Babygirl’s Bath Time


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“The End,” DADDY said as he closed the book.

She was curled up in her DADDY’S lap and looked up at her DADDY. “DAAAAADY…is it bath time?”

He smiled and started to stand up. She got down on the ground on her knees as he stood up. He reached down and took her chin and pulled her head up. “Yes, princess, bath time.”

“YAY!” She exclaimed as she jumped up and hugged him, kissing his cheek and running off to get her towel. He walked into the bathroom and started her bath. Hot, just like she liked it.

She walked into the bathroom and looked at her DADDY running the bath. He plugged the tub so it could fill up and turned around. He reached for the bottom of her tank top and pulled it over her head. Then removed her bra. Looking into her eyes he reached down and pulled her little shorts down to the floor. She stood there in just her green thong panties. He then reached down and pulled them off. He took her hand and kissed her deeply. Then he led her to the tub of hot water.

He held her hand and supported her as she put one foot in, then the other. She dropped down and felt the hot water take over her body. She leaned back and the water came up to her neck. She giggled as she felt the hot water and relaxed. He reached over to the counter and took the large bath bomb and dropped it in the water. She giggled as the water fizzled and turned the water pink. The smell of lavender took over the bathroom. She wiggled and giggled as she felt the fizzes in the water.

She played with the water and playfully splashed around, and even splashed DADDY getting his shirt wet. He removed his shirt and leaned back down on his knees next to the tub. He reached over and took her hair to pull her closer and kiss her. They made out with her in the tub and him leaning down. He released her hair and moved his hand down to her neck as she leaned back. His hand moved down and exploring her neck and down to her breasts. She moaned as he took one into his big hand, gently squeezing and then playing with her nipple.

His hand reached under the pink water and ran down her left thigh as she moaned with his touch. He felt her soft skin and watched as her body reacted to his touch.

She moaned, “DADDY,” as her back arched. “PLEASE TOUCH ME DADDY,” her body begged to be touched.

He ran his hand from her ankle up to her knee…to her thigh…then inside as she spread her legs as wide as she could. She pulled her other knee up as his finger slid across and touched the outside of her lips. He took his fingers and spread her lips open as his finger reached in and touched her clit. She gasped ostim escort as a smile slid over her face. She moaned as his finger moved slowly against her clit. Small little touches as his hand pressured more and more. Then another finger moved as his other hand reached over and played with her nipples. She moaned as he rubbed her, the water splashing about.

He then took his finger and inserted it into her as his palm rubbed her clit his finger touched her g spot “FUCK,” she moaned as he slowly moved in and out. His other fingers pinching her nipples as he moved a second finger inside her. As his fingers moved quicker, he took his other hand and wrapped it around her throat, choking her as her body quivered. She moaned as he fingered her faster and faster, more pressure inside her “open your eyes and look at me as you cum baby girl,” he told her. She opened her eyes and felt his hand on her neck and fingers inside her pussy. His hand pressed against her throat as she moaned and thrashed about in the tub.

“Are you close to cumming baby?” He asked.

She nodded her head yes as his fingers felt her pussy tighten against his fingers. She kept moving and thrashing as she moaned.

“CUM FOR DADDY,” he told her as his fingers moved faster.

She was moaning more and he could feel it in her throat as she gagged more. Finally, her pussy squeezed his fingers and her body tightened. He held his fingers inside her and choked her as her body tensed and she came so hard. Her body collapsed into the tub as he removed his hands from her.

She smiled and looked up, “thank you, DADDY.” As she caught her breath, the bathwater finally calmed down as she opened her eyes and looked up. He had removed his pants and before her, she saw his cock hanging down.

“Open for DADDY, baby,” he said as he moved closer. She sat up in the tub and moved to hang over the side. Her body feeling the cold tub as she opened her mouth and took him in. He felt the warmth of her mouth and wrapped his hands into her hair. He pressed his cock into her mouth and pulled her face towards him. She gargled as she choked on his cock. Her face turned red and her eyes watered. Her tongue danced on the tip and shaft of his cock as he thrust into her lips. She pushed her hands against him as he caught her breath. He finally pulled out and let her catch her breath.

He again took her head and shoved his cock back into her waiting mouth. He held her head as he thrust in and out. He moved her head as she moaned and sucked his cock. He once again held her head as he thrust once more. She became turned on and started rubbing her pussy under the water as ankara otele gelen escort she sucked on his cock. He pulled out of her mouth and took his cock in his hand. Still holding her head he pulled her hair back and she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. He stroked himself as she rubbed her pussy.

