A New Friend


Nathan and I had just recently became friends. We met online, in a forum online. We agreed on a few certain topics and started private messaging soon after. We discovered we lived in the same town, and immediately made plans to meet up and have a coffee.

I felt something in the pit of my stomach when we met up for the first time, was it lust? No, I wasn’t attracted him that way. But I was attracted to him in a friendly way. He had a bit of weight to him, not fat, but not skinny. A cute little beer belly, if you will. He wore a plain hoodie and jeans that fit him perfectly, and his scruffy facial hair framed his chin just right.

During the coffee meet he had mentioned my height more than a few times, calling it cute and fun. Being five foot two wasn’t my best quality in my own eyes, but the best in his considering he was six foot three and had a thing for short girls.

I had long black hair that waved slightly. My weight has always been slightly above average, but I carried it in the right places. I had 34 D’s and tattoos covering nearly every inch of my arms, which complimented my pale complexion. I suppose I looked more punk than anything, but I loved and was confident in myself and my body.

Nathan was clearly into me, when he smiled his eyes smiled, too. I could see dimples behind his facial hair and the way his eyes flicked to my lips when I would tell him a story indicated he wasn’t listening much at all to what I was saying.

After the coffee meeting it was clear that we were going to end up being great friends. I had been over to his place a handful of times, where we smoked some pot and played card games while sharing our favorite music with one another. It felt like a great friendship was blossoming.

I invited him over to my place for the first time, which I was quite nervous about. I had been raised to take pride in the things I own, and always present them in the best way possible. I had spent the previous day cleaning the entire house, much to my roomates dismay. I don’t know why she was complaining, though. Free cleaning for her. I even made a point of cleaning the fish tank in the corner of the kitchen.

When he finally showed up, I made a point of not opening up the for at least a solid fifteen seconds. I didn’t want him to know I had been waiting by the door as soon as he sent me the text saying he was on his way. I don’t know why I had been nervous for him coming over, he was just a friend.

I welcomed him into my home by giving him a hug and gesturing for him to come inside. He smelt like he had put on a new cologne, and it smelt great. Nathan stood in the living room with his hands on his hips, just observing the area and taking it in. He asked if I had a roommate, I said yes, but she’d be gone for a few days to visit family in another town.

He asked to see my room, which I complied to. I walked down the hall with him behind me, the familiar feeling of butterflies in my stomach came to life. I did my best to push that feeling aside. I opened my bedroom door and smiled. I took pride in my room, it was perfect in my eyes.

Nathan walked in behind me and inhaled, “Is that patchouli?” He asked, referring to the incense I had been burning.

“Yeah, actually. I’m glad you know your scents,” as soon as the words left my mouth I felt my cheeks turn red. Who says that? He laughed while walking around my room, looking at my pictures and posters while I thought endlessly about my own embarrassment. Surely he didn’t find it that way, why did I feel so weird?

After the grand tour of kolej escort my small house we had sat outside in the backyard, sharing pot and talking about education. He had a bachelors and worked at an office just down the street. I had dropped out of highschool and was currently working on my GED. He was surprised to hear this, he told me I carried myself more like a mature college student.

On more than one occasion he would rest his leg against mine, it made me feel tingly in places that I could only make myself feel in the past. At one point he had rested his hand on my knee, and the sexual tension just skyrocketed from there. Yet, neither of us had mentioned it.

Once we were both fairly under the influence, we headed inside. It was getting darker and colder outside by the minute, and neither of us were fans of the cold. He noticed the amount of movies my roommate and I had accumulated over the past few years and suggested we watch one. I let him pick.

We couldn’t get the dvd player to work in the living room, so we decided to watch in my room. It was easier than moving my Playstation into the living room. I hit play on the controller and we both laid down on my bed, just barely touching each other. But I wanted to touch him more, fuck just being friends, and fuck being a virgin.

