After the Fun!


This is a CUCKOLD story, if you do not enjoy the theme, please don’t waste your time.

I would like to thank you for all the positive feedback and the suggestions I received

This is the first story after the weekend with their friends. Hope you guys like it!

Back to our normal lives, Rose and I have never been better. The week after the weekend with Ben and Mark was amazing, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

Monday morning she woke me up with a great blowjob and milked me onto her mouth, swallowing everything before I was even fully awake. Later that day, I got off early from work and picked her up at her job and she was kissing my neck and teasing me on our way home, we fucked on the sofa before dinner and had another round before sleep.

Tuesday she woke me up again blowing me, but she now rode me until I filled her pussy. She teased me all day texting how naughty she was with my cum drenching her panties at work. I had to finish some work and got stuck a couple of extra hours while she kept telling me how bad she needed my cock. I got home to her fully naked waiting for me on the bed begging for me to fuck her, I fucked as hard as I could and made her cum, spurting all inside her again on the second after. I was just so tired I slept in no time.

Wednesday she let me sleep until the alarm as she knew I was super tired from last night. But she asked me to try to get home on time. I got home as soon as I could and she had set a table with some appetizers and a bottle of wine. She was wearing a silk black robe. We barely ate and had some wine and then she grabbed me by the hand and dragged me to our bed and pushed me to lay down.

She untied the silk robe and opened it for me, unveiling the black and white set of lingerie she wore for me and my friends on the weekend. I was rock hard instantly.

“Having some flashbacks, babe?” She smiled at my jaw-dropped face.

“It does give me some memories, but my jaw dropped just for your beauty.” It was the first time she mentioned the weekend events.

“I’m glad you like it, babe.” She let the robe fall and kneeled between my legs unbuckling my belt and jeans and fishing my cock. She sucked me nice and slow, licking my head and caressing my balls. I was working the whole day and was smelly down there, but Rose didn’t hesitate. A few days ago she would ask me to shower, probably wouldn’t even give me head, she was so submissive now and I was loving it.

She gently kissed the head and said: “I’m all yours, babe, how do you want me?” I grinned hearing this.

“All mine? Everything is mine?” I asked and she understood my intentions and gave me a daring smile.

“Everything! You earned It, remember?” She stood, turned around, and pranced her ass swinging It before my eyes looking over her shoulder.

“Damm, your ass looks amazing in those panties!”

“We need one bottle of that lube Mark brought.” She reached her bedside cabinet and grabbed a bottle of mineral oil she used for massages and handed It to me. “I think this will do.”

“Lay down on your stomach” she was gorgeous looking at me over her shoulder. I spanked her ass lightly and she bit her lip. I began massaging her ass with the oil teasing the beads of her panties on her asshole.

I finally slid one finger under her panties and started rubbing her asshole, gently pushing my finger in, I teased It for a while and finally pushed the finger inside. I played with It for a while and Rose interrupted me.

“I want you to fuck my ass, use me as you please.” Rose had a teasing face.

I positioned myself over her thighs and teased her asshole over her beaded panties. I lubed up my cock, pulled the panties aside, and pressed my head against her entrance.

“I love your tight asshole, babe!” I said when my head finally got in. I slowly advanced, invading her ass.

“You deserve It, babe!”

“Damm, I’m loving this new slutty side of you!”

“You can fuck my ass anytime you want, babe, you know what you have to do! Just lick me clean!” She glanced at me with a teasing face while I began thrusting slowly on her tight ass. This was the first time she mentioned the events from the weekend.

“Get on all fours, slutty! You’re gonna pay me for making me eat Ben’s cum!” I slide out and unmounted her thighs and waited for her to be in position,

“I was so slutty, babe!” Her ass was up in the air waiting for me to reenter her and I couldn’t help myself and slapped her both buttcheeks. I applied more oil on my cock and pushed inside, this time slid way easier. “Fuck my slutty ass, A-dog!” She provoked me by calling me the way Mark did and It worked.

I began thrusting steadily, punishing her ass. I slapped her buttcheeks and clawed them for support and she started moaning softly and meeting my thrusts. Everything was so exciting I had to stop thrusting after just a couple of minutes so I wouldn’t cum yet, but she didn’t stop and kept fucking herself onto my cock.

“Wait, babe. I don’t want tandoğan escort to cum already!” I warned her and she looked behind and teased like the other day.

