those down, exposing his “tighty-whitey” boys’ underpants.

In her mind, she realized that Robert was still functioning as a juvenile in many ways although he was in his mid-30s. She slowly slipped the underpants down and now gazed upon his bare bottom. She could see faint stripes on it, from when Jeannette had obviously whipped or even caned him.

As he continued to protest his treatment, she began to spank his bottom cheeks alternately and gradually increased both the intensity and the tempo of the spanks. She was surprised that he began to moan and then cry quite soon but Jeannette said loudly that he tended to do that in the hope of ending punishment.

Helene also was not shocked that she felt Robert becoming erect while over her lap. She was experienced in giving spankings, although mostly to girls, but she knew that she was also getting wet in her panties from feeling his erection. She completed the spanking as Robert was sobbing and promising he would be good and mind her.

So, both Lori and Helene told Susan they would be happy to come over to Julie’s home that Saturday with their charges. Susan arranged the living room and prepared both tea and coffee, as well as having picked up some wonderful pastries at a nearby bakery.

Lori and Deborah arrived first, and Susan noticed that Deborah was dressed in a far more girlish outfit of a short skirt, white blouse, low socks, and brown oxfords than was appropriate for a woman who was almost 50. Soon thereafter, Helene rang the bell and she and Robert joined the group. Robert was wearing his usual blazer and short pants as that had been required by his mother except when he was going to work.

Deborah and Robert, as well as Julie, looked both resentful and confused, probably because they were unsure about what would transpire during this get-together. Susan explained quite efficiently the purpose of the occasion. “You three,” she began, pointing in turn to Julie, Deborah, and Robert, “have been found to need governesses to take charge of you to get your lives in proper order. You already know that your governess will be working with you to improve both your behavior and your self-confidence, along with your hygiene. You are all older than your governesses, so I understand that that fact itself creates an embarrassing situation for you.

“We, the governesses, do agree on certain things,” she emphasized now, “so you should know that we will only embarrass you to correct you and to educate you. Two of you, in fact, have entered into this relationship voluntarily, while the third was forced into it by a parent. The regime will adjust to your individual needs but be very comparable for each of you.”

Susan now asked each of her colleagues to describe the behavior of their charges. Lori said that Deborah had been compliant in general but did at times insist on doing things at a slow pace that Lori felt showed some resistance. Helene said that while Robert had shown outright resistance to her assuming her position, he had generally done what she ordered. She added, however, that he did continue to criticize her, perhaps in the hope of diminishing her authority, getting her to allow him more independence, or convincing his mother to dismiss her.

Then Susan said that although Julie had in general done what she was told to do, she was forgetful and sometimes seemed to show annoyance even at Susan’s simplest directions.

She had discussed the agenda with Lori and Helene in advance, and so her next statement came escort mersin as no surprise to them.

“All three of you are now going to be spanked at the same time and in front of all of us,” she said firmly, “so that you learn to respond much more positively to our directions in future.”

The three submissives were surprised at the turn this get-together had taken so quickly, so were unprepared to resist in the face of three very self-assured and commanding women.

Susan proceeded to send Julie to Helene’s lap, Robert to Lori’s, and she beckoned Deborah to lie across her own skirted lap. The three governesses were dressed similarly in smart separates, with seamed hose and pumps. Each had done their hair in an up style, so there was both attractiveness and severity in their appearance.

When the governesses had positioned the three across their laps, each began to spank. Had anyone else been in Julie’s home, they would have heard the sound of three hands slapping bare bottoms. Robert especially had felt embarrassed at being bared in front of all these women and this had subdued his tendency to try to stop the spanking from proceeding.

Deborah realized that she was the oldest and was ashamed that her bottom was both large and flabby. She also saw that Robert would be able to see her dark and plenteous pubic hair when she moved her legs during her spanking. However, Robert was by then too focused on the pain he was enduring from Lori’s strong hand to pay much mind to the bared posteriors of both Julie and Deborah.

Julie was amazed that she had not been cringing at her bottom being bared in front of these strangers. In fact, she realized that the experience was exciting her, and she hoped she would not leave wet spots on Helene’s skirt. For her part, Helene enjoyed the chance to punish a woman for a change after her experience in sometimes having to drag Robert across her lap for punishment. She had recently taken to making him bend over the end of the sofa for the cane, largely so she did not have to have him on her lap, trying to get off it.

Once the three spankings had concluded, and sobs were audible from all of the three, Susan sent each to a corner of the room. Deborah and Julie were told to keep their skirts up and panties down at their knees; Robert was ordered to leave his short pants and his underpants at his ankles. Then they were further taken aback when she said that rather than displaying their red bottoms, all three would face into the room away from the corner, so the governesses would be viewing the pudenda of the two women and Robert’s erect cock.

Deborah was most ashamed of her pubic hair being on display and began to weep softly. Julie felt her trimmed mons was attractive, so she was calm. Robert was embarrassed by his prominent erection even though he thought his eight-inch tool was something to be proud of.

While the three charges stood before their governesses, with pussies and cock on show, Susan poured tea for her two colleagues and herself and passed the plate of pastries around and the three chatted quietly among themselves. The three standing in the corners soon realized that they were only being stared at by each other and that made the scene less shameful because they were all in the same situation.