The feelings of being excited and nervous played with each other in my head, and I couldn’t pay much attention to the movie. I nibbled the tip of my thumb and imagined Nathan taking my virginity, it felt so good in my mind, yet so bad at the same time. For all I know, his only intention of being here was to be a friend. I could be foolish, but I didn’t care.

My phone vibrated, indicating that I had a text. I chose to ignore it and dwell in my own fantasies. I looked over at nathan from the corner of my eye, he was fixated on the tv. His eyes flicked over to mine but I quickly looked away, hoping he didn’t notice.

My phone buzzed again, and the bed shifted. He was laying fully next to me, his side pressed up against mine. That entire half of my body buzzed and tingled, making it hard to think properly. “Are you going to get that?” He asked while gesturing to my phone.

I shrugged, “It’s more than likely unimportant, i-it can wait.”

The phone buzzed again, I looked over at him and he had one eyebrow raised. I sighed and gave in, I picked up my phone and read. It was a story from my roommate complaining about her family, which was the usual. She has a pretty big family, something is always happening.

I laughed and went to give her a quick response when Nathan rested his chin on my shoulder, asking me what it was about. I told him it was nothing and went to put my phone down when he tried to reach for it, I turned away from him and attempted to put the phone out of his reach. I failed, considering he was nearly twice the size of me.

His front ended up against my ass, and about half of his body weight was on top of me while I was on my stomach. I felt the familiar feeling of a wetness between my thighs and my breath hitched. I involuntarily grinded my hips against his front, then froze after realising what I had just done. Nathan froze, too.

“Shit,” he mumbled, shifting his weight, “I can move-”

“No,” I cut him off, a little too quickly. “Um, I mean uh, you can s-stay there I suppose.” I bit my lip and felt my face get hot, thankfully he couldn’t see my face right now, I’m sure I looked like a tomato.

He relaxed and went back to watching the movie. It was an awkward, yet comfortable kurtuluş escort position. My legs were together, I was propped up slightly by my own elbows. His torso wasn’t on mine, but I could feel the outline of his soft cock on my ass. He didn’t feel too heavy, and I could only assume we were both getting a bit of pleasure from it.

We laid there for a solid five minutes before I started feeling something slowly begin to poke me, he was getting hard. A burst of lust and tingles outlined my pussy and my breathing got a bit heavier. I moved just the slightest bit, just to feel his cock a little more.

There was a loud bang in the movie, a jump scare, that made both of us jump and yell. Once we realised that it came from the movie, we laughed it off and settled back down. When I jumped, I had moved completely underneath Nathans body. Neither of us said anything, just laid there again for a few minutes.

Nathan rested his head on my shoulder again, but this time his breathing was harder. He reached underneath me and rested his hand on one of my breasts, massaging it lightly over my shirt. “You know, I can tell you’re a virgin,” he whispered in my ear. It sent a million bolts of electricity through my body, “And I’m going to change that.”

I arched my back, giving him the confirmation that he needed. He spread my legs apart with his knee and pressed his now rock hard cock against my pussy. He kept himself propped up with one hand and used the other to slip my shirt over my head and unclasp my bra. He massaged my bare tits with his hand and kissed my neck. His heavy breathing alone would have been enough to make me cum by itself, he’s so sexy.

We laid there, grinding each other for what felt like forever before I reached and started pulling my leggings down to reveal the thong I had been wearing. “Fuck,” he whispered, then stood up. My pussy throbbed, and I could finally feel how wet I really was. He slid my leggings off the rest of the way, then removed his own jeans.

I turned around and saw him and his hard member in just his boxers. I trailed my fingers down my stomach and touched my swollen clit over my thong, “Oh, you like what you see?” He grabbed his cock and started stroking it over his underwear.

I nodded, and he sat down on the bed. Before he could come over to me I rushed over and straddled him, feeling him against me made me let out a small moan. When he heard me moan he grabbed my ass and pushed his cock against me, then he kissed me. I rocked my hips against his and held his face, feeling his lips battling with mine filled my body with an unfamiliar feeling. But I loved it.

