3 Smoothies Please


I know I’m not the only woman who feels this way, but for some time now I have desperately wanted to watch my husband Tim suck a cock.

He once shot a video of me while I had his penis deep in my mouth. I found the sight of his hard, shaved shaft disappearing between my lips indescribably hot.

When he came in my mouth I could see his cock pumping and twitching as he unloaded his semen into me. I couldn’t take it all, so some of it overflowed my mouth and dribbled down my chin.

I heard myself moaning while sucking him, consumed by desire by his cock, and by the sheer pleasure of pleasing him. It was a feeling that I wanted him to experience – unbridled cock lust – a feeling that obviously I alone could not provide.

I had watched the video file over and over to fuel my own masturbatory fantasies. But nothing beats real life.

So I began my campaign of persuasion. The goal – to see my man take a gorgeous shaved cock just like his down his throat, get utterly lost in cocklust, and then happily, greedily swallow a load of cum.

I decided to launch the campaign in the shower, because like most men, he is most easily influenced when he is naked and his cock is receiving attention.

He was lathering up after his late-day workout when I opened the glass door to our twin shower. I had a razor in one hand and a can of shaving gel in the other.

I said nothing, just looked down towards his cut six-inch cock, which was already rising from its short stubble nest.

“Hey” his voice was low and throaty.

“Hi hon, time to get you smooth. I think your cock needs some workout time too – in my mouth.”

He groaned in reply as I dropped to my knees in front of him, and began massaging the shave gel into his pubic area.

As any man who has shaved his own pubes will know, it’s impossible not to get hard and horny through the process. And get hard he did, as I gently stroked the razor through his hair, rendering his cock, balls , perineum, anus, and pubic mound baby-smooth.

I leaned back to inspect the stunningly sexy results of my handiwork. His cock was now rock hard, its prominent plum head throbbing in time with his elevated heartbeat, shaft protruding from his smooth abdomen.

I spread my fingers over his hairless mound, while cupping his smooth balls in the other hand and licked the underside of his shaft all the way to that tiny triangle of joy under his cockhead, where I stopped to rapidly flutter my tongue.

That move always rewarded me with a flow of pre-seminal fluid, and the sweet-tasting emission was like rocket-fuel for my own cock-lust.

I moved around and took his cock into my mouth, driving it all the way in until my nose touched his smooth pubis.

I looked into his eyes, trying to see myself through them, imagining the sight of his thick shaved cock stretching my lips open and tickling my throat.

I wanted him not just to to see my cock-lust, but to feel it.

I pulled back and panted “Like what you see there babe?”

“Mmmmmmm so much. Don’t stop.”

“You like watching me take your cock in my mouth?”

“Baby you know I do. I love it.”

I did a long, slow up-and-down his shaft, keeping tongue pressure all the way, making him squirm and moan in pleasure

“And I love doing it to you. Ever wonder why?”


“Do you ever wonder why I love to suck your cock and swallow your cum so much?”

“Oh babe …’cause you love me?”

He clearly wasn’t ready for a quiz with his shaved cock in my throat.

“Mmmmm, try again…glmmmff.”

“Oh, oh, oooooooojjjjjjeeezzz!”

I suddenly pulled off his cock, and squeezed the base, putting the brakes on his impending orgasm.

Slowly stroking his full length, I looked up at my husband, knowing that even though I was on my knees before his hard shaved meat, I was the one calling the shots.

“Sweetheart the reason I love sucking you so much is because it makes me so horny. I just lose myself in the taste and feel of your wonderful hard cock in my mouth, and the feeling esat escort of your hot sperm gushing onto my tongue. Sometimes I cum just from that.”

“Oh baby you are the perfect woman.”

“And I want you to experience that too.”

“Are you saying…?”

“I am saying I want to see you do what I am doing now. I want you to experience the joy I get from this.”

With that I took his penis back in my mouth, quickly going balls-deep, feeling his cockhead in my throat while my tongue laved his smooth scrotum. I hummed a bit making my throat muscles caress his plum.


He exploded in my mouth, jets of his hot semen going straight down my throat. He usually served up a fair-sized load but this one was more voluminous than normal.

There was more than enough to share…

After his rod had finally ceased spasming in my mouth, I stood up quickly and locked my lips on his, opening my mouth and pushing half a healthy dollop of his own cum onto his tongue.

He pulled back reflexively, but only a little.

Then his tongue swirled back into my mouth searching for more of his semen.

And he moaned with pleasure.

That’s when I knew I would soon fulfil my fever dream of watching him take another man’s cum, direct from the source…

The local sex-chat forum said that Thursday was the day to catch man-to-man fun happening at our local nude beach, so off we went.

I made sure Tim was dressed for action. He had a tiny diaphanous g-string that barely contained his balls and shaft. The white material ensured it would become see-through the second it got wet.

