An Unexpected Massage


The cool air outside is refreshing, after being cramped in a room full of hundreds of screaming, cheering fans. A middle aged man with neat, slicked back brown hair leans up against an alley wall alone, taking a few deep breaths. Sometimes he gets overwhelmed and finds a hidden place behind the concert hall to relax. He is lost in thought about what he might do after work tonight. He could explore some nearby restaurants or maybe take a stroll through a park.

Suddenly, his thoughts are interrupted by footsteps nearby. He turns his head and locks eyes with a slightly younger, attractive Scottish man, squinting to see in the dark. He sighs; he didn’t feel like dealing with any obnoxious fans at the moment. He turns his head away but its too late, the stranger approaches.

“Excuse me? I’m a wee bit lost and I’ve got to take a jobby!” The stranger calls out. The annoyed celebrity turns his head and points back toward the main building. He assumes this person is looking for a bathroom. If not, at least he would be sent away.

“Down the left hall inside, past the concessions.” He answers, noticing the man has stopped in his tracks with a shocked expression on his face.

“Aye, Mr. Chris I didn’t notice it was you! My apologies.” The surprised man answered. Chris relaxes a little once he realizes this guy wasn’t purposefully trying to encounter him.

“No worries. I’m sorry if I seemed a bit standoffish. Fans tend to bother me all the time.”

“I understand. Thank you.” The Scottish man turns to walk away, regretfully. He would love to talk to Chris, especially since he has a bit of a celebrity crush, but he understands that it’s probably no fun for him to deal with so many people all the time. Chris becomes rather intrigued by this man, he’s one of the ankara eve gelen escort first fans to not try and bother him for an autograph or picture.

“Wait, I don’t think I caught your name.” Chris finds himself stopping the man. He feels drawn to talking to him.

“The names James, its a pleasure.” He extends his hand to shake. When Chris takes the offer, butterflies fly through James’s entire body at the touch of his hand. They two find themselves locking in the handshake longer than a pair should, looking into each others’ eyes.

“Are you from Glasgow by chance? You sound like you are from here…” Chris starts up a conversation. The two of them end up chatting for hours, late into the night. As much fun as James has, he is completely caught off guard when Chris places a hand on his shoulder.

“Do you want to check out back stage? Its getting pretty chilly out here.” His breath can be seen as he speaks from how cold its getting. James has no plans the rest of the night, so he happily accepts. As they walk back to the main building, they brush arms more than a few times from how close they are.

The ambiance of backstage is somewhat creepy after everyone has gone home. Random objects lay around empty furniture. The lighting is dim from only keeping on lights to a minimum. Everything in sight is covered in dust. Chris has a seat in a comfortable looking red chair.

“Forgive me, I’m exhausted from the show. Man, my feet really hurt.” He kicks off his black leather shoes and wiggles his toes inside his clean white socks. Despite the socks appearing spotless, he smells pretty strongly of sweat.

“Nae bother, I understand.” James answers, taking a seat on a stool across from him. He can’t help but eyeball Chris’s gaziosmanpaşa escort feet. They have a nice shape and are pretty large, he guesses around a size eleven. “Do you want me to massage them? I’ve been told I’m good at it.”

“Oh, uhh, sure if that’s not too weird for you.” Chris answers. He is caught off guard by the sudden question, yet somehow he feels comfortable enough, and grateful for, the offer. James scoots the stool closer as Chris lifts his left leg to rest on James’s lap. He begins rubbing the sole through the sock until he can feel him relaxing, then he slides the sock off gently. Each of his toes has a unique shape with neatly cut nails, and a smooth nicely curved sole.

James can feel himself getting hard underneath his pants. He adjusts his seating a bit to make sure his boner doesn’t press up against Chris’s heel. Chris seems distracted though, closing his eyes as he zones out to the pleasure of the massage. James keeps working at his tense muscles, getting more turned on when he hears Chris’s breathing getting heavier.

After working on every part of his foot, James asks his Chris to switch legs. As he is doing so, James notices that he isn’t the only one enjoying this. Chris’s hard cock can be seen cramped inside his pants. James works on the next foot, pressing his fingers against the sole wishing hew could be doing more. When he presses against a good spot, Chris lets out a light moan.

“You have such sexy feet, I love how big they are. May I try something else?” James asks, unable to control himself much longer. Chris nods, still zoned out.

“Thanks. Yeah, go ahead.” He whispers permission. James lifts Chris’s foot and gently presses his tongue against the top of a toe. When he doesn’t gölbaşı escort protest, he continues exploring, swishing his tongue between every toe. They taste salty from the sweat of a hard working man and his hairs tickle James. His tongue wanders down Chris’s sole and grazes the top of his heel before tracing back. Chris squirms in his seat from a mixture of being tickled and pleased.

“Ahh…that actually feels really nice.” Chris says, nearly interrupted by another moan. James doesn’t answer; he is too busy focusing on Chris’s foot. After he can feel every part of his sole relaxed and wet, he moves up to his toes. Taking in two at a time he gently sucks on them. His warm breath can be felt getting warmer and heavier. Its no secret anymore that this is turning on the both of them.

After getting to taste every toe, James pulls away and asks for the other foot back. Chris is more than happy to oblige. This time James purposefully rests the foot against his hard dick. Chris’s breathing gets faster and heavier as the two continue, and he has to resist jerking off to the wonderful feelings.

“I love the shape of your toes. Got me gantin on em.” James tells him before returning to his oral massage. He is pleased when he gets a fresh taste of salt. He glides his tongue along every inch of Chris’s other foot, focusing on massaging the exhausted sole until it feels as loose and relaxed as the other. He makes sure to give some attention to each deserving toe. Once Chris’s feet are no longer aching, the enjoyable feeling of the massage begins to fade and transform into ticklishness. He giggles and squirms at the feeling of James’s moist tongue and facial hairs.

James continues tickling him playfully for a moment before stopping and lifting up his head. Chris’s eyes are still shut tight and there’s now a noticeably large wet spot on the crotch of his pants. As they both catch their breath, James politely replaces the socks he took off.

“I hope I helped you unwind tonight.” James says with a smile.

“Ah…yeah, you sure did. Thank you.” Chris sighs with contentment.

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