Robert was not attracted to the two older women and they regarded him as unworthy of their interest, despite his rather large penis. For his part, Robert already had designs on his own governess, Helene, who dressed very smartly and whose skirts were short enough to make him get an erection constantly in her presence. He hated having to admit to himself that she likely would scorn any advances made by him. In his eyes, both Lori and Susan were also very enticing, but he assumed they would be similarly uninterested in getting it on with him.

After the governesses had enjoyed their refreshments, Susan told Julie, Deborah, and Robert that it was time for them to be inspected. She had them get down on their knees next to each other on the sofa. Three red bottoms now faced the three dominant women.

Susan next announced that they would have their temperatures taken. All three had been reintroduced to the ignominious taking of temperatures rectally. Susan provided the governesses with plastic gloves, rectal thermometers and passed around a jar of vaseline for them to use as lube. She observed that Helene had donned her glove, put a dab of lube on her finger, and carefully inserted her finger deep into Robert’s anal opening, while Lori merely dabbed a bit of lube on the thermometer tip and slipped it between Deborah’s massive cheeks. For her part, Susan did rub a bit of vaseline around and in Julie’s anus, but then smoothly slid the thermometer into her submissive’s rectum.

The three women did add to the shame felt by their charges as they commented on how cute the three bottoms looked with thermometers poking out of their “hiney holes.” When Robert protested, saying that he knew there was nothing physically wrong with izle him, and threatened to remove the thermometer, Helene removed a small black rod from her handbag and stood behind him quickly. She proceeded to give him three hard strokes across his bottom around the thermometer. He let out three screams as the cuts hurt over his already scarlet bottom.

Then when three minutes had elapsed, the governesses simultaneously removed the thermometers and read them. Everyone’s temperature was normal, but Lori showed Susan and Helene the thermometer tip she had taken from Deborah’s bottom. It had visible traces of brown smudges on the first few inches.

“Deborah,” Lori then intoned, standing behind the older woman, “you should be ashamed to have such a dirty bottom. You left doody on the thermometer. Do you need to make a poopoo?”

As she heard Deborah begin to sob out of the extreme embarrassment Lori had caused her, she very quietly told her governess that yes, she needed to do “Number Two.”

“Is there a potty available we can use?” Lori asked Susan in an even tone, as Deborah continued to become as red in the face as on her bottom.

“Yes,” Susan said with a smile, “I’ll get it for you.”

She soon returned with a pink-colored child’s potty decorated with some grinning animal figures.

Lori told Deborah to stand up and then the governess placed the potty in the middle of the room. She pointed to the potty and then directed Deborah to sit on it “and do your business.”

“In front of everyone?” Deborah plaintively queried Lori.

“If you don’t do what you’re told,” Lori warned, “I will have you squat and do it on newspaper. Being able to use a potty is a privilege and a part of your toilet training.”

She then mentioned to Susan and Helene, and certainly in a voice that Robert and Julie could hear, that to train Deborah to wipe properly and not stain her panties, she had been having her use a child’s potty and then present her bottom to Lori to be wiped clean.

“We’re also adjusting her diet so that she produces firmer movements,” Lori added, somewhat gratuitously but knowing Deborah would be further shamed by the disclosure of her most private matters.

Deborah sat on the potty and all heard a loud ping when her pee stream hit the bottom of the potty, followed by two plops as she defecated into the plastic object.

“Are you finished?” Lori asked evenly.

When a very soft yes was heard from Deborah, Lori told her to get up, turn round, and bend over with her legs spread so that Lori could wipe her. This was humiliating since Lori showed the soiled toilet paper to the governesses each time she wiped. The first time there was quite a lot of light brown shit on the tissue and the paper became cleaner with each successive wipe.

Finally, Lori told her charge that she could pull up her panties “like a big girl now.”

Deborah reach down and pulled the large white briefs up and looked at Lori for permission to lower her skirt. Lori smiled at the deference and nodded to her that she could complete recovery of her clothing.

Susan and Helene then said that Julie and Robert could also pull their underpants up and lower in one case her skirt and in the other, pull up his short pants. Lori and Helene noticed that Julie was wearing rather edgy pink-and-blue patterned bikini panties. They asked Susan if Julie had been given permission to wear those clearly sexy panties.

While Julie cringed at hearing her choice of panties discussed, Susan responded with a grin that she liked to allow Julie to let her personality show—”I don’t mean that she should flash her panties,” she quickly added—but that when Julie misbehaved, “I may have her wear little girly undies with bunnies or ducks on them.”

Lori decided that it was probably time for her to make Deborah feel very childish by making her wear that kind of little girls’ panties. The 50-year-old was already prone to wearing quite unstylish “granny panties” even though she did not look like a woman entering her 50s and still got her period.

Helene took Robert aside and whispered in his ear that he had embarrassed her by complaining about the temperature-taking and that he was going to have to be disciplined now for that. She added that he would be wise to cooperate, or he would wind out being very unhappy.

Robert was sufficiently fazed by her warning that he looked very ashen now.

Helene spoke quietly to Susan. Susan then announced that because one person, Robert, had made his governess look bad by defying her during the temperature-taking, he would be disciplined now.

Susan very sharply pointed to a red dot on the floor at the side of her desk and said loudly, “Robert, you will go stand on that dot on the floor, which we call the naughty spot. It is where bad boys and girls get to wait for their punishment when they have misbehaved. You will take off your pants and pull your underpants down and off.”

Robert was in a state of partial shock at how strict these governesses were when gathered as a group. He had been getting himself accustomed to accepting Helene’s rule over him and now he was amazed at how seriously what he had regarded as token resistance was being treated.

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