“You want my cum baby?”

“Yesssss DADDY!” She opened her mouth and kept her tongue out.

“Here it comes baby.”

As he started to cum he stroked his cock faster and cum spurted out onto her tongue and lips as he grunted.

Once finished she kept rubbing herself as she took his cock in her mouth and sucked the last of the cum from him.

With a plop, she released his cock and licked the remaining cum from her lips and chin. She leaned back in the tub again and continued to rub herself as she was turned on from sucking his cum. Daddy leaned down and took her nipple into his mouth as she kept rubbing herself. He licked and sucked her nipples as she started to moan.

She moaned, “I’m going to cum DADDY, may I cum?”

“Yes baby, cum for DADDY.”

“I’m cumming!” She moaned as her body tensed and the water splashed. She fell back into the tub, her body relaxed and her face flushed.

“The water is cold DADDY,” she said as she held up her fingers and showed him how pruney she had gotten. He stood up and put his shorts back on then grabbed the towel. He held her hand as the water drained and he helped her out. He wrapped her in the towel and held her tight. He dried her off and then took her to the bedroom. He selected cute red pajamas for her to change into. After she changed he took her into his arms and laid down for the night.

They drifted off to sleep, she curled up in his arms under the soft cuddly blankets. He spooned her and she wiggled her butt through the night. In the middle of the night, he awoke and was turned on from her touches and wiggles. His hands roamed up and down her body as he kissed her neck and shoulders. He slid his hand up underneath her pajama top and started playing with her nipples. He took her breast into his hand and kissed her neck. He felt her skin tighten and her nipple become aroused.

He rolled her over onto her back as he pulled the pajama top aside and pulled her breasts out. He reached down and licked her left nipple as his hand pinched and played with the other one. Licking and sucking, flicking it with his large tongue. He pulled the other one with his fingers, flicking it. She started to move and wake up to his touch.

“DADDY…” She moaned as he kept licking her nipple. He kissed up from her breasts to her neck and ankara rus escort then to her lips.

“DADDY wants to play,” he moaned into her ear as she smiled and moaned. He kissed her lips and she kissed back, opening her mouth and intertwining her tongue with his. She felt her nipples against his chest as they kissed.

He kissed back down her body and slid his hands into her pajama shorts, pulling them down. He pulled his shorts down as well and laid on top of her, feeling her body against his. He reached his hand down and felt how wet she was from his touching and kissing. He rubbed her clit and inserted a finger. Her hips moved with him as he rubbed her.

“DADDY please fuck me,” she moaned through her sleepiness as she was still waking up. He pulled out his finger and took his cock and slid into her. She gasped as he entered her, thrusting slowly at first then increasing his pace. He leaned his body up and rested his hands on her nipples as he thrust into her.

She moaned with each thrust. He took his hand and moved it to her throat. His finger reached up and entered her mouth. She sucked and moaned on his finger as he fucked her. He took his other hand and wrapped it around her throat and choked her as he fucked her. She was moaning and licking his finger as she felt his hand tighten around her throat. Suddenly he stopped and pulled out of her. He took her hips and turned her over.

She stuck her ass up into the air and he took her hips as he slid into her. He thrust in and out as he reached for her wrists. He pulled her hands back behind her and pulled as he thrust in and out. He fucked her as she moaned. Her wet pussy gripping his cock each time he entered her.

“You like waking up to DADDY fucking you?”

“…ugh…YES DADDY…”

He released her hands and grabbed her shoulders to pull her back into him as he fucked her. She moaned each time. His hands went to her mouth and she sucked his fingers as they pulled her mouth open. She was moaning more and more. He grabbed her hair and she moaned louder. He could feel her getting wetter as he thrust into her. Her body was tensing

“Cum with me baby. Cum with DADDY.”

He thrust faster and faster as he felt himself getting closer. He kept thrusting and she tensed

“I’m going to cum DADDY.”

“Good girl…DADDY is going to fill your pussy.”


He kept thrusting faster and faster. She was thrusting back into him. Her body tensed as she orgasmed. She was moaning and her pussy tightened around his cock. He thrust twice more and his orgasm was right behind hers. He exploded into her tight pussy and stayed there as every drop filled her.

He collapsed back onto the bed next to her. She crawled over and laid her head on his chest.

“Thank you, DADDY,” she said as she started to fall asleep. He kissed her head and wrapped themselves up in the blanket. “

“You’re welcome, princess.” As they fell back to sleep.

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