I had shaved him again in the shower that morning and his entire package was as silky-smooth and hairless as my own.

A studded leather cock-ring harnessed snugly behind his balls, completing the picture. I could barely keep my lips off him as we drove the half-hour to the beach.

We parked and with the car’s engine silent I could now hear Tim breathing heavily.

“This is really gonna happen?” he asked.

“My darling, you are going to love it, maybe even as much as me. And to sweeten the deal, I’ll let you have my ass right here on the beach”

He leapt from the car, with a rare chance to probe my back passage with his cock as added incentive. Anal sex was a rare treat for Tim. I knew how much he loved it though his thickness made it often painful for me.

But I was willing to endure a little discomfort in order to watch him suck a cock and swallow another man’s cum.

Now to find the man!

Tim’s cock was tent-poling out from his swim trunks as we walked down the sand. I had been half-expecting an all-you-can eat buffet of gay cock but was a little disappointed to find the secluded beach apparently deserted.

“Not much of a crowd.” Tim observed.

“You’re not getting off that easy darling. We just got here, and the day is long. Let’s keep going and find a spot.”

As we continued down the beach and around the point a lone figure was visible in the middle distance. It looked like a man lying face down in the sand.

I stopped and pulled off my shorts, revealing the tiniest white thong I owned, covering barely three square centimetres of my pubic area just above my clitoris.

I turned to Tim.

“Drop ’em baby. Time to find you some cock – and that’s the bait” I added as I cupped his swollen balls through their sheer covering.

So we walked, now nearly nude, towards the prone figure in the sand. I picked a spot about three meters from the bronzed form – close enough so he couldn’t miss us but far enough to give him some space.

As we laid out our towels I watched Tim stealing furtive glances towards our neighbour. He was tall and looked reasonably fit. His whole body was lightly tanned, a string of blue material running up between his butt-cheeks the only sign that he wasn’t completely nude.

As Tim was pulling a couple of bottles of water from the cooler the man next door decided it was time to roll over on his towel and show us etimesgut escort the rest.

It was worth looking at.

His long lean body was crowned by a blue triangle of silk at its centre, bulging eagerly from his smooth abdomen. The top of the thong was riding exactly at the hairless base of the man’s cock-shaft, and I could see that like Tim he was also smooth-shaven.


I nudged Tim to take the towel closest to our neighbour, while I lay down on my back beside him, my barely covered tits and shaved pussy bathed by the warm sunlight.

Tim was facedown, but I could tell his thickening cock was forcing him to arch his back slightly.

I reached over and ran my fingers lightly down the crack of his ass, tugging gently at his g-string, knowing the extra sensations would make yet more blood flow to his shaft.

“Don’t look at me…look at him” I whispered.

Tim turned his head toward the lean tanned form a few feet away. As he did I moved his g-sting to one side of his ass-crack, and placed a finger firmly at the middle of his back opening. As I pushed my finger into my husband’s ass, suntan oil helped it slide in easily up to the second knuckle, eliciting a groan from Tim.

A groan load enough to be heard…

“Hey, that looks like fun” said our neighbour, as he rose up on his elbows, frankly admiring what he was seeing.

Us that is.

Me – nearly nude – with my finger clearly siding in and out of Tim’s ass, which was now gently pushing back against my hand, inviting further penetration.

The man’s cock was also liking what he was seeing, evidently.

His now-fully-erect shaft was lifting the tiny triangle of blue material clear of his shaved-smooth pubis, revealing the shiny metal cock rings encircling both his balls, and the base of his throbbing hard cock.

I cock my husband would soon be sucking.

“Hi, I’m Sara, and this is my husband Tim” I pushed a second finger inside Tim’s hole, forcing him to introduce himself with another lusty groan.

“It’s very nice to meet you both. I’m Ted. I know haven’t seen you here before, because I am sure I would remember such a hot couple. Your husband seems to be especially enjoying himself.”

“It’s a special day – isn’t it honey?”

“How so Sara?”

Tim was now humping his ass onto my hand, and humming with lust.

“Well Ted, I made a deal with my husband, and maybe you can help.”

“Let me guess – he’s going to take a cock in his ass – he looks ready, able and eager!”

“Nope, that’s me who will take a cock in the ass. I promised Tim he could have have my rosebud right here on the beach, but only if he did something for me first”

“Oh, and what’s that?”

“Tim why don’t you tell Ted about your half of the bargain.”

“Mmmmmuuuhh…I have to suck a cock…” He groaned, writhing his backdoor on my fingers.

“And what else?”

“Uuuuh, swallow. I have to swallow all the cum..”

“That’s right honey, and I know you’re going to love it as much as I do. Our new friend Ted has a nice cock doesn’t he? Ted, why don’t you free that pole and show us the whole thing?”

