A Special Weekend With Alexis


It was one of those magical times that so rarely happen. Alexis and I finally had some time together alone. Both our families and significant others were safely tucked away for the weekend, the whole weekend. It was magical because we would actually have an extended period of time alone together.

Alexis is my twenty-four year-old virgin girlfriend. I am a fifty-six year-old law professor, married for thirty-two years. I also have a private criminal defense law office where Alexis and I usually meet. Alexis and I have been having this very sexual relationship secretly for almost two years. Secrecy was necessary because of my wife and family as well as Alexis’ boyfriend and her family.

Alexis is a trial advocacy student of mine; we spent too much time too close together, and one thing led to another. She is, at least in my mind, ravishing. She is tall with a good figure, large firm breasts, a narrow waist and long shapely legs. She has a long mane of heavy, wavy, dirty-blond hair. She does not have a classically beautiful face, but she does have intense blue eyes and a killer smile. She is very conservative by nature in her clothing and her behavior. She is also very self-confident. Thank goodness she has the self-respect to distain tattoos, body piercing and other attention-getting body decor. Generally, she is aloof from the pranks of her less mature classmates. She also doesn’t take any shit from anyone, including me.

Life has been kind to me. I grew up with the proverbial silver spoon, private school, country club, summer camp, beach houses, Gucci loafers, debutante parties and absolutely no direction in life. After college, and still without direction, I got into a top ten law school where I spent three years absorbing as much knowledge in class as I could without actually opening a book. Now, thirty-some years later, I have developed my own niche in the world, a criminal defense trial lawyer and professor of trial advocacy. I am real good at it. It comes easily to me.

I got married while in law school. My wife’s family was also wealthy, and when her parents died, she became the beneficiary of several substantial trust funds. I love her and care for her very much, but over the last thirty years, her interest in sex has dwindled completely. In spite of that, our financial, personal and social lives are so intertwined that even during our worst arguments, divorce was never a realistic thought. For the most part, I have been faithful, but recently, I have become increasingly aware of my own advancing age and the increasing unavailability of the bright and tender young things that fill the halls of the law school. I have become almost obsessed with the reality that young beautiful women have no interest in sharing themselves with me.

I am not the handsome older-stud-type with silver hair and a great tan you see on daytime TV. I don’t take very good care of myself. Well, actually I take very good care of myself, if you count being overly self-indulgent as “taking good care”. I drink too much bourbon and wine, smoke very strong handmade cigars, never exercise, unless you call sailing exercise. In spite of that, I have all my hair, with only a little grey at the temples, and no wrinkles. My aging contemporaries complain I haven’t aged in the last fifteen years. I am a little overweight, but that is well hidden by custom tailored suits and trousers.

In my private practice, I try a lot of cases, all are criminal defense. I win most of them. That has given me somewhat of a dangerous, but useful, reputation. My fees are high and my clients struggle to make sure I get paid. My students are quite successful in mock trial competitions on a regional and national level, and they get very good offers from big litigation firms when they graduate. Accordingly, competition among students to get into my trial advocacy program is fierce, but that doesn’t necessarily depend just on grades and class rank. My students are hand picked for their personality, ability and presence.

My wife and twenty year-old daughter accuse me of being arrogant and intimidating, especially to the young men who buzz around my daughter like honey bees. I probably am; I do not suffer fools lightly and I will not tolerate second best for her. God forbid that she should end up with someone like me. Then again, I couldn’t be that bad though; all of her girlfriends flirt with me and hug me whenever they see me. I guess they enjoy attracting the attention of someone who scares the piss out of their boyfriends.

I guess Alexis was first attracted to me because I was her mentor in law school. She is exceptionally bright and will become a gifted trial lawyer. I even had her assist me with a lengthy murder trial. I didn’t really need any help, but I enjoyed having her near me and whispering in her ear during trial. Everyone else thought I was just conferring on strategy, I was really whispering to her that I wanted to kiss her breasts or lick her pussy. That drove her nuts and made her a little miffed at me. With no real experience, she was struggling mamak escort to pay attention and learn. I disrupted her concentration. She has not yet learned to think on multiple levels at the same time. She will learn. When she does, she will be formidable.