“Already, babe? Perhaps we should find someone to help you fuck me, how about that?” Her teasing was overwhelming and I just grabbed her ass and pounded as hard as I could, spurting as deep as possible grunting like a mad man.

“Fuck, that’s not fair!”

“A small revenge for you making me lose that challenge and walking in naked, haha!” She said after I collapsed next to her.

“Fair enough, haha!” She gave a small peck on my lips and cuddled on my shoulder.


After some rest, I showered and came back to bed. She was still there with the lingerie I hadn’t even removed, looking like a goddess.

“All that action made me hungry, wanna order something?” I said realizing we barely ate and rushed to the bedroom. I wanted to keep going but I was starving.

“Hmm, maybe some pizza”

“Let’s go back downstairs and we can finish the wine, I left my phone there” Rose nodded and put her robe back and we headed back to the kitchen.

I ordered and we kept drinking and talking about our days like we always did. The first bottle was gone in no time and the second was mid when the phone buzzed saying the delivery guy left with our order.

“I left my wallet on my trousers upstairs, can you pay up?” I asked Rose.

“Are you sure you want me to pay for the delivery guy wearing this?” She pointed to her sexy robe with a devious smile powered by the wine.

I naively didn’t even thought this way, but It wasn’t such a bad idea either.

“Oh, I wasn’t thinking like this, but…why not?” I grinned.

She stood up and posed with her arms holding an imaginary pizza showing how unappropriated the robe was. It had some lacy details at the end which barely covered her panties.

“Hmm, I’m not sure about this…” I stood up and untied the knot opening the robe a few inches unveiling her bra and panties. “Much better now!”

“Oh boy. Here we go again!” Rose was a mix of nervous, tipsy, and excited.

“That’s a hell of a tip! Haha” we laughed.

Rose was getting more and more nervous as we waited for the pizza guy, the minutes on the watch seemed to never change. Her leg was bumping up and down frantically. We downed the rest of our glasses trying to calm ourselves and suddenly the doorbell rang ending the silence of our waiting.

She widened her eyes at me and whispered, “Hide yourself!” Pushing me out of the sight of the door hall to our kitchen. She fixed herself and adjusted her robe exposing her areolas on the see-through bra, making It obvious It wasn’t just a happy accident.

She grabbed her purse on the table and dropped it over the small sideboard close to the door, so she would have to at least turn around and show her buttcheeks for the guy. She was almost hitting the handle but she froze and ran to me. I thought she had chickened out and was a bit disappointed.

“Is there anything I can’t do with him?” She whispered and my stomach bounced. I thought she was just showing herself for the guy, but she was clearly thinking about something else. It caught me off guard and with no time to think about It properly.

“Anything you want, babe!” That was all I managed to say and she grinned at my green light and quietly ran back to the door, making me immediately regret not setting any boundaries with a complete stranger!

“Joe’s P-pizza, Ma’am!” I heard the boy stumbling on his words noticing her outfit.

“Hello there. Sorry for the delay! How much is my total?”

“I’m sorry, I forgot, Ma’am…mmm twenty bucks, Ma’am!” The boy had to check the receipt.

“Step inside, let me grab my purse.”

“Sure, Ma’am!”

“Don’t call me, Ma’am. It makes me feel old! My name is Rose, and yours?”

“Sorry, It’s how I have to speak to clients. My name is Ethan!” The boy was clearly nervous.

“Pleased to meet you, Ethan.” I heard a loud noise and small things rolling on the floor. “Oh god, I was having trouble finding my money before and now everything is all over the floor, could you close the door behind you? My husband isn’t home and I don’t want the neighbors having the wrong impression of me receiving guests in this attire.” I heard the door closing.

“D-do you need help, m-Rose?” He offered.

“Yes, Thank you, I knew you were a gentleman!” I couldn’t help myself and quickly peeked at them. Rose was on the floor pointing her ass to me and trying to reach under the sideboard, gathering some small papers and receipts on the floor and the boy was drooling at her exposed ass while picking some makeup close to the door.

“I’m sorry for holding you this long, I hope you don’t get in trouble because of me!”

“It’s a calm day, so it’s all right.”

“Thank you for your help, Ethan! Do you think you can waste a few more minutes with me?” He handed the picked items to Rose.