Nathan attempted to be cheeky and tried to slip his tongue in my mouth, which I declined. He responded by slapping my ass, which made me scream in pleasure. It stung, but the pain felt good. His tongue flowed onto mine and a new burst of butterflies shot through me, I needed him, and I needed him now.

I reached between us and pulled my thong to the side in an attempt to feel him even more than I already was, the tip of his covered cock pressed in between my pussy lips. I attempted to take off his boxers, but he stopped me by taking me off of him, “Get on your stomach,” he instructed, and I did as I was told. He put two pillows under me to make my ass more available to him.

He grabbed the thin material of my thong and ripped apart, making me gasp. I heard a slight chuckle, and I asked him what he found funny, “Baby we won’t need any lube,” I felt two of his fingers graze my pussy, collecting maltepe escort the juices. He rubbed the juices on and around my asshole, then felt his long, hard cock on one of my ass cheeks.

I moved myself to try and make him slip inside of me, but he firmly held my hips down with one hand and maneuvered his cock around my pussy with his other. He pressed his head hard against my pussy, but didn’t go in. He stayed in the position and lightly moved back in forth, teasing me.

“Please,” I moaned, “Please do it,” I tried to move my hips again to make him go further in but he pulled himself away again. I let out a frustrated moan.

“What do you want me to do?” He ran the head of his cock over my tiny asshole, putting the slightest bit of pressure on it. He pressed a little harder, scaring me, “Don’t worry, we’ll save this hole for another day,” he pressed even harder, and it made me lose control.

“Please fuck my little pussy,” I managed to say. He moved his cock and placed it in between my pussy lips, then started pushing his way inside of me. I moaned with the pleasure and with the pain. He stopped to ask if he was hurting me. He was, but I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to be hurt.

His head popped into me and I yelled, gripping the sheets underneath me. He let go of my hips and I pushed against him, feeling him slowly fill me up. Once he was all the way in, I felt his balls against my clit. He managed to push himself even deeper into me, and I felt an odd yet satisfying pressure inside of me.

He slowly pulled all the way out, then slowly put himself back in again. The pressure returned, and I recognised what it was, he was going to make me cum, but so soon? He quickened the pace, and with every one of his thrusts I backed myself into him and him halfway.

“Oh, my god,” I gasped as an orgasm creeped up inside of me.

“Are you going to cum, baby?” He quickened his pace.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I yelled out with each thrust he made. He sat up and grabbed my hair, pulling it back to where I was looking at the ceiling. His thrusts got harder, and I felt my orgasm reach its peak. I stopped backing up to him and froze. My body exploded, and it felt as if my eyes had rolled into the back of my head. I was silent, yet he kept going.

Once the peak subsided, I found myself moaning and yelling louder than before. It was almost like a beast had been unleashed inside of me, and I wanted even more than before.

I crawled out from underneath him and pushed his back against the frame of my bed and straddled him like before, but this time I was in charge. I sat down on his cock and moved my hips slowly at first, not letting him have any control. Giving him a taste of his own medicine.

“Oh you dirty bitch,” he laughed, then smacked my ass, “Show me what you got.”

I took that as a green light and started rocking my hips as fast as I could. He threw his head back against the headboard and grabbed my hips, giving me some stability. I moaned his name as he started to tighten his grip on my waist, I could tell he was going to cum soon, but I kept my pace.

He started saying my name quietly and he shut his eyes, I could feel him trying to get my hips to stop moving, and I did as he pleased and pushed myself down as far as I could. I felt his cock twitch and pulse inside of me, and the feeling of his cum spurting into me sent me over the edge into another full blown orgasm.

After finishing, I slowly climbed off of him. When his soft cock slipped out of me, I felt the mixture of our juices drip down onto my asshole, and it felt amazing. I laid next to him in silence, reliving what we had just done over and over in my head.

“You know uh. We should really do that again, Claire,” Nathan said under his breath. I looked over at him and smiled.

We really, really should.

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