I guess my affair with Alexis first started with hugs of support and congratulations at her successes in mock trials. Then, she seemed to be finding excuses to be around me, to visit my office at school. Each time there were hugs. I really looked forward to that; it wasn’t everyday that I had a pair of the world’s most perfect breasts thrust hard against my chest. Eventually, she made an appointment to visit my private office on what seemed to me like an obvious and flimsy pretext. I made sure it was after-hours and that my secretary would have left for the day. Considering the nature of my practice and clientele, I am not in the habit of hugging people in my office, particularly in front of my secretary.

When Alexis arrived, she looked very sporty in a striped boat neck blouse and khakis. She actually wore Weejun penny loafers, with pennies in the slots. I hadn’t seen a woman wear those in years. My wife wore those when we met in college in the late 60’s. They were considered old fashioned and very preppie, as in went to prep school, even back then. It gave me a nostalgic moment before I focused on Alexis.

I sensed that she was uneasy so I offered to rub her shoulders. Few women can turn having their shoulders rubbed by a friend or lover. I didn’t know it then, but that is very erotic for her. After a few moments, she turned and hugged me tightly for quite a while. I enjoyed feeling her firm young breasts pressed against me. I backed away slightly. Our faces were very close. Our lips were only a few inches apart. I was nervous as hell. I mean, I may be a cocky trial lawyer, but I was also a middle-aged man and certainly not the usual fare for smart and very attractive young women. Also, I can’t stand the idea of personal rejection or, even worse, being thought of as an old fool. Trembling with desire and expectation, I threw caution to the wind; chances like this were not going to come my way very often.

Very softly, I asked, “May I kiss you?” Even softer, she replied, “Yes.”

We kissed, softly at first, then she backed off and said, “Oh, my God! I can’t believe I just kissed a married man.”

I kissed her again, this time she kissed me back hard, with a growing passion. My heart was pounding. Our bodies were together. Her pelvis was pressed against mine, her thighs were pressed against mine. I reached up and felt her breast. She didn’t flinch. Through the fabric of her shirt and bra, I could feel her nipple begin to harden. I scratched at it with my fingernail. I felt it harden even more. Alexis gave a deep gasp and held me tighter against her. Then, in a really bold move, I put my hand under her shirt and around her back and with a quick pinch of my fingers, her bra came undone. Some things are like riding a bicycle, once you learn the one-hand bra release technique, it is never forgotten. Thanks to a fine misspent youth, I was back in the game. I reached around to her front and gently cupped her naked breast with my hand. There is a thrill that comes with the first touch of a perfect breast. It made me breathless.

I pulled her shirt and bra over her head, leaving her naked to the waist. Her breasts were magnificent, truly magnificent, fully rounded, heavy, creamy white, with hard pink nipples protruding. I brought them to my lips, devouring them. They were very sensitive. As I sucked, licked and nibbled on her nipples, Alexis moaned and drew in her breath. As I continued, her knees almost buckled. As I came to discover, Alexis’ breasts were incredibly sensitive.

I was on a roll. I reasoned, don’t stop now. I tried to unbutton her khakis, but she stopped me, softly saying “No”. In such matters I had come to realize that “No” may actually mean no, or it may actually mean, no, not yet. I prefer the latter. If I was ever going to get at her pussy with her pants on, it wasn’t going to be from the front. That is when I found out how sensitive her back was. I stood behind her, pressing my enraged cock into her butt and kissing her shoulders and neck from behind. She loved being approached from the rear. My arms went around her and massaged her breasts and pinched her nipples. She moaned and almost collapsed.

She whispered hoarsely, “Harder, I like it harder, a lot harder.” I pinched her nipples very hard and rolled them between my thumbs and forefingers.