“Sure, I have some time, what kind tunalı escort of help do you need me for?” He nervously checked the hour on his phone.

“It’s been a long time since I dressed sexy and I decided to do that today, but my husband had one problem at work and can’t be home soon enough. So, do you think this outfit looks good or maybe I should put on something else?” Rose exaggerated her drunkenness and went all in.

My heart was beating fast hearing this and I wanted to watch them, but It wasn’t possible from the kitchen without revealing myself, so I left through the service area door quietly and found a spot to hide and see them behind the sliding door. The lights were off outside so I was able to see but not be seen.

She was talking and laughing with him, making poses for him to see If she was hot, still holding the cash. She finally handed him the cash but the boy wasn’t even remotely thinking about going away.

He kept talking and she did a few more poses for him and then, she let the robe fall on the floor. The boy was surprised and checked every possible detail of her body, she even gave a slow spin showing her body only in bra and panties.

Seeing her there with a total stranger we both had never seen before and knowing she was about to please him and that I had no idea what she would do to him was intoxicating. Words can’t describe how intense it was for me to watch her kneeling for him and unbuckling his pants.

My cock was aching hard and I was standing there, hidden in the shadows watching them and jerking myself over my clothes. I couldn’t see his dick, but her head was bobbing fast and the boy couldn’t believe his eyes.

He was caressing her hair with a pleasing face and then grabbed her hair and began thrusting holding her head, face fucking her. My mouth was dry, my stomach revolving, my legs were jelly, but my dick was diamond hard.

Watching her with a total stranger was scary and so freaking exhilarating, almost like a drug and I needed a higher dose! I was going crazy expecting the next thing they would do.

He said something to her and she unfastened her bra and let It fall showing him her tits before going back on his cock. He spoke again and she lifted her ass and rolled the panties down her legs and got back at sucking fully naked now.

They talked for a while and she stood up, still pumping his cock with her hand as he sucked on her tits and grabbed her ass. She shakes her head no a few times but he turned her around and began biting on her neck while his hands roamed her body.

I couldn’t tell if she was honestly trying to resist fucking him or just playing hard to get. She tried to get back at sucking his cock but he began playing with her pussy. I remembered she must be crazy horny, I only fucked her ass and she still didn’t came.

He was groping her tits harshly while pushing his fingers inside her cunt and his dick poking on her ass. Her eyes were closed and her face was in a lust trance. She smiled at something he said in her ear and bent herself a little further for him. He stopped rubbing her and held his dick and her arm.

She widened her eyes as he pushed his unprotected cock inside her wanting pussy. He gave a few slow thrusts and held her both arms and sped up fucking her while she clenched her teeth holding her moans.

Outside I was going crazy and gasped for air after holding my breath for so long. “Fuck It!” I thought to myself and downed my shorts and started stroking myself.

I normally can last a reasonable time especially when jerking, and even more after a release on Rose’s ass just a while ago, but this was so exciting that from the moment I started, I was on the edge. It wasn’t me just jerking off, It was more like me edging myself constantly trying to hold until that stranger spurted on my girl and I was mad thinking how that would happen.

They were having trouble balancing and keep fucking so Rose pulled him to the sideboard, crossed her arms and laid her head over It, and pranced her ass for better access to him. He grabbed her buttcheeks and thrust deep and hard a few times, enjoying the better position.

He then pulled her hair while thrusting steady and mauled one tit with another hand. I was almost feeling bad seeing him being so harsh on her, but It was so freaking hot to see them, I completely stopped jerking for quite some time to not cum. I heard a loud moan and noticed Rose’s legs crumbling. She came and was shivering hard and he didn’t stop fucking her making It way more intense.

I could hear some loud moans from her pacing with his thrusts. I heard one long grunt from him and I feared but also wanted him to spurt inside her. But he pulled out of her and forced her to kneel by her hair.

Still holding her hair he put the tip of his cock on her tongue and jerked himself. I was both relieved and disappointed, but this view was also amazing. I heard a long grunt and saw some jets flying over Rose’s face. He pumped his cock ankara türbanlı escort for a while and pushed the head inside her mouth, she sucked the tip cleaning the last drop of cum, and gave one last kiss on the head. I was edging for so long that my cock let a few drops of cum hit the floor even without me touching It at the moment.