Ted ginned broadly as he slowly eased the tight triangle of sheer blue cloth over the head of his long rock-hard cock. The shaft sprung free, standing straight up from Ted’s smooth and hairless pubis. The two silver cock rings pushed his package up and out most invitingly.


“Ted why don’t you come over here and join us? That is the most perfect looking package for Ted to launch his cock-sucking career on…don’t you think honey?”

I slowly pulled my fingers from Tim’s ass as Ted took a few steps over to our towels, his glorious throbbing hard cock leading the way.

“On your knees honey, it’s time.”

Tim looked me in the eye as he rose off the towel. “Out here? What if someone sees me?”

“”I sucked my first cock right here.” answered Ted. “And being seen was half the fun. I loved being watched while I took my first hard cock down my throat.”

Tim etlik escort was now in his knees, his face inches from Ted’s gorgeous shaved hard cock. His breathing was heavy, but muted. His own rock-hard cock struggling in the confines of his white thong as he looked nervously up and down the beach.

“Touch it honey. Make love to it just like you’ve seen me do to you…”

Tim splayed one hand around the base of Ted’s throbbing cock, feeling the smoothness and softness of his shaved skin, while his other hand encircled Ted’s rod just below its bulbous head, slowly moving up and down the shaft.

I was in heaven, and it was only going to get hotter.

“Now lick him honey. Start on the underside just like I do…”

I watched, transfixed, as my husband placed his tongue on the cock of another man for the first time ever.

Tim licked the bottom ridge of Ted’s beautiful cock. Slowly, lovingly, he ran his tongue from the base all the way up to the underside of the throbbing cock head. Tim pulled away slightly as he got his first taste of the pre-cum now oozing slowly from the slit of Ted’s penis.

“Now take him in your mouth.”

Tim opened wide, his glistening lips hovering just millimetres from the hard, throbbing, shaved meat in his hand.

My husband closed his eyes and moaned softly as his mouth engulfed the flesh of Ted’s penis, and then enclosed it completely. Ted groaned too, as his pushed his cock further into husband’s hungry mouth.

My own hand had long since found its way into the front of my white thong, which was now transparent, soaked from the juices pouring from my smooth pussy lips as I watched my husband slide a rock-hard shaved cock eagerly in and out of his mouth.

Ted’s balls were shiny with spit and the veins of his shaft were pulsating visibly as my husband licked, sucked, caressed with abandon.

“Baby you’re a natural.” I cooed. “There’s one move left. Relax and open your throat.”

Tim’s eyes closed as he concentrated on taking the whole of Ted’s penis. His lips flared around the shaft as Ted slowly pushed his mushroom head further and further into my husband’s drooling mouth.

Tim gagged a bit as the cockhead met his throat, and then he lifted his head slightly to allow the final ridge to pass.

His nose came to rest on Ted’s shaved pubic area. My horny cock-loving husband now had a penis balls-deep down his throat!

Gagging noises ensued as Ted began to face-fuck his ardent cockslut, chin now running with pre-cum and saliva.

I looked down and Tim’s own cock was running free with his own precum. I scooped some from the end of his cock and tasted it as I watched him bounce his head up and down rapidly.

Tim moaned with ecstasy as Ted pistoned his cock in and out of my husband’s mouth, his tongue flicking out to lick Ted’s gleaming cock ring as the man went balls-deep again and again into the face of my grunting cock-pig of a husband.

Tim’s own cock was rock-hard from the arousal of worshipping another man’s penis for the first time. I stroked him as he continued to submit to Ted’s ever-more-urgent thrusting. He was getting close!

“I’m going to cummmmmmmm…”

“Go ahead Ted, fill up his mouth!”

Ted grunted as his shaft twitched, his swollen balls pulsating in their steel ring as they began unloading into my husband’s mouth.

Tim’s cheeks bulged as his mouth filled up with blast after blast of cum from Ted’s writhing, pulsing cock-shaft.

“Swallow it baby, swallow it!”

Tim gulped down as much as he could, but the cock in his mouth kept pumping more cum. I moved quickly to lick my husband’s face, lapping up and swallowing the rivulets of hot white man-lava spilling from his mouth.

I was high from the arousal of sharing another man’s cum with my husband!

My husband had just sucked a gorgeous, smooth-shaven cock, and swallowed several mouthfuls of cum – in public!

“So darling – was I right? Isn’t it so arousing to feel a man’s cock pumping cum into your mouth?”

Tim just smiled as he licked the last drops of semen from the tip of Ted’s beautiful cock, still semi-hard in its steel rings.

I reached into my beach bag for the cocoanut butter and the three-inch butt plug. It was time to get ready for my husband’s reward.

If only he’d get that cock out of his mouth!

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