She let out a sharp gasp and her head fell backward onto my shoulder. Her knees almost buckled beneath her. That’s when she reached back with one hand and grabbed my cock through my pants. Taking that as a very good sign, I lowered one of my hands from her breast, down across her stomach, and tucked my fingers under the waistband of her pants and into her panties. Her lower stomach muscles quivered at my touch. I continued to kiss the nape of ankara masaj yapan escort her neck. My one hand pinched her nipples. My fingers went lower. She was completely smooth shaven. Her smooth, soft, warm pussy welcomed my fingers. She was very wet by the time I first touched her lips. My fingers rubbed between the slippery lips of her pussy. I rubbed lightly over the small nub of her clitoris. She started making sharp moaning sounds and soon cried out and then collapsed into my arms. She had just experienced a very quick and violent orgasm. It was several moments before she could stand on her own again. She must have been very nervous and completely primed by when she first walked through my door.

That was as far as it went that day. But, on her next visit, a week later, after an initial embrace and some passionate kisses, she kneeled before me and unbuckled my pants. She unzipped me and lowered my pants to the floor. I kicked them off. This was incredible. I was standing in front of an exciting and beautiful young blonde who was pulling down my boxer shorts. My cock popped out hard and aimed directly at her lips. Alexis started stroking my cock with one hand and gently feeling my balls and between my thighs and butt cheeks with her other hand. Soon she took me into her mouth with such eager enthusiasm, and with such loving attention and reverence, that I could not demean that act by calling it a blowjob.

She took me deep, completely inside her mouth and throat. I could feel the rough taste buds of her tongue on the tender underside of my cock as she slid me in and out of her mouth. She was very good at this and took her time, bringing me to the brink and then letting me down. She did this several times until I was ready to explode. As I got closer, I began to worry about whether she would want me to come in her mouth. Finally, I just said, “I am about to come.” Actually, I didn’t just say it, I sort of panted-squeaked it out. I didn’t have to tell her, she already knew very well that I was about to come. As it happened, instead of speeding up, she slowed down so that my orgasm was extended far longer than any that I had ever had control over myself. As I was just about to come, she began tickling my asshole with her fingers. I almost fell over. It was the most incredible sensation that I can ever remember having. It was even better than the first time that I jerked off as a little kid. Everything just sort of went black as I shot my wad into her warm sucking mouth. After I came, she didn’t stop, she continued to suck me softly and kiss my cock until I was completely limp. Then she stood up, threw her arms around me and kissed me passionately.

That’s when I realized that Alexis really enjoyed oral sex. My wife never embraced it any more than she did taking out the garbage. She never took out the garbage either. Consequently, our sex life tended to be missionary style. Alexis was totally different. Once, she misjudged how close I was to coming and lifted her head up to get some of her hair out of the way. Her other hand was around my cock as I came and then there was sperm all over my stomach. Without missing a beat, she greedily slurped and licked me clean as if she was a little kid licking chocolate icing from a desert plate.

That second visit was when she nervously told me that she was still a virgin. She was afraid that I would be angry with her for coming on to me and leading me on, only to have her back out of actual intercourse. Is she nuts? A fifty-six year-old man who is having incredible oral sex with an attractive and voluptuous twenty-four year-old is not going to complain. Certainly not this one.

Alexis and I began meeting at my office once a week. My private law office occupies a small, hundred and fifty year-old, two-and-a-half story brick townhouse. There is a parking lot in the rear, behind a small yard and garden. Alexis would park in the back parking lot and phone me to make sure that I was alone. I made sure the front door was locked and the “Closed” sign was displayed in the window. I would watch her walk through the garden before opening the back door, and welcoming her into my arms. We would go upstairs where I had a private office and sitting room, complete with full sized sofa. Alexis would always take off her shoes first. Then, we would kiss. We would kiss hard and passionately. I would feel her breasts and her hard nipples. Clothing would come off quickly until we were both naked. Then, we would make full use of the sofa.

Alexis is a virgin because she and her long-term boyfriend, Bob, an MBA type who is her age, are saving themselves for marriage. I have never understood that. I have been subtly trying to get her to give herself to me first for a long time. She is persistent, I’ll give her that. So am I. I write these stories to entice her to submit to my charms. So far, I have not been successful. Oh, we have sex and lots of it, just not vaginal intercourse.

We have also fallen in love with each other, pretty seriously mithatpaşa escort in love. That has made things a lot more complicated.