He finally released her hair and she stood up and put on her robe while he lifted his pants. They quickly talked and laughed, she opened the door for him and stood behind the door waiting for him to leave, hiding from the outside. She closed the door behind her and waited for me, smiling. I slid the door and walked towards her, as I approached I could see the glistenings streams of thick cum all over her face and hair.


“Did you enjoy the show?” She smiled at me with lots cum all over her pretty face.

“I came a little, without even touching my cock!” I was feeling a little ashamed now.

“What? I can’t believe you! Haha!” Rose was surprised.

“There is cum on the floor outside If you need evidence! Hahaha” I hugged her on her waist.

“Haha, Oh my goodness! But did I do Well, babe?”

“More than Well, you look amazing!” I was amazed at her cum covered face.

“He wanted to cum inside me, but I had a small window of sanity after I came and asked him to pull out, he decided the rest.”

“Thank god! But what’s got into you? I thought you would Just show him yourself!”

“What? I thought you wanted me to fuck with him and didn’t want to force me to do it!”

“I meant not to forbid If you wanted to show your ass or even let him grope you!”

“I was just hoping he wasn’t ugly or creepy, he was kind of cute and you’re the one who said ‘Anything you want’ and I thought you wanted me to go all the way, you teased me fucking my ass and let me horny and wanting. Are you cool with it?”

“You bet your ass I’m cool!” I smiled and French kissed her cum covered mouth. It tasted salty, but his cum wasn’t bitter like the others, or maybe I was just getting used to the taste.

When we broke the kiss Rose had an excited face, she pulled my hand and dragged me to our bedroom. I guess seeing me eating cum had the same effect on Rose as seeing her fucking had on me.

She pushed me on the bed and quickly took her robe off and climbed over me. The lights were full-on and I could see the cum beautifully spattered on her face while she downed herself onto my fully hard cock. I noticed her tit was bright red and some deep sadist excitement took over me, remembering her being used harshly by another man.

“Was he rough on you, babe?” I caressed her sore tit.

“Yes, babe, he kept calling me a married whore!”

“Wow, and you liked being a married whore?!”

“Yes, I loved It, babe!'”

“Will you be a slutty married whore for me, babe?”

“Yes, I will, babe!”

“Will you fuck a ton of guys for me?”

“Everyone you want me to fuck! Our friends, strangers, anyone!”

“Whore!” I slapped her face and she was mad in lust.

“Your whore!” She was just so submissive

“Even after we marry?” The idea filled my mind.

“Only If my husband wants me to be a whore!”

“Will you keep fucking everyone? “

“Yes, every cock I can please, babe!”

“Holy fuck!” She was crazy, fucking like a machine on my cock and I was getting close.

“Will you eat the cum out of your married whore?”

“Yes, babe! And I’ll always reclaim you!”

“Babe, I loved when he covered my face with cum, I knew It would drive you crazy!” She kissed me passionately and I felt one glob of cum dripping on my cheek.

Rose lifted her head and saw the cum on my face and grinned, she then gathered with her finger and put it inside my mouth. I knew she loved feeding me other men’s cum so I sucked her finger clean.

The cum was cool now and was way stickier than when I kissed her a while ago, It was a little harder to swallow but the taste was even less unpleasant, maybe was due to all the excitement and naughty fucking.

She gathered some cum a couple more times and fed me and I sucked her fingers clean thirsty, this was like a ‘pedal to the metal’ on her pace and she moaned loud swaying her hips like she was possessed.

“I’m cummm…” She tried to speak, but kept silent, shaking her hips violently onto my cock nonstop as I felt her pussy tightening hard. I couldn’t respond because her fingers were still in my mouth.

Her fucking frenzy finally made me cum deep inside her pussy. I grunted and contracted hard, but she kept swinging her hips for a couple of minutes after we both came, extending our pleasures.

When I thought she was stopping I felt her pussy contracting one more time on my softening cock. Her whole body shivered and she finally collapsed exhausted over me, she rarely came twice in the same fuck and not intense and close like this time. I could only think she really loved those adventures.

“That was INTENSE!” I said after some good minutes passed and she finally showed signs of life.

“It was indeed, I’m dead!” Rose rolled over to my side and laid there with her eyes closed, there were no signs of his cum on her face anymore, except for some on her hair.

“And I’m thirsty” I wanted to clear the cum taste in my throat.

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