Recently, Alexis has been telling me that her boyfriend Bob has been getting more serious about settling down and that a formal engagement between them may soon be forthcoming. That would be the end of our sexual relationship. Even though I believe in my heart that she has come to love me more than Bob, I have long known that it must end someday. However, I cannot quite reconcile my own position in the equation. If she was so much in love with Bob, why did she seek me out. I have come to the conclusion that there are qualities in me that are seriously lacking in Bob. I know we could be happy together, but it would never work. I am seriously married. I can’t give her any future. Even if I was single and available, her family and friends would disown her if they found out she was having an affair with someone older than her father. She is young and needs their emotional support. As for me, I am of the age and status in life that I can just tell anyone to fuck-off.

Alexis has always felt guilty about our affair and she is terrified that Bob may find out about it. To say that he would not be understanding is to abuse understatement. He would walk out of her life forever. She has dated him for years and they have long assumed that they would one day be married. Their families were both very supportive of the union. For Alexis, it was her hope at happiness with someone she loved. She has tried to end our affair several times, but every time we are together there are always sparks and fireworks. We always end up in each other’s arms, and then we would be naked, touching, sucking, licking and probing. We have been unable keep our passion for each other at bay. I certainly never wanted to. I really need Alexis in my life. I treasure her. But, I can’t put her into a position where she becomes engaged with me still in her life. When she does become engaged, I must bow out. Her guilt would be overwhelming if I didn’t. Until then, I happily take the position that she is fair game. Fortunately, she has agreed with my position.

We have been physically intimate for almost two years now. It has been the most exciting and rewarding period of my life. I have found a person whom I love so strongly, so intensely, that I will give her up, for her sake, when the time comes. I will let her go for her own happiness and for the sake of her future. When, and if, that time comes, I will be sad for myself, but happy for her. I will have the many delicious memories of our times together. I have saved many of our e-mail letters; and I have the dream world of the stories I have written to her.

I will also have the one story that she promised months ago to write for me. It has taken her an awfully long time to finish that story. I believe that she has been unable to finish that story because it was her emotional link to our intimate sexual past and present. We both know that she couldn’t try to put me out of her mind while still writing a story for me that graphically expresses our love, desire and passion. In fact, we have agreed that it is unrealistic for us to attempt to end our sexual relationship until that story is completed and delivered. Until then, we will continue our sexual relationship. I have jokingly told her the story must be at least a thousand pages long.

But, back to the weekend. It was early in September, the weather still mild and warm, but there was a freshness in the air. The first vestiges of fall had yet to make an appearance. The foliage was still lush from the summer’s growth and hid the back of my house from my neighbors. You could sit outside on the patio and look out onto a dense forest of green.

I left the office early on Friday to go shopping and make sure the house was clean and orderly for her arrival. I also wanted to have all of the dinner preliminaries completed before her arrival. Alexis was going to stop off at her house on the way home from school to pick up some things for the weekend and then join me at my house.

I straightened up the house and started dinner. It would be simple enough. I wanted to have only things that Alexis really liked. A bottle of Tanqueray gin was resting comfortably in the freezer along with two martini glasses. For snacks, I put out a bowl of salted peanuts mixed with white raisins, and I had some Crabbies ready for the oven. Crabbies are simple; the mix of jumbo lump crabmeat and sharp cheddar cheese on pieces of English muffin comes out of the oven golden-brown, toasty and rich with the flavor of cheese and crab.

Dinner would start with a cup of creamy smooth Vichyssoise, served cold and topped with chopped scallions and a little fresh grated nutmeg. I had a nice sauvignon blanc in the wine cooler to go with the soup. I planned to grill a very fresh piece of wild North Atlantic salmon over a charcoal and hickory chip fire. I had whipped up some Béarnaise sauce from scratch, complete with fresh tarragon from my garden, to top off the salmon and we would have some steamed baby spinach on the side. A salad of ruby red grapefruit and romaine lettuce with poppy seed dressing rounded out the dinner. I found some wonderfully crusty, chewy bread from an Italian bakery in South Philadelphia. A good bottle of pinot noir was open